Ian Allan RIP

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Ian Allan RIP

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Ian Allan obituary (Guardian)

Ian Allan, publisher and businessman, born 29 June 1922; died 28 June 2015

Ian Allan’s ABC of Southern Locomotives, which was published in December 1942, heralded the birth of trainspotting as a mass hobby in Britain...

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I have more than a few books published by his company and I do go back to them when I get bored with US RR stuff and want a different spin and country-centered discussion.

I do wonder why train spotting never caught on in the US although I do know people that have their favorite engine or groups of engines. I'm a juice guy so GG1's are one of my things and I do know where extant units are for the most part.

I just finished reading the obit and what an interesting lifetime! I gained my interest in 'juice' by visiting Narrows VA and watching the big Virginian electrics dragging the 100 ton 6 axle "battleship gons" loaded to the gills with the black stuff! They had 2 speeds: slow(14mph) and slower(7mph). I can't ever recall seeing any of the N&W stuff.

At home I watched many GG's, P5 and P5a's and the E44's going up and down the Trenton CutOff as well as all the GG's running on the mainline and the Harrisburg line.

These days all there is on the Trenton Cutoff is one turn a day taking scrap gons to the furnaces in Coatesville PA. NS runs that and it has one of the last cabin cars in daily use as they need a platform to control the train when it is making reverse moves on tight curves into and out of the yard at Coatesville. I haven't looked lately but there were still some old PRR gons running in the trains. It's a captive beat up set of cars.

Maggio 21, 2018, 12:47am

I think there quite a few railfans in the U.S. Trainspotting was never a term used here. The National Railway Historical Society is maybe the biggest umbrella group, and have a friend who spent many years as a regional diretor for them. The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society is a smaller group. And then there is the Electric Railroaders Association ("juice").