Disabling the genre feature doesn't do anything

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Disabling the genre feature doesn't do anything

Ago 19, 1:44am

Genres continue to be displayed on book pages, graphs and charts, etc. regardless of whether the feature is enabled or disabled.

Ago 19, 12:48pm

I can verify that genres still show up on work/book pages when GenreThing is disabled. But can you clarify where you're seeing genres in Charts & Graphs when you've disabled genres? Thanks.

Ago 19, 1:00pm

It's included in the "site vs. member" charts.

I thought I'd been seeing it somewhere else also, but maybe I was confusing it with the Dewey charts.

Ago 19, 1:03pm

>3 spiphany: I forgot it was on that page; I'll turn it off there too.