What are we all reading in 2021?

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What are we all reading in 2021?

Gen 2, 3:41pm

Couldn't see that anyone else had started the thread for 2021, so I shall, though I've not read any crime fiction for a number of weeks now. I have lots on my TBR stack, though...Happy New Year to all.

Gen 5, 11:54am

First one for me this year is The Thursday Murder Club, a 2020 publication from British TV presenter/producer Richard Osman.

Retirement village inmates, Elizabeth (retired spy), Joyce (ret'd nurse), Ron (ret'd Unions boss) and Ibrahim (ret'd psychiatrist), enjoy trying to solve cold cases (from files belonging to Penny (former police Inspector), founding member of the club, who now lies comatose in hospital. Things take an upswing (!) when the owners of their village are murdered...
Quaint, amusing, poignant at times. I did enjoy this start to my reading year. 4.5★s from me.

Next up is classic Christie, Poirot's 23rd outing, in Evil Under the Sun.

(Apologies for having to 'bold', Touchstones are not working for me.)

Gen 11, 7:57am

Book 2 in the historical mystery series set in Regency England - Shadows of the Past by Judith Cutler. The main protagonist is Tobias Campion, younger son of a noble family, who chooses to answer his calling as a country parson. 3.5★s.

Gen 15, 2:39pm

Far from cosy, Vanishing Point by Scottish author Danielle Ramsay, a hard hitting police series set in the northeast of England (the seaside town of Whitley Bay to be precise, not too far north of Newcastle-upon-Tyne). 4★s.

Feb 11, 12:08pm

A cosy read this time - The Liar in the Library - Simon Brett 4★s.

Feb 24, 5:52pm

Gently North West - Alan Hunter 4.5★s

Supt. George Gently of Scotland Yard, takes a holiday in the Scottish Highlands with his girlfriend, his sister and his brother-in-law, and of course there just has to be a murder...
The more I read of this series, the more I enjoy it.

Mar 3, 12:36pm

Just finished Tana French's latest: The Searcher and enjoyed it, though it's not her best, in my opinion.

Mar 4, 10:46am

I've just begun A Fatal Lie the latest in Charles Todd's excellent Ian Rutledge series.

Mar 6, 10:14am

An interesting little number: The Windsor Knot - S J Bennett 4★s.

HM Queen Elizabeth II, (ably abetted by her assistant private secretary, ex-Horse Guards, Rozie Oshodie), solves the puzzle when an overnight visitor at Windsor Castle is found dead next day.

Modificato: Mar 7, 6:20pm

A Mansion and Its Murder - Robert Barnard 4.5★s

Sarah recalls her life story, finally solving a mystery that had intrigued her since childhood.

Mar 8, 1:43pm

A little disappointed in Ian Rankin's latest: A Song for the Dark Times. Definitely not his best.

Mar 8, 9:54pm

>7 ted74ca: I read The Searcher in January and agree that it isn't the author's best work. It was disappointing and I was glad when I had finished it. The characters were truly awful although I did have sympathy for Trey and her situation.
Her earlier Dublin Squad series was much more gripping than this work.

Mar 19, 2:01am

Just finished the latest "Vera" novel-The Darkest Evening by Ann Cleeves. Pretty good, though I guessed the murderer quite early on.

Mar 21, 7:09pm

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

A light and entertaining mystery. The Thursday Murder Club consists of four people in their late seventies, who live in a retirement complex. (Osman calls them pensioners, but you would not get away with this in Australia because the self-funded retirees would be very annoyed.) Joyce was a nurse, Elizabeth a spy, perhaps, Ibrahim a psychologist, and Ron a militant trade union leader. The founding member, Penny, was a police officer who provided the files of the unsolved cases that the group investigates, but she can no longer participate. When one of the complex's business partners is murdered, the club members are delighted to have a real-life murder to investigate.

The book was a tiny bit twee, but entertaining and good-hearted, so I enjoyed it. The retirees were satisfyingly capable people, with individual personalities.

Maggio 2, 4:59pm

Recently finished Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz. I really like his work, both his novels and his screenplays, especially those for my all time favourite TV series Foyle's War.

Maggio 10, 9:01am

>14 pamelad: Just finished it. Very amusing, and surprisingly dark! I just loved the narration style as ground but very humourous.

Maggio 11, 12:39am

Just finished Blood Line by Lynda La Plante
From the author of Prime Suspect this one features not Jane Tennison, but Anna Travis, a detective on the search for a young man who appears to be missing although not reported as such. I have enjoyed all of La Plante's novels and this one was no exception. Gritty, grisly, but a good mystery that kept me guessing right to the end.

>15 ted74ca: I have Moonflower Murders on my wishlist. There is a long waiting list for it at the library so it may be a while before I get to it.

Modificato: Giu 10, 4:39pm

Fallen into the Pit - Ellis Peters 4.5★s
A bit of an oldie (1951), featuring 13-year-old Dominic, who is determined to find clues to a murder in order to help out his father, a village police Sgt.

Giu 10, 1:15pm

I really enjoyed Elly Griffiths's The Postscript Murders. It's not one of her Ruth Galloway series, but is the second featuring DS Harbinder Kaur.

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>18 Sergeirocks: Following on from "Fallen into the Pit", Death and the Joyful Woman by Ellis Peters 4.5★s.

Giu 10, 4:35pm

Another Golden Oldie - The Big Four - Agatha Christie 4★s. A Poirot Mystery.

Giu 13, 8:22pm

I'm reading my way through the Patricia Wentworth "Miss Silver" series via ebooks. After those, will definitely check into those listed above.

Giu 14, 5:16am

I’m reading the Stephens and Mephisto (The Magic Men)crime series by Elly Griffiths and am currently reading The Blood Card, the third book in the series.

Giu 15, 8:07am

>23 wolfenmom: I am currently doing the same — I read Poison in the Pen most recently.

Giu 16, 7:36pm

>24 mrspenny: I'm a fan of Elly Griffiths too! I'm currently reading A Shot in the Dark by Lynne Truss, a hilarious mystery that is also set in Brighton. The author is better known for Eats, Shoots and Leaves: the Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation.

Lug 1, 5:33pm

Lug 2, 4:28pm

Continuing Ellis Peters' 'Felse Investigations' series with Flight of a Witch, 4★s.

Lug 5, 3:20am

The Salton Killings - Sally Spencer 4.5★s
Scotland Yard's Ch Insp Charlie Woodend, a grizzly 'northerner', eats sergeants for breakfast, but when he and eager, young, ex-grammar school, DS Rutter are sent to investigate a murder in a small village, they get on surprisingly well.

Lug 8, 1:29pm

Killing with Confetti by Peter Lovesey
This is what can happen when a top cop's son plans to marry an influential criminal's daughter. Peter Diamond was to keep an eye on the convict while he attended the wedding in case one of his enemies tried to bump him off but it turned out that the murder victim was someone else. Lovesey writes a good police procedural and Diamond is always worth a few good lines.

The bride's cat was named Claude, an appropriate feline name even though he kept his claws sheathed.

Lug 15, 1:38am

Death at Windsor Castle by C.C. Benison
The entire series was a lot of fun but this entry was the best. I've heard there will be no more in the series and that's a shame because housemaid Jane Bee and Her Majesty make a terrific pair of sleuths. I loved the setting and background story of Windsor Castle and the Knights of the Garter. By including details of pomp and protocol it was a tad lengthy for a cozy mystery, but it was well-written and I wouldn't remove a word.

Lug 16, 7:55pm

Blacklands by Belinda Bauer
If I had noticed any tags for this book it would have put me off reading it. I'm glad that didn't happen because it was a gripping story of a boy who wanted to find the site where his long dead uncle was buried by a pedophile. This would improve his status at home and make his Nan happy. In the course of the story, the boy contacts the killer in prison hoping to trick him into identifying the spot. Instead he inadvertently identifies himself. Bauer is successful at getting inside the head of the most repellant character without being graphic, as well as creating a believable twelve-year-old boy.

This was Bauer's debut, gripping and chilling, a story that doesn't flag on the suspense throughout. I will definitely be reading more by this author.

Lug 23, 8:12am

Two to bring me up to date: One Corpse Too Many - Ellis Peters 4.5★s, 2nd book in the Cadfael series; and First Frost - James Henry 4★s, 1st book in a prequel series to R D Wingfield's 'DI Jack Frost' series (set in 1981).

Lug 29, 6:37pm

I just finished the first in a series new to me and really liked it. Talking to the Dead by Harry Bingham

Lug 31, 11:28pm

>34 ted74ca: I love that series! It's so different from the usual fare.

Ago 6, 8:03am

A new author to me: Roy Lewis - A Lover Too Many, first book in the Inspector Crow series. Set in late '60s England, I'll definitely be reading more; 4.5★s.

Ago 20, 3:40pm

The Killings at Kingfisher Hill by Sophie Hannah. Opinion: so-so, definitely the plotting was not on par with that of Agatha Christie.

Ago 27, 4:52am

2 books by another author new to me, Stuart Pawson - The Picasso Scam and A Very Private Murder, 4.5★s each. These are first and last in his DI Charlie Priest series, there are 13 in all and I intend to read the other 11.

Ago 28, 2:58pm

The Mystery of the Blue Train - Agatha Christie 4★s
A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs - Ellis Peters 5★s
Staging Death - Judith Cutler 4.5★s

Set 5, 1:46pm

The Shivering Turn - Sally Spencer (Alan Rustage) 4.5★s. First book in the Jennie Redhead (PI) series. Set in Oxford, 1974.

Set 11, 10:41pm

>31 VivienneR: You are right that there are no more in that series by Benison but he has another series called the Father Christmas series with titles based on the items in The Partridge in the Pear Tree. The first one is Twelve Drummers Drumming, To the disappointment of many his publisher did not continue the series after Ten Lords a'Leaping but Benison did come out this year with a novella called The Unpleasantness at the Battle of Thornford set in the same mileu. They were a lot of fun and we are still hoping that some other publisher will pick up the series.

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