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A little girl falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing characters.
Info:Western Publ. Co, Inc. (1991)
Collezioni:La tua biblioteca
Etichette:Nonfiction, Childrens, A Little Golden Book

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Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland (Little Golden Books) di Al Dempster

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This book is a little bit more strange. It defiantly has some parts that some children may not like. ( )
  sidneywheat19 | Dec 6, 2019 |
Alice in Wonderland is a classic book and movie. The story begins with a girl named Alice that follows a rabbit down a hole. The rabbit is late and is rushing to get to his important occasion. She ends up in a room with two cookies, one will make her shrink and the other will make her taller. She eats a little bit of both so that she can fit through the key hole. She has ends up going on an unimaginable adventure. She talks to a cat that can disappear in an instance, meats a smoking caterpillar, and walks through a garden of mean flowers. Alice has a tea party with a mad hatter, has an encounter with tweedle dee and tweedle dum, and has a horrifying golfing experience with the queen of hearts. By the end of the adventure she is ready to go home.

Alice in Wonderland is a timeless classic in both the book and movie form. I remember reading this book as a small child. I also enjoyed watching the movie created by Walt Disney. This book portrays fantasy throughout the entire story. Talking rabbits, disappearing cats, and golfing with flamingos are just a few of the elements that make up the adventure and fantasy of the story.

Classroom Extension 1: I would give the students a card from a regular deck of cards. I would ask them to think back to the story and about the guards and servants that worked for the queen of hearts. I would ask then to draw, paint, or create themselves as one of those guards. I would have them use the card as part of their armor just like in the story.

Classroom Extension 2: After reading the book, to make the story more concrete we would have a tea party. I would ask each student to dress as a character from the story and bring one food or drink item to the tea party. As the students snack and have tea together they would watch the movie Alice and Wonderland. After watching the movie we would discuss what some of the elements of the book and movie were fantasy. ( )
  AngieOliviaDodd | Mar 21, 2016 |
Summary: This book is based on the Disney film. It is the classic tale of Alice falling asleep, following a rabbit, drinking a potion to shrink, eating a cookie to grow, meeting the mad hatter, having a tea party, etc. Alice befriends almost everyone in Wonderland and has a fun tea party. The illustrations are the classic Disney pictures.

Personal Reaction: I liked this story as a little girl because I liked to have the tea parties and pretend I was in Wonderland. I liked the fantasy element of the story as well. Of course now I know that there are no potions to make us shrink or cookies to make us grow, but all of that was so magical and amazing when I was a kid. I liked the pictures in the book and the fact that it went right along with the movie was a bonus.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1) Have a tea party with the class
2) Talk about the importance and effects of saying "No" to drugs
  Bretny | Apr 29, 2015 |
Summary- This is a story about a girl named Alice who falls asleep and enters a rabbit hole. She ends up meeting characters such as a rabbit, caterpillar, Mad hater, and mouse. At the end of the story she wales up to realize that it was all just a dream.

Personal Reaction- This is one of my favorite movies but I've never actually read a children's book about it. It;s very interesting and such an exciting book for children.

Classroom extension ideas- 1) The kids can all draw a make believe land and show that class.
2) Have a discussion about the dreams that we've had.
  brittanyblakesley | Oct 24, 2014 |
In this story, it is about a girl named Alice. Alice wants to escape her real life and she ends up falling alseep. As she falls asleep, she falls into a rabbit hole and enters a world of make believe called Wonderland. This is where Alice adventures start. She meets many interesting characters such as a caterpillar, rabbit, mouse, Mad hater, and so many more. Alice goes through many changes throughout this story. At one point, she grows very tall and then she shrinks to two feet. She has quite the adventure in Wonderland. At the end of the story, Alice realizes that it was all a dream and tells her sister about it.

My reaction: I love Alice in Wonderland! I loved it as a kid and still do and read this to my own children.

Classroom extension:
1. Explain to the students that we all enter fantasy world when we dream. Have students draw on a piece of paper of a dream that they have had.
2. We can have a class discussion about what other stories have fantasies in them.
  AmberDimmitt | Oct 15, 2014 |
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A little girl falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing characters.

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