Shared Planet: Is it worth saving Spix's Macaw?

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Shared Planet: Is it worth saving Spix's Macaw?

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Giu 24, 2014, 4:23am

Coming up later today on BBC R4: Is it worth saving Spix's Macaw? With Nigel Collar & Hugh Possingham. Always an engaging speaker, Nigel is author of many articles and books on bird conservation, including Birds to Watch, Threatened Birds of Africa and Related Islands, Threatened Birds of the Americas and Facing Extinction: The world's rarest birds and the race to save them.

Spix's Macaw is Critically Endangered, Possibly Extinct in the Wild.

Spix's Macaw - Conservation Triage

How does the world of conservation set its priorities? Shared Planet reports from Qatar and the effort being spent to save the Spix Macaw from extinction in captivity. Occasionally, when the battle to save a species from extinction has almost been lost, the only alternative is to catch the remaining individuals to be kept safe and bred in captivity with no certainly of ever being returned to the wild. In this episode of Shared Planet Monty Don asks whether last hope fights to prevent single extinctions are viable or do we need to start prioritising conservation funding to secure the future or greater numbers of species?