Time travel using 10 pills, goes back 10 years for limited time

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Time travel using 10 pills, goes back 10 years for limited time

Set 14, 11:19am

I read this book around 8-10 years ago, no idea where I borrowed it from.

The main character is this doctor/surgeon, who has a daughter he loves dearly. He receives 10 pills from someone. Each pill takes him back to the past for a limited time. He tries to save the love of his life who was killed by a killer whale at her job and their last conversation was him telling her he needs to stay by his patient and can't make it to whatever they had planned.

He tells his younger self to go to her on the condition that he leaves her later so that his daughter can still be born. He also has this friend who stays by him but due to some action changed in the past he comes back to the present to find that they had become estranged. The love interest's name probably starts with I.

The main character tries to fix things. The last part was him dying of too much smoking? so his friend finds the diary with instructions to use the time travel pills and so the friend goes back and tells him to stop smoking. I guess then they have a happy-ish ending where the main character has a moment with his former love who he left so that he didnt erase his daughter from existence.

Please help me find this book. No matter what I google, I cannot find it. Thank you so much.

Set 14, 11:49am

Now Wait for Last Year by Philip K. Dick has a doctor protagonist and time travel through drugs, though the story doesn't sound like what you describe. I'll mention it anyway because sometimes people mix up the memories of two different books.

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Looks like Will You Be There? by Guillaume Musso.

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