Quick! What did you last have to eat! Part II

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Quick! What did you last have to eat! Part II

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The old thread was taking too long to load. Please move your chatter over here.

(I had some dark chocolate.)

Giu 9, 4:17pm

>1 clamairy: I'll raise you: dark chocolate with cherry filling...

Giu 9, 4:28pm

>2 Maddz: MMM!

Hey, is LT slow for anyone else today? I was blaming my WiFi, but now I'm on the wired PC and it's still painfully slow.

Giu 9, 4:43pm

>3 clamairy: Yes, I am finding it really awful.

Giu 9, 5:07pm

Awww, I liked the long-long-long thread. Well, and now I have to tell you that the last thing I ate was the bowl scrapings after making a batch of tuna salad.

Giu 9, 5:15pm

>3 clamairy: Yes, very slow today. Other websites are functioning as usual.

>5 Meredy: Samesies! (except scraping of the tuna salad happened here last night).

Giu 21, 11:24pm

What a fun thread!

I went over to my next door neighbor and was trying to help her figure out a decal for her car. Failed. But before I tried I was given a bowl of wonderful "home style" ice cream. After my failure she complained that she should have shared her ice cream after I tried to solve the problem. Poor timing on her part. Good luck on my part.

Then I came back to my apt. and shared a frozen dinner (chicken, broccoli, and a yummy cream sauce) with my dog, Gretchen. She only gits bits of broccoli and little bits of chicken, before the sauce is poured over it. Yummy. Soon to bed!

Giu 22, 1:14am

Steak with onions and mushrooms, followed by cheese and all accompanied by some Chateaneuf-du-Pape I received for Father’s Day. Finished off with some peppermint Aero and a cup of tea.

Giu 22, 10:20am

A Trader Joe's almond croissant, set out to proof last night and just now out of the oven, with the usual enormous cup of Typhoo Gold breakfast tea. Lovely breakfast.

Giu 22, 9:13pm

Some deeply ripe, sweet Bing cherries, with just a dash of tartness to brighten them. Locally grown.

We had a Bing tree that produced for years, peaking at a 40-lb harvest one June. Later on it became too hard to get the cherries picked after they ripened and before the birds pecked them. For some reason it was like one cherry, one peck, instead of why don't you take a lot of pecks on this one and leave that one for me?

One year (probably a drought year) the tree simply fell over. We found it lying on the ground one day. Ah, me.

Modificato: Lug 5, 8:38pm

Yesterday: All beef hotdogs, potato salad, lemonade and apple pie while watching the Seattle Storm women win their game. I have rediscovered my love of basketball!

Today: left over potato salad, handful of nuts, coffee! Yummy. Happy day.

I really like retirement, but was disappointed to learn my favorite thrift store was closed to celebrate "Independence Day". Does every holiday need to be diminished by putting a three day holiday around it?

Lug 6, 9:52am

Food of the gods - fresh peace’s and cream.

Lug 6, 10:48am

I just had shredded wheat in whole milk for breakfast.
Normally, I use fat-free milk in other cereals, and with a meal (if at all), but there are some things for which only whole milk will suffice.

Lug 6, 10:49am

Chocolate biscuits*. Two.

*"Biscuits" in the East of the Atlantic sense.

Lug 6, 11:27am

Ramen noodles in "chicken" soup with bacon-flavoured biscuits (in Pete's sense). Loads of lovely additives and MSG setting me up for a supper that can't help being healthier!

Lug 6, 12:27pm

Ham salad followed by a (small) slice of ginger cake with my post-lunch coffee...

I hear the clack of knife on chopping board so supper is now being prepared.

Lug 6, 1:57pm

Very small salad and some cherries (after pizza for lunch with daughter Laura and her boyfriend).

Modificato: Lug 6, 4:18pm

Toast with homemade raspberry jam (I mean, I had to taste test it, didn’t I?)

Lug 6, 4:31pm

Self-indulgence time! A hoagie ordered from the local takeaway.

Lug 7, 5:14am

hoagie. That's slang for a transient person, right? AKA hobo ? I just can't keep up with modern food trends.

Lug 7, 7:02am

>19 -pilgrim-: Ah! What Capetonians call a sub or submarine. I hope it was as good as the ones a joint in Braamfontein used to make when I was an undergrad.

Lug 7, 8:31am

>21 hfglen: Here a sub is a baguette sliced longitudinally, then filled extensively, in the manner of a sandwich.

A hoagie is chips, salad, doner meat, cheese, all wrapped in a chapati (with varying quantities of sauce, according to taste). The calorie count is beyond thinking about, but it takes a long time before you feel the need to eat again.

I am guessing your subs are indeed hoagies, and am glad that you appreciate the joy of a good one.