Children's Picture Book 'will you love me mommy' 1990s

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Children's Picture Book 'will you love me mommy' 1990s

Ago 24, 9:56pm

Fiction - Children
Ages - Picture book (probably 3-8)
Published possibly sometime in early to mid 1990s

I am looking for the name of one of my favorite picture books. The story involved a little girl and her mother. I used to think the name was 'i love you mommy' or 'will you love me mommy'. I've searched on Google/Amazon/etc. but the books with those titles are not the book I am looking for, so the title may be incorrect or long out of print.

Plot: Every two pages the little girl asked her mom if her mom would still love her if she was a different animal. I think the illustrations used to show the little girl and her mom transformed into the animal the little girl was asking about, but they would still look very human. The little girl would ask the question and the mom would always say, "yes, i would still love you" or something similar.

Cover/Illustrations: I believe the book may have had a pink theme. Book is possibly a little golden book, but i'm not sure.

Ago 24, 10:07pm

Two possibilities, though each one has only partial overlap: Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse or The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown.

Set 22, 9:57pm

>2 beyondthefourthwall: Thank you for the suggestions, but it is neither.

Set 23, 6:34am

Mommy, would you love me if--? : a pop-up book
by Carla Dijs