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Eventi citati nei libri della biblioteca di Nrsima

Sommario: 382 Eventi.

The 144,000 with the Lamb (Inglese)

18-yr-old Rowan traumatized by Siglen on 'lifting to Callisto Tower (Inglese)

1e guerre mondiale (Francese)

1st Beetle Attack on Deneb (Inglese)

2058 (Inglese)

2059 (Inglese)

4-yr-old Jeran Gwyn-Raven melds with in-utero Cera Gwyn-Raven to calm her after battle that she joined in (Inglese)

4-yr-old Rowan's Terror at entering spacecraft (Inglese)

Abraham justified by faith (Inglese)

African-American Civil Rights Movement (Inglese)

American Civil War (Inglese)

American Revolution (Inglese)

Ananias and Sapphira (Inglese)

Anarchia (Italiano)

The angels with the seven last plagues (Inglese)

The anti-Christ revealed (Inglese)

Arab Revolt (Inglese)

Ark of the Covenant (Inglese)

Armageddon (Inglese)

The army from the Euphrates (Inglese)

Ascension (Inglese)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Inglese)

Autumn Feast (Inglese)

An axhead floats (Inglese)

Balaam’s Donkey (Inglese)

Baptism of Jesus of Nazareth (Inglese)

The barren fig tree (Inglese)

Bataille d'Austerlitz (Francese)

Bataille de Borodino (Francese)

Bataille de la Somme (Francese)

Bataille des Cinq Armées (Francese)

Batalla dels Cinc Exèrcits (Catalano)

Battaglia dei Cinque Eserciti (Italiano)

Battaglia di Austerlitz (Italiano)

Battle of Borodino (Inglese)

Battle of Caporetto (Francese, Inglese)

Battle of Five Armies (Inglese)

Battle of Jericho (Inglese)

Battle of Laverstoke (Olandese, Inglese)

Battle of the Bulge (Inglese)

Battle of the Hornburg (Inglese)

Battle of the Somme (Inglese)

Battle of Vienna (Inglese)

Battle of Waterloo (Tedesco, Inglese)

The beast from the Earth (Inglese)

The beast from the sea (Inglese)

Beetles return for second attack on Altair (Inglese)

Beheading of John the Baptist (Inglese)

Big Bang (Inglese)

the Big Ride (Inglese)

Birth of Jesus (Inglese)

Birth of Jesus foretold (Inglese)

Birth of John the Baptist (Inglese)

Birth of John the Baptist promised (Inglese)

Birth of Moses (Inglese)

Bitwa pięciu armii (Polacco)

Black Death (Inglese)

Black Sox Scandal (Olandese, Francese)

The Blitz (Inglese)

Bloody Assizes (Inglese)

Bloomsday (Olandese, Francese, Inglese)

Bombardamento di Dresda (Italiano)

Bombardement van Dresden (Olandese)

Bombing of Dresden (Inglese)

the break up of the Moon (Inglese)

British Raj (Inglese)

Bronze Snake (Inglese)

Butlerian Jihad (Inglese)

Campagna napoleonica in Russia (Italiano)

The catch of 153 fish (Inglese)

Christ and Antichrist (Inglese)

Christ and Satan (Inglese)

Christ rebukes Pharisees and Scribes (Inglese)

Christmas (Inglese, Norvegese)

Christ’s sacrifice once for all (Inglese)

The Church’s final victory (Inglese)

The Church’s victory (Inglese)

Constitutional Convention (Inglese)

Creation (Inglese)

Creation of Narnia (Inglese)

Crimean War (Inglese)

Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth (Inglese)

The cursing of the fig tree (Inglese)

Damia becomes Aurigae Prime (Inglese)

Daniel in the lions den (Inglese)

David and Bathsheba (Inglese)

David and Goliath (Inglese)

David anointed King of Judah (Inglese)

David King of Israel (Inglese)

Day of Atonement (Inglese)

The Death (Inglese)

Death and Resurrection of Aslan (Inglese, Norvegese)

Death of Moses (Inglese)

Death of Socrates (Inglese)

Death of the White Witch (Inglese, Norvegese)

Dedication of the Glen Canyon Dam (Inglese)

The defeat of Babylon (Inglese)

The defeat of Satan (Inglese)

Dekolonisatie van India (Olandese)

The Deluge (Inglese)

Destruction of Sandleford Warren (Olandese, Inglese)

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Inglese)

Deuxième République (Francese)

Discovery of Jupiter's Moons (Inglese)

Discovery of the source of the Nile River (Inglese)

Donner Party (Inglese)

Doubting Thomas (Inglese)

The dragon and the child (Inglese)

The dragon persecutes the woman (Inglese)

Drooglegging in de VS (Olandese)

Dust Bowl Era (Inglese)

Easter (Inglese)

Edat mitjana S XIV (Catalano)

Edict of Fontainebleau (Inglese)

Einde van het universum (Olandese)

Elijah taken to Heaven in a chariot of fire (Inglese)

End of the Universe (Olandese, Inglese)

End of the World (Inglese)

Endurance Expedition (Inglese)

Erster Weltkrieg (Tedesco)

Evacuation of British Children in WW2 (Inglese, Norvegese)

Exodus (Inglese)

Fall of Jerusalem (Inglese)

Fall of Man (Inglese)

False teachers and their destruction (Inglese)

Feast of Tabernacles (Inglese)

Fine dell'universo (Italiano)

First Contact with Mridani (Inglese)

First Contact with Sodan (Inglese)

The first five bowls (Inglese)

The Flood (Inglese)

Focused Talented Minds destroy two beetle ships, fling third away (Inglese)

Fourth Crusade (Inglese)

Franklin lost expedition (Inglese)

Franse invasie in Rusland (Olandese)

Första världskriget (Svedese)

Galactic Civil War (Inglese)

Garden of Gethsemane (Inglese)

Genesis creation narrative (Inglese)

Gilded Age (Inglese)

Glorious Revolution (Inglese)

Godlessness in the Last Days (Inglese)

Golden Calf (Inglese)

The Great Commission (Inglese)

Great Depression (Inglese)

Great Fire of London (Inglese)

Great Plague of London (Inglese)

The Great Revelation (Inglese)

Guerra Civil Española (Spagnolo)

Guerra Civile Spagnola (Italiano)

Guerra della terza coalizione (Italiano)

Guerra di Troia (Italiano)

Guerres napoléoniennes (Francese)

Gwyn-Raven children fostered on Deneb, allowing them to train their talented children (Inglese)

the Hard Rain (Inglese)

Hartford circus fire (Inglese)

The harvest (Inglese)

Hindenburg disaster (Inglese)

Holocaust (Inglese)

Hurricane Katrina (Tedesco, Inglese)

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 (Inglese)

Iraanse Revolutie (Olandese)

Iranian Revolution (Inglese)

Irish Revolution (Inglese)

Israel crossing the Red Sea (Inglese)

Israel's exodus from Egypt (Inglese)

Italian Campaign (Francese)

Jackpot (Inglese)

Jacob wrestles with God (Inglese)

Jazz Age (Olandese, Francese, Inglese)

Jerusalem under siege (Inglese)

Jesus and disciples prepare for Passover (Inglese)

Jesus anointed in Bethany (Inglese)

Jesus appears to Peter (Inglese)

Jesus before Herod (Inglese)

Jesus before Pilate (Inglese)

Jesus blesses small children (Inglese)

Jesus calls his disciples (Inglese)

Jesus calms the stormy sea (Inglese)

Jesus feeds 4,000 (Inglese)

Jesus feeds the 5,000 (Inglese)

Jesus heals 10 lepers (Inglese)

Jesus heals a blind man (Inglese)

Jesus heals a leper (Inglese)

Jesus heals a man with dropsy (Inglese)

Jesus heals deformed woman on Sabbath (Inglese)

Jesus heals man with palsy (Inglese)

Jesus heals the blind and mute (Inglese)

Jesus heals the Centurion's servant (Inglese)

Jesus purges the Temple (Inglese)

Jesus purging the temple (Inglese)

Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead (Inglese)

Jesus raises the widow of Nain’s son (Inglese)

Jesus restores a lunatic (Inglese)

Jesus restores the sight of 2 blind men (Inglese)

Jesus revealed to his disciples (Inglese)

Jesus sends the 12 Apostles (Inglese)

Jesus sentenced to death by Pilate (Inglese)

Jesus taken captive (Inglese)

Jesus walks on the sea (Inglese)

Jesus' temptation in the desert (Inglese)

Jesus’ burial (Inglese)

Jesus’ death (Inglese)

Jesus’ parable of the net (Inglese)

Jesus’ parable of the sower (Inglese)

Jesus’ parable of the weeds (Inglese)

Jesus’ parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl (Inglese)

Jesus’ parables of the mustard seed and the yeast (Inglese)

Jesus’ prophecy of His suffering (Inglese)

Jesus’ resurrection (Inglese)

Jesus’ trial (Inglese)

Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem (Inglese)

Jesus’ words on the cross (Inglese)

Job’s faith tested (Inglese)

John preaches and baptizes (Inglese)

John’s vision of Christ on the island of Patmos (Inglese)

Jonah swallowed by a great fish (Inglese)

Joseph in charge of Egypt (Inglese)

Joseph Sold to Egypt (Inglese)

Joseph takes Mary as his wife (Inglese)

Joseph's brothers go to Egypt (Inglese)

Joseph's dreams (Inglese)

Judas agrees to betray Jesus (Inglese)

Judas Iscariot hangs himself (Inglese)

Judgement pronounced on Jerusalem (Inglese)

Kefauver Senate Hearings (Inglese)

La Peste Noire (Francese)

Last Judgement (Inglese)

Last Supper (Inglese)

The locusts out of hell (Inglese)

Manna from Heaven (Inglese)

The marriage supper of the Lamb (Inglese)

Massed minds toss Beetle ships into sun (Inglese)

Matthias chosen to replace Judas (Inglese)

Mesopotamian Campaign (Inglese)

Mexican Revolution (Inglese)

Mint 400 Race (Inglese)

Monarchie de Juillet (Francese)

Mongol Invasion of Europe (Inglese)

Monmouth Rebellion (Inglese)

Moscow Trials (Svedese)

Moses and the burning bush (Inglese)

Mrdini exchange program (Inglese)

Mud slide, Rowan Mining Camp, buries 3-yr-old Angharad Gwyn alive in a chopper (Inglese)

Napoleon's invasion of Russia (Inglese)

Napoleonic Wars (Tedesco, Inglese)

Napoleonische Kriege (Tedesco)

Napoleontische Oorlogen (Olandese)

Native American contact with Europeans (Inglese)

Nativity (Inglese)