Dec. 2014's SK Flavor of the Month - The Shining

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Dec. 2014's SK Flavor of the Month - The Shining

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Rereading The Shining in preparation for next month's book, Doctor Sleep. Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like, the previous thread is here:

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When the 2014 Flavors of the Month list was made, The Shining was the book that excited me the most. I am glad it was included, even though it was out of order. I am looking forward to reading Doctor Sleep too.

I started the book a little early - late November. I just finished it. This was the second time I read the book. The first was 35+- years ago, in my early teens. I remembered parts of the book: the first meeting between Jack and the Overlook manager, the Hallorann / Danny talk about 'Shining,' the wasps coming to life in Danny's room, Jack's time in the Colorado Lounge, Halloran's snowmobile trip, the redrum thing, the violence with the mallet, and the conclusion. However, there were things I didn't remember: Jack's and Wendy's back story, Tony, how Jack found the wasp nest, the scrapbook & the research Jack did about the Overlook Hotel, and that Jack was a writer/teacher.

Thanks for the link to the previous thread. Interesting reading. Here's part of post #28 by jseger9000:

"...I think the part where Jack smacks Danny was the turning point. Where 'I'm trying to be a nice guy' Jack is finally tilted into the 'defend the hotel at all costs' Jack. He was slipping before hand. Doing things he shouldn't, but then he seemd to be able to come back from the edge. Now that he's smacked Danny though, he's changed. There was that moment when he was talking to Wendy right after, but it slipped away and he's the Overlook's now.

Any opinions?"

The turning point for me was when Danny was telling Wendy and Jack all that happened, but Jack DID NOT talk about his experience with the hedge animals. Danny had talked about many things: knowing about Jack's conversation with Al and Ullman about writing a negative book about the hotel - something he had no way of knowing, the woman in room 217, the word redrum, Hallorann's talk about the shine, and the blood and gore in the Presidential Suite. Up to that point Jack spoke up about everything he knew about the history of the Overlook. When Danny mentioned the hedge animals, both Wendy and Danny noticed Jack had a reaction, but when he was asked if he had seen anything, he lied, saying NO. Based on my previous reading of the book, it seemed like a huge moment. If he told the truth I felt he wouldn't have gone over the edge.

I am glad I re-read it. My thoughts after the first reading was that the book wasn't as scary or exciting as I thought it would be. I remember being bored, especially Jack's time talking with the bartender in the lounge. I enjoyed the book much more this time. I enjoyed reading about a destructive, alcoholic person more as a 48 year old than I did as a 13 or 14 year old.