Problem with count author's sex (stat) ??

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Problem with count author's sex (stat) ??

Set 9, 2:02pm

Wouldn't there be a problem with the "author's sex" count.
In my library 4128 authors are indicated not filled in (66%). this is very far from reality and the CKs are almost all informed for each

Set 9, 2:07pm

You are caught into the good old migration issue.

When we moved from the radio boxes to the free text, a lot of authors got stuck that way. They need their Gender fields to be re-saved - that clears them...

Modificato: Set 9, 7:35pm

>2 AnnieMod:

Can I cry ?

I just use male/female/Sans objet (i.e : n/a)

Is there another solution than re-registering for each?
Imagine 4000 Authors ?
I am finishing the nationalities (by completing certain CK): + or less 1 h / 100 authors, the ultimate objective is to complete all CK authors, with hypertext links, photos, grouping of pages and works ... it is a meticulous and fairly slow work (15 / 20mn per author)....

What would be really good is to be able to display author CKs as well as CK books in tabular form.

I could then enter the data in series

Something like that (but for CK authors so)

Set 9, 8:02pm

Complement :
... some time and test after
I think that going back to the fields (at least for the fields in French) is not enough to update.
There might be another bug ....

See here : Sex is OK

Modificato: Set 9, 8:15pm

I found :

It's a BUG
Pb beetween version : english CK and French CK

Count (mine, in French) is OK if English CK is confirmed (and not just CK french data ok)

Set 9, 10:23pm

I hope LT have a better solution than updating the 4000 manually these days and yes it is a bug - but this is how they got stuck that way :( I remember fixing quite a few of mine when that happened. You just have some not so popular authors.

I just posted so you know that what is going on - and someone from LT knows how to reproduce/check. :)

Set 9, 10:51pm

I've made a start for you. It's fairly quick if you are on .com. All the authors I see without asking for all of them are now not simple to do. Either no info, divided author, or it shows too small print on my screen.

Set 9, 11:01pm

I did a few as well earlier today - I’ll do some more when I have some quiet time. :)

Set 9, 11:06pm

I have to admit that I haven't fixed all of mine yet. The bug had the 'positive' effect for me that my male and female balanced. This makes me rather reluctant to fix all the male authors that are buggy.

Set 9, 11:28pm

>9 MarthaJeanne: I finally cleared all of my split ones this week except for Anonymous (which is a pain - I know how to fix it but that page is caught into the "too big to save" mess so... cannot do anything just now). :)

Modificato: Set 10, 2:27am

>5 JMK2020:

And yes - the solution is to confirm them on the .com site.

Annoying but a very well known issue...

Meanwhile, down to 3,484 ;) Unless I missed someone, all the A-B and X-Z authors who had a designation had been reconfirmed (except a couple of the split ones that will need more concentration than I have after dealing with ~600 of these)...

Modificato: Set 10, 7:15am

>9 MarthaJeanne:
I'm trying desperately to tip the scales a little more tto F...
...unfortunately it's a disaster.. with so may no fiction
History, Economy, Business, Politics, are not very balanced...
It is in the image of society ... but I keep hope

>7 MarthaJeanne:
What kindness **
>8 AnnieMod:
Idem 7 + It's charming, Tx a lot
>11 AnnieMod:
What kindness **

>11 AnnieMod: : I created a while ago during a new version of LBTh a dozen accounts ... which allows me to navigate between languages and at the same time update language specific CK fields / translations when that is necessary. I don't think this is the best solution, however.
Especially since switching from one language to another takes even longer: .it / or .de / .nl / .com

Set 10, 2:13pm

>12 JMK2020: You do not need multiple accounts for that :) In any given time, I am usually logged in on at least 6 different language sites - usually because I had needed to clear something up in CK (or to work on the translation on the language I need to get back to). Plus I am very good at manipulating URLs to jump between the languages - much faster than sitting on the different sites and navigating in all of them. :)

Modificato: Set 10, 5:59pm

>13 AnnieMod:
I created the accounts a while ago. I had started on LBth from ". com" before switching to my native language.
It seemed to me - during a change of version of LBth - that from the .fr site, I could no longer modify certain fields in other languages as Date of birth, Date of death, Gender ** so I created other accounts.

** but indeed I just noticed that it is not necessary.

That being said, changing URLs is still tedious. It is not a question of fairy fingers (Cause guitar player) and / or keyboard dexterity on URL but I am not a juggling artist. So I prefer to open windows (in different languages ​​here***), a lot of windows with tabs, a lot of tabs ... and that on 2, sometimes 3 screens.

The only thing remains to close more windows than these i open ;-|. Which means that the projects are moving forward.

Sure, LBth, + others URL + utilitaries as Office, database, ... and more : a large knowledge (serious and fun too) supermarket

***and not just, for example, a google language version or others, trackers... with its cookies and algorytm to read than you want to heard - probably a professional and education de-formation

In any cases, thank you a lot for your contributions, time and effort to improve my database. I still have a lot of work with CK books and authors, Resume and/or biography.. and there is still something like 10,000 books stored in a garage for 8 years ...
I gave up all in LBth that is musical support and revue/ magazine except if I live 4 centuries ... and even... Heaven ? ;-|

Modificato: Set 10, 6:05pm

That's correct - you cannot modify the CK values in a language unless you are in the correct version of the site - we used to be able to do that cross language but that changed. :) You still can use the same account on all sites though - that is what I do - your account will work on any of the different language sites. :)

Set 11, 2:39am

working on authors E+

Modificato: Set 11, 2:52am

I'm working on H.

BTW, We're under 3,000 now.

Modificato: Set 11, 7:44am

>16 karenb:
>17 MarthaJeanne:

1 : Tx

2 :
It seems there is another problem from yesterday
(French was OK .fr so i'll do on US = .com version)

I changed a lof of gender :
yesterdays, it was OK but today, count is not opérate for every authors (some are ok, some others no... Precision : i combine or separate if it's just and verify too) ?????


the 1st : Frédéric Abadie
fr :

each is ok but ?????

is it a pb with "accent" on e : é (so see also ^ or ¨ ...)

Modificato: Set 11, 7:50am

Questo messaggio è stato cancellato dall'autore.

Modificato: Set 11, 7:54am

Abadie is on the male list.

One thing - with everyone helping you have more male authors than not set ones now. So the first list is Male and Not not set. :) look at the labels of the lists - they are ordered based on the number of authors inside of each.

At the Moment “not set” is your second list :)

Modificato: Set 11, 7:58am

>20 AnnieMod:
>16 karenb:
>17 MarthaJeanne:


out of habit I looked at the 1st column !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2500 ... let's go

Set 11, 7:58am

>21 JMK2020: Happens. :) that’s why I pointed out that the columns moved finally - one would not expect them to unless they are paying attention to the labels or had seen them moving.

Set 11, 7:59am

>20 AnnieMod: I thought we'd hit that today!

Set 11, 9:20am

>22 AnnieMod:
>23 MarthaJeanne:
>16 karenb:
you're great

I note it remains - just for authors - a lot of CK to complete (Date, Place, Occupation, CV, bio, Txt...) but for gender, it's a good job

Modificato: Set 12, 3:00pm

H, I, and O are done. The number is down to 1877. It's going to take a lot more before the female overtakes the not set.

Set 14, 1:57pm

>25 MarthaJeanne:
>22 AnnieMod:
>16 karenb:
.... Nothing else matter : You are truly adorable
I saw 1040 earlier. Awesome ;-)

For my part, I have completed a number of them (gender)
and I take this opportunity to complete others CK author.

Some information is easy to find but when homonyms are combined, it's more complicated (euphemism).

NB: professional cataloguers with hierarchy (national libraries for exmple) once told me to spend more or less 40/60 minutes per 1 file on average (author authority or book in VIAF for example). I always thought it was too much even if there are a lot more fields to fill in but I understand.
However, In my activity, to list a product it takes 10 to 15 minutes to fill in 240 CK and attach them to the suppliers (100 other CK) when the sheets are new, clear and clean. And I'm talking about 100,000 products / year.
What I do not understand is how, with all the technical means, the goodwill and sometimes the expertise of many people, we could not have databases almost perfect (academic or institutional).
I'm not talking about amazon books databases .... ;-)

A little example ? Here. 15/20 h for LBth (Isni, Viaf, BNF, LoC, DNB.... had some confused pb... I took the opportunity to inform them with sources).

I think the next step will be to complete the dates of birth, find photos, put links (great functionality).

In the meantime, once again a very big thank you.

ps : If you have any comments or also need help, do not hesitate. I would do my best

Modificato: Set 18, 8:21pm

The number is down to 963.

I noted for the rest :
- Not all gender CK are informed in french,
- It's not always the easiest that stay ; I am less familiar with reliable foreign sources than the French ones
- and some name are orphan ; Cause of my database or a non-integration of name during import
Sorry but my worbench is is full and overflowing

Tx, Tx, Tx
you allow me to cultivate my garden