Join in - Weekly GeoGuessr challenge thread #2

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Join in - Weekly GeoGuessr challenge thread #2

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Modificato: Set 30, 2013, 2:09pm

General Stuff. In an effort to put some zip and some self initiation into Geoguessr challenges, here is a "why-don't-we" thought or two. I certainly don't know all the answers, though. Also, if you have friends or acquaintances on LT that might be interested in playing, ask if they're interested, more players are a plus.

--- Anyone may post a geoguessr challenge whenever they want and that challenge runs for a week - to the day and minute - after posting. No more than two challenges running concurrently; please check before posting a challenge. Challenges may be either without time restriction or limited to some number of minutes (6 to 10??) per round.

--- When you answer a challenge, state which one you are answering as in "BettyBoop's challenge of June 25, 2029" (Trying to be optimistic here) (Is there a BettyBoop on LT? Answer: Yes. Sorry for infringing, Betty!). A little chat about the game would be a plus, for example, round #4 was especially difficult, round #3 video was enveloped in fog, lovely scenery in round 2, got lost and ended up in Siberia on round 1, the 10,000th round with sand in Australia, etc... While it's great for the ego to win, to me (luckily) it isn't the be-all end-all. Learning about our world and exercising your mind is a good thing. A little humor and fellowship is nice.

Let's keep using this topic until the messages get just up over 100.

Set 30, 2013, 2:07pm

Okay, here is the first challenge. Nothing like helping myself?

I looked for a particularly interesting game. I looked for rounds with unusual qualities and think that there were varying unusual features in the last 3 rounds of this one.

I fouled up the first round royally, but recouped considerably after that for a 27811 score. Here it is: