Android app keeps crashing

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Android app keeps crashing

Ago 30, 7:10am

Hi all,

LT works perfectly fine in my browser. However, since this morning my Android App keeps crashing over and over again when clicking on 'my catalog' or on 'add to catalog'. It behaves the same on both my Samsung phone and on my Samsung tablet. I already deinstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared the cache, but nothing seems to work. I came across another post about the use of some characters in titles or names, but i don't seem to have any of those characters in the book titles.

Does anyone know where to start to find a solution? :-)

Modificato: Ago 30, 9:55am

Is this still happening for you? We haven't been able to reproduce, so far, but want to make sure you have access.

Another silly check: have you turned your phone off and on? Just for good measure...

Can you tell me the OS of your phone and/or tablet? Thanks!

Set 18, 5:07am

I am in the same situation. App worked perfectly for some days (I have a little less that 200 books in my current library) but crashed unexpectedly (without any previous fail, warning or abnormal circumstances) and has not worked anymore.
Crashed on the first week of september and currently it's not working. It flashes the app first screen for less than a second and then stops.
I've reviewed in the web my book informations, just to be sure there is not any strange character there (a non-ISO symbol, for instance), but I found anything. I've also delayed some doubled initials, just to be sure... and nothing.
It's annoying, app brought me so flexibility and fastness... :-(
I uninstalled and reinstalled, checked my free memory on the cell, installed the app on my tablet...
I use Android 11, Xiaomi Redmi 9 cell and Samsung Tab A tablet. Any new clue about this mistery will be welcome. Thanks!

Set 20, 9:34am

Thanks for your information, SilentCircle, and sorry for the trouble! I haven't been able to reproduce your issue yet, but I'm seeing if we can get someone on the team to test on a real Android device/simulator. We'll post here with updates. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Set 22, 3:22pm

Update: we are still investigating this in different simulators with different Android OS versions. Hopefully we'll have some progress to report soon.