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Empire of the Vampire (Empire of the…
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Empire of the Vampire (Empire of the Vampire, 1) (edizione 2021)

di Jay Kristoff (Autore)

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4441045,793 (4.24)9
"Maps by Virginia Allyn"--Title page verso.
Titolo:Empire of the Vampire (Empire of the Vampire, 1)
Autori:Jay Kristoff (Autore)
Info:London : Harper Voyager, 2021.
Collezioni:La tua biblioteca
Etichette:Fiction, Signed, Fantasy

Informazioni sull'opera

L'impero del vampiro di Jay Kristoff

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This was absolutely perfect! I loved every second of this long ass book. The world building was so well done, I could visualize everything so clearly and even though there was a lot of information in the beginning I never felt bogged down or bored. Kristoff also has an amazing ability to write characters that are so layered, so developed, that you deeply care about them and their fate. Even the characters that are pure evil are so damn fascinating. With such solid characters Kristoff is able to bounce back and forth between moments of pure joy and then annihilate you with emotion when something terrible happens to one of them.

Scattered throughout the book are some of the most beautiful illustrations I've ever seen. Artist Bon Orthwick added such detail to the characters and settings, truly stunning.

The queer representation in this book was brilliantly done and very appreciated. The stereotypes that authors often use when writing gay characters were not there. So many times gay characters in books are very one dimensional, but in this one they are fully developed, strong characters that have so much more to offer the story than just the fact that they are gay.

So now, the wait for the 2nd installment begins. I'm so excited to see what happens next! Until then I will just have to read everything else Jay Kristoff has ever written. ( )
  Halestormer78 | May 15, 2022 |
Thank you Jay Kristoff and St. Martins Press for sharing this book with me in exchange for an honest review!

For the past four days, I have been living in the world of Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff! It was a fascinating but violent and bloody world! But now that I have finished the book (all 739 pages) I can honestly say that not getting enough sleep and getting up way too early was definitely worth it! I just couldn’t put it down! I swear I tried to put it down and go to bed only to get back up and start reading again!

“In the sight of God and his Seven Martyrs, I do here vow: Let the dark know my name and despair. So long as it burns, I am the flame. So long as it bleeds, I am the blade. So long as it sins, I am the saint. And I am silver.”

-The Vow Of San Michon

When the war between the vampires and humanity started the holy brotherhood, Silver Saints were formed to protect humanity against the cold bloods. But twenty-seven years ago, when the sun stopped rising, even the brotherhood couldn't hold the creatures of the night back.

Gabriel de Leon is the last of the silversaints. He has survived when no one else did. But now he has been captured for taking the “Mad Blade” to the Forever King. Now they want his life story. He can sigh it or scream it but either way he is going to tell it, but what will they want when he's done?


I loved the way this story was told! Because of this being a retelling of the character’s life, I wasn't expecting the depth and the details that came especially with the other characters. It has been a while since I have come across a vampire story that was able to hold my attention! The vivid details that were in here really made the world building and the characters come alive! The timeline jumps around, but honestly, I think it adds to the entire experience! Jay Kristoff has delivered us a masterpiece and to think it's only the first book! Happy reading everyone! ( )
  jacashjoh | Apr 19, 2022 |
Whoa this is a mammoth of a story and it has a sequel, so hang on to that, hehe!
This gave me the strongest vibes of Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. Same style and narrative, but with a hint of Lord of the Rings scenario kinda thing, know what I mean?
Anyway, this is the story of how the world came to darkness and got flooded with coldbloods, Anciens, Princes of Forever and Silversaints.
It is the story of Gabriel de León, the legendary Silversaint, told by him to his vampire captor. We come to know of all the horrors that now terrorise the world and how there is a glimmer of hope in the shape of Dior to end it all.
But how, you ask? Well, like me, you will have to wait for the second phone book in the making to find out.
Even though it’s a huge book, it keeps you turning the pages, so grow a bicep and read it. ( )
  AleAleta | Mar 1, 2022 |
I have learned to appreciate Jay Kristoff’s works with the SF series Illuminae Files, written together with Amie Kaufman, and later on with his dark fantasy series The Nevernight Chronicles, so you can imagine my excitement at the publication of this new book, where I was sure he would successfully combine his writing skills with one of my favorite themes in the genre - vampires. This first volume in what promises to be an amazing trilogy proved to be everything I was expecting and more, and also a fascinating read that kept me turning the pages despite the darkness permeating it - on this subject I have to acknowledge that reading The Nevernight Chronicles some time ago was a good preparation for what awaited me in Empire of the Vampire, where such darkness does not come only from the story itself, but is an integral part of its background.

The premise of the saga is that, some thirty years prior to the beginning of the story, sunlight was obliterated by daysdeath, a mysterious obscuring of the skies that turned the world into a permanently crepuscular landscape, allowing the vampires to safely come out of their hiding places and start feeding on humans, constantly encroaching on their lands and moving ever onward in what looked like an unstoppable tide. The only true defense against vampires is represented by Silversaints, a holy order of warrior priests whose peculiar abilities allow them to battle the bloodsuckers on an almost even ground: Gabriel de Léon, the novel’s main character, is one of these Silversaints - actually the last of them - and when we meet him he’s the prisoner of a vampire queen who wants to chronicle his story before reaping her vengeance on him for all her brethren lost to his sword.

What follows is a tale told through several different timelines: the present, where Gabriel relates his story to a vampire chronicler; the far past, showing the Silversaint’s childhood and the dramatic events that brought him to the brotherhood; Gabriel’s formative years, as he learns his skills and encounters the people who most matter in his life; and the more recent times, when he embarks on a dangerous quest that might bring the end of the vampires’ reign of bloody terror. The various timelines are not presented in a linear way, with jumps from one to another that might look erratic (and here I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek shows of displeasure from the chronicler in his desire for a more orderly recounting) but instead create a sense of foreboding by hinting at some big tragedy that impacted Gabriel’s personality in a profound way.

De Léon is a brilliantly crafted character who breaks all the narrative “rules” required by the figure of the proverbial hero, since in his youth he’s both bold and reckless and tends to rush headlong into risky situations, more often than not making them worse; and in his maturity we can see him as cynical, world-weary and quite sarcastic of the mystique surrounding his person:

“You weep like a child over a dead horse, but shoot an innocent woman in the back and leave God-fearing men to be slaughtered by foulbloods. [...] What kind of hero are you?”

“Who the f* told you I was a hero?”

The story of his life is also the story of an individual who, through heartache and dreadful loss, comes to a sort of found family that gives him a firm purpose in life, and a faith in the power for good he can wield agains the encroaching tide of the vampires, but it’s also the story of how certain events bring him to disillusionment and the loss of that all-encompassing faith, turning him into the “fallen hero” we meet at the start of the novel. The older Gabriel possesses all the characteristics of a man we might despise: he drinks, he swears profusely, he does not care about the collateral damage his actions might bring about, he’s an addict - and here I digress by saying that sanctum, the substance he’s in constant need of, is something strictly linked to his nature and not a drug of choice (for want of a better definition), but I’m wary of saying more because it’s one of those details best discovered by reading the book. And yet, despite all these nasty traits, Gabriel comes across as a very relatable character, because we are able to see all the agony and grief he suffers in the course of his life and in the end we develop a bond with this man and come to care deeply for him - not least because we see how family is important to him, both the one he was born into and the one(s) he builds in the course of his life, creating ties of love and brotherhood that help him keep his humanity burning bright.

Gabriel is not alone here, however, and he’s surrounded by a number of equally well-defined characters that enrich the story and offer different points of view for the reader on this world and the way it has changed from a “normal” one since daysdeath abruptly fell on it. And of course there are the vampires: besides being the blood-craving creatures we can expect from the myth created around them, Kristoff’s vampires are particularly cruel, even sadistic, all their previous humanity burned away by their virtual immortality and the need for blood. Still, these creatures go even beyond such already ruthless limits, often showing a perverse pleasure in inflicting demeaning kinds of torture on their slaves, in an outward show of the inner hideousness that at times even translates into their appearance.

Empire of the Vampire is a grim, bloody book where hope rarely makes its appearance, where the heavily filtered sunlight struggles to battle the darkness and the coldness of the land, and yet it’s also a compelling story where courage and love, faith and determination can sometimes bring a light and make it all more tolerable. It’s also a fascinating tale that will keep you turning the pages and leave you wanting for more once you reach the end of this first volume. And no darkness will banish my hope that the next one might not be too far down the road… ( )
  SpaceandSorcery | Jan 14, 2022 |
The story is being told by Gabriel, being held prisoner by vampires. The sun is hidden behind a shroud, vampires walk the earth, and halfbloods are fighting for the humans. It's a different world than many others, though it does have a lot of parallels to ours, which helps put things in perspective - well done, Jay!

I liked it, it could have used a bit more humour maybe, Gabriel would be the right person for some more quips in my opinion.

The illustrations are good, even though I'm usually not a fan of someone restricting the minds and creativity of the readers. The maps could have been a bit better readable, they are quite dark and as I don't want to break the spine, a lot of it is hard to see. ( )
  cwebb | Nov 4, 2021 |
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