Newly added book problem

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Newly added book problem

Modificato: Ago 18, 8:28am

I just added work This is the same work as

When I look at it shews me in the "recently added by". I click on "all members" and it shews me which doesn't list me.

What's going on?

Bit more info:
When I point my mouse at the cover on "recently added" on my home page, it says it's work 6402341.

Ago 18, 8:30am

OK well I managed to combine 6402341 and 26785521, so I sorted my book but it's still a bug.

Ago 18, 9:13am

Looks like this has something to do with the work number versus book number bug that keeps cropping up

Modificato: Ago 18, 9:51am

I'm not sure how to look at this since there's not a current example to look at. What's the bug, exactly? Or, was it a combination issue?

Ago 18, 10:07am

>4 kristilabrie: The bug was 1) I couldn't see myself on the list of all members, 2) the works would not combine through workbench (it seems at some level LibraryThing thought they were combined), 3) only one of the uncombined works (and not the one I had just added) was shewing on any of the author pages, 4) the work number that the picture on my home page was associated with wasn't connected with the book I had added, and 5) the work number on the picture on my home page led to a work with a different work number (though it was the right work).

I was only able to combine them through the urls, and then only by using the work number from the picture on my home page, which was not a work number that anybody could have found by looking at the works.

Ago 18, 10:15am

I've had this issue as well, reported here: (though the example there also doesn't work anymore because the books were combined)
When I manually add a book that does not get automatically combined into another work, two books are created. One of them has all of the information that I entered and is linked on the "add books" page, but is not listed in my catalog. The other book is listed in my catalog but contains no book or work details.

Ago 18, 11:42am

>5 DuncanHill: Okay, thanks for this clarification! I'm closing this as a duplicate of the thread mentioned in >6 norabelle414:, but will link to this thread over there. I'll also ping the developers about it, but I suspect this will get pushed back a bit behind new Charts & Graphs monitoring/bugs. Thanks for your patience, and if you see another live example please post there!