BBC R4 Archive on 4: Pulped Fiction (on literary reputations)

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BBC R4 Archive on 4: Pulped Fiction (on literary reputations)

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Maggio 10, 2014, 4:18pm

Just caught this programme live on the UK's BBC R4 - it is available on-line for a further 7 days. Amongst the writers that are less easy to get hold of now (though certainly not forgotten) are some of my favourites: John Cowper Powys, J B Priestley, Malcolm Lowry. Stoner, championed these days by Ian McEwan, gets a mention. Others are more obscure: Mary Mann anyone? Interesting interviews with Penguin editors, and their printers, Clays.

BBC R4 Archive on 4: Pulped Fiction

The writer DJ Taylor examines the question of literary reputations and how they rise and fall. Is talent alone enough to ensure survival? Taylor argues that what allows a writer's work to endure is not straightforward merit, but something far more complex: an immensely subtle calibration of talent with the preoccupations of the age that follows. Tone, taste, fashion and luck all play a part. Taylor speaks to the writers Louis de Bernieres, Tracy Chevalier and David Lodge as well as to Professor Dame Hermione Lee, the critic Peter Kemp and to Simon Winder, the Publishing Director of Penguin Press. Along the way he'll discuss writers whose reputation have waxed and waned. He'll ask which writers deserve to be brought back and which ones are on the slide...