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Charts and Graphs Nationality

Ago 22, 4:15pm

Hi, I was perusing the new Charts and Graphs (which look great, by the way), specifically the Nationality map. I clicked on "Not Set" to see if there's anyone there whose information I could update. I have two notes about this list:
1. I noticed Chris Ware among the "not set" even though on his author page he has "USA" listed for Nationality. I added it to Country too but that did not correct it. He was the only one I found to have that bug.
2. A lot of non-humans are showing up as "not set" for nationality, like Merriam-Webster. Organizations are in a separate category for Gender and Dead-or-Alive, can you do the same for nationality as well?

Modificato: Ago 22, 5:17pm

>1 RobertHay:
You shouldn't need to set "Country (for map)" - as the help text says, "This field is only necessary if the last entry in "Nationality" is not one". If it's not working with Nationality set, that is a bug.

Ago 22, 7:25pm

Chris Ware is a split author - which had been causing some issues for both nationality and dead and alive assignments. I’ve never been able to track down when these work and when they don’t (probably need to spend some more time on my own data and see if I can spot what is different with the few that do not work.

Ott 13, 3:42pm

Closing this as not a bug since the behavior seems to have been related to the split author.

Ott 13, 3:53pm

It does not seem to relate to this case, but at least in gender, it has to have been set in .com, and not in one of the other sites.