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Mar 13, 2008, 11:55am

"Culinaria Italia : italienske spesialiteter (Italienische Spezialitäten)
by Claudia Piras"

I wondered why just 3 people owned this book. I searched and found out that 88 copies was under author Guenter Beer.
So I had to take a look in the book again. Claudia was the author and on the dustjacket Claudia Piras was talked about. They told how her Italian grandmother had teached her cooking from she was a little girl. That she loves too cook now.

Please find out who really is the author of your book, maybee Amazon has got it wrong again.

Modificato: Mar 13, 2008, 2:26pm

>1 IaaS:

Amazon does have it wrong.

Guenter Beer is a photographer (his homepage).

It appears that both Claudia Piras and Eugenio Medagliani are co-editors of Culinaria Italy.