Captainsflat will be well, be well, all will be well in 2021

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Captainsflat will be well, be well, all will be well in 2021

Dic 31, 2020, 9:16pm

Failed 2020 - by half. Shall try again and fail better.

1. Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The scariest book I’ve read this year!

Gen 1, 9:48am

Any amount of reading is never a fail. Happy new year! (curious about Discipleship now.}

Gen 6, 12:34am

>2 lamplight: thank you, I know, some days any amount or even quality of words help.
Re Discipleship- it was a flippant statement - but I went and read the context of when it was written and who it was written for, which helped. On the other hand, I love reading things with no context and being disoriented and unsure, so I robbed myself of that sitting with the mystery.

Modificato: Gen 6, 12:37am

2. Nocturnal Animals by Austen Wright

Just okay. Haven’t seen the film. I did like the half finished thoughts style of writing. But ponderous was the word I was left with.

Gen 8, 2:17am

3. Pig’s head by David Owen

Really, really enjoyed this Hobart set Krimi.

Gen 18, 5:53pm

4. The White People by Arthur Machen

So delicious. Weird Tales give me life.

Gen 18, 5:56pm

5. Stasiland by Anna Funder

So sad that this feels really now - they’ve picked up the how-to and run with it. It is behind glass, but it is not over. Are all stories just about different forms of courage?

Feb 2, 7:20pm

Feb 5, 7:09pm

7. White Eagles Over Serbia by Lawrence Durrell

Putting nearly everything aside, I really enjoyed this. The descriptions of the mountains made my heart sing. I know that landscape. And it had fanciful enough moments to not just be boring spy and army cliches.

Feb 6, 2:18am

8. The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

I’m kind of disappointed in the resolution. Family drama hum drum when it could have been something else.

Feb 20, 11:22pm

9. Pelagia and the Black Monk by Boris Akunin

Feb 24, 4:51am

10.Death In Brunswick by Boyd Oxlade

Like an early work of styles read before. Good old Melbourne.

Mar 3, 1:04am

11.A Mind To Murder by P. D. James

A bit of fluff for Minischool.

Mar 5, 2:45am

12. The Key and the Fountain by John Pinkney

Swallowed in one happy gulp.

Mar 21, 2:35am

13. The Emperor by Ryszard Kapuscinski

Poetry, but nightmare style.

Mar 26, 11:31pm

14. North of Nowhere, South of Loss by Janet Turner Hospital

What I love about this, is her writing is not about eyes and seeing. It is about how things feel in the body. And, of course, end of the line Queensland.

Mar 30, 1:21am

15. Heap House by Edward Carey

The language and names are delicious.

Apr 1, 3:12am

16. My Friend Mr Campion and other mysteries by Margery Allingham


Modificato: Apr 15, 12:37am

18. Living in Hope by Frank Byrne

19. Kulinmaya by Mike Mumu Williams

Apr 25, 1:45am

20. Hot Lead, Cold Iron by Ari Marmell


Maggio 26, 9:08pm

21. Growing up Disabled in Australia by Carly Findlay.

Maggio 30, 11:04pm

22. Practical Demon Keeping by Christopher Moore

Light and forgettable.

Giu 22, 1:29am

23. Black and Blue by Ronnie Gorrie

Powerful. Memorable.

Giu 30, 6:43am

24. The Girl with the Dog by Anna Funder

Lug 2, 12:05am

25. Dubious Deeds by Philip Ardagh

Lug 5, 4:34pm

26. The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon

Lug 5, 8:11pm

27. The Ghost of Love Street by Veneto Armanno

Short, good, suitably weird.

Lug 6, 1:50am

28. Animal Farm by George Orwell

With the boys, then we went and saw it on stage.

Lug 12, 10:41pm

29. Tinkers by Paul Harding

I liked it a lot, the descriptions of how Howard sees the world.

Lug 15, 6:03am

30. The Boggart by Susan Cooper

The weather changed very fast, in his old boggart heart.

Lug 16, 6:58am

31. The Snow Was Dirty by Georges Simenon