Question regarding book club editions...

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Question regarding book club editions...

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Ott 23, 2007, 6:40pm

This probably has an obvious answer that I'm just not aware of but:

I'm just getting into really collecting books now that I've finally have room to build a real library, with more than one shelf, and I'm really begining to care what editions I have on my shelves.

So is there a definitive way to know if a book is from a book club or the original edition?

I know they used to print a lot of times "Book Club Edition" on the jacket leaf, but not really anymore. Other times I've noted that they don't include ISBNs for the BCEs. And most of the times they are smaller than normal, but sometimes FE/FPs are pretty small too!

So is there one sure fire to tell? Thanks for your input and sorry if this is a dumb question. :-)

Nov 8, 2007, 4:17pm

Your question is certainly not dumb and is well worth considering at some length. For an initial discussion of some of the issues in identifying BCEs try this site: If, after reviewing this information you are still interested in a simple but fallible method for screening books rapidly for first editions, post a followup question here.

Maggio 26, 2008, 5:50am

Important, if you are really into collecting, one advice stay clear from BCE. Check all available info to avoid buying BCE's (unless as readingcopy)

Set 19, 2008, 11:21am

an infallable way? no. however, these books often have these symptoms (I use "symptoms" as in a disease):

clipped top front leaf where the "Book Club Edition" was located.

a round circle or square on the back cover of the book itself, lower left hand corner.

dirty or light paper in the bindings. you should be able to tear a book club edition in half with a small pressure as they use paper boards and glue bindings (I'm not talking about the quality club editions such as Heritage Press, et al.

Look at the verso and the printing history. if it is a BCE it should list the latest edition as such.

Finally (maybe first, actually) check out AB or Book Price Index to find a description of points and states of the first edition(s).

Good luck to you.