Cover choice is always default

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Cover choice is always default

Modificato: Set 3, 6:40am

I am currently slowly adding a lot of books that are over 50 years old, so that their true covers are often not pictured in the databases, either as "from Amazon" or "user uploaded".

Rather than use the same "default cover" for all such books, I was changing the cover, and selecting which ever of the covers in the "blank covers" menu was the closest match to my book. (Going back to photograph and upload pictures of my own books is a project for another day.)

For the past few days I have no longer been able to do this. Whenever I select one of those covers it takes me to the "change default cover" page, and if I continue, it changes the cover for EVERY book for which I have not specifically chosen a cover.

The old entries for which I have chosen from the "blank cover" range still remain as intended.

But I am no longer able to do this.

Choose a blank cover now leads to the same menu as Change default cover

Is this a deliberate removal of this option, or a bug?

Book with default cover:
Book with chosen blank cover:

The latter was an entry on 27th July, so the issue has arisen since then.

Set 3, 10:02am

Thanks for the note. Okay, so:

To reproduce:
1. Go to any "Change cover" page for any books in your library
2. Under the "Blank covers" section, Click to open both the "Change default cover" and "Choose a blank cover", in separate tabs. Note that both links go to (I'm not sure if this is a change in behavior or not.)
3. From, note that there is a "Current default cover" and a "Change default cover" option.

You're saying that the "Choose a blank cover" used to go somewhere else, or that the /preferences/covers page used to look different, or what exactly?

If you go to your "Change cover" page, from any of your book pages, and simply select from the 51 available blank covers, you should be able to save a custom blank cover, rather than use the default blank cover.

I'm not sure that this is a bug, but please let me know if this is a change in behavior in any way.

Set 3, 2:31pm

>2 kristilabrie:
From, note that there is a "Current default cover" and a "Change default cover" option.


It used to be the case that "Choose a blank cover" allowed me to select a blank cover from the 51 options just for that book, without also changing the cover for all other books of mine that use the default cover.

But since ignoring the extra step, and going to the cover directly, seems to work, then this ceases to be an issue, as far as I am concerned.

FWIW I should probably have mentioned earlier that I am accessing LT via a mobile. I do not currently have computer access. However that has been the situation for over a year now, and the problem had only arisen within the past month.