Ridiculous secondary prices for FS books 2021

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Ridiculous secondary prices for FS books 2021

Modificato: Apr 30, 7:06am

As the previous thread had reached almost 500 postings, time to start a new thread.

Book of the New Sun LE for US$18540!!

Apr 30, 7:27am

>1 wcarter:
But this is the rare 2012 version.

Apr 30, 10:12am

>2 Jayked: The 1 of 1!

Apr 30, 2:18pm

Whenever I've cast a glance at Folio titles on eBay lately I feel as though I've entered a Philip K. Dick short story.

Apr 30, 2:39pm

>4 cronshaw:

That's what 'they' want you to think.

Of course, when you buy any of those titles you are contributing funding to my research into the wcarter memorial infinity library.


Apr 30, 4:34pm

>5 Cat_of_Ulthar: I should have guessed a feline misdemeanour was apaw as soon as FS titles began behaving like a cryptocurrency. Will their prices crash then? That's the limited edition question.

Maggio 1, 5:59am

First printing of M&M for £175 anyone? Perfect if you love first printings or “FOLIO” rather than “FS” logos on the spine!

I will never understand the first printing premium on some FS books. It is baffling.


Maggio 1, 8:17am

>8 caesarofcaesars: It's not just FS books that get a first printing premium - that happens with a lot of books. I even sold a set of Japanese Manga that got a high price because it was all first North American printing copies.

Maggio 1, 9:43am

>8 caesarofcaesars:
>9 coynedj: because it was all first North American printing copies.

As I understand* it the "first printing" thing originated in America, who knows why. It spread to the UK only recently on the back of Folio Society SFF titles, which appeal to those seeking "first printings". In all other respects it is meaningless. I can understand the clamour for shrinkwrapped copies only very slightly more. IMO neither of these things warrants further expenditure, often in the hundreds, on top of the price of the book.

*My understanding may be imperfect, given I collect only Folios

Maggio 1, 12:02pm

I am glad that I am not into first editions. It makes no sense to me to pay way more for a Folio Society book, which looks exactly like a newer copy, just because it's a "first edition".

I understand paying a bit more if the newer edition is of a lower quality (like Little Women). But for something like M&M, it makes no sense to me. Thankfully, it doesn't have to.

Maggio 1, 12:11pm

A first edition first impression of an early trade publication by an author who becomes famous is usually the only copy worth much. My local bookseller had such a copy of Iris Murdoch's first, Under the Net, for north of $1K.I've got a copy of her second, Flight From the Enchanter, which ain't for sale. Some booksellers carry the same mindset into Folio books, even though they're not usually scarce or original works. So they ask a premium for a first printing of the Blue Fairy Book even though devotees are discarding it in favour of the leaner second. Seems to work too.

Maggio 1, 12:58pm

>8 caesarofcaesars: “I will never understand the first printing premium on some FS books.”

With modern printing there really shouldn’t be any physical difference between a first printing, a 10th printing, or even a print-on-demand book. However, in the bygone days of physical type on paper, there were significant differences. Type would eventually become worn, so electroplates and other forms of reproduction were used to extend out print runs or re-print. These could vary in quality.

I’m currently reading The Forsyte Saga, which the Folio Society originally issued in letterpress in 1984. The edition I have is the so-called “second impression” from 2002 and it is not letterpress as there are tell-tale signs of photographic reproduction (hairline marks in the text-block, less than perfect edges of letters).

There is also, of course, the current controversy of reprints being done at different presses with potential quality-control issues.

Overall, I think that the collecting mentality is the primary reason for the premium you describe, in that the first is the most desirable just because it is the first.

Maggio 2, 5:18am

>10 folio_books: As a bookseller, I justify my references in book descriptions to 'original shrink-wrapped' copies of Folio Society books, as I find perceptions of what a new condition book do seem ... to differ somewhat on occasion.

I have bought supposedly 'New' copies of other publishers' books from booksellers when on taking delivery I find really obvious signs of wear including serious flaws such as the text block separated from the book spine.

I think a new book should be free of flaws and signs of any use.

In selling a sealed Folio Society book still in its shrink-wrapping I know from scrutiny of the exterior that the book is without an external blemish. I accept that even a new and sealed Folio Society book might have an internal printing or internal binding error but having sold many hundreds of their books I have yet to receive notification from one of our buyers of a single defect in a new Folio Society book. It is a remarkable record that shows the quality control exercised by the printers and binders chosen by Folio.

Maggio 2, 6:46am

>12 Jayked: I love Iris Murdoch. I've got a first edition of An Unofficial Rose, bought from a library sale for about 20p decades ago. Obviously, it's in terrible condition, but I am very fond of it.

Maggio 3, 12:09pm

>1 wcarter: I wonder if they'd waive that $10 shipping fee on an $18K book? ;)

Maggio 8, 6:20pm

I can’t find the thread, but there was a recent discussion about the prices of the Fairy books and how the FS can’t easily reprint the books because they’d have to start from scratch, essentially; something to do with the original ones using some older software to lay them out.

I’ve always struggled with this, because the FS is starting from scratch with 40-50 books per year, many of which cost $60 or thereabouts.

With some of these books fetching $1,500 apiece now, you’d think that would be good incentive to do the work to print them again.

Maggio 8, 6:37pm

>17 U_238: But how many books sell in a year for $1500? Under 10?
There is no way they could market the book at even $500. I’m guessing the smallest print run they could consider would be 1000 (and perhaps closer to 5000). Are there this many people who would want the fairy books?

Modificato: Maggio 8, 6:40pm

>17 U_238: replicating an older layout, especially when consumers are likely to notice and dislike deviations from the original, is much harder than doing a new layout for a new project from scratch.

Also maybe they just want to do something new.

Maggio 8, 7:03pm

>18 DMulvee: I didn’t mean they could/should sell it for for $500, just that with that much demand it should sell. But true, we don’t know what the actual demand is.

>19 abysswalker: And yeah, I can see that they’d just prefer something new.

Maggio 8, 7:08pm

>20 U_238: It would be interesting what the reaction would be if FS were to sell a very special LE (limited to say 50 copies) at $2500. Would they sell out quickly? Would it raise the prestige of the brand? Or would it put off devotees who looked at a different publisher.
Looking at some of the prices on the secondary market, the conclusion must be that higher prices could be achieved. Unfortunately for all of us, we are seeing this with rising prices (and in January) a sale that was less generous than previous years.

Maggio 9, 4:22am

I always found this rather peculiar. The Fairy books were a good and constant seller for many years. It's safe to say that FS could have sold more copies of the later editions than they did, but this seems to have been hindered by that other software. I'm sure they'd sell now, too, though certainly not at the crazy prices one sees on the internet. But there are enough people who would like to complete their set or who would pick one of the later ones for its own sake, e. g. because they like those particular illustrations. And new people could start on them at a reasonable price. FS children's books always seem to do well. I would have expected the older editions to be the problem, but it seems that those could be reprinted, the newer ones couldn't. Did they try out some software and it didn't work for them? I understand that starting from scratch would be harder than a new project, among other things they probably don't have access to the original illustrations anymore. But still, it's a rather weird case since only part of the edition - and only the later part - is affected.

Maggio 9, 6:02pm

>17 U_238:

And by this notion, one might think that they would consider doubling down and making an even more impressive Fairy set, for the same or less than any other new release. Literally, they could build upon their own publishing mythology.

Maggio 10, 6:25pm

>24 RRCBS:
"The box has a few creases along the bottom edge."
Presumably they got a replacement from FS and are looking to cash in.

Maggio 10, 8:45pm

>24 RRCBS:
I wouldn't get it!!

Maggio 11, 1:00am

>22 SF-72:
Whatever the reason, I'm sure that if the FS could see a way to reprinting for a decent profit, they'd go for it. The fact that they don't suggests that they've done the sums and they don't work out.
I recently sold off my Fairy Book collection (individually), and whilst I was happy with the prices, there wasn't a huge level of interest, just that there were a few prepared to chase prices up a long way. Admittedly that's an anecdotal sample, only based on watchers and bidders, but I'm not convinced there's the big market that some reckon.

Maggio 11, 6:54am

>26 wcarter: And somebody has placed a bid! I wonder what they plan to do with the box...

Modificato: Maggio 11, 7:12am

>28 RRCBS: my guess is someone’s box was damaged after receipt and they feel this one is less so.

Still. Cray.

Maggio 11, 8:11am

>27 Willoyd: It’s difficult to have a discussion about your sale without knowing how you went about it. Did you do them all as an auction starting at $0.99? Was it buy it now with a high starting price for an auction?

Also, most people don’t even bother, as they know the prices are insane for some of the rarer ones, so they just scroll past.

If you tried listing an orange, brown, violet or some of the other ones for $120 I bet they wouldn’t last longer than 10 seconds.

Maggio 11, 8:59am

>30 U_238: If you tried listing an orange, brown, violet or some of the other ones for $120 I bet they wouldn’t last longer than 10 seconds.

No doubt true. But anything listed for a small fraction of its current perceived market value probably wouldn't last longer than 10 seconds, because at that point you introduce a huge number of potential buyers who have no interest in the product itself but have a significant interest in making a quick buck. Doesn't necessarily translate into huge sales at FS level.

Maggio 11, 2:55pm

>31 Levin40: Good point! I'd buy it myself!

Maggio 12, 10:44am

>28 RRCBS: A bid of $200 for an empty box, the seller maybe.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 2:19pm

>30 U_238:
No I didn't start the listings as low as that, but most were put on around starting bids of c £30, whilst my highest starting bid was £60 - the price of the Blue Fairy Book new from FS - so certainly all below the $120 starting bid you suggested would stimulate a stampede. It didn't!

Maggio 13, 12:47am

When you’re feeling down on FS secondary price just remember.. it can always be worse.


Maggio 13, 1:23am

>36 Sorion:
This is one of the most desirable Limited Editions Club books, but that price is ludicrous.
Also available at https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=17893299752&searchurl=an%3...
for a fraction of the price.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 7:22am

The $12,666 PKD. Surely a joke !!!

Maggio 13, 6:25pm

>37 wcarter: that copy you linked to lacked Joyce's signature. Since Joyce only signed the first 250 of the limitation (he stopped signing in a fit of pique when he learned that Matisse hadn't even read his work and had illustrated Homer's Odyssey instead), those signed by Joyce sell for multiples more than copies signed only by Matisse. I hope the person who has just bought the copy you linked to is aware that that copy lacks Joyce's signature and isn't necessarily a bargain...

Maggio 13, 6:48pm

>37 wcarter: I've seen the Joyce signed version go for $25-30k. $50k is really high. I've seen the Matisse only signed version for under $5k.

Maggio 13, 6:53pm

>40 kdweber: I've seen it go for 10k. I think we can agree regardless that it's crazy.

Personally I only really care about Matisse's signature and will in time purchase the copy that only he signed.

Anyway, straying off topic there.

Maggio 13, 7:39pm

There’s one on eBay with both signatures for 50 grand at the moment.

Maggio 13, 11:28pm

How much was the copy linked by >37 wcarter: ? Can’t see the price but only Matisse’s signature is mentioned in the description so hopefully the buyer wouldn’t assume it also has Joyce’s.

Maggio 13, 11:52pm

>43 ChampagneSVP:
It was US$3500

Maggio 14, 9:28am

It’s not ridiculous and I’d imagine in a year it would be good value, but something seems ridiculous about asking £70 minimum for a book that is still £50 new...


Maggio 14, 4:23pm

>46 coffeewithastraw: But you are free to make an offer!

Modificato: Maggio 14, 4:45pm

>47 wdripp: I will reluctantly pass ;)

Edit: Though as the claim is that it is unopened I am curious how they know the limitation #

Oh oops its on the sticker, my bad.

Do they really expect to sell at this price or is there some other purpose to the listing that escapes me? (Yes I know, this is a further comment. Curiosity, cat, etc.)

Maggio 14, 7:36pm

>46 coffeewithastraw: “Rare Limited Number 666”

Just as rare as every single other limitation number… 1 in 1000!

(Yeah it has some symbolic value… a seller with some flair would have gone for $6666. What’s with this leading 12 nonsense? No style.)

Maggio 15, 4:37am

I like the 'lucky 666' - that's a new view on that particular number.

You know, if this was The Exorcist, Good Omens or something of the sort, it would make at least some sense to consider this special, though still not special enough to justify that price.

Maggio 15, 5:24am

>46 coffeewithastraw:

eBay is just checking whether I need another few moments to think about it...

Maggio 16, 4:26pm

$999 for “A Clockwork Orange signed by Anthony Burgess”. Curious how this was possible when Burgess died in 1993 and FS first published this in 2014, I read the description to see that the seller has tipped in a blank page allegedly signed by Burgess before he passed. 🙄


Maggio 16, 4:30pm

>52 ChampagneSVP: Yeah, that seller is notorious for very high prices. He's also one of the ones that buys in-stock Folio and EP books and marks them up for sale on eBay

Maggio 16, 4:57pm

Anyone for a rare copy of the limited edition of Small Gods?


It's £307 more than the FS are asking for the standard edition, but it does look to be in very nice condition with just a few marks on the slipcase. It can be your own little secret, because nobody else will know it's a limited edition, even if you show it to them since it looks exactly like the standard one in every particular.

Maggio 16, 8:04pm

The Call of Cthulhu SE has risen in price a fair amount over the last year but this one takes the cake.


Maggio 16, 8:10pm

>55 Charon49: That's very optimistic. I think that's double or more what the SEs have been selling for.

Maggio 16, 11:05pm

>54 terebinth: Correction, the FS is not asking anything for a standard edition because it's no longer in print.

Now of course, the price makes the listing quite at home in this thread.

Maggio 17, 4:32am

>57 U_238:

Ah, thanks for that. I did a hasty search on the Folio website, found a price and assumed that the book could be bought for it: which will probably betray that I've not spent much time on the Folio website lately.

Maggio 18, 1:12pm

>54 terebinth: An offer of £315 has went to those who viewed the item. Truly a bargain now!

Maggio 24, 10:20am

Been watching eBay since March when Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None went out of print. First posting I’ve seen and it’s this monster:


Maggio 24, 10:45am

>60 simbae: I haven’t seen a reasonably priced Agatha Christie for months. I saw two by a big seller for cheap/reasonable prices but passed a while back, but every single one that comes on eBay/FB is just ridiculous. You could probably buy the entire series new from FS for the price of a second hand volume these days!

Maggio 24, 4:24pm

>60 simbae: ridiculous

Maggio 24, 8:55pm

Stranger things have happened - the copy of Malay sold.

Maggio 25, 11:21am

New Hardy LE already up...


I thought the FS direct price was high. SMH

Maggio 25, 12:00pm

>64 coffeewithastraw:
Wonder if he's sniffing something stronger.

Maggio 25, 3:28pm

>64 coffeewithastraw:
I am surprised it is on AbeBooks and not eBay. I hope the person is correct and it is a “bit of a stunner”, given none of us have received it yet!

Maggio 25, 3:36pm

>66 Hamwick: perhaps they are referring to their price!

Maggio 26, 1:23am

>64 coffeewithastraw: I'd go as far as to say that this listing is fraudulent. At the time of listing, they presumably won't have received their copy yet and have no idea what limitation number they'll receive. And yet their images (which show as "Bookseller image", not "Stock image") show this as being copy number one as they've taken the limitation page image direct from the FS website.

Maggio 26, 8:59am

>68 CLWggg: I’ve sent a question asking what limitation number it is... no response so far.

Modificato: Giu 19, 4:24am

Giu 19, 11:18am

Well, I bought this set for €50 and was worried I might have overpaid. I hope the prices start to become a bit reasonable once all the lockdowns end and people start spending their money on other things.

Giu 19, 12:21pm

What times we are living in. It’s all gone bonkers with these prices. Can they hold? I don’t understand and maybe never will why people are prepared to pay these higher prices.

Giu 19, 1:11pm

>70 wcarter: I see the same set currently up for £115 and looking at recent buys for it on eBay it was going for lower than that so if someone does buy it at that price they need there head examined. The problem is I have seen similar buys at jumped up prices even when the market is generally selling for far lower. I don't see the logic.

Giu 19, 4:36pm

>72 ironjaw: it is weird. I now prefer to shop at physical stores rather than eBay because there are usually a few good deals. Back in 2018 or 2019 I would cower at the sight of second-hand bookstore prices. Especially Oxfam Books!

Giu 20, 8:58am

>74 behemoththecat: yes even Oxfam is listing them at higher prices

Giu 21, 11:34am

I always took this thread to mean FS books that are commonly available for normal prices, but that someone on EBay/ABE etc is trying to make a ton of money from by listed ludicrous prices. However I have noticed in just the last few weeks that various FS books which I thought were going for face value or there about have now increased by HUGE amounts on the secondary market, e.g. WE listed for £200-300, City of God is well into triple figures, Seven Gothic Tales is triple figures too. It all seems to be because they are now OOP. This only ever really seemed to affect a handful of books, e.g. MM and Handmaid's Tale, but it looks like sellers are now much more savvy to OOP FS books and the price is going up massively as a result. Seeing that a lot of these won't get re-printed (FS is not realistically going to re-print City of God given its current direction) it is going to be worthwhile really keeping an eye on what is going OOP because they may become affordable very quickly!

Giu 21, 3:55pm

I have been keeping an eye open for The Wanderer and Other Old English Poems, the LE illustrated by Alan Lee. With joy, I have finally seen it for sale, on e-bay. £1810.81 ($2500). I will keep looking.

Giu 21, 9:43pm

>76 LowlightLamp: I guess the unasked question is whether prices are ridiculous if that's what people are willing to pay for them. To many here, the answer is yes. To many other people, it's simply "the price."

Giu 22, 5:16am

>78 U_238: To many other people, it's simply "the price."

Good news for sellers on the Fb Buy/Sell/Trade group and for dealers (though it's extremely difficult to tell the two apart).

Modificato: Giu 22, 5:35am

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Giu 22, 8:02am

>77 Hamwick:

Oh boy... I expected this one to rise in price once sold out, but not to this degree.

Giu 22, 8:23am

>78 U_238: let’s keep in mind that price listed is not actual willingness to pay. Especially for an eBay listing with best offer enabled. As such, the price listed for The Wanderer mentioned by >77 Hamwick: is only an upper bound. In negotiation terms, this is an aggressive first offer that serves as a high value anchor.

But yeah, more generally it’s just supply and demand.

Giu 22, 9:18am

>82 abysswalker: good spot, I did not pick up on the offer part. Still too rich for me, unless my counter offer was drastically lower :)
As you say, it is supply and demand. Or to quote Buffett, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get” and the value will vary by person.

Giu 25, 2:15pm

Does anyone recall how to view the final sale price of a buy-it-now listing on eBay by right clicking on the view source code? I get that far but then I forget which term I am supposed to search for to get to the final sale price and my word searches have not narrowed it down. I swear it was in this thread where someone shared that but again my word searches have not revealed the decoder ring!

Giu 25, 2:29pm

Oh thank you for the quick response!!

Giu 25, 2:36pm

Hmmm...the search on taxExclusivePrice is not returning any results. I tried a few pages. I know this method worked for me in the past. Am I doing something wrong? I click on "See Original Listing" and from that page I right click "View Page Source" and then I search for "taxExclusivePrice" and nada.

Giu 25, 2:53pm

>87 UK_History_Fan: if you send me the link to the eBay item, I can take a look. You can add a private message to my wall (click on my profile to get there) if you don’t want to post it here.

It’s always possible eBay has changed the interface. I’m pretty sure it’s not officially supported.

Giu 25, 3:45pm

I read a week or two ago that it was no longer possible. I don’t remember where unfortunately.

Giu 25, 4:40pm

>88 abysswalker: I'm not hiding anything, will post the link here...
>89 behemoththecat: Would not surprise me. It seems eBay is constantly trying to avoid revealing these accepted offers which doesn't make any sense. This is at least the third or forth "workaround" that they have eliminated (closed the loophole). Unless they are hoping that without that info people will just assume a higher price than was actually paid and bid more. I primarily use it to update a database of books whose prices I'm tracking either because I want to buy them myself or because I have duplicate titles and may want to some day cull the collection.


Giu 25, 4:41pm

>88 abysswalker:
>89 behemoththecat:
This is what I used to use, but you can see from the message on the website that eBay is the one blocking access.


Giu 25, 5:32pm

Higher prices higher list fees and selling fees

Lug 7, 10:22am

It seems like Oxfam is well and truly in on the madness: £170 for the latest Great Gatsby: https://onlineshop.oxfam.org.uk/the-great-gatsby-folio-society/product/HD_300335...

At least the money goes the charity...

Lug 7, 10:53am

>93 ubiquitousuk: Definitely. There is still the odd bargain to be had on it but they seem more aware of the titles that go for silly prices and price accordingly. But as you say they are a charity and its hard to argue with that.

Lug 7, 11:13am

>93 ubiquitousuk:
>94 assemblyman:

I have been told more than once in Oxfam shops that they look at the prices on AbeBooks and then take a middle line, adjusting up or down for general condition. They don't appear to employ experts to do this, so there are occasional anomalies and bargains still to be had. Not long ago I found the Burton Arabian Nights 12-volume half-leather illustrated library edition (1897) in very good condition for £200. Sets in similar condition are currently on Abe for around £1500.

Lug 7, 11:29am

>95 boldface: Well I did say there is still the odd bargain. But I think your example ranges in to the steal category if they are anything like the pictures online of that set :)

Lug 7, 8:16pm

eBay still some some bargains pop up I got Patrick O’Brian Blue at the Mizzen for 70aud still sealed yesterday.

Lug 7, 9:59pm

Lug 18, 3:07pm

>99 just_visiting:
Another of those Irish/ American sellers, where you can't be sure where it's coming from. Nearly every listing is described as "As new...near fine."

Lug 18, 3:07pm

>99 just_visiting:

That makes me wonder if someone made a typing error, especially considering the price other sellers want for this book.

Lug 18, 3:21pm

>100 Jayked: I’ve bought some Everyman Wodehouse from them and their staff is pretty nice. But for non new books, they don’t even offer additional info if you contact them directly. For this listing, I would assume a typo.

Lug 18, 5:02pm

>102 RRCBS:
I suspect they don't offer additional info because the books are in a warehouse in Ireland. But I wouldn't order in any case from someone who thinks that "as new" is identical with "near fine."

Lug 19, 3:49am

>103 Jayked:

I only remember one purchase I've made from them, the life and works of Landor in eight substantial volumes, recently rebound, for £2.62 the lot including UK delivery. Taking that into account along with post 99 in this thread, it seems their pricing can be a little erratic.

Lug 19, 2:15pm

>104 terebinth: I also got what I thought was quite a good deal from Kenny's recently: a copy of the H. G. Wells Short Stories (1990). Postage across the Atlantic to Canada was only 1 Euro. At the moment, I forget exactly what I paid for the book itself, but it was in the ballpark of $20 CAD (in fine condition).

Lug 22, 7:32am

>100 Jayked: These vague listings with “as new” all the time always make me suspect a bookjacker.

Lug 22, 9:14am

My home contents insurance is up for renewal and the crazy secondary market prices got me thinking about whether I should recalculate my coverage for my Folio and other book collection.

Id be interested to know if anyone else does this? If so how do you assess the value of your collection? I think I’d be shocked to realise how much it would cost to replace my entire collection!

Lug 22, 6:20pm

>107 Uppernorwood: I guess that's the question you have to ask yourself: if the unfortunate were to happen, and I lost everything, what would I want to replace?

If the answer is 'yes' to your entire Folio collection, then you need to factor in second hand market prices...even then of course, it would be a difficult task to find and replace them all? (Not knowing how many you have and from what eras)

For myself, I have insured mine as part of contents, but would I replace them all? Definitely not. But I'd like to have the money as compensation - which I would use to replace quite a few of them, and maybe the rest with other editions - or different titles...

Lug 23, 8:19am

I know the title is coveted, but Oxfam seem to be a little too hopeful with this one:


Lug 23, 9:30am

>109 behemoththecat: I actually did laugh out loud.

Lug 23, 1:48pm

>109 behemoththecat:

I remember buying it at a good discount from FS at less than a 20th of that price.

Lug 23, 2:41pm

>109 behemoththecat:

Utterly ridiculous.

Lug 23, 3:22pm

>109 behemoththecat: Misplaced comma maybe? :)

Lug 23, 5:09pm

>109 behemoththecat: Is it coveted ? I bought my copy on eBay a couple of years ago for £15 & I was the only bidder ! Oxfam have gone crazy

Lug 23, 6:12pm

>114 antinous_in_london: There are three recorded sales on eBay.co.uk in the last three months, all Buy-it-now at prices ranging from £60-110. There's one currently available for auction; starting price of £190 with no bids yet. No copies on abe.

I would suggest that it is reasonable to describe it as coveted, but it is flying a kite to price it at £495. I wouldn't argue with £150-200, though.

Lug 24, 7:59pm

>115 TheEconomist: I agree with your assessment of its availability, and the estimated range it would go for.

Lug 24, 8:28pm

>115 TheEconomist: My comment re it’s desirability was based on genuine surprise given the fact that when i bought my copy just under 2 years ago no-one else was watching it or placed a bid so I presume it’s desirability is quite recent (maybe part of the pricing frenzy that seems to have taken hold over the past year or so). I never look for it or check it’s current pricing since I already have it, so had no idea what current prices were but £495 seemed exorbitant for what it is.