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Null picture

Ago 28, 10:34pm

LT has allowed a totally null author picture to be uploaded - see
This picture can't be flagged.

Modificato: Ago 29, 5:27am

It's been a while since this one popped up!

It used to be impossible to vote on missing images that had been flagged, which is sort of related: Can't vote on missing images that have been flagged

But it's never been possible to flag 1x1 images (which this is). It was mentioned in that thread and again in 2016: Non-existent author image

So it's still a problem that you can't easily flag 1x1 images. Perhaps that will be addressed now?

In any case, here's a link where you can vote on this image:, and now that it has been flagged you can vote on it in the flagged gallery

Ago 29, 8:26am

>2 r.orrison: Thanks. So open the DOM viewer to find the pic number, and then you can access to details in order to flag. I tried zooming on the gallery page but couldn't work out were the pixel was!