Found: A fiction book, maybe named "Blue", main character is a young girl (teen or younger)

Soggetto topico originale: A fiction book, maybe named "Blue", main character is a young girl (teen or younger)

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Found: A fiction book, maybe named "Blue", main character is a young girl (teen or younger)

Set 8, 2021, 6:43pm

The book is about a girl with a mentally disabled mother. The two meet their neighbor when the girl is still a baby. The neighbor likes to make lists, maybe has some form of OCD, and is terrified of going outside. The girl is really the only one of the three that goes outside to get things like money and groceries. She gets money by playing a local slot machine because she can pass as an adult. She is said to be very lucky. I think the mother named herself blue.

The mother either can't remember or won't say what happened before her and her daughter showed up at the neighbor's door.

At one point in the book the girl decides to leave. She might do it without permission, I don't quite remember. I think she finds an old picture and she goes off to find the man in the picture.

And at one point near the end of the book she gets caught in the rain. She then ends up at a house with some nice lady and her husband. The husband might have been a police but I don't know. The lady gives the girl a warm bath and clean clothes and brushes the girls hair out.

And at the beginning of the book I think there was some sort of a monologue about dinosaur skin. It talked about how people don't really know what their skin really looked like. And I think it talked about a dinosaur skin colored crayon.

I think the copy of the book that I read had a blue cover. It was like the sky or something. And there was either a red balloon or a red kite on the cover as well. The book was easy enough for an elementary aged kid to read, and wasn't very thick.

If this seems familiar to you please help me out. I'm looking for the name of the book and the author. I read this book in elementary school and just remembered it and really want to find it again. Thanks so much. :)

Set 8, 2021, 8:16pm

So B. It by Sarah Weeks.

Set 9, 2021, 9:30am

Set 9, 2021, 5:02pm

Oh thank you guys so much!!

the book was So B. It by Sarah Weeks if anyone was wondering.