'Ripping Yarns' and the Tale of the Forgotten Author

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'Ripping Yarns' and the Tale of the Forgotten Author

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'Ripping Yarns' and the Tale of the Forgotten Author, is an exhibition chronicling the life and work of the prolific, Portsmouth born, children's author Percy F. Westerman. The exhibition will be open during normal library opening hours from 2pm on Tuesday 1st until Friday 11th October. The exhibition is supported with two talks by the exhibitions designer Nigel Gossop of The Westerman Yarns and a film screening. See the programme for details.

Havant Library
The Meridian Centre

This event forms part of the Havant Literary Festival 2013.

This exhibition has grown out of my own book collecting habit. It would be nice to meet any book other book collectors from the Havant/Portsmouth area. I will be there at the exhibition official opening at 2pm on Tuesday 1st October. Please stop me for a chat.