Helgi the High-Born -- Help with pricing?

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Helgi the High-Born -- Help with pricing?

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Apr 19, 2013, 6:03pm


I have recently acquired in my bookstore a book titled Helgi the High-Born by Captain W.H. Milligan. It is English, published in London by "The Boy's Own Paper" Office, 4 Bourverie Street, E.C. 4.

While there is no publication date, according to the National Library of Ireland online catalog, the book was published in 1927 (http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000011383). There is an ink inscription stating that the book was presented to Kenneth Bissell for regular attendance at Methodist Sunday School Spring Bank during 1935, so this may not be a first edition, although there appears to be no way to tell. My first edition resource books don't list this publisher.

The Boy's Own Paper was a periodical, and the book evidently appeared there in serial form first in 1925 (http://www.philsp.com/homeville/bjsp/s242.htm#A4763) (http://www.tilleysvintagemagazines.com/source/product_data.php?prodid=2922&g...)

There are no listings of this book here on LT, and none that I could find on either Alibris, ABE or Amazon.

Anybody have a clue or a guess what a fair price would be? There's no dust jacket. The book is in what I'd call good-plus condition. Very tight binding, no major blemishes or stains, mildly scuffed at the top and bottom of the spine.

I am fairly new to this game. Thought I'd ask here for help. I'm going to post this in the Book Sellers group as well, but I've found this to be a much more robust and active group than that one.


Apr 19, 2013, 7:16pm

Hi Jerry,
There's one copy for sale on UK amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk//gp/offer-listing/B0014VB8WS/sr=/qid=/?condition=used&am...
If you want to search multiple book sites easily, use both www.bookfinder.com and www.vialibri.net
Bookfinder is more for US, Vialibri has better representation of European book sellers.
Kind regards,

Apr 21, 2013, 7:00pm

Thanks, rudel. Actually, I misspoke in my original post. I had seen that listing on Amazon (which is in England) but was wondering whether there was one in the U.S. Not that there was any reason for you to be able to read my mind on that score. Anyway, thanks for the tip on bookfinder, which I keep forgetting about. The only listing there is the same one on amazon. I guess what I'm really wondering at this point (again, it's unfortunate the LT doesn't come with a mind reading app) is whether anyone here is familiar with the book or the publisher. Is this truly a very rare book or does it just so happen that there's only one listed right now?

Apr 21, 2013, 9:30pm

Hi Jerry,
Sorry I can't answer that, as it's not the area of my collecting. There is a book I found called "Take a Cold Tub, Sir! The Story of The Boy's Own Paper" by Jack Cox, who was the paper's last editor. Copies in Bookfinder as low as $6 including shipping. Perhaps that could tell you more. I'm not familiar with the quality of the book's paper or binding; perhaps it was of lower quality for children's wear and tear and copies either got worn out or didn't last over the years? Or perhaps children outgrew them and the books got lost along the way? Purely uneducated conjecture.
Good luck on your quest!

Apr 21, 2013, 10:18pm

Your guesses are as good as mine, or better. Anyway, I'm not going to make too much of an issue of it. That listing on bookfinder is around $25.00 U.S. I'm just goin to price it at $18.00 or so and leave it at that unless I hear from anybody else who knows more about the book and its story/pedigree. Sincere thanks for your time and interest!