Found: YA Teenage girl goes to live with grandmother

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Found: YA Teenage girl goes to live with grandmother

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I read this book some time between '79-81. I can't remember the name and it is driving me nuts. I know I got it from one of those school book club pamphlets. A teenage girl's (Pretty sure her name was Lake) mother has a heart attack and dies. Close family friends are left to break the news. The girl mistakenly thinks she will be living with the couple. But they tell her she has to go and live with her grandmother. Her father's mother whom she has never met. When she goes to live with her grandmother she learns that an ancestor hid a treasure on the property and there is a poem that holds the clue to it's location. Part of the poem is "ashes to ashes" another part may be something like North is to east as west is to south. The girl can't wait to leave for college as she misses her old town. She goes off to college and when she returns years later, she finds her grandmother either incapacitated or has passed. The grandmothers lawyer has taken advantage and stolen most of her land. Then during a thunder storm lightening hits the house and the chimney falls to the ground. A metal box is inside and it is filled with confederate currency.

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