The John Newbery Medal: History, Terms, & Criteria

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The John Newbery Medal: History, Terms, & Criteria

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Ago 10, 2012, 6:08pm

Newbery Medal Homepage

The Newbery Medal is the oldest and (arguably) most prestigious award in the field of children's literature. It's been awarded every year since 1922. Here are the terms, as set forth on the American Library Association website:
1. The Medal shall be awarded annually to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children published by an American publisher in the United States in English during the preceding year. There are no limitations as to the character of the book considered except that it be original work. Honor books may be named. These shall be books that are also truly distinguished.

2. The Award is restricted to authors who are citizens or residents of the United States.

3. The committee in its deliberations is to consider only the books eligible for the award, as specified in the terms.
There's plenty more information about how those terms are interpreted on the website I linked to above, under "Newbery Terms & Criteria."