Repeats in the February List?

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Repeats in the February List?

Gen 5, 12:38pm

February list is up, and I am noticing some titles offered for review that have also been on the December and January lists, and possibly back on the November list.

What's up with that?

Titles include:
Laurel Everywhere
Finding the Vein

There may be more. I only noticed these because each is a title that I considered requesting.

Modificato: Gen 5, 1:15pm

I've seen that happen before, where a publisher offers the same book for several months running. I kind of like it. If I remember correctly, it took three months of requesting for me to win The Chilbury Ladies' Choir and I really enjoyed that one. :=) I assume it's the publisher's call as to how many months to offer a book, though I could be wrong on that.

Gen 5, 1:39pm

If a publisher is willing to send the book in more than one month, why would LT refuse?

Gen 5, 2:10pm

I once got a book the second time around. Good book, too, as I recall.

Gen 6, 12:36pm

(January, not February)
Maybe the publisher decided to push further those books.