Add Books not working

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Add Books not working

Ago 23, 12:56pm

I'm receiving an error when trying to add a book from the "Add books" page. I can search on ISBN to locate the book and receive a result on the right-hand side of the page. But when I click on that result it spins and eventually delivers the message:
405 Not Allowed

Ago 23, 1:06pm

I'm not receiving the error. Whether on the app or the website, searching Amazon or LOC, the wheel spins indefinitely.

Ago 23, 1:37pm

I'm seeing the 405 Not Allowed error also.

Ago 23, 1:46pm

I'm not getting the 405 error, but I'm not able to complete a search, except on Amazon. Tried OverCat, LC, Univ of OR, Prospector, Willamette Univ... via ISBN, title, title fragment, author.

Ago 23, 1:58pm

I got the 405 error too, but not only when I was adding books. I also got the 405 when I wanted to change the role of a certain author for a book.

Ago 23, 1:59pm

In my case, nothing happens at all. The wheel spins for a couple of seconds and then I'm back at the Add Books page without any results.

Ago 23, 2:04pm

I'll take a look and see if I can reproduce.

Ago 23, 2:19pm

We're working on it.

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Ago 23, 2:43pm

Things should be back to normal now.

Ago 23, 2:46pm

>10 conceptDawg: Confirmed: I was able to add the book I couldn't add earlier. Thank you!

Ago 23, 4:08pm

>10 conceptDawg: I'm again making my way through books to be added. Thank you!