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Summer 2021 - Folio Collection

Mar 19, 10:55am

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Another Agatha Christie could drop, and possibly the next in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Mar 19, 1:33pm

Maybe a reprint of Josephine Tey's Brat Farrar to match the rest of the series.

Mar 19, 3:01pm

>2 RuefulCountenance: I am just taking a guess that the next George Martin will be released between the Spring and Summer collection as a stand alone so they keep their marketing profile out front on social media. Apparently it is a omni-channel world.

Mar 19, 3:03pm

I wouldn't be surprised if they release the next GoT book. Didn't they once mention the last 2 would be published in this year? If so, maybe the 4th in the summer collection and the 5th with the Holiday collection.

Still hoping for Dandelion Wine, by Ray Bradbury. A perfect summer release, considering the setting and subject matter. I feel like my FS collection of Bradbury is incomplete without that one.

Mar 19, 3:35pm

>4 Forthwith: They released a GoT last summer so I thought maybe this year as well

Mar 19, 3:50pm

I’d love to see The Moon is a Harsh Mistress in a format similar to the other 2 Heinlein novels- gilded page edges, illustrated slipcase, etc.

I agree with >5 Lady19thC: on Dandelion Wine as well.

Mar 19, 5:34pm

>7 SolerSystem:

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress would be very welcome, and that it was mentioned so positively in the preface to Stranger in a Strange Land gives me some hope in that regard. It's definitely one of his great classics.

Mar 19, 10:32pm

This will be the release of Shogun. I know it. This time it’s gonna happen! it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen.

No probably not.

Mar 19, 10:55pm

Foundation Trilogy likely.

Mar 19, 11:06pm

I’d buy Shogun and Lonesome Dove, but that’s probably because I grew up in the golden age of the television miniseries.

Mar 20, 1:45am

>1 Bob_Reader: they said no 20,000 leagues reprint planned at the moment sadly the second hand prices are crazy.

Mar 20, 7:14pm

>1 Bob_Reader: I already posted this in the Spring 2021 topic, but here's a quick selection of recent comments from the Folio Instagram page (in response to user questions about future plans):

A Feast for Crows will be released "later this year."
The Great Gatsby reprint - "we are hoping we might be able to have it later this year."
Peter Pan "might be back later this year."
Fahrenheit 451 reprint - "not in our current plans, but might be back in the future."
Sharpe - "won't be long to wait."
Another Nabokov novel - "on our list for the future."
Twenty Thousand Leagues reprint - "not in our plans at the moment."

I would personally be very excited about a Twenty Thousand Leagues reprint, but it looks like that isn't the plan. Perhaps if we all emailed them suggesting it they may reconsider. I see multiple people requesting reprints in the comments of the Folio Around the World in 80 Days Instagram post, with Folio responding that they will pass the suggestion on.

Based on these comments, I'd expect the next Sharpe to be in the Summer collection, but predicting the whims of the Society is probably an ill-fated task.

Mar 20, 7:16pm

>12 Charon49: As of this posting, there are 2 copies of TTL on Ebay going for USD $400 & $500, which is frankly insane.

Mar 20, 10:28pm

>14 indianabones: I agree. I refuse to pay those kinds of prices for trade editions that have been published in recent years, especially when an unexpected reprint would tank the value of those copies on the secondary market.

Mar 20, 10:31pm

>14 indianabones: yeah there’s one on eBay with 26 bid already with 5 days to go at 365 pounds already and I turned one down for 100 aud a year ago what a fool I was.

Mar 21, 10:44am

I would love to see a new edition of To Kill a Mockingbird!

Mar 21, 2:49pm

I would really like to see Flashman.

Mar 21, 3:22pm

>18 LondonLawyer: I would love a Flashman set

Mar 22, 11:05am

>9 Sorion: Shogun has been on my wishlist for years. FS, it's been long enough, please make this happen.

Apr 2, 4:12pm

>17 pop24: Me too.

Apr 7, 12:31am

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Apr 7, 7:00am

>22 Bob_Reader:

Wouldn't consider The Road horror. Maybe horrific in the world it depicts.

What issues are you having with their CS? They've only ever been exemplary when I've dealt with them.

Apr 7, 10:15am

Out of curiosity, when does the summer collection usually get released?

Apr 7, 1:51pm

>24 Lady19thC: second week of May-ish IIRC

Apr 7, 2:02pm

>25 gmacaree:
Thank you!

Apr 7, 2:45pm

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Apr 7, 2:55pm

>27 Bob_Reader: Surprised that you’ve been put through so much hassle. I’ve been dealing with replacements with Andrew and he has been fast and courteous and has sent all of my replacements via DHL with no need to send anything back. Did you send a lot of pictures?

Modificato: Apr 7, 3:06pm

>27 Bob_Reader: I’m also surprised by this. I’ve had nothing but good experiences dealing with Andrew. Maybe 24 hrs between emails.

As for the quality issues, I once had to ask for replacements twice before I got a mint copy, but usually it’s just the once (and I’ve only had to get replacements for 3 books, despite ordering dozens of books from FS). I’d advise just being patient - they’ll make it right.

Apr 7, 3:12pm

>28 RRCBS: I’ve been dealing with replacements with Andrew and he has been fast and courteous and has sent all of my replacements via DHL with no need to send anything back.

They're concerned about the number of "damaged" copies turning up on eBay/Facebook. They think it's bad for the company's image, hence asking for BotNS to be returned to them, at their expense.

Apr 7, 6:17pm

>30 folio_books: I can see that. I would have no problem sending mine back if they asked. Though shipping from Canada would be expensive. I actually told Andrew last time that I was fine with my copy that had some scuffing to one board but he sent a replacement anyway.

Modificato: Apr 7, 7:12pm

>22 Bob_Reader: I would love to see another King book. I’d personally love to see FS publish a cool edition of Misery. It’s my favorite book by King so far and I like that it’s shorter and might be priced reasonably, so I think it’d sell well.

Apr 20, 4:18pm

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Apr 20, 4:32pm

If FS does release another King book, I think it would be another older one such as Carrie, Salem's Lot, or The Dead Zone. I would be happy with anything though.

Apr 20, 5:30pm

In terms of King, The Stand or Misery would be great.

Rumour has it (via a screenshot of an email posted on the FB group) we’ll see a re-print of The Master and Margarita in the summer collection.

Apr 20, 6:32pm

>33 Bob_Reader:
I think we all would love to see another Stephen King book.
All? I for one am completely indifferent! ;-)

Apr 20, 6:50pm

>36 Willoyd: Same. I haven't read a single King novel nor do I intend to do so.

Apr 20, 9:11pm

>33 Bob_Reader:
Misery is my favorite book by King so far. I’ve only read The Stand, It, and Salem’s Lot....maybe one more but I can’t remember on hand. Salem’s Lot was a total dud for me. I think the idea behind Misery (a famous writer captured and tortured in a clever way by his “biggest fan”) is just brilliant and Kings pulled it off exceptionally well. It made me feel several emotions including genuine terror for the main character. I questioned what I’d do in his shoes and I honestly think I’d rather die than go through all that he did. I don’t say that lightly. I also like how it’s a shorter book on the whole. I liked It and The Stand but felt like they were a slog at times.

Apr 20, 11:59pm

I’ve only read one book by King - Different Seasons. I would buy a Folio version if they made one.

Apr 21, 1:01am

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Apr 21, 10:34am

I don't think it will happen, but I'd buy a Folio edition of Gone with the Wind. Easton Press did it a while ago.

Apr 21, 10:37am

>41 Mooch360: Yeah, I agree with you. I seriously doubt Folio would do Gone with the Wind. EP reissued it a while back, but they originally released that 2-vol set 30+ years ago and have brought it back from time to time ever since.

Apr 21, 11:33am

>40 Bob_Reader: "I've never heard of that book... Is it good?"

I bet you've heard of some of its stories, though! The book is comprised of four novellas. Three of them have been turned into movies. Each is quite good as a novella and are probably better off having not been expanded into full novels. I think it's worth a read.

Spring: Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption: Hope Springs Eternal // The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Summer: Apt Pupil: Summer of Corruption // Apt Pupil (1998)
Fall: The Body: Fall from Innocence // Stand by Me (1986)
Winter: The Breathing Method // (no movie)

Apr 21, 12:02pm

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Apr 21, 1:21pm

>43 treereader: huh, I had no idea Stand By Me was based on a Stephen King story.

If looking for good entry points to King, I would recommend:

The Mist. A long novella or short novel which in my opinion is the best Lovecraftian story in a long time. The movie is actually good too (but not the later miniseries).

Needful Things. Long but good.

The Eyes of the Dragon. A Stephen King fairy tale. Not like much else he’s written despite some minor connections to the Dark Tower broader setting.

I still haven’t read It (the evil clown novel, to clarify), somewhat surprisingly.

Apr 21, 1:41pm

I do enjoy reading King. They are usually pretty easy reads and it's so easy to get sucked in. Of the 30+ I read I think my favorites were The Dark Tower Series and 11/23/63. Whatever you do don't watch the adaptations!

Apr 21, 2:09pm

I haven't read a lot of Stephen King. Christine, It, The Shining. I think that's it.

They seemed good at the time - compared to James Herbert. (I was only young, back then.)

Now. Well, I read Folio's The Shining and it was too long. It needed an editor. Too much information, too much explaining.

Not awful, just not as good as it could be.

Apr 21, 2:16pm

>33 Bob_Reader: "Heard of the book Misery but never read it. Is it good?"

Misery has never been one of my favorites, but it is well thought of by King regulars (of which I'm one) as well as those outside the inner circle.

Apr 21, 2:21pm

>39 treereader: "I’ve only read one book by King - Different Seasons. I would buy a Folio version if they made one."

Different Seasons (a collection of four novellas) is not only some of King's best writing ever, but some with the broadest appeal, as it is not horror (he's done plenty that is not horror, which comes as a surprise to many who only know him as the name attached to blood-soaked movie trailers). Two novellas here are the basis for the movies Stand By Me and Shawshank Redemption (which likewise comes as a surprise to many). Most King strikes me (a regular King reader) as a poor fit for Folio, but Different Seasons would be just fine (and I've been dying for a nice edition of it for years).

Apr 21, 2:36pm

Is King a good writer or bad? As always, it depends on your taste; I don't want to be seen as pushing any of his work on those who don't think it is for them (like all writers, he isn't for all of us). My hope is that anyone who tries King and comes away thinking he can't write give Peter Straub a try.

If anyone wanted recommendations of where to jump into King, I would tailor them to the person's taste:
- if you haven't read horror and don't think you'd enjoy it, Different Seasons would be perfect (for reasons already gone into), but Lisey's Story is another option, as are The Bachman Books, which perhaps can be considered a type of horror, but aren't paranormal (particularly The Running Man, which is NOTHING like the horribly poor adaptation)
- if you are open to horror, I like to recommend Salem's Lot and The Shining because they have fairly compact stories (King can get expansive) and they serve as a decent King litmus test (if you don't like these, you won't like King's horror (or, perhaps, King in general))
- if you are open to longer things, It and The Stand are two of his very best novels
- The Green Mile (originally in 6 tiny parts, perhaps still available in a single collection) has a touch of paranormal, but isn't really horror, and is quite a nice story
- His Bill Hodges trilogy (which begins with Mr. Mercedes) is a thriller (3 of them), with only the lightest touch of paranormal. Although I'm a long-time King reader, I have been merciless in observing his occasional tendency to mess up endings or just use random things that make no sense, but these things entertained me in a way few of his works have - there's no fat on them, and they just chug (if you're curious, find an online sample (Amazon, etc.) of Mr. Mercedes, and read the first 30 pages or so; if you aren't locked in at that point, it isn't for you (online samples are my best friend, and can be yours as well!)).

Apr 21, 2:38pm

>49 St._Troy:

Indeed - I had to dig up a reasonable trade hardback from eBay. If not Folio, Centipede Press would surely be able to make an interesting version.

Apr 21, 2:46pm

>51 treereader: "I had to dig up a reasonable trade hardback from eBay. If not Folio, Centipede Press would surely be able to make an interesting version."

I used to have an ordinary trade hardback, lent it to someone and never got it back...

I too would like to see what Centipede could do with it, or Cemetery Dance, or Suntup.

Apr 21, 3:47pm

>46 PrestigeWorldWide: "Whatever you do don't watch the adaptations!"

Possibly an outlier, but the recent HBO version of The Outsider was quite good. So good, in fact, that I would be surprised if the novel it was based on was as good. (I haven't read the novel, but I have read enough King, probably at least a third of his output, to have a sense of what it would be like.)

I think I also like the Kubrick take on The Shining more than the novel itself.

Apr 21, 5:07pm

I really enjoyed (if that's the right word) The Institute, which is a fairly recent one. Immaculately constructed, builds well and it has a properly worked out ending, something which as >50 St._Troy: rightly notes isn't always true (e.g. Revival ...WTF?).

I wonder if eventually the book King might be remembered for is 'On Writing'?

Apr 22, 3:53am

I would love folio to do Kings’s Dark Tower series.

Apr 22, 4:31am

>55 Charon49: I found the Dark Tower series a slog in the end. It started out okay but I found he needlessly pads out his books so much. The books became excessive in size as the series went on and I only continued it just to finish it. Though I do think he is a good writer as I read his short stories and liked them.

Modificato: Apr 22, 6:03am

>53 abysswalker: I'll have to give the HBO Outsider a try, as I really liked the book. Some of the characters overlap from the Bill Hodges trilogy, mentioned above.

Apr 22, 9:34am

>56 assemblyman: Song of Susannah was terrible but I enjoyed the rest. There was a point in the middle that slowed down considerably though I do agree.

Apr 22, 10:46am

>58 PrestigeWorldWide: Ahhh, Song of Susannah is the next book I have to read but I've been putting it off for so long.

Apr 22, 2:06pm

>59 Eastonorfolio: Condolences. It has its moments but is far and away the worst book. Well worth it though to get to the final chapter.

Modificato: Apr 22, 5:11pm

>47 Cat_of_Ulthar:
They seemed good at the time - compared to James Herbert. (I was only young, back then.)

I don't often refer to books as utter trash - most have their merits, even if I don't particularly like them - but I had the misfortune to read Herbert's Ash a few years ago in 2012 for one of my book groups - in fact the first on joining that particular group. It was, quite simply, the biggest load of unutterable drivel I have ever read for a book, a strong contender for my worst ever (I can't, off-hand, think of anything worse). I read it through to the end simply because I was fascinated as to how bad it actually was. Fortunately for my longer term membership of the book group, that was a unanimous view (rare for a book to develop such unity as I've since discovered!), and it has gone down in book group legend as such!

My limited experience of Stephen King suggests he is a vastly better writer in pretty much every way, even if I'm not a fan, although I've not read any of his horror.

Apr 22, 7:13pm

Wizard and Glass has to be one of my favourite books.

I get turned off King by his fans.

Apr 22, 11:25pm

>61 Willoyd: ok, worst books ever - I’d have to say mine was Subterranean by James Rollins. Maybe he has improved since then, this may have been his first published book, but I’ve never gone back to check. Like your Herbert experience, I kept going on this one through sheer fascination at how bad it was.

Deception Point by Dan Browne could possibly have been another contender, but I had to give up after 15 pages due to the sheer cheesiness.

Apr 23, 8:03am

>63 Chemren: Gone Girl. Like you I finished out of curiosity as to the depths it would sink to. I don’t understand its commercial success at all. Total drivel.

Apr 23, 8:57am

I’d love to see Folio release a few more cookbooks, a Yotam Ottolenghi series would be beautiful. Obviously the only issue with cookbooks is that they’re more exposed to potential damage!

Modificato: Apr 23, 7:24pm

>63 Chemren: >64 coffeewithastraw:
Yes, I would agree, both Gone Girl and Deception Point strong contenders (I got further with Deception Point, but staggered with the mother of all improbable coincidences as a critical plot point)! Haven't tried Subterranean.

Apr 23, 8:12pm

>63 Chemren: Worst book over the past few years has to go to the third book of the Fareer Trilogy. Maybe I'm in the minority but the plot was drivel and I've never wished more often that main character die just to end his whining every other page. I really did enjoy the first two though.

Apr 23, 9:52pm

>67 Joshbooks1: uh oh. I just finished the first book motivated only by the thought this must get better for people to be so enthusiastic about it. I found it a slog with the ending unsatisfying because the hero had so little to do with it. It’s by far my least favorite book I read during COVID, but that’s not fair since I’ve been mostly delving into the established classics.

Modificato: Apr 24, 12:08am

Maybe it wasn't a super popular series, but as a kid I enjoyed the Pendragon series. I liked it better than Harry Potter, and I'm not even sure that there is a hardback edition for all 10 books in the series. I know it would almost never happen, but if Pendragon HAPPENED to show up on FS, I would shell every last penny to have the entire series.

Apr 24, 7:30am

>67 Joshbooks1: I read the Farseer trilogy when it originally came out and enjoyed it, but remember absolutely nothing about it. I'll have to reread to see if it holds up for me. My daughter, age 11, loves Japanese anime (e.g. My Hero Academia) and watching some of this with her may have reduced my tolerance for whiny characters.

Apr 27, 3:04pm

Would we be expecting a teaser stack photo tomorrow or is that wishful thinking?

Maggio 5, 7:35am

New teaser on social media today.

Maggio 5, 7:53am

I wonder what that doorstop toward the bottom might be. So, one week until I try to convince myself to wait until the summer sale. Which, to be honest, I'll most likely be successful at unless they publish A Canticle for Leibowitz.

Maggio 5, 7:59am

Someone on social media said that FS confirmed The Stand was on the list of future works on a past post. Maybe that is one of the two big books? For some reason I think 6th from the top looks more "The Stand"-ish though.

Maggio 5, 8:02am

The attached teaser:

“The Folio Summer Collection will be unveiled this time next week! We have 10 incredible new editions to share with you, from an adventurous non-fiction exclusive, to a fairy tale in the clouds, and an inspirational memoir. What editions do you think are in this stack?”

Personally, none of the hints are exciting me. I’m hoping for a nice new history or classic fiction, particularly European. Still, there is always a half-decent title and I’m sure that someone somewhere adores everything!

Maggio 5, 8:07am

>73 assemblyman: Folio’s caption:

“The Folio Summer Collection will be unveiled this time next week! We have 10 incredible new editions to share with you, from an adventurous non-fiction exclusive, to a fairy tale in the clouds, and an inspirational memoir.”

I’m guessing “Castle in the Air” is the “fairy tale in the clouds” since I believe they confirmed it on FB recently.

Modificato: Maggio 5, 8:23am

>77 ChampagneSVP: You should be right on that one based on the description and Folio social media comments. I would assume another series continuation entry for Bond or Sharpe, most likely Sharpe as there was a Bond in the Spring Collection. And you can omit the Master and the Margarita as the eleventh book in the picture which looks to be seven down.

Maggio 5, 8:24am

None of those hints are really grabbing my attention.

As always, I'm hopeful, but not optimistic, about something by Italo Calvino. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and A Canticle for Leibowitz would also be welcome.

Maggio 5, 8:37am

>78 assemblyman: I’d say definitely no Bond - none of them have the right colour. I’d imagine the thickest book is the memoirs, probably a 20th century figure like Mandela. Personally I’d have gone for the memoirs and writings of Soviet leaders if I was in charge!

Maggio 5, 8:46am

Good timing, I received a birthday voucher (which seems to have gone up to $20 CAD now) and can save it 'til next week just in case something's worthwhile.

On a different note, can someone who's received Master + Margarita tell me if it's buckram or plain cloth?

Modificato: Maggio 5, 8:56am

Vaguely intrigued by the book at the very bottom, no idea what it could be. Looks like some sort of red criss-cross pattern on the cover, perhaps something a bit nautical?

Second one down is the next Sharpe I'm fairly sure - the size compared to Master and Margarita looks spot on to match Sharpe's Tiger.

I'm thinking the door-stopper sixth from top could be the adventurous non-fic exclusive, again no idea really what it might be but that one looks like it could have a mountainous or polar theme, maybe.

I was leaning towards the fourth book down for Castle in the Air initially, but on second thoughts I think that book is a little too thick (when trying to visualise how Howl’s Moving Castle, which I belive is slightly longer than Castle in the Air, might fit in the same stack). So I'm going to say perhaps the yellow/blue book at the top of the stack is more likely to be CitA.

Looking forward to seeing the usual snippets of the covers/interiors to get some more clues!

Maggio 5, 9:09am

>81 adriano77: I'm still waiting on mine to arrive (hopefully this week) but it says blocked cloth on the Folio Society website.

Maggio 5, 9:16am

So far so good. Castle in the Air is a definite and The Stand a probable, depending on the price. I'm hoping they don't go too far over the top with it. Assuming the guess is correct, of course. They promise so much on social media.

Maggio 5, 9:20am

>84 folio_books: It's on our list ;)

Maggio 5, 9:32am

>85 assemblyman: It's on our list ;)

Indeed. Must be the longest list since the digits following the dot in pi = 3.

Modificato: Maggio 5, 9:47am

>76 caesarofcaesars: I'm in line with your thoughts here. Some books are meant to be airport bookstore paperbacks. It doesn't make them not worth reading, just better suited to the airplane or bathroom. It does seem that this sort of book has been making up the bulk of recent releases from FS. I usually see one or two that catch my interest but truly rare is the volume which elicits a full price buy recently.

Maggio 5, 10:09am

As someone who just discovered FS when their spring release happened this year, do they ever release more than they tease? Can we expect an LE or two as well? Does this also mean they could restock some of the sold out selections that are still up on the website?

Or is this more of a "what you see is what you get" and what we see is 10 new editions so we shouldn't expect anything at all more than that?

Maggio 5, 10:40am

Castle in the Air is pleasant news. I really enjoyed Howl's Moving Castle. I hope they kept the illustrations by the same artist or at least in a similar style.

Maggio 5, 10:49am

Adventurous non-fic exclusive - a travel anthology?

Maggio 5, 10:53am

>88 Clobby: Pretty much what you see is what you get. If it is a boxed set, sometimes they will show only one of the volumes from the set to be tricky.

Maggio 5, 11:59am

>76 caesarofcaesars:
Personally, none of the hints are exciting me. I’m hoping for a nice new history or classic fiction, particularly European.
One can but hope!

Maggio 5, 12:23pm

>90 InVitrio: The 'exclusive' part is particularly interesting. What could it mean? As you say, it's probably more likely to mean an anthology than a completely new work.

Maggio 5, 2:22pm

>93 Levin40: perhaps, but they do also occasionally publish truly exclusive/commissioned works, such as The Prince in Splendour. I, too, am curious to see what this will be.

Maggio 5, 4:41pm

>83 assemblyman:

I've found the descriptions inconsistent. Berlin and Eagle Against the Sun, for example, are both called blocked cloth on the site (they use what I think of as buckram - treated, plastic-feeling stuff). Middlemarch is also described as blocked cloth but it's very different - feels as one would expect natural cloth to feel. Meanwhile, Descent of Man is called buckram directly. They're all cloth, obviously, but might as well be two different materials in practice. Generally I prefer buckram as it seems to holds up to use much better.

Maggio 5, 4:56pm

More Calvino, please!

Maggio 5, 5:25pm

I’m guessing the very thick book near the bottom is The Stand - assuming they are publishing the expanded, unexpurgated edition.

Maggio 5, 6:05pm

I wonder if The Stand needs to be a 2 volume. When I saw the teaser I wondered if it was Dickens. Copperfield or Bleak House.

Maggio 5, 6:06pm

>98 gatsby61: I'm joining you in putting that Dickens energy into the universe. I would love to see those two specific works in the new style.

Maggio 5, 6:53pm

Going to admit I am a bit disappointed that the next Game of Thrones duo set is not in this release, as I thought it would be. Curious about the memoirs, but the rest of the hints aren't thrilling me at the moment. Honestly, I am sick and tired of this game of "let's just show the back of the books for a week and make them guess." Just release it, for heaven's sake.

Maggio 5, 6:56pm

>100 Lady19thC: I can relate to the feeling, but honestly, it's smart marketing. It builds anticipation and social media buzz.

Maggio 5, 7:20pm

>100 Lady19thC: It could be in the release. They sometimes show one book from a set to be tricky.

Modificato: Maggio 5, 8:09pm

Let’s see...memoir? Maybe interested depending who.

Non-fiction exclusive? Maybe depends again.

Castle in the air- definitely. Excited for this.

Master and Margarita- absolutely. Can’t wait.

Rumored The stand- another plague book during a plague. No thanks.

The bottom book cover is interesting- crossing fingers there.

Possible 2nd sharpe? Nope.

That leaves 4...likely one of them will be interesting at least.

So- some définîtes to be excited about- a few potentials and possibilities. Works for me! I never would expect to like everything so since there are 2 definites and maybe more I’m a happy camper and happy for everyone who is thrilled with the others. A few hard passes don’t bother me in the least.

I agree though >100 Lady19thC: -I would rather just have the release without the guess week.

Maggio 5, 9:50pm

>103 coffeewithastraw:
“The bottom book cover is interesting- crossing fingers there.”

Apparently it’s illustrated by Neil Packer:

Maggio 5, 9:53pm

>104 ChampagneSVP:
Fantastic- if it’s a book I like that will be an instant buy. Thanks for the heads up!

Maggio 5, 10:59pm

>105 coffeewithastraw: Neil Packer also says in his Instagram post that he's illustrated a second book for Folio that will be released in the autumn collection - worth noting!

Folio also responded to a user comment on Instagram when they released the spring collection and said that the next Sharpe book would be coming soon. Seems quite likely that we'll get a Sharpe in this collection.

Modificato: Maggio 5, 11:16pm

>106 indianabones: I did see that on the link- very interesting. A 2 book series perhaps like the eco books? I am curious.

I guess we will find out soon enough.

A likely 3 book order for me is plenty. I actually am hoping not more that I will want because so many books, so little time and budget.

Maggio 6, 1:09am

I thought this would be happening in June, or else I would have waited to order Master and Margarita to combine shipping.

Sounds like I will be ordering at least three books, possibly a few more depending on what gets announced.

Maggio 6, 1:12am

>86 folio_books:

'Must be the longest list since the digits following the dot in pi = 3.'

If I remember my maths correctly, that would be an irrational number. Certainly sounds like my wishlist ;-)

Maggio 6, 2:04am

>100 Lady19thC: One half of it, third from the bottom of the pile?

Maggio 6, 5:09am

>79 SolerSystem: Re: Calvino, just imagine an illustrated edition of Invisible Cities or Cosmicomics!

Maggio 6, 5:41am

The one by Neil Parker (first one from the bottom) is a non-fiction.

Maggio 6, 5:54am

New teaser image posted on Twitter:

Looks like I should have stuck with my initial feeling about the fourth book down being Castle in the Air after all!

Maggio 6, 7:09am

>113 agitationalporcelain: looks like it’s a dead cert based on the minaret style.

Are these books good? The Wikipedia entry describes them as “young adult” which are probably the two words in publishing most likely to make me avoid a book like the plague. Although I suspect it’s a label applied retroactively, as I’d certainly never heard of it in 1990.

Maggio 6, 7:10am

>111 BaronInTheTrees: Exactly what I'm hoping for!

I've often envisioned (fantasized? lol) a version of If on a Winter's Night a Traveler where each of the alternating chapters is illustrated by a different artist to try to capture the feeling of reading a new book each time. A guy can dream...

Nice username btw ;)

Maggio 6, 7:41am

>114 Uppernorwood: I've only read Howl's Moving Castle, but I'd recommend it and am looking forward to the FS edition of Castle in the Air. Based on HMC alone, I definitely wouldn't class it as YA and would agree that the label has probably been applied retrospectively, now that it's a popular/convenient marketing term these days. It's not a term that tends to fill me with enthusiasm either. When I worked at a public library we shelved this series in the 8-12 age range, and I'd say Howl would be enjoyed by children from around 11/12 up, but is also the kind of children's book that might also be enjoyed by adults (those who generally enjoy children's literature anyway) - to me, it's a little like the Moomins books in this respect. It's quite a subversive treatment of fairytale/magical tropes and is full of literary allusion, and very fun to read in that context, as well as just as a very funny fairytale caper in itself. It helps to get the most out of it if you know a little about Welsh culture/landscape, but that's not essential to enjoying the story.

Maggio 6, 7:45am

>112 sekhmet0108: hmm maybe that’s the non-fiction exclusive then. He says it is only the binding so maybe the people who guessed it is an anthology of sorts are correct? Looking forward to his illustrated fall book. Hopefully this one will be interesting too.

Maggio 6, 9:05am

>117 coffeewithastraw: Agreed. I loved his work in I,Claudius, Catch 22, 100 Years, etc. Can't wait to see the fall one, which will have his illustrations too.

As for this one, I am not sure this will be something I usually buy, but still looking forward to knowing more about it.

Maggio 6, 3:42pm

>115 SolerSystem: That would be utterly amazing, one artist for the main story, but a different artist each of the first chapters. Not sure if you have access to BBC, but Marcovaldo has been done by Toby Jones with Mackenzie Crook as Marcovaldo, the detectorists do Calvino....

Maggio 6, 8:58pm

Questo utente è stato eliminato perché considerato spam.

Maggio 6, 11:23pm

>120 Bob_Reader: I believe they said that some volumes in the series relied on a now obsolete printing or storage system and it couldn’t simply be reprinted in full without starting over from scratch. Someone will likely provide a more precise explanation.

Maggio 7, 1:08am

>120 Bob_Reader: They have consistently said they do not plan to reprint the entire series, but of course people continue to ask which seems to be enough to keep hope alive.

And yes, as >121 Mr.Fox: noted there is a post somewhere on this board by a group member who was told by FS that due to their system upgrade some years ago reprinting all of the volumes would not be feasible. The Blue Fairy book (and a couple of the others) have been reprinted multiple times, and are presumably in the new system, but the scarce ones are not.

Maggio 7, 10:03am

I apologise if any has brought this up, but perhaps Folio will continue the Great Battles series with this collection?

If we don’t see another by 2022, I will assume it has been buried. It will be a shame if it has, as I don’t think there are many history series. That being said, if they do only republish the OUP’s series, it will be extremely limited and miss out many great battles!

Modificato: Maggio 7, 10:51am

New teaser up on twitter. Looks like it may be a portion of the doorstop cover.

Maggio 7, 10:51am

New teaser image posted on Twitter:

Looks like it's from the binding of the tome second-from-bottom, I think. Doesn't give much away to me, but the pattern feels a bit non-fictiony?

Modificato: Maggio 7, 10:52am

Maggio 7, 10:53am

>126 agitationalporcelain: great minds think alike!

Modificato: Maggio 7, 10:57am

>128 coffeewithastraw: Haha, I'm almost afraid to post anything now in case it gets completely ridiculous :)

Modificato: Maggio 7, 11:06am

Thinking a little more on it, the colours are putting me in mind a little of some of the colours of the South African flag. >80 caesarofcaesars: suggested above that perhaps the memoir could be by someone like Nelson Mandela - I wonder if that's a possibility for this? Long Walk to Freedom could certainly be hefty enough in a Folio edition to fit the bill, I think.

Modificato: Maggio 7, 11:10am

>129 agitationalporcelain: Purposefully inserting a delay :)

Definitely could be NF. I don’t think I can hazard a guess now. Definitely not what I was expecting- but not sure what I would have been expecting.

Mandela would be nice.

Maggio 7, 12:42pm

Agreed. I think it’s almost certainly Nelson Mandela bio or A Long Walk to Freedom.

Maggio 7, 12:56pm

That copy of East of Eden on the shelf in the background has just leapt out at me all of a sudden. That shade of green looks pretty similar to the green-ish/teal-ish book third from bottom of the stack - wonder if it could be Grapes of Wrath in series with East of Eden? EoE is 10" tall so the book in the stack also seems like a good match in terms of size, compared to what appears to be the 9.5" copy of The Master and Margarita just above.

Maggio 7, 2:21pm

>133 agitationalporcelain: That would be lovely if it was. However, I asked them the other day if they had any plans on publishing a new edition and was told that it's not in their plans. Seems strange to me given how important that novel is to Steinbeck's oeuvre and already having two other fiction titles of his in print for a few years. But maybe she was being coy. Take that for whatever it's worth.

Maggio 7, 2:55pm

>134 skubrick2899:

Drat, back to the drawing board then! Unless, as you say, they might have been being coy, and perhaps wouldn't have wanted to give anything away so close to the release... so hard to second guess Folio's poker face. It really would be a shame if they've no plans at all to do it, in series or not. Some of the other, shorter Steinbeck works would be nice too, maybe as a collection.

Maggio 7, 4:44pm

>135 agitationalporcelain: It's possible. You have to take their word with a grain of salt. I hope there isn't any truth to it because if there is no plan then it will be a while before we see a new edition.

I would welcome a set of other titles such as The Red Pony, Tortilla Flat, and Cannery Row. Automatic purchase for sure.

Maggio 7, 5:21pm

>132 Akes: odds on I’d say. And it is a very good book, perhaps slightly unusual for FS though.

Maggio 8, 7:11am

Another teaser posted on Twitter, this time of an illustration:

Looks like good news for Sharpe fans anyway - colour illustration suggests the rest of the series won't follow the downgraded style of the standard Sharpe's Tiger.

Maggio 8, 12:37pm

>138 agitationalporcelain: How do you know it’s not from a pricier edition like last time? (I hope you are right.)

Modificato: Maggio 8, 1:14pm

>139 Chemren: I don't really, but just guessing based on the fact that when they teased an illustration from Sharpe's Tiger ahead of that release, they used one of the B&W illustrations from the standard, so just working on the assumption that they'd most likely do the same this time too and not use the 'deluxe' version for the teaser image (assuming there will be one this time) . The signed version of Sharpe's Tiger felt to me like a bit of a one-off to kick off the series (though again that's just me speculating), but I wasn't sure if they may stick with the B&W illustrations for the rest of the series anyway, even if there were no further signed/special versions of the future titles.

Maggio 9, 5:06am

The latest tease seems likely to be Misery so good news for Stephen King fans.

Modificato: Maggio 9, 5:44am

Four books down out of ten and so far my wallet is looking very safe! I don’t know if that is good or bad!

(Unless the community’s predictions are well off)

Maggio 9, 6:11am

Guessing the fourth book from bottom of the stack could be Misery - same height as the Shining and looks about the right thickness.

I'm wondering now about the top book of the stack - the colours seem interesting, and wonder if either that or the third book down might be a poetry collection of some sort (which I don't think we've had since the Larkin collection last summer? Though I may be misremembering on that).

Modificato: Maggio 9, 8:29am

OMG!!!! From my spoken words into existence...please be Misery!

If it is, I’m really happy with the illustrator they chose. Looks to possibly be the same illustrator for The Road.

Maggio 9, 8:54am

I hope the production of Misery is good - people are paying over $500 for the cheapest Suntup edition.

Maggio 9, 10:14am

On twitter, Tom Holland has let slip the identity of one of the new books-Dynasty, his followup to Rubicon. From Holland’s photos, it looks like the third book from the bottom of the stack.

Maggio 9, 11:06am

>146 desmondjones: I’m not a fan of the backward book stack but do enjoy everyone’s sleuthing. Great find!

Assuming we now know five of the ten, two are going on my wishlist: Holland and Castle in the Sky (and I already own M&M). This may be a costly release for me.

Modificato: Maggio 9, 11:10am

>147 desmondjones:

Really hoping it's buckram like Rubicon and not plain cloth like Persian Fire.............

-edit. And it's cloth. Bleh.

Maggio 9, 11:14am

>149 adriano77: At least the cover isn’t reminiscent of a particular Russian President rather than Julius Caesar like Rubicon...

Still, I do share the view about buckram vs cloth. Persian Fire looks cheap compared to Rubicon, although hopefully this means we might get to see a few more of Holland’s works!

Maggio 9, 11:23am

>150 caesarofcaesars:

Ha, yeah, Rubicon's cover is a bit uncanny in that respect. I really don't understand the change for Persian Fire - I skipped it because of the material change. Why mess with the uniformity of a "series" like that? Buckram handles so much better than cloth, IMO.

Maggio 9, 3:14pm

Thrilled with Dynasty receiving the folio treatment but the front cover looks a tad cheesy to me.

Maggio 9, 3:18pm

Oh dear. This could prove to be an expensive collection for me. Castle In The Air and Misery would be immediate buys, and I am keen to add The Master And Margarita to my library.

Maggio 10, 10:45am

New clue seems to be the top book on the pile. No clue what it could be.

Modificato: Maggio 10, 10:55am

>154 assemblyman:

No idea either- here’s the
link for teaser on Instagram

Maggio 10, 11:23am

>152 Charon49: looks like a Hapsburg jaw. Maybe that’s deliberate as the Julio-Claudians were fairly inbred as well!

Now I think about it, maybe the Vladimir Putin lookalike wasn’t an accident either?

Maggio 10, 3:15pm

>155 coffeewithastraw: I’ve seen a few say it could be a new Great Battles book, Rorke’s Drift. I’d like to hope so - I want a couple of the others in that series to get the FS treatment!

Maggio 10, 4:23pm

>157 caesarofcaesars: I think it's very likely to be another Great Battles book - the binding style with an illustrated section and a cloth section would match the design of the cover of Waterloo. Rorke's Drift is a good bet, I'd say.

Modificato: Maggio 10, 4:44pm

It doesn’t seems like A Feast for Crows is included in this collection. The first three tomes had a pretty tight and constant release schedule.

I wonder if it’s because they want to spread out the remaining releases, in hope that the gap between A Dance with Dragons and The Winds of Winter is smaller than it would have been had they continued the tight release schedule.

Modificato: Maggio 10, 5:24pm

They did mention a while ago that A Feast for Crows won't be in this collection - spreading out the releases while waiting for Winds of Winter sounds about right

Maggio 11, 2:54am

>160 pop24: Then let's not hold our breath - we could be waiting a long time. How long has it been since A Dance With Dragons came out - 11 years?

Maggio 11, 3:45am

Maggio 11, 8:11am

Latest teaser looks to be a non-fiction mountaineering title.

Maggio 11, 8:20am

>163 assemblyman: surely that is the exclusive?

Mountains always remind me of inspirationally ambitious stories. I think it’s because we were told them in primary school assemblies. We were also told one about an inspirational cyclist called Lance Armstrong... I doubt that they still teach that one!

Maggio 11, 8:31am

>164 caesarofcaesars: If they do I think the moral of the story might of changed.

Maggio 11, 10:41am

Though I have often been personally underwhelmed by the recent collections, it's still fun and exciting to experience them with others on this forum. I like reading the speculations and positive and negative opinions every time.

Maggio 11, 2:42pm

It's dangerous to my wallet that tomorrow is my birthday. Gives me more incentive than necessary to buy lots of books... It does help that Folio sent me a coupon for $20 off as a birthday present though.

Maggio 11, 3:27pm

I have been extremely underwhelmed by the summer collection so far. If we assume that the new books are Misery, Castles in the Air, one of The Great Battles, Sharpe's something, Mandela related, Mountain-y non-fic, Dynasty... Plus 3 other unknowns, I am not very excited at all. Quite disappointed, in fact.

Hope that the three are more to my liking. Would hate to not have any of the new collection to buy during the summer sale.

Modificato: Maggio 11, 3:33pm

>168 sekhmet0108: Interestingly, no real sci-fi/fantasy teased yet (not counting Castles in the Air since that's more of a children's book). I'd be surprised if 1-2 of the remaining 3 are not SFF, which may be good news for some and not so much for others.

I'm honestly not interested in anything announced so far, and I'm hoping I don't want more than a single title out of the new announcement since it would give me a chance to catch up on some backlist titles that I'm behind on. :P

Maggio 11, 3:37pm

Still hoping one new title will end up being an Agatha Christie!

Modificato: Maggio 11, 5:17pm

>168 sekhmet0108:

They did reprint Master and Margarita. Considering the number of references I see in these threads, I would think people would be ecstatic from just that alone :D.

Maggio 11, 5:36pm

>170 pop24: I am also hoping for an Agatha Christie. Hopefully another Poirot, but I would settle for Miss Marple.

Maggio 11, 6:45pm

I suppose the Foundation Trilogy reprint isn’t here either. They did seem to strongly hint it will be reprinted.

Maggio 11, 6:49pm

>173 U_238: The only reprint in there is The Master and Margarita. I guess Fall or Winter collection for a Foundation reprint.

Maggio 11, 6:59pm

>171 MobyRichard: Oh, I am. I already bought that one. It is quite lovely. Maybe I am just being greedy.

But, I have found the books taken out by FS in 2021 so far to be really nice, so my hopes were rather high for this collection. But I won't be getting any of these...well, maybe Castle in the Air. My hopes rest on the three unknowns.

Maggio 11, 7:01pm

I’m hoping someone gets the flyer before I go to bed tonight!!!

Maggio 11, 9:38pm

>174 Nerevarine: Ah right, I forgot that. Thank you.

The person who got the flyer one day early last time ended up feeling badly that they ruined the big surprise the FS planned. What a kind soul.

Maggio 12, 4:43am

>95 adriano77: My delivery for The Master and Margarita arrived and it seems to be the cloth you described for Berlin and Eagle against the Sun which as you call it the buckram-treated, plastic feeling stuff. I hope this clarifies things for you.

Maggio 12, 5:16am

Some books are up in the Canadian site...happy to see another Christie novel and Mythic Beasts looks beautiful and intriguing.

Maggio 12, 5:24am

The Everest book looks very tempting...

Maggio 12, 5:26am

Very pleased that Misery is in series with The Shining, and that Crooked House is in series with And Then There Were None (it had bothered me that ATTWN was the only recent Christie not in series with the others - now it can have a new shelfmate!).

Maggio 12, 5:38am

Link if anyone wants it.

Maggio 12, 5:39am

This enticed me into a big order. Everest, Long Walk to Freedom, Mythical Beasts, Castle in the Air, Dynasty and Thermopylae all made it into the basket.

Maggio 12, 5:48am

Misery signed edition is selling fast, just 100 available, it is already down to 64 available. You need to be quick if you want to get it.

Maggio 12, 5:49am

>184 Hamwick: how long before we see them on eBay and Facebook?

Maggio 12, 5:52am

Up in the US site, but mixed with the rest of the catalog. An okay release in my opinion - ordered Misery (signed version), Sharpe’s Triumph, Master and Margarita and Crooked House.

Maggio 12, 5:56am

>185 caesarofcaesars: You read my mind. Down to 36. How many will go to actual collectors direct from the website?

Maggio 12, 5:58am

Misery down to two. It’ll probably be gone by the time I post this!

Maggio 12, 5:59am

And it's gone.

Maggio 12, 6:00am

Thermopylae might be one for the future, along with Dynasty. Disappointed in material for that.

>178 assemblyman:

Thanks. Looks like M&M will be my only order.

Maggio 12, 6:00am

>185 caesarofcaesars:

Very true, probably today before they even receive the book!

I have ordered it, along with Agatha Christie, Sharpe and Thermopylae. Tempted by the Long Walk to Freedom as well...

Maggio 12, 6:05am

Pleased with the Christie, but still find the design a tad underwhelming. Will still get it in the future along with Castle in the Air.

Disappointed at the lack of nineteenth century classics.

Maggio 12, 6:11am

Will end up buying Castle in the Air and Crooked House but annoyed at the glitchy website

Maggio 12, 6:13am

>193 pop24: how was yours glitchy? I could not log in despite never changing my password!

Maggio 12, 6:15am

>192 sekhmet0108: Agree with you on the lack of classics. I think we are only getting those in LE form now.

Maggio 12, 6:27am

>191 Hamwick: I would not be surprised! I could guess the culprits, and I'm no Poirot!

Speaking of Poirot, I ought to start collecting a few Christies but the second-hand prices of them are ridiculous. I miss when spending £75 second-hand on The Brothers Karamazov seemed like breaking the bank. I joined the Facebook trade group and almost fainted at some of the prices!

Maggio 12, 6:32am

Decent selection, but nothing I want straight away. Everest seems the most impressive of the bunch.

Maggio 12, 6:33am

>194 caesarofcaesars:

I had the same exact problem! Also the artist's name for Crooked House wasn't appearing making it look like that edition wasn't illustrated

Maggio 12, 6:36am

There is absolutely nothing here that appeals to me. Perhaps Everest - but at £199.00 the price is too high to tempt me. My bank account is safe.

Maggio 12, 6:39am

>199 Quicksilver66: likewise, my bank account can breath a sigh of relief. No bad thing, I’ll feel more justified in dipping into it when there is something I really like!

Modificato: Maggio 12, 6:48am

Everest is a sure buy. I hope the quality is at least as good as the recent A Man on the Moon.

Castle in the Air is also a buy to complement Howl’s Moving Castle. Pretty nice little book.

I’m uncertain about Mythical Beasts. It seems like a nice production, but I’ll wait for feedbacks on the quality before purchasing.

I was a bit too late for the signed edition of Misery. Not that I care that much, signatures mean very little to me and I’m not a reseller.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 6:49am

>193 pop24: >194 caesarofcaesars: I had problems last week logging on to the US site - resetting the password worked, and then a few days later I couldn’t log on again, but reset password worked again - I had contacted FS and they said they couldn’t detect any glitch on their end. This morning it worked fine for me, technology is so strange sometimes.

On another note, I’m glad to see the Folio Magazine has a new summer edition, was worried we had seen the end of those.

Maggio 12, 6:49am

Really want more Agatha Christie but I refuse to break the seal. Once I buy one, I will need them all, and I do not need to fall into that gnarly secondary market hole. Some of her volumes are just insane.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 6:56am

>196 caesarofcaesars: The FB group is great for selling (for US and UK fans at least), but not very good for buying unless one is just dying to acquire a copy of something missing in one's collection.

And it is pretty clear that the reason why the prices for second hand FS books is jumping is because of the FB page.

Somehow being on that page I have become far more circumspect and sensible about my own collection! I don't want to be one of those paying €350+ for paper/cloth covered standard editions.

And I am sorry for having missed out on And Then There Were None. Would have gone well with Crooked House. Now, it's too late. I can't pay the exorbitant prices.

(I paid €58 for my second hand BK and always thought that I overpaid a bit.)

>203 dogwizard: If it helps, FS did say that they were thinking of republishing it, the exact quote being:

"It's on our (very long!) list to possibly reprint some of the older Christie editions in future. They wouldn't be back until Spring next year at the earliest though.

Keep those fingers crossed - I'll pass the suggestion on for you."

Patience might help. If they could do Master and Margarita, they might do some of the ACs too, since people are much more aware of them than they were a few years ago.

Maggio 12, 6:57am

Has anyone got their hands on the summer catalogue - any discount codes?

Maggio 12, 7:01am

Easy passes.

Maggio 12, 7:04am

>201 Nerevarine: I agree Mythical Beasts looks potentially appealing, assuming it’s printed on decent, non-glossy paper. I’ve emailed customer service about that, along with where it is printed, and will report back here if/when I get a response.

I’d like to support titles such as Thermopylae, but I find the great battles series cover designs not so great. A maybe for me, but probably not.

Maggio 12, 7:10am

>204 sekhmet0108:

Apologies, can I ask where that quote is from?

Modificato: Maggio 12, 7:52am

Castle in the Air, Mythic Beasts (is it in series with Tales of the Greek Heroes and Tales of Ancient Egypt? Slipcase, Size, and ribbon have me thinking they might go together), and M&M. will get Mandela eventually. Might get a wishlist to throw in (trying to gauge which is least likely to be on sale.)

Everest is great- would be nice with moon book, but will think about it for another day.

Edit: Nevermind MB is slightly different size from TFAA and TGH and the lettering is different. My eyes are useless with a phone. But I really like this book.

Maggio 12, 7:11am

>207 abysswalker: That’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks !

Maggio 12, 7:13am

Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones. 6 colour illustrations, 10 black & white chapter openings and a title-page spread by Marie-Alice Harel. Bound in black Elephant Hide paper printed and blocked with a pink and white illustration. Black and white picture printed endpapers. Dark blue slipcase front printed with a silver image. 9x6¼in. 256pp.

Crooked House by Agatha Christie. Frontispiece plus 6 colour illustrations by Sally Dunne. Three-quarter bound in black cloth with blocked spine title and a colour printed and blocked cream Modigliani paper front board. Green endpapers. Plain slipcase. 9x5¾in. 216pp.

Dynasty, The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar by Tom Holland. Introduced by the author. Frontispiece and 24 bound-in pages of colour plates. 11 integrated hand-drawn maps and 3 family trees. Green endpapers. Bound in dark green cloth, cover printed and blocked in black with a portrait illustration by Kent Barton. Plain slipcase. 10x6¾in. 480pp.

Everest, From Reconnaissance to Summit, 1921 to 1953 (2v.). Produced in collaboration with the Royal Geographical Society. Edited by Peter Gillman. Introduced by Wade Davis. Preface by Jan Morris. Bound in picture printed and blocked grey cloth. Silver page tops. Pale blue slipcase with monochrome photo of Everest on front. Vol.1: 536 pages plus 2 fold-out panoramas (one 6 page, one 4 page), 268 colour and black & white photographs. Vol.2: 208 pages and 2 maps. 9¼x10¾in.

Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela. Portrait frontispiece plus 40 pages of black & white photographs. Map endpapers printed gold on green. Bound in yellow cloth cover printed and blocked with a black and red design by David King. Yellow title printed slipcase. 10x6¾in. 768pp.

Master and Margarita, The by Mikhail Bulgakov. Reprint of 2010 edition. Introduced by Orlando Figes. Translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. 13 colour illustrations by Peter Suart. Dark red endpapers. Bound in black cloth cover and spine blocked with a red, yellow and white illustration. Plain slipcase. 9½x6¼in. 402pp.

Misery by Stephen King. Black & white illustrated title-page spread and 8 colour illustrations by Edward Kinsella. Bound in silver and red blocked image black metallic cloth. Silver on black text printed endpapers. Plain black slipcase. 10x6¾in. 360pp. 100 copies signed by Stephen King and Edward Kinsella were available for an extra £100.

Mythical Beasts. Edited and introduced by John Cherry. Title-page illustration and 5 part-title motifs by Neil Packer. 24 pages of colour plates. Printed 2-colour throughout in black and teal. Metallic printed blue endpapers. Ribbon marker. Copper page tops. Bound in off-white cloth printed and blocked on covers and spine with a blue and red design. Blue metallic pattern printed slipcase. 10x6¾in. 216pp.

Sharpe’s Triumph by Bernard Cornwell. Colour frontispiece plus 3 integrated black & white scratchboard illustrations by Douglas Smith. Map and battle plan. Black endpapers. Bound in red cloth blocked in black and gilt with an illustration. Blocked slipcase. 9x5¾in. 376pp.

Thermopylae by Chris Carey. Introduced by the author. Great Battles series editor Hew Strachan. 16 pages of colour plates, plus 14 integrated photographs and 7 integrated maps. Quarter-bound in green cloth, with green textured paper sides printed with yellow, black and grey artwork by Geoff Grandfield. Plain slipcase. 9x5¾in. 232pp.

Maggio 12, 7:16am

>208 pop24: I asked them about it back in Nov 2020 and this was the response.

Maggio 12, 7:29am

>212 sekhmet0108:

That's very encouraging! I really hope they do secondary market prices are just insane

Maggio 12, 7:48am

Nothing for me in this collection.

Maggio 12, 7:53am

Very pleased with this collection. Most of it went straight to my wishlist.

Maggio 12, 8:06am

Sharpes Triumph, still only 1 colour and 3 B&W illustrations in this series. Looks like they are still sticking with this format. This whole set could have cost me a fortune, but now it has become a very easy pass.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 8:56am

None for me. Already have M&M. Crooked House is a splendid mystery but I read it years ago and don’t need a Folio version. Wish there were more classics.

Maggio 12, 8:34am

I think Mythical Beasts is the standout of this collection. At the risk of simply repeating what's on the website:

216 pages, printed 2-colour throughout in black and teal
Title-page illustration and 5 part-title motifs
24 pages of colour plates
Metallic printed endpapers
Ribbon marker
Copper top edge
Metallic printed slipcase

All for only $95CAD?

Regarding Sharpe, like someone else said, looks like we're stuck with the watered down version. To be honest, I wish they'd continued with the limited one as well, because there's nothing desirable about this one.

Maggio 12, 8:41am

>218 U_238: agree MB looks really beautiful. I hope the text is well done. I am definitely getting it.

Maggio 12, 8:49am

Beautiful collection. "Mythical Beasts" stands out for me - I never heard of it but looks really interesting. Anyone read it?

Maggio 12, 8:52am

I too am running into the login issue. Changed my password and it still wouldn't work. Also on the email solicitation it mentioned 2 free gifts with the purchase of two full priced books. I saw a notebook for one, what was the other?

Maggio 12, 8:53am

>221 PrestigeWorldWide: It was the Folio Magazine.

Maggio 12, 9:13am

I’m planning on placing a big order and wondering if it’s worth waiting to see if anyone posts a code from the summer catalogue...surprised that FS isn’t offering any kind of discount.

Maggio 12, 9:15am

There are quite a few tempting volumes for me in the collection. Top of the list is Everest—it looks stunning. I’m also quite interested in Long Walk to Freedom and The Master and Margarita. I’ll probably wait a while to see the reviews and where they are printed first though. Plus, I know that I’ll be dropping a fair sum whenever Thornwillow launches their Song of Solomon campaign on Kickstarter… so many interesting books and only so much money (and shelf space).

Modificato: Maggio 13, 8:08am

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Maggio 12, 9:24am

>225 caesarofcaesars: Unfortunate. Let's see what actual photos look like. Might be the reason why it's being offered at just $95CAD. Hopefully the quality doesn't suffer. It seems to be on par with books like Japanese Tales in some ways, which was about $150CAD if I remember correctly.

I'd honestly rather pay a little more to support printers outside of China and mitigate the risk of all these quality issues we've seen.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 9:29am

>225 caesarofcaesars: if the saving costs were felt by the end buyer that would at least balance things out - FS pushed prices up more than a few times the last 3 years and on this forum we generally took it as "they cannot survive otherwise". Now the price seems to be the same, as say the very similar Dynasty and Persian Fire, but you get an inferior product. At one point something's gonna give...

Maggio 12, 9:31am

Another one running into the login/password issue here, never had any trouble logging into my account before, but now my password isn't accepted (across multiple browsers) and a password reset hasn't solved it either. I was waiting before contacting FS in case it gets fixed anyway once they realise, but it's getting on a bit now so thinking I may have to shoot them an email.

Castle in the Air a definite for me, and also very tempted by Mythical Beasts - just need to be able to access my account first!

I wonder if they'll be running another mystery book promotion too - I think last year's started shortly after the release of the Summer Collection?

Maggio 12, 9:47am

Also ran into the password problem, a reset fixed it just fine. I wonder if it has to do with multiple devices logging in to the same account? I ordered things from my phone no problem, but got to work and had to reset password while on my computer before I could get back into the account. Anyone else use more than one device with this problem?

Maggio 12, 9:47am

According to a post on Facebook - Printer location - Castle in the air - Koesel, Germany.

Agatha Christie Crooked House, long walk to freedom and Misery are from Spinner, Germany.

Dynasty, Sharpes Triump and Mythical Beasts c and c offset China.

Everest, LEGO, Italy

The Master and margarita - Gomer, Wales

Also Thermopylae is not known but post claims not China.

Maggio 12, 9:49am

>225 caesarofcaesars:
>218 U_238:
>210 Nerevarine:

(Image posted to Facebook fans group; I can't otherwise vouch for the info.)

Modificato: Maggio 12, 9:53am

>225 caesarofcaesars: >230 Charon49: >231 abysswalker: This is helpful, thank you. I emailed them as well regarding the ones I’m interested in, and will post if different from the above.

Maggio 12, 9:54am

>229 Clobby: Perhaps there's more than one type of login issue going on currently, as I've only attempted logging in on one device (and only tested with the alternative browser after the password reset had failed to solve the issue in the first browser, so I don't think it was due to multiple browsers attempting to log in either).

Maggio 12, 9:54am

I am a bit disappointed that Dynasty seems to be bound in cloth like Persian Fire rather than buckram like Rubicon.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 10:03am

Thanks a lot for the info. I’m quite relieved that Everest is printed at LEGO, Italy.

At the risk of sounding like a pompous ass, I won’t be getting Mythical Beasts. The few volumes I bought that were printed at C&C have been a let down quality-wise. And I don’t really like their Yu Long paper.

Maggio 12, 10:10am

I’m a bit disappointed but not completely put off by printed in China, however I am trying to get more info on the readability /quality of the text itself...

Maggio 12, 10:19am

>228 agitationalporcelain:

Last year the mystery book promotion was announced at the same time as the summer collection - I rather think it won't be happening since it seems to have been replaced by the free notebook offer

Maggio 12, 10:21am

I much prefer the cloth of Persian Fire to the buckram of Rubicon, even though I know buckram is longer-lasting. The texture of cloth is so much nicer!

Maggio 12, 10:38am

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Maggio 12, 10:40am

>239 Bob_Reader: UK £150/US $225.

Maggio 12, 10:40am

>238 gmacaree: Though I much prefer buckram, I don't mind the cloth. However, I kind of feel like, thematically, it should match Rubicon more than Persian Fire since it is essentially a direct continuation of the events in Rubicon.

Maggio 12, 10:47am

>238 gmacaree: Same. I just finished Nights at the Circus and really enjoyed the feel of the cloth binding. Also wonder how much the durability matters if books are careful handled and stored.

Maggio 12, 10:53am

Is the magazine one of the free items one gets with an order? My email only mentions a notebook.

And is there a discount with the magazine? I rather doubt it based on post 237, which is very logical, but it would still be nice to have confirmation.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 11:16am

Of course with the time difference I missed out on the signed Misery. Wish they would've offer it through a lottery of some type to give everyone a fair chance.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 11:13am

>202 vmb443:
>221 PrestigeWorldWide:
>228 agitationalporcelain:
>229 Clobby:

Yep, I tried to login in this morning to place an order (US). Site did not accept my password. I know I had it correct, as I wrote it down last time.

So I requested a reset. Recieved the link. Did the reset. Seemed to take, and as one has to type it twice, I am sure I am typing it correctly.

Then go to login with my new password. And nope, it will not take it. I tried a few more times. Nope. So tried t reset it again! And the site informed me that I had made too many password reset attempts and to contact customer service or just wait I guess for the time out to end.

This is honestly ridiculous and is definitely costing FS sales. By the time I do get in, I may have lost whatever irrational ferver I had about their new collection.

Maggio 12, 11:02am

>225 caesarofcaesars:

Bad luck. Last collection, 3/4 of what I wanted was from China, now this one, it seems 2/3. FS inadvertently saving me money with this move too.

Maggio 12, 11:07am

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Maggio 12, 11:07am

>247 Bob_Reader: there’s a list a few posts up

Maggio 12, 11:08am

I also had login issues earlier today around 4 or 5 hours ago which the password reset didn't help solve at the time. It's since sorted itself out, I imagine their servers are just shorting out and anyone else having problems should be able to log in eventually after a few hours.

At this point I rarely ever buy SEs on release day any more, I tend to wait until they're low stock or on sale. That said Mythical Beasts is definitely on my wishlist. Everest is also catching my eye but definitely more down to its presentation than necessarily the content itself.

Maggio 12, 11:17am

Do you think they will reprint The Shining at some point? It's one of those times I'm hitting my head because at the time (even when in a sale it was 50% off) I didn't think of buying it because I have it in one of those B&N editions and that was enough for me. But with Misery making a matching set... anyway, let's hope they continue publishing more. I really wish somebody made a good edition of Different Seasons. Not even Cemetery Dance has published one.

Maggio 12, 11:23am

Wow, this collection hits the spot for me. With the exception of Misery and Sharpe, and M&M which I already own, the other 7 would find a happy home in my library. Space being at a premium, I am going to take some time to weigh my options and hope to see some reviews from UK-based members who order today.

Maggio 12, 12:21pm

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Modificato: Maggio 12, 12:36pm

Unfortunate that FS' Misery looks every bit as dull as their edition of The Shining (even down to sticking with Edward Kinsella's clinically detached artwork); another missed opportunity, although less tragic given that Misery is much the lesser work (although many, or even most, readers might disagree).

Maggio 12, 12:42pm

>253 St._Troy: Misery is a great book but it would have to be a stand out edition to make me buy it because I tend to regard King’s books as Kindle fodder. I agree this edition looks pretty uninspiring.

Maggio 12, 12:45pm

>254 Quicksilver66: "Kindle fodder"

I now have a new phrase that I will surely utilize in the future.

Maggio 12, 12:47pm

What does a man have to do to get FS to print more classical fiction?

It seems odd that nothing in the latest release was written pre-1900, possibly even pre-WWII, unless my chronology is off :(

Maggio 12, 12:50pm

>255 ultrarightist: Glad to be of assistance!

But you know what I mean. There are many books by good but popular authors - and I do enjoy King - that are just perfect for Kindle. The sort of thing you might want to read on a long journey on your convenient Kindle.

Maggio 12, 12:56pm

>256 caesarofcaesars: M&M is pre-WW2. Not that I disagree with your overall point. The last SE I can remember (I assume I'm forgetting something, though) that I'd call 'classical fiction' is the Tenant of Wildfell Hall from the start of last year.

Maggio 12, 12:57pm

>257 Quicksilver66: I know exactly what you mean, and it is an apt phrase for it.

Maggio 12, 12:57pm

Will they ever continue the Condor Heroes series? The artwork was amazing in 'A Hero Born'

Maggio 12, 12:58pm

>260 Soup811: And the book is so much fun, too. Really hope the series continues

Maggio 12, 1:25pm

>258 gmacaree: Around the World in 80 Days from the Spring Collection.

I also look forward to classics among the new releases but having recently picked up boxed sets of the Wilkie Collins novels and Proust on the secondary market (both wish listed for ages, and recently available at a good price), I've got plenty to keep me occupied.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 1:37pm

>258 gmacaree:
M&M is pre-WW2. Not that I disagree with your overall point. The last SE I can remember (I assume I'm forgetting something, though) that I'd call 'classical fiction' is the Tenant of Wildfell Hall from the start of last year.

Neither were releases - they were rereleases/reprints. It appears the FS has pretty much completely given up on older fiction other than recycling some standard titles.

The Mandela is the standout for me, although will have to wait at that price. In spite of my moutaineering interest, Everest is just silly money. The rest I doubt will even bother with in sales or on secondary market. Sharpe at £40 for that production is simply laughable - won't be touching it with a bargepole.

>262 wdripp:
I also look forward to classics among the new releases but having recently picked up boxed sets of the Wilkie Collins novels and Proust on the secondary market (both wish listed for ages, and recently available at a good price), I've got plenty to keep me occupied.

Yes, the secondary market has been keeping me very happy of late, as I've started to explore the older back catalogue. Some brilliant titles and bargains, mostly cheaper than paperbacks.

Maggio 12, 1:37pm

>263 Willoyd: I agree Mandela is gorgeous. I own the book in a standard hardback and am seriously considering an upgrade.

Maggio 12, 1:41pm

>258 gmacaree: I was worried about that, I was thinking it was the later Stalinist period!

Maggio 12, 1:53pm

>265 caesarofcaesars: Talking of Stalinist, something like Marx or even Mao's Little Red Book in a sumptuous limited edition would be nicely ironic.

Maggio 12, 2:00pm

For others affected by the login/password issue:

My login has just started working again following the third password reset - I tested it again immediately before resetting and it still didn't work at that point, so not sure if the third reset may have been the charm.

However - another thing I happened to do differently this time was to log in via the page I was automatically directed to following the reset:

Previously I'd been trying to log in via the embedded popup login window that appears if you click 'Log in' within the 'Create an account or Log in' option at the top-right corner of the site.

I'm not sure if using the alternative login page may have made a difference or if it's just coincidence and my login would have also worked via the popup window that time anyway, but either way, both login methods are working again for me now. (I'm wondering if perhaps the successful login via the login page could have prompted the login popup to subsequently start working again too.)

Thought I'd pass on this info in case it helps anyone else to regain access to their account.

Maggio 12, 2:15pm

>263 Willoyd: Mandela also is the only standout and an amazing read by a beautiful human. Folio certainly seems to focus much more now on children's books, popular fiction, fantasy and science fiction. It's a shame they don't even publish more fiction like Murakami, Knausgaard, DeLillo amongst others who I don't love but it would be a start, let alone the many worthwhile non-British authors. It's rare now for me to be excited for many Folio titles. With you as well for buying mostly from the secondary market. However, as much as I complain Folio has been a worthwhile endeavor for me although I am slowly finding other publishing companies. I do hope they make a wonderful Dante LE this year.

Maggio 12, 2:23pm

>268 Joshbooks1: While I like the children’s and fantasy/scifi (mostly) i would also love to see Murakami et al. 1Q84 seems like a natural fine edition candidate. I hope the new Ishiguro will find its way as a SE as well as many others. It seems like they could increase number of titles/yr by 2 or 3 or 4 to have a couple new classics and a couple more modern classics/literary and international (Cairo trilogy?) standouts and not cannibalize other sales or limit other more high selling titles. I’m not sure what the limiting factor is here, but I am curious.

Maggio 12, 2:27pm

>267 agitationalporcelain: Nicely done! I tried to log in just to check it out and couldn't log in, I used the address you supplied (switching it to USA in my case) and could log right in - must be something to do with the homepage log in specifically. I think Folio owes you a free book for doing their tech work!

Modificato: Maggio 12, 2:35pm

>270 vmb443:

Glad to be of help! Haha, as someone for whom this kind of tech support makes up a substantial part of their day job, you've now got me pondering the benefits of being paid in Folios ;)

Maggio 12, 2:43pm

Ended up with Crooked House (a complete Christie - yeajiii), Mythical Beasts, and Misery .. now to await the summer sale, and hope I don`t want anything as that would take up place.

Maggio 12, 2:44pm

>180 affle: The Everest book looks very tempting...

Nice production but that price point ... !

As you can see, Alan, I'm able to post again.

By way of explanation the LT site has caused me many problems over the last week or so and I've been unable to post for the last two days - not great timing around the new catalogue. Anyway, Alan has been very patient, helping me with suggestions and the last one worked. All is back to normal. Cheers!

Maggio 12, 2:46pm

>273 folio_books:

Welcome back, I had wondered :-)

Maggio 12, 2:54pm

>274 Cat_of_Ulthar:

It's very nice to be back, I assure you!

Maggio 12, 2:56pm

>211 wcarter:

That's brilliant, Warwick - I haven't even received my catalogue yet,

Modificato: Maggio 12, 3:06pm

>268 Joshbooks1: I'd say Angela Carter is in the same modern literary bucket as DeLillo (though much different style).

I love her work (just finished reading Wise Children in the Everyman's Library edition, in fact) but I find the art that Folio commissioned for the recent edition of Nights at the Circus to be unpleasant. Otherwise would have been first in line for a nice Folio treatment.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 3:01pm

>277 abysswalker: Good to know - I have been on the fence about that one because of the illustrations and not being familiar with the story. I hope that it sells well though because I want to encourage similar output. I like that this is an odd story, literary, and different illustrations. I don’t think I will get this one now though I initially thought I would eventually.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 4:45pm

An interesting and varied offering. Easy decision for me:

1. Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela. A twentieth century classic.

2. Misery by Stephen King. Arguably the best novel Stephen King has written.

3. East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Although not in the Summer Collection I was looking to purchase this and add it into
another order. Again, arguably Steinbeck's finest work.

Maggio 12, 3:04pm

>269 coffeewithastraw: I don't mind the other stuff, although I would never buy most of them at full price. It just seems like years ago Folio took more chances on literary fiction and have, over the years, gone away from that trend. I just wish they'd branch out on some titles like Arion Press does. I like American and British literature but there is so much more out there. How many more reprints of Dickens, Austen, Eliot can we possibly get? There aren't many fine press companies that deal with literary fiction and it bums me out with Folio's direction.

Mahfouz would be lovely and the Cairo Trilogy would be an instant buy. He even has a bunch of historical fiction which would be a hit, I'd imagine, amongst Folio groups. There seems to be a large Australian Folio crowd, how and why doesn't Patrick White get the same treatment as Steinbeck (I really like the latter but White is a better author in my opinion.) I'm sorry and don't mean to make this a rant of better days and i'm trying to get better at not complaining on this forum. I am happy for others if they are content with this collection.

Maggio 12, 3:21pm

>280 Joshbooks1:


Although I have missed the boat on a few of those classics so I don't really mind the reprints either with the secondary market the way it is lately.

I am happy with this collection as I am getting 3 books and maybe later one more from it. I am just being greedy and wanting FS versions of everything.

If they do come out w Murakami, Mahfouz or White they will likely be instant buys for me for sure.

Maggio 12, 3:29pm

My first thought is that they had better not put the Agatha Christie on the 'are you a robot' test because I'd think it was a (poisoner's) cookbook.

Mythical Beasts is probably the one that stands out for me. But a little pondering is definitely in order.

Maggio 12, 3:40pm

Does anyone have any insight into the content of Mythical Beasts? Online reviews are limited in number and content... I think it looks beautiful but would only buy if I would actually read and enjoy it.

Maggio 12, 4:00pm

>277 abysswalker: I am not a huge fan of the artwork from Night at the Circus either, but I found a second hand copy for €20 (perfect condition but no slipcase), so I took it. Looking forward to it since I haven't read any other of her works before.

Maggio 12, 4:32pm

>283 RRCBS: Mythical Beasts was originally published by the British Museum Press in 1995. It reads like a well-written museum exhibition catalog and has an erudite tone that I find pleasant. (I just read the intro; digital access via academic library.)

For me the purchase decision will come down to the paper, I think. Yu Long pure would be fine, but not glossy art paper.

Here is a brief excerpt from the intro of the 1995 edition:

Modificato: Maggio 12, 5:23pm

>285 abysswalker: thanks, this is helpful. Will remain in my basket.

Maggio 12, 5:39pm

>286 coffeewithastraw: honestly I’m a bit more intrigued now by the obscurity of this Folio publication choice. I could only find one academic book review, in a 1997 issue of Ancient Monuments Society Transactions (of all sources), and none of the several academic libraries that I can access have full text of this review available (an uncommon occurrence).

Maggio 12, 5:45pm

>285 abysswalker: wow, very helpful, thanks!

Maggio 12, 5:49pm

>287 abysswalker: it does seem to have come out of the clear blue sky. Looking forward to it though. I collect mythology books so am happy to see it.

Maggio 12, 6:16pm

>250 dyhtstriyk: Per the FS instagram page, a restock of The Shining is "not in our current plans for the moment." After seeing Misery, I also wish I'd grabbed The Shining when I had the chance.

Potentially of interest to FSD: When asked if there were plans for House of Many Ways in series with Howl's Moving Castle & Castle in the Air, FS replied, "Absolutely!" They also indicated that there is another Marvel book on the way and that A Feast for Crows would come later this year.

Maggio 12, 6:25pm

I know this is an absolute long shot because people will probably just prefer to flip it on the secondary market, but if anyone gets the signed King and doesn’t want it so badly I am begging you to consider selling it to me for what you paid. It is literally in my top 2 books I wanted FS to publish,my favorite King book, and I can point you to past posts, old YouTube comments and more to prove it. I would be very grateful and would even ship you a copy of a standard folio Society book that I own from a few choices as a way of saying thanks. I am just SO bummed that I missed this. Darn...

Maggio 12, 6:31pm

>281 coffeewithastraw:
Although I have missed the boat on a few of those classics so I don't really mind the reprints either with the secondary market the way it is lately.
I appreciate that there are always people new to FS for whom Dickens, Austen, Eliot et al are instant selections, and thus don't object to their presence, but when there's pretty much nothing other than recycled titles, and there's so much FS could do, it's both sad and frustrating to see FS so thoroughly stuck in such obvious ruts......

Maggio 12, 7:00pm

>292 Willoyd: I completely understand and would likely feel the same if I had all the oop books I want. This is why I mentioned I hope they might expand the number of titles on offer every year. But if I was forced to choose I would go with new titles rather than reprints.

Maggio 12, 11:00pm

>263 Willoyd: Long Walk to Freedom in the Easton Press version is very nice and signed by Mandlea but not easy to find today. I was lucky enough to buy a few when they came out but am saving them for my retirement purchases.

Modificato: Maggio 12, 11:55pm

While I sympathize with people who weren't a fan of 'The Shining' from a design standpoint- it probably wasn't a bad business decision to make them uniform. This means potential collector's will feel even more inclined to purchase 'Misery' because it's part of a matching set... aesthetically. And I will say I'm not a HUGE fan of the dead eyes/ emotionless artwork that the artist does.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 3:13am

There’s a Misery on eBay already!

Up for less than an hour and at £255. I honestly wish I’d bought one, if the profit alone would cover my rent and wish list if it continues like this! Still, I am glad that many scalpers, although sadly fans too, struggled to log in yesterday.

Modificato: Giu 22, 1:52pm

RMAG3 is the active discount code. 10% off on all titles not published this year. Valid until 12th of July. I checked, it works. Didn’t order yet.

Maggio 13, 5:17am

Big order for me:

Persian Fire (been meaning to order for while)
Long Walk to Freedom
Crooked House
Mythical Beasts
Castle in the Air

I too would have loved some new 19th/19th/20th century fiction, but also found a lot to like in this collection.

Maggio 13, 5:18am

>290 indianabones: When asked if there were plans for House of Many Ways in series with Howl's Moving Castle & Castle in the Air, FS replied, "Absolutely!" They also indicated that there is another Marvel book on the way and that A Feast for Crows would come later this year.

I can't remember exactly where but I saw a very recent comment from Folio about the Howl's Moving Castle series (my emphasis).

Maggio 13, 6:52am

>231 abysswalker:

I just received a response from FS' customer service regarding print locations. They obliged but also told me that it's "private information and not to be posted on social media."

Certainly a different tone than in the past.

Maggio 13, 7:13am

>300 adriano77: how can it be private if it is printed in the book? Serious question.

Maggio 13, 7:18am

>301 coffeewithastraw: Excactly. They just don’t want to draw attention to it in case it affects pre-orders.

Maggio 13, 7:20am

>300 adriano77: That's rather...well...rude. Why shouldn't the rest of us find out where a book is printed before we order it. Not everyone wants to email and ask and something as basic as this ought to be stated on the site itself. I think that from now onwards, for every collection, someone should ask where the books are printed and then let others know so that they can decide if they wish to buy them or not. I certainly am not going to be buying anything from China (unless it is simply spectacular). After the issues with BOTNS (even the replacement was damaged), it would be better to just focus on the other editions. Maybe they will decide that it's better for them to print in Europe.

Maggio 13, 7:23am

>301 coffeewithastraw:

Beats me. Having said that, as >302 Quicksilver66: mentioned, it's pretty suggestive that they'd prefer not to have the info floating about for sales reasons. I mean, if they stand behind their product, shouldn't it be a non-issue?

Maggio 13, 7:26am

>301 coffeewithastraw:

Yes, exactly. If Folio is reluctant to publish printing locations for some of their books, that suggests they are not confident about the quality of some of them. The saga of the SE Book of the New Sun highlights this, so I think we should take note and publicise for each new book and reprint. One for the wiki I suggest

Maggio 13, 7:36am

I recently emailed them to ask (politely) about the change to the paper covering boards on some of the new books and why a lot of reprints were being done in China with what is perceived to be lower quality materials, received a very defensive reply back. Didn’t pursue it because I didn’t want to cause conflict. That response that binding info is private is ridiculous.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 7:41am

>300 adriano77:
>301 coffeewithastraw:

This makes no sense as you mention, the info ends up on social media anyway once the first few books are sent out. And as many people have mentioned numerous times in the past, this is the sort of information they should really include on the website.

Maggio 13, 8:00am

The responses a number of you have had reminds me of when manufacturing companies I have known and in some cases worked for, have made “strategic” decisions, that they know will be unpopular, usually both internally and externally. This in turn causes internal wrangling and then an instruction for everyone get on board and present a united front, whether they are happy with it or not. Pure speculation as it may not be the case...

Maggio 13, 8:07am

After mentioning to CS that the print information had already been posted yesterday, the reply came that "they did not have our consent to do this."

I guess that's a pretty firm stance (as much as I feel it doesn't make sense).

Modificato: Maggio 13, 8:24am


Maggio 13, 8:27am

>309 adriano77:

Well that's nonsense. Do they think they can suppress printing information when it is actually listed in the book?

Perhaps they are thinking about not including in future, but that won't work, and they are happy to trumpet Smith Settle for Herodotus for example.

Maggio 13, 8:28am

>250 dyhtstriyk:
>290 indianabones:
I've got a good copy of The Shining I'm willing to sell reasonably. I bought the book in a frenzy when I first discovered FS. I don't care for King's writing. Feel free to message me.

Maggio 13, 8:35am

>309 adriano77: I see that they want the origins of China printed publications kept quiet for as long as possible but it is still a strange reply. You asked them the question and got that answer but if someone receives that book in an order today or the coming days and puts up the print information on this forum or Facebook does that mean they are not okay with that either? Even though in that scenario the buyer now owns the book the information is printed. Very strange way to go about it from them.

Maggio 13, 8:42am

>312 Tom9019:

I see you've just joined LT today. I have to advise you that selling books is strictly against the terms of service on LT. Please refrain from further doing so. I'd recommend you try eBay.

FSD Admin

Maggio 13, 8:53am

>309 adriano77:

Utterly bizarre. As far as I know - if anyone knows otherwise, please correct me - there's no legal requirement on a publisher to declare where or by whom their books are printed. Tartarus for instance often don't, though the last book I bought from them was printed and bound in Cornwall. If the FS really wants to keep the origin of particular titles under wraps, they could just not mention it: once a book's origin is stated within the book itself, the information is surely fair game for any journalist or social media participant to circulate.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 9:12am

>295 Soup811: Agreed on the artwork. I was looking at the illustrations in the Suntup press edition of Misery and they're much more to my taste. (of course, I'll never be able to afford any Suntup, let alone their Misery, but at least I can browse their photo gallery)

>300 adriano77: Maybe they just don't want that image with Diana Wynne Jones' name misspelled in two places circulating...

Maggio 13, 9:06am

>309 adriano77: Count me among those who are stupefied by the response (though at least you got one, my own email has gone unanswered). It definitely sounds like they aren’t proud of where their books are published and are trying to hide the information. If true, it’s terribly sad, and all the more reason to seek out gems from eBay instead.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 9:39am

DCloyceSmith (David), a manager at Library of America, recently posted this note on their LT forum detailing the difficulty of finding an American printer who is capable of doing large jobs. Although it does not directly pertain to Europe or the UK, it might help to explain why so many books are being printed in China:

In recent years “the number of *American* printers that can print large books has decreased by two—bankruptcies, both of them. In fact, there are only two firms remaining in the U.S. that both have the presses to print on thin (30# to 40#) paper *and* that can do sewn bindings of books of 1,200 pages or more.

Most (and perhaps all) of the books mentioned above, published by Taschen and IDW and other larger commercial publishers, are printed abroad, which one can do more affordably if you have a much larger staff and print enough books to negotiate substantial contracts with printers in Europe and Asia (especially in China)—and if you are able to work in the extra four to eight weeks of delivery time. This really is not an option for us; we simply don’t have the volume or the bandwidth.

An anecdote you might find interesting: the Obama biography, which ended up being around 1,400 pages, was split into two volumes not simply to make more money—although I’m sure that was a consideration—but because the number of American binderies available to bind millions of copies of a book that large was simply not sufficient. They simply couldn’t have done it as one volume in 2021 even if he or they had wanted to.

Another recent nail in the coffin, by the way, is the closing at the beginning of this year of the last paper mill in the U.S. that produced high-quality literary opaque paper. A number of publishers were left high and dry with that announcement and several of us worked together through a broker *during the pandemic* to find a mill in Finland (!) to produce our paper.

All in all, the last few years have been particularly challenging for smaller presses—not just Library of America—who are dedicated to publishing physical books. Here’s hoping the recent, substantial increase in book sales ends up turning things around and encourages American printers to expand their capacity.


It is interesting that LOA is so forthcoming about its printing issues while FS is so secretive.

Maggio 13, 9:29am

>318 jroger1: That is enlightening (though, not surprising, perhaps). Thank you for sharing.

Maggio 13, 9:36am

>266 InVitrio: "Talking of Stalinist, something like Marx or even Mao's Little Red Book in a sumptuous limited edition would be nicely ironic."

Yes, a nice expensive bourgeois copy of a socialist text, printed no doubt at a capitalist sweatshop deep in the heart of communist China. Oh, the irony.

Maggio 13, 9:47am

>320 ubiquitousuk:

I mean, not to diverge too far from the thread's topic, but... there's absolutely a market to tap if FS were so inclined. You've got an entire generation raised on Instagram willing to drop $60 on sweatshirts advertising the statement "tax the rich" - sold to them by a self-confessed socialist no less.

Maggio 13, 9:55am

>300 adriano77: I am astonished and irritated by FS's attitude about sharing where where books were printed. It is a ridiculous request when the information is printed in the book, and no company can control what appears in social media about them. I do wonder if they will just stop sharing it and including it in their books.

Are you still working on your spreadsheet? I definitely think we need this resource for the group, either privately shared by request or attached to the wiki. I am happy to contribute my info and own quite a few FS books, and would be happy to mine the threads as well if that is needed.

Maggio 13, 9:58am

>322 wdripp:

It's still going, updated here and there, bit by bit. If you're interested, PM your email and I'll add it to the permitted editors, etc.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 10:00am

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Maggio 13, 10:36am

Has anyone received their books? Impressions?

Maggio 13, 10:44am

>325 RRCBS:

About ten minutes ago. Too soon, other to say I love the illustrations for Crooked House, and that Misery's spine is the right way around ;)

And that every time I post I have to log out of LT then back in again. Very irritating.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 11:21am

>320 ubiquitousuk: even better would be Folio printing something by ‘an enemy of the state’ in China. I don’t know if the Dalai Lama has written anything interesting, or perhaps something about the Taiwan or Hong Kong issue?

Maggio 13, 11:22am

>252 Bob_Reader: I was a little surprised with the release of "Misery". I thought they would go with something older from King's classic period, not saying that "Misery" is not a classic. With both books by King (The Shining and Misery), looking exactly the same and illustrated by the same artist, I wonder if FS will be releasing more works by King in the future.

Maggio 13, 11:29am

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Maggio 13, 11:36am

King novels to me feel like they should be read in mass-market paperback form, with a page or two in the front barely hanging on, and some sand or dirt on the back cover. Maybe that's just how I've always read them. The idea of a fancy King novel just doesn't do it for me (not even signed - especially now that he's become a political animal on Twitter and lost his mysterious allure)

Maggio 13, 11:53am

>325 RRCBS:

A little later ... Misery is pretty much like The Shining in terms of production, ie not outstanding imo. A bit disappointed with Thermopylae as, aside from the binding design, Geoff Grandfield has contributed no further art and the photos are unsatisfying - too small and lacking detail. The colour photos are better.Still, it makes a very nice volume. Crooked House is everything you would expect from a Folio Christie. Beautiful cover and the illustrations are first class. Castle in the Air is the one I'll probably read first. If you like Howl's Moving Castle (and I did) I can pretty much guarantee you'll like the sequel.

Now to see if this will save ...

Maggio 13, 11:57am

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Maggio 13, 12:03pm

>332 Bob_Reader: Yes, both are illustrated by Marie-Alice Harel.

This info is easy to find on the FS website and also in this group's wiki if the book is OOP.

Maggio 13, 12:04pm

Yes Marie-Alice Harel illustrated both - hopefully she'll also do House of Many Ways!

Maggio 13, 12:11pm

>331 folio_books:

Can you tell me where Thermopylae is printed? And by what company? That "Not China. I know that much." bit from the earlier attachment has me pretty curious!

Maggio 13, 12:44pm

>335 adriano77:

Of course I can. I don't think I'm spilling any state secrets ;)

It''s Memminger, quarter bound by Josef Spinner, in Germany.

Maggio 13, 12:54pm

>329 Bob_Reader: You can view the books individually on the FS website.

Maggio 13, 12:58pm

>336 folio_books:

Thanks you!

Just to clarify, printed by Memminger MedienCentrum and bound by Spinner? Or?

Maggio 13, 1:03pm

>338 adriano77:

That's it. Bound by Josef Spinner, Ottersweier, Germany.

Modificato: Maggio 13, 1:27pm

>210 Nerevarine: re: paper used for Mythical Beasts: printed on Yu Long Pure paper at C & C Offset Printing Co. Ltd.

So this is probably a purchase for me—I just wanted to ensure that it wasn’t printed on glossy art paper.

The customer service response was prompt and professional. No nonsense about state secrets.

Now I just need to decide whether to place an order immediately with a few older releases at 10% off or wait for the sale…

Maggio 13, 1:24pm

>340 abysswalker: Thank you for the information abyss.

Maggio 13, 2:16pm

>341 Nerevarine:
Huge gap in it? ;-)

Maggio 13, 2:24pm

I think this collection is quite decent. I intend to buy Misery and The Master & Margarita soon.

>297 NLNils: Thank you for the code, NLNils. But now I too find myself in a situation where I’m debating if I should buy some older releases at 10% off or wait for the sale. I’m thinking of clubbing some books because their stocks seem to be low. I’ll post some of them here and I hope it will help to have insight on whether to hold out or buy:

Stasiland - 488
The Illustrated Man - 527
I Am Legend - 428
Ubik - 618
The Time Machine and The Island of Doctor Moreau - 295

Apart from this, I like The Wind in The Willows and Get Shorty but I doubt if they’re going to be in the sale.

On a side note, I’m quite certain that none of these are printed in China. I know I should buy it if I absolutely want it because the regret of missing out is not worth the extra money that I might end up spending.

That being said, I’m sure there is an optimal way of going about it.

Maggio 13, 2:32pm

Oh, forgot to mention the Folio Magazine. The most important bit : Enter RMAG3 at online checkout for 10% discount. Offer ends midnight Monday 12 July 2021. Excludes the purchase of new Folio releases published after 1 January 2021 and limited editions. Voucher is one use only.

Whisper it quietly but I think LT have resolved the "unable to post" problem. Here we go - fingers crossed ...

Maggio 13, 3:06pm

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Maggio 13, 3:21pm

>345 Bob_Reader:

Voucher is one use only.

Maggio 13, 3:51pm

>345 Bob_Reader: I was able to use RMAG3 and I’m pretty sure I used the similar code earlier in the year. (Folio website isn’t working for me so can’t check what the code was.)

Maggio 13, 3:53pm

The codes are different from the two magazines

Modificato: Maggio 13, 3:58pm

>347 neonyoshi: I think the last one was RMAG2. No joke!

Edit. Proof:

Maggio 13, 4:03pm

Damn, I should have placed my order a day later. Could have used that code.

Maggio 13, 5:35pm

You and me both Adriano. This is a conspiracy and I am very mad about the matter !

Maggio 13, 8:06pm

Why are the Sharpe novels soo bare-bones? I would get into collecting those, the cover's look nice, but ~400 pages with just 3 b&w illustrations isn't the volume of illustrations Folio usually puts out.

Maggio 13, 8:36pm

>352 Soup811: Well said. Bare bones and printed in China is a no go for me. The covers and spine are nice but that’s it really. Though if the stories are exceptional, I guess the hardcore fans will buy them still. I’d buy them on a sale but that’s it. I have the first one and the quality really isn’t there. The black on the Tiger cover was rubbing fairly very easily on my copy.

Maggio 13, 10:24pm

There was a backlash I guess, on having alongside the barebones first book a premium-priced edition with the additional illustrations which were in colour, and the signed bookplate. Well, they say be careful what you wish for, because now we're stuck with the crappy edition only.

I would have much rather they continued doing both editions, or just the higher-priced one, maybe without a signature to keep the price down.

Maggio 13, 10:49pm

>354 U_238: I think just about everyone's wish would be for the nicer edition sans signature for a more reasonable price. Why can't they give us the equivalent of the O'Brian series?

Maggio 14, 5:20am

Stumbled on to the site half-awake on Wednesday morning and saw new books up - placed an order for Castle In The Air & another from the ASOIAF series. Turns out in my semi-asleep state I forgot that Misery was likely to appear on the site soon and that I had ordered the wrong ASOIAF book! Managed to get a Misery separately and Folio helped me out with the shipping due to my error - so a good day in all! Sad that I discovered Folio after The Shining though - looks like they will make a nice set, but ebay prices for it seem high and they told me it's not in their plans to reprint.

Speaking of ebay - do the signed editions always go crazy like Misery has? £750 on ebay this morning (FS sold at £150). I don't like the idea of flipping as it just seems like a way to rip-off true fans, but the price differential is enormous!

Looking forward to the summer sale now!

Modificato: Maggio 14, 6:48am

Received my copy of the Summer 2021 Collection Catalogue this morning. I'll make a start later on scanning it for the Wiki. There's also a separate flyer for Everest but it's one of their horrible multi-folded offerings so I'm going tp leave that one for Warwick.

Maggio 14, 6:37am

>357 folio_books: Very cool. Thanks!

Maggio 14, 6:46am

>357 folio_books:
But I may not get it in Australia for another month 😢

Maggio 14, 7:24am

Did anyone ask whether a limited edition of the new Sharpe is planned? I vividly remember buying the regular edition of the van Sandwyk, only to see a limited edition a few weeks later. That was rather frustrating, to put it mildly, and would be more so now with all the post-Brexit customs hassle and expenses I can look forward to for every package.

But generally: It's a real shame that we get such watered-down regular editions of Sharpe with regard to illustrations. I really think they should be on the level of the limited edition with regard to the number and colouring of illustrations. It would have been so much better if they'd just offered a signed edition in the same version as the other one. It would have sold anyway, if maybe a bit more slowly, and it wouldn't have frustrated customers. This is now the worst of both worlds - just an edition that's inferior to Folio's usual standards.

Maggio 14, 8:05am

Just placed my order...

Castle in the Air
Mythical Beasts

Hopefully the summer sale will be good...looking forward to whittling down my wishlist.

Maggio 14, 10:00am

>360 SF-72:
I was very happy when the initial Sharpe was announced. The disparity between the SE and the LE didn't really concern me (I have several signed books by Cornwell) and that was confirmed when my standard copy arrived. The illustrations were not to my taste so the fewer the better as far as I was concerned.

My main aim was to have a uniform set of the whole series as my trade hardcovers, especially if you shelve them in chronological order, are all over the place between the older Collins and the later Harpers (with some US editions thrown in) so my fear is that they will abandon the series if sales aren't strong enough. Annoying customers with half-hearted attempts with illustration and printing in China don't fill me with hope and may even deter me from continuing with collecting the series.

Maggio 14, 10:39am

>362 bradleyrees:

" fear is that they will abandon the series if sales aren't strong enough. Annoying customers with half-hearted attempts with illustration and printing in China don't fill me with hope and may even deter me from continuing with collecting the series."

Yes, that worries me, too. This series theoretically has a lot potential to become another success for them, like Aubrey Maturin and Hornblower, and then they mess it up like this. I really don't get it - it seems so completely silly to approach the series like this.

Maggio 14, 12:28pm

>300 adriano77: I just received a response from FS' customer service regarding print locations. They obliged but also told me that it's "private information and not to be posted on social media."

I’ve been in touch with someone further up the hierarchy about this, which has caused a lot of comment. and this is what they tell me: "If people ask us where things are printed, we’ll tell them. If that gets shared on social media, that’s fine though, technically. all our conversations are private (and there’s nothing that upsets us more than being misquoted, half quoted and pasted all over the internet!).

That is, of course, significantly different from the message you received but, as I say, this is from further up the organisation and I would regard it as the definitive answer to your question, or part of it at least. I hope this helps.

Maggio 14, 1:20pm

>364 folio_books:

I find most of the concerns over printing locations off-putting, personally, but of course an easy way for FS to keep a lid on misinformation spread via social media is to include printing locations with the book listings.

Maggio 14, 1:22pm

>360 SF-72:
This is now the worst of both worlds - just an edition that's inferior to Folio's usual standards.

But at a full-on FS price: £40 in the UK!

Maggio 14, 1:32pm

>365 kcshankd: an easy way for FS to keep a lid on misinformation spread via social media is to include printing locations with the book listings.

I agree of course and that's something I put to them. But they don't want to do that. I believe they'll sooner or later regret not being more upfront about an issue that could damage their reputation for a long time to come.

Maggio 14, 1:34pm

>363 SF-72: yes I hoped they would continue with the more "deluxe" version for this series.
I am currently reading through the Aubrey/Maturin series (which is excellent) but the folio production there is a bit annoying as well: the colour plates describe action and conclusions in advance of them happening in the book.
I have learnt to avoid looking at them until I've read the whole thing

Maggio 14, 1:41pm

>364 folio_books:

Glad that's the "more official" (I guess?) stance from FS! Having said that, the quote I took from the email didn't have any room to be misquoted or half-quoted, nor it did it seem much of a private conversation given it felt like a boilerplate reply. As such, felt fine to share here.

Maggio 14, 1:44pm

>369 adriano77: I agree... I get that for some issues, it sucks to have emails you send to customers potentially end up on social media, especially when misquoted, but this is so black and white. Also think they should divulge where books are printed.

Maggio 14, 1:55pm

>368 stumc:

I hate it when that happens with illustrations.

Maggio 14, 1:56pm

>370 RRCBS:

Absolutely. Would be great to see included under "production details" on the store pages.

Maggio 14, 2:12pm

>369 adriano77: As such, felt fine to share here.

Absolutely. I think you did FSD a service, letting us know, and raising the question generally. But I am now more or less convinced that the response to your initial enquiry was not and has never been Folio policy. It would be ludicrous if it were.

Maggio 14, 2:22pm

>364 folio_books:
In their defence, I can understand why it must make the CS job more stressful, knowing that any response to a private email could immediately end up on social media and be viewed and commented on by thousands. I wouldn't like to work under those conditions either.

On the other hand, it's very difficult to mis-quote printing locations and they're being disingenuous to suggest that's not what this whole discussion is about. I'm not sure why this is still an issue for them. It's been quite clear for years now that Chinese-printed editions are problematic for some customers, so it's their choice to either stop printing in China or carry on printing in China and accept the fallout with good grace. Trying to suppress the information is completely counter-productive: it will only serve to put the spotlight on the issue (as it happening in this thread) and make customers more suspicious. If they choose to continue with Chinese printings I would also suggest that they work on fixing the quality issues, and be open and honest as to why they've chosen to print there (or any other location for that matter).

Maggio 14, 2:49pm

I agree that it would be nice for printing/binding locations to be included in the production details on the website, but I wonder if the fact that the location might change for subsequent print runs might be at least part of the reason for FS not doing so? For example, if there happen to be overlapping printings leading to stock of a given title from two different printers being held in stock at one time, it would be difficult to keep the details on the website current - leading to potentially frustrated customers if they'd been misled by out-of-date/ambiguous information, etc. I suppose it's easier to convey the information more reliably if responding to direct enquiries in real time.

Maggio 14, 3:15pm

I just had an unpleasant surprise when I found out that FS currently refuse to provide standard shipping to Germany or Italy due to customs delays. Suffice it to say, Germans who buy internationally are well aware that our customs cause delays. That doesn't mean that we all want to be forced to pay for express shipping. In addition, DHL then charge extra fees for handling customs, so it gets even more expensive. I'd really like to be given the choice in that regard, thank you very much! I also don't see how that's about to change - so is this supposed to remain the norm now?

Maggio 14, 3:25pm

I just noticed a signed Misery on eBay, currently a mere £890. Ends Sunday. Quick!

Maggio 14, 3:34pm

>376 SF-72: It isn't just that the books are delayed, they sometimes don't arrive at all. I had placed an order a few months back with standard shipping, but the order got blocked in the Netherlands. And didn't turn up even after three weeks of being there.

I let FS know and they sent the entire order again with express. The first order never arrived here, so clearly it's more than just delays.

The customs costs are very annoying as well.

Maggio 14, 4:12pm

>378 sekhmet0108:

The delays are the reason FS gives on the website, but a missing package is a bigger problem, of course. It may not be the fault of customs, though.

A friend of mine had the same problem as you - her package never arrived. But in her case it became clear that FS had messed up transferring her address between where she put it correctly into their system and where someone else put it on the shipping label. The package was promptly returned after making it through Netherlands customs and almost to her door because the first letter of the street address was missing. The express replacement FS sent had the same issue, which is how she found out what the problem with her original order was. Then the replacement took about a month to arrive since DHL made a huge fuss about confirming the value as given by FS. They seemed to be worried that they might not be charging my friend enough tax. In the end, it was about 22 Euros in fees just for DHL to take care of the customs paperwork, and a wait of about a month for a supposed express package. Very annoying. And in that case she at least didn't have to pay the higher shipping fee for that particular 'privilege'.

DHL Express have also damaged two out of three packages I got through them from FS (limited editions), so I tend not to trust them at all. They're the last option I would willingly choose.

Maggio 14, 6:03pm

>376 SF-72: I always use DHL because of tracking. I don’t trust standard shipping for my expensive orders. Also standard shipping tends to be misplaced often. By the way, DHL gives you the option to clear the package from custom yourself.

Maggio 14, 6:20pm

Without meaning to hijack the thread onto other topics my impression is that shipping from the UK into Europe is still very problematic at the moment.

I have found many book sellers / other sellers are now refusing to ship at all. Ardis is charging more for shipping to EU than for shipping to the US (which he very reasonably explained to be because of repeated problems with deliveries). I have also had an expensive order from the Folio Society of LE (on sale) + standard editions simply disappear without trace and then needing to be resent / reimbursed at the start of the year. Very clearly demonstrates the financial risks for smaller players.

Even buying English language books from Amazon - because there is little choice - I would say 1 in 3 parcels have been so damaged that they were withheld from delivery or simply lost and reimbursed in the last 6 months.

Given all this I completely understand why shipping is getting more expensive. It seems that the relatively reliable and friction free international postage / customs service of the past few years just can’t be taken as the benchmark now...

Maggio 14, 6:57pm

>376 SF-72:
Do you know if there are delays coming the othe way, from Germany to the UK (or does anybody else?). I ordered a book from a German dealer through abebooks just over 3 weeks ago, paid for expedited delivery, and it's yet to arrive. In the meantime, 2-3 books have happily arrived from the States in less time.

Maggio 14, 9:30pm

The Summer 2021 Catalogue is now up on the FSD wiki here.

Maggio 15, 4:27am

>380 Mujaddadi:

DHL Express don't give the option to take care of customs yourself in Germany, and they charge a higher fee than other express services for it.

Before Brexit I never had a problem with packages from FS going missing. Quite the opposite: During the last year or so the delivery time was reduced from about a month to about two weeks. At the same time, DHL Express managed to damage two limited editions quite badly.

As for post-Brexit: I hadn't ordered yet, but my friends orders were a mess. Standard shipping would have arrived within a month if FS hadn't input the address incorrectly. Express shipping took as long and cost extra in DHL fees for calculating and charging customs.

Maggio 15, 4:34am

>382 Willoyd:

In my experience, even letters from Germany to a friend of mine in Scotland can take anywhere from one week to almost a month. It's always a gamble when to send her birthday or Christmas cards. I don't have the slightest clue why this is so unreliable. More recently the German postal service also warns of delays due to the lack of flights during Corona, so that might also play a role. I'm not sure if that also affects express services, though.

As for sending packages post-Brexit: Theoretically the UK faces the same new issues that we are dealing with in the other direction. The UK has also lowered the free import threshold to zero, which the EU is about to do in July. Books shouldn't be affected since they're not taxed in the UK. But I could imagine that they still have to go through a customs system that isn't really set up to deal with the sudden increase in packages that have to be checked, the connected paperwork etc. Depending on what express service the seller used, they might be dealing with just that problem. But it's also possible that there's a bigger issue. If there's anything unsatisfactory with the paperwork, the package might be rejected by customs and returned to the sender. That happened to me with a package from said Scottish friend. Did your seller provide tracking? That should show where exactly the problem lies.

Maggio 15, 4:37am

I had an issue with standard delivery. The French post used the wrong VAT rate and charged me 20% instead of 5,5% in addition to the handling fee and there was no way to correct the mistake.

So I intend to use express delivery next time, ups/FedEx/dhl have always used the correct rate when shipping from the us.

Maggio 15, 5:34am

My order arrived yesterday, and apart from the spine on Dynasty being blocked at a slant (I'm going to ask for a replacement here, it's actually pretty ridiculous) I'm very pleased. Everest, Mythical Beasts and Long Walk to Freedom the standouts imo.

Maggio 15, 6:06am

>385 SF-72:
Did your seller provide tracking? That should show where exactly the problem lies.
Unfortunately it appears not. Like a total novice, I forgot to check when I chose priority - I'm so used to it being automatic on all the 'priority' courier/mail services I use, and have received of late, that must have subconsciously taken it for granted.
I am also incredibly unimpressed with the seller, who has yet to reply to queries sent since Tuesday both via abebooks and via their own 'order-control' system. I will, however, hold fire given your comments on timescales.

Maggio 15, 6:21am

>388 Willoyd:

Good luck with it then. It's really a huge mess at the moment.

Maggio 15, 6:26am

>386 tyreas:

I can't speak for France, but in Germany you have the right to request back the overcharged money directly from customs if you file an objection within 30 days of the charge being made. Your postal service should have mentioned which customs station should be addressed with such an objection in the attached paperwork. I've had cases like this - three just in the last few months thanks to an increasingly overeager and greedy postal service. You need to provide the original invoice, the number of the customs case, and how much the charge was, then file a request for a refund. Our postal service can't be bothered with a refund either, no matter what mistakes they make. Customs themselves usually correct that, though.

Maggio 15, 1:52pm

Logged in today (finally reset of pw worked).

Had two books from the new collection in my basket -- Agatha Christie and King. But the extra $16 per book shipping raised the total for the two books to $180. I just could not do it.

Put them in my wish list. Perhaps I can combine them with another order in the future to save on shipping. If I miss out, I can live with it.

Maggio 16, 2:58am

Going price for signed Misery seems to be £750-850...

I’d rather see FS charge more for such editions in the future. I doubt scalpers would sell them on if they had to spend £500+ for a £50 book with a signature...

Maggio 16, 3:18am

OK, so I have Mythical Beasts in my basket and I want to pay for the order. What happens? Delivery charge "not yet calculated" and "no quotes available" for delivery methods. I give up. No more orders from Folio until things are clear for shipments to Spain. Upset and sorry.

Maggio 16, 4:33am

>393 drasvola:

I've been having that problem since last year, same for a friend. The trick is to react very quickly when the website is calculating the delivery options and to click on one asap as soon as it has formed. If you don't get it on the first try, go back to the shopping basket and try again. It usually takes me several tries until it works. It's a bit of a bad joke that you basically have to trick the website like this, but that's unfortunately how it's been for a while.

Maggio 16, 5:42am

>393 drasvola:
>394 SF-72:

You may already have thought of this, but have you tried clearing cookies or using an alternative browser to see if the issue still occurs? Just thinking it could possibly be caused by corrupt cookies or something like that. I just tried pretending to checkout, paying more attention to the shipping options than I usually do, and I did notice that initially the "no delivery quotes" message appeared very, very briefly for me, before the actual selectable shipping options appeared as usual - it sounds like the two objects are appearing in the reverse order for you?

Saying all that, I'm also quite prepared to accept that it's a case of the FS website itself falling over.

Maggio 16, 7:54am

>395 agitationalporcelain:

Yes, it's the reverse for me. The shipping options are calculated and are on the website for seconds, then they are replaced by the 'no delivery quotes' message. Then I have to start from scratch.

I'll give the solutions you mentioned a try whenever I order again. So far I managed to 'trick the system' and get my order through, as did my friend. It just feels like one has to jump through hoops to be allowed to buy from them. I never had that problem with the old system, so it's somehow connected to the new shop.

Maggio 16, 9:18am

>395 agitationalporcelain:

Many thanks for your suggestions. I tried to finish the check-out procedure on two different occasions with the same results. Will try again.

Maggio 17, 11:13am

Very happy to add Crooked House to my FS Agatha collection.

Maggio 17, 12:18pm

>397 drasvola: I sometimes have similar issue. I'll suggest another quick and dirty workaround which works for me - add a secondary address (I have my PO Box and home address) and during checkout Step 1 "Delivery Information" you can select between them to force delivery rates to refresh.

On a relevant note - there's a similar refresh issue with the basket. It says I have 0 items when I login, but adding another item "pushes" the basket to update to its real state.

Maggio 18, 1:28am

>399 clymbouris:

Thanks for your suggestion. At first I thought the problem was due to Brexit issues. It's never happened before. I'll give it some time and see if the technical glitch is solved.

Maggio 18, 4:24am

>400 drasvola: Just to add, I experienced this as well late last year / earlier this, and ended up having to call to place an order. When I described the issue, the rep on the phone was able to diagnose that my postcode entry was in a format that the site was rejecting (I think there was an extra space). Once that was corrected, the order went through, as did a subsequent order on the site itself.

Maggio 18, 7:00am

>401 ian_curtin:

Many thanks for your message. I'll probably end up writing or talking to customer service.

Maggio 18, 9:54am

After much debating I finally placed my order and it is now on its way to me!

Castle in the Air
The Master and Margarita
Mythical Beasts
Book of Proverbs
A Journal of the Plague Year

Since I pay the big bucks for DHL shipping I want to get 4 books or more, if possible. There are still a few titles I am interested in, but don't "have" to have, so next time I order, if they are still around, I can debate putting them in my basket. Still rather disappointed that the 4th GoT set is not in this collection.

Maggio 18, 10:21am

At least Feast for Crows is confirmed for Autumn now!

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For the ones who purchased it, I can't wait to hear your impressions on Mythical Beasts. I'm very much into mythology but have no idea how this book goes about it (is it like Aubrey's Brief Lives? or does it have a coherent narrative?). A "table of contents" would probably enlighten me.

Maggio 20, 1:15pm

>389 SF-72:
FWIW: I've now obtained an alternative copy from a dealer in Ireland (from whom the book took only a few days to arrive, almost as fast as domestic post), whilst the other book is yet to arrive. Having had no reply to my queries from the dealer, and it now being over 3 weeks overdue, I've applied for a refund. Lesson learned!

Maggio 20, 1:39pm

>406 Willoyd:

Completely understandable. That's just poor service. As mentioned, there can currently be delays, sometimes quite bad ones. But the least one can expect for express shipping is proper tracking, and that should be provided by the seller.

Maggio 20, 3:46pm

Does it seem likely that Europe: A History will go on sale?

I know that it's difficult to predict, but still...I am wondering if I ought to wait or use the 10% off rebate.

Maggio 20, 5:10pm

I received 8 books today through DHL in the States of 8 books from the Spring and Summer Collections. Every book is in pristine condition. I divided this into two separate orders of 4 books each hoping that the relatively smaller package would help the condition. That and probably luck worked!
It is always a nice surprise when even a FS book exceeds expectations. That is the case with both of the Great Battles series books. In time, this may be one of the most sought out series.

Maggio 20, 7:20pm

>408 sekhmet0108:

Probably in a couple of years. I may be wrong but it doesn't strike me as a fast-moving book.

Maggio 21, 4:59pm

My books arrived yesterday, swiftly through DHL! I have to look them all over, but so far they look fine, despite a punctured hole in the top of the box! Tonight I get to play with them!

Maggio 21, 5:03pm

>411 Lady19thC:

What did you order?

And has anyone ordered the "Around the World in 80 Days" edition? If yes, how was it? Is it worth it even without the proper illustrations?

Maggio 21, 6:48pm

My summer FS catalog came in the mail yesterday. IMO there were a lot of ugly covers among the books.

Maggio 21, 7:15pm

>413 laotzu225: which ones didn't you like?

Maggio 22, 3:25am

>412 sekhmet0108:

The black and white illustrations throughout "Around the World in 80 Days" (there are quite a few) are actually pretty as such, the problem being that they're really tiny. That doesn't affect some of them, but more detailed ones really suffer in this case since you can only guess at what's depicted there and can't really enjoy it. To me it's a missed opportunity - print these a bit larger and you'd have a pretty book. Add a few colour illustrations and it would be perfect.

Maggio 22, 6:10am

>415 SF-72:
Thank you so much for the info! Appreciate it!

And seems such a pity. Somebody who doesn't want it anymore was offering to sell it to me for €25, just wondering if it is worth it. I hadn't originally planned on getting it at all, but at a discount...well... I am left wondering a bit. Maybe the map makes up for it a bit?

Maggio 22, 7:03am

If you could recommend one book from the Summer Collection, and one book from the rest of the current stock, what would they be?

Maggio 22, 8:24am

>416 sekhmet0108:

25 Euros is a good price, especially at this time with (forced express) shipping, handling and customs fees. The map is nice enough and the book is generally pretty. I just wish they hadn't ruined several of the illustrations by printing them so small. Many illustrations still look nice enough, though I'd prefer them a bit larger, too, but you can see everything properly. I wouldn't buy it again at full price, but if it attracts you, 25 Euros is a good deal. If you aren't happy with it, selling it again without a loss shouldn't be too difficult, I think.

Maggio 22, 8:36am

>418 SF-72:

Thanks a lot for your input! I will go for it. As you said, I am sure there are ways it could have been made better, but at 25 bucks it might just be worth it. Looking forward to getting it!

Maggio 22, 12:07pm

>419 sekhmet0108:

I hope you'll enjoy it, at the price it's a fine deal. The book definitely has its charming points, but I don't understand why they saved on what I consider the wrong things here. It wouldn't have cost that many extra pages to do the illustrations full justice with a larger size where needed. It's the same with the Sharpes. Those look great on the outside, then you find a minimal number of illustrations and even fewer in colour. The latest developments in that regard are strange and disappointing from a publisher that so often excels and who must know that illustrations are one of the most important things about their books.

Maggio 22, 12:47pm

>417 behemoththecat: Long Walk to Freedom and If Not, Winter

Maggio 23, 3:13pm

>417 behemoththecat:
>421 gmacaree:

Agree with >421 gmacaree:.

Just received Long Walk to Freedom today and it is a standout in the deluxe FS tradition. The quality is what one would expect from the German team of Memminger MedienCentrum AG and Josef Spinner with an attractive binding made of fine cloth rather than buckram with an historically significant design for the front cover. The title on the book spine is blocked into the cloth and the historical photographs taken throughout Nelson Mandela's life are alone worth the price of admission. The other obvious standout is the two volume Everest set, but that will have a narrower appeal.

Maggio 23, 8:46pm

>422 dlphcoracl: Thanks for the review. I buy about 90% fiction these days from FS but am always on the lookout for their more special nonfiction volumes that fit my interests. For instance, I recently got around to purchasing Life in the English Country House and was very pleased with it. Will definitely put this one on my wishlist also.

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>423 whytewolf1:

FWIW, my guess is that Long Walk to Freedom will become one of those FS books that is difficult to find and expensive to purchase once it goes out of print, similar to the Seamus Heaney Beowulf edition, the John Lord illustrated James Joyce novels, Malay Archipelago, etc. I also doubt it will ever go on sale and, if it does, the discount will be minimal.

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>424 dlphcoracl: Actually, I agree with all of that, and sadly, given FS's recent propensity to save money by having some reprints done at C&C in China, most of which have turned out to be at least slightly inferior in quality, I do plan on making sure I get a first print of this.

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>422 dlphcoracl: that’s some serious enablement going on there.

I’ve moved from not wanting anything this collection, to being 90% set on Everest, to now wavering on Mandela.

I actually think the paperback design is iconic too, as paper backs go. I noticed they chose a younger picture of Mandela for the FS cover, a nice contrast.

Maggio 24, 1:53pm

In addition to the post from >422 dlphcoracl:, I saw this video on YouTube and it made me far more likely to buy Everest and Mandela (if I can find the shelf space):

Maggio 24, 2:40pm

I like the collection (don't know what all the complaints are about) and ordered:
Dynasty (not sure if it's based on the 1981 or 2017 series)
Mythical Beasts (zombies?)
Thermopylae (cool, finally a book about hot plates)
Everest (what an iconic boxing brand)

Modificato: Maggio 24, 3:47pm

I ordered Dynasty, Thermopylae, Castle in the Air, after some hesitation Sharpe since I already have the first one and want to complete the trilogy this seems be part 2 of. I wouldn't have ordered despite my interest in the new books due to express shipping to Germany being the only option, if a friend hadn't urgently wanted Misery. As it was, express shipping cost extra when ordering, then another 15 Euro fee went to DHL (plus customs, of course, but those are unavoidable, which the other two fees aren't). Someone from Folio customer service actually claimed that German customs were so behind on their work that they put an "embargo" on shipments, and the only way around that was using DHL Express. Which seemed very strange since I keep getting packages from the UK and the US, with the currently usual two-week customs delay. When I contacted customs they told me drily that they had no knowledge of an embargo. I don't know if the person from FS customer service really didn't know any better or outright lied to me to justify the forced express shipping. Since they ship through Netherlands Post there might also be a problem at their end. But what customer service said plain and simply wasn't the truth, which was easy enough to check, and I'm really not happy with them in this regard.

Maggio 25, 8:13am

>429 SF-72:
Trilogy? What trilogy, please? The Sharpe books extend to 20-odd books as far as I'm aware. Or have I missed something?

Maggio 25, 8:24am

A trilogy within the main series

Maggio 25, 9:41am


What pop24 said. I haven't read any of them yet, but the two FS has published so far form a trilogy with another novel, which I assume they'll publish. The whole series is a lot longer, of course, and these novels set in India were written later than the ones during the Napoleonic Wars, which are better known and were the start of the series.

To quote where I originally got that info from: "Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Fortress -- the stunning successor to Sharpe's Tiger and Sharpe's Triumph -- marks the explosive finale in Richard Sharpe's trio of unforgettable adventures in India." from

Maggio 25, 9:57am

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Thanks to compilation by Kevin, the indices to the FS catalogues have been updated on teh FSD wiki.
See here.

Giu 1, 10:32am

>434 wcarter: Thanks Kevin and Warwick. The Wiki just gets keeping better!

Giu 2, 7:32pm

Well my order arrived and I think I must have gotten someone else's order. The same books but this delivery came in an undamaged box and none of the books or slipcases were even dinged. I can't remember the last time I received a complete order in pristine condition. I feel I must apologize to the poor soul that that has received my damaged order, sorry.

Giu 2, 8:36pm

>436 kdweber: Great to hear! I too received a miraculously undamaged book recently. The small box itself was literally ripped in half, as though it was used for a demonstration of some bizarre feat of strength, but inside the larger half sat the nearly completely unprotected yet wholly unscathed Hardy LE. Perhaps we earned some good karma in an alternate universe recently.

Giu 6, 9:59am

I have a couple hundred Folios purchased directly, all shipped across the pond over dozens of orders, and I have yet to receive a single volume even slightly damaged. If I believed in karma, I'd wonder what yall are up to in your free time.

Giu 7, 1:45pm

>436 kdweber:
>437 ChampagneSVP:
>438 dogwizard:

I haven't received a single damage order since they stopped shipping to my area in the Royal Mail bags. I think some of our American postal workers must have enjoyed slinging them around. Those always had slight dings and bumps but rarely anything major. I think I only had to get one replaced. My last few orders have been exceptionally well packed in boxes.

My first two FS limited editions arrived damaged but that was about a decade ago I think- The Sound and the Fury which came with a small hole in the cover and Moby Dick which looked like a used copy that had all sorts of scratches in the leather. Funny story about that- FS use to have a US warehouse. I sent the damaged Moby Dick to the US warehouse per the sticker FS sent me. For some reason, it was returned to sender but I wasn't home when the post office tried to deliver it. I went to the post office to retrieve it but it had disappeared. Someone in Chicagoland got themselves a free LE Moby Dick.....

Every other LE since then has been perfect.

Giu 7, 2:31pm

Good vibes!

The switch from bubble wrap to airy paper wrapping definitely had an impact. The longer travel times between the UK and Europe have as well. Brexit mixed with Corona saw the halt on standard shipping, but express is also slower. Every time shipping takes longer and gets fragmented by forwarding boxes all over the place before it gets to you en finale, damage is inevitable in my experience. You have to live with it or ask for a replacement. If I now would ask for one, I’ll have to pay tax and delivery charge on the new book. That’s one way of stemming the tide.

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>440 NLNils: The packing paper their fulfillment contractor uses is not the problem. It's high-quality and more than heavy-duty enough for the job. The problem is that they don't use enough of it to pack the books tight in the box and especially to protect more at the corners.

Modificato: Giu 9, 8:11am

>438 dogwizard: Count your blessings. I once made a large sale order that came in four boxes, all delivered in the big mail bags. One box was pristine, but the other three were absolutely demolished. 27 damaged books from one order, most out of print and not replaceable from the sale. That experience prompted me to shell out for expedited shipping for future orders.

Unlike others, I've had good shipping results with the new paper packaging. With the old bubble wrap, there was almost always one oversized book that would take one for the team.

Giu 9, 8:26am

>441 whytewolf1: Agreed. I reuse their crumpled packing paper whenever I have it around, and the few times I’ve used it I’ve never had any issues with damage.

Giu 9, 8:54am

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>445 U_238: Yes, I've done the same. And I should point out for the benefit of any skeptics that I'm a former dealer whose business used to ship out a few hundred packages a week, so this is an informed opinion. ;)

Giu 22, 8:39am

>422 dlphcoracl:
I have just received my order placed over the w/e and agree that "Long Walk to Freedom"
is absolutely gorgeous. However I was rather dismayed to find the first few pages had all been creased, completely spoiling the overall effect. It seems being printed in Germany is no guarantee you will never have any problems :-(

I also received "Everest" - also extremely nice although at £200 it should be, "Man on the Moon" - I must admit to being slightly underwhelmed with this one actually; not too impressed with the integrated photographs and one in the leaflet shows some loss of detail in the actual book. Also I am worried about the robustness of the covers, noticing that the cloth already suffers from marks and slight scratches. The Everest full cloth binding is much better done and much more robust as is the cloth binding of the other three books. The remaining two books were "The Road" and "Defeat into Victory"; the latter has been on my want list for ages and again extremely well produced.

If I had placed this order knowing what I know now I probably would not have got
"Man on the Moon". Best of the bunch will be Mandela when I get a decent copy!

Giu 22, 8:50am

>448 RogerBlake:

I strongly suspect that the creased pages in "Long Walk to Freedom" occurred either in transit or storage and were not present when the book left Germany. That said, I thought it was ThE obvious pick amongst the new Summer Collection.

Similarly, I consider the selection of Montaigne Essays currently being offered at a generous -40% discount to be a no-brainer, another FS book in their deluxe category. If you have any interest in the Montaigne Essays, this should be a no-brainer, another book you will be quite pleased to add to your FS collection.