Eventi nei libri di Rosa.Mill

Eventi citati nei libri della biblioteca di Rosa.Mill

1939 New York's World Fair (Inglese)

2e guerre mondiale (Francese)

75th Annual Hunger Games (Inglese)

The 75th Hunger Games (Tedesco)

9/11 Attacks (Inglese)

acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Inglese)

African-American Civil Rights Movement (Inglese)

American Civil War (Inglese)

American Indian Movement (Inglese)

American Revolution (Inglese)

Anschluss (Inglese)

Apocalypse (Inglese)

Assassinat de John F. Kennedy (Francese)

Assassinat de Medgar Evers (Francese)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Inglese)

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Inglese)

Assassination of John F. Kennedy (Inglese)

Assassination of Medgar Evers (Inglese)

Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (Inglese)

Assassinio di Medgar Evers (Italiano)

Atentado contra las Torres Gemelas (Spagnolo)

Atentados del 11 de septiembre (Spagnolo)

Batman: Reborn (Inglese)

Battle of Bull Run (Inglese)

Battle of Fredericksburg (Inglese)

Battle of Manhattan (Inglese)

Battle of the Labyrinth (Inglese)

Battle of Verdun (Inglese)

Battle of Waterloo (Tedesco, Inglese)

Battle of Williamsburg (Inglese)

The Beatles in Hamburg (Inglese)

Birth of Luna Maximoff (Inglese)

Birth of Margaret Norman (Inglese)

The Blitz (Inglese)

Blutmai (Inglese)

Borden Murders (Inglese)

Bosnian War (Inglese)

Boston Tea Party (Inglese)

Boxer Rebellion (Inglese)

Bread Riot (Inglese)

Bronze Age of Comic Books (Inglese)

Calanmai (Inglese)

Civil Rights Movement, USA (Inglese)

Cold War (Inglese)

Connecticut Library Association 120th Annual Conference (Inglese)

creation of Wonder Woman (Inglese)

Cromwellian Invasion of Ireland 1649/50 (Inglese)

Cuban Missile Crisis (Inglese)

Cuban Revolution (Inglese)

Cultural Revolution (Inglese)

Dark Reign (Inglese)

De Mars op Washington met M.L.King (Olandese)

De moord op John F. Kennedy (Olandese)

Death of Richard Sewell (Inglese)

Death of Spider-Man (Inglese)

Disaster: Infectious Disease (Inglese)

Discovery of Fillory (Inglese)

Dracula Night (Inglese)

Dust Bowl Era (Inglese)

Edo period or Tokugawa period (Inglese)

Edo period or Tokugawa period (Inglese)

Election of John F. Kennedy (Inglese)

Fall of Saigon (Inglese)

Fate of the Labryinth (Tedesco, Inglese)

Final Crisis (Inglese)

Französische Revolution (Tedesco)

French Resistance (Inglese)

French Revolution (Inglese)

Galveston Hurricane of 1900 (Inglese)

Golden Age of Comic Books (Inglese)

Grace Brown's Murder (Inglese)

Great Depression (Inglese)

The Great Depression (Inglese)

Great Famine (Inglese)

The Great Revelation (Inglese)

The Great Stink (Inglese)

Guerra Mundial, II (Catalano)

Haiti earthquake (Inglese)

Halifax Explosion (Inglese)

Halifax Explosion, 6 December 1917 (Inglese)

Holocaust (Tedesco, Inglese, Catalano)

Holocauste (Francese)

Hurricane Donna (Inglese)

Hurricane Katrina (Inglese)

Implementation of the Comics Code Authority (Inglese)

Influenza pandemic (Inglese)

Iran-Iraq War (Inglese)

Iranian Revolution (Inglese)

Jack the Ripper Murders (Inglese)

Jazz Age (Inglese)

Judgement of Paris (Inglese)

Kefauver Senate Hearings (Inglese)

Kennedy Inauguration (Inglese)

Killing Lila Zacharov (Inglese)

Klondike Gold Rush (Inglese)

Korean War (Inglese)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Inglese)

Manhattan Project (Inglese)

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (Inglese)

Martian invasion of Earth (Inglese)

Martin Luther King Assassination (Inglese)

migration (Inglese)

Mouvement pour les droits civiques des Afro-Américains (Francese)

Murder of Sue Dibny (Inglese)

Napoleonic Wars (Tedesco, Inglese)

Nazi Germany; World War II (Inglese)

NCAA Basketball Tournament (Inglese)

New Orleans school desegregation crisis (Inglese)

New York Shirtwaist Strike of 1909 (Inglese)

New York World's Fair (Inglese)

No Man's Land (Inglese)

ocupació nazi (Catalano)

Olocausto (Italiano)

Opkomst Bob Dylan (Olandese)

Peasants' Revolt (Inglese)

Peninsular War (Tedesco, Inglese)

Port Chicago Mutiny (Inglese)

Prohibition in the United States (Inglese)

Publication of Dr. Frederic Wertham's "Seduction of the Innocent" (Inglese)

Publication of Ms. Magazine #1 (Inglese)

Quarter Quell (Inglese)

Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee (Inglese)

The Rapture (Inglese)

Rebirth of Kronos (Tedesco, Inglese)

Return of King Arthur (Inglese)

Russian Revolution (Inglese)

Salem witch trials (Inglese)

San Francisco Earthquake (Inglese)

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire (Inglese)

Scorpio races (Inglese)

The Season (Inglese)

Second Battle of Bull Run (Inglese)

Second Titan War (Inglese)

Second Wave Feminism (Inglese)

Seconda Guerra Mondiale (Italiano)

September 11 Attacks (Inglese)

Silver Age of Comic Books (Inglese)

Sinking of the Titanic (Inglese)

Sommerferien (Tedesco)

St Mark's Eve (Inglese)

Stealing the Cleopatra Emerald (Inglese)

strike (Inglese)

Summer (Inglese)

Summer Solstice (Inglese)

Superflu epidemic (Inglese)

Thanksgiving (Inglese)

Trent Affair (Inglese)

Trojan War (Inglese)

Tweede Wereldoorlog (Olandese)

Underground Railroad (Inglese)

United States Presidential Election 1960 (Inglese)

Vietnam Oorlog (Olandese)

Vietnam War (Inglese)

the Voodoo Wars (Inglese)

War of the Usurper (Francese, Inglese)

Wednesday Afternoons (Inglese)

Whitechapel Murders (Inglese)

Winemaking (Inglese)

Winter Solstice (Tedesco, Inglese)

Women's Suffrage (Inglese)

World War I (Inglese, Norvegese)

World War II (Inglese)

World War II, German Occupation of Denmark (Inglese)

World War II, German Occupation of France (Inglese)

World War II, German Occupation of the Channel Islands (Inglese)

World War II, German Occupation of the Netherlands (Inglese)

Yellow Fever Epidemic (Inglese)

Zweiter Weltkrieg (Tedesco)