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10th Annual Hunger Games (Inglese)

11th century (Inglese)

1348 (Inglese)

14th century (Inglese)

16th century (Inglese)

17th century (Inglese)

1804 (Inglese)

1830 (Inglese)

1866 (Inglese)

1869/ present (Inglese)

1878 (Inglese)

1888 (Inglese)

1895 (Inglese)

1950s (Inglese)

1970s (Inglese)

1980s (Inglese)

1e guerre mondiale (Francese)

2008 Presidential Campaign (Inglese)

2016 US presidential election (Inglese)

2017 US presidential inauguration (Inglese)

2nd Alizon War (Inglese)

74th Annual Hunger Games (Inglese)

75th Annual Hunger Games (Inglese)

The 75th Hunger Games (Tedesco)

9/11 Terrorist Attacks (Inglese)

Abdication of Edward VIII (Inglese)

Abolition of American Slavery (Inglese)

Abolition of polygamy in the United States (Olandese)

Abolition of polygamy in the United States (Inglese)

Abolitionist Movement (Inglese)

Accession of Elizabeth I (Inglese)

Accession of Richard III (Inglese)

Adoption of Varzil the Good's Compact of Honor (Inglese)

African-American Civil Rights Movement (Inglese)

The After (Inglese)

AIDS epidemic (Inglese)

Amarna Period (Inglese)

American Civil Rights movement (Inglese)

American Civil War (Inglese, Norvegese)

American Revolution (Inglese)

American Revolution 1775-1783 (Inglese)

American Revolutionary War (Inglese)

The Anarchy (Inglese)

Anarquia d'Anglaterra (Catalano)

Anglo Saxon period (Inglese)

Arrival of the Newcomers, or "Slags" (Inglese)

Assassinat de John F. Kennedy (Francese)

Assassinat de Medgar Evers (Francese)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Inglese)

Assassination of Galeazzo Maria (Inglese)

Assassination of John F. Kennedy (Inglese)

Assassination of Julius Caesar (Inglese)

assassination of Malcolm X (Inglese)

Assassination of Medgar Evers (Inglese)

Assassination of Russian imperial family (Inglese)

Assassinio di Medgar Evers (Italiano)

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Inglese)

Attempted suicide of Sylvia Plath (Inglese)

The Baccarat Scandal (Inglese)

Bacon's Rebellion (Inglese)

Balfour Declaration (Inglese)

Bangladesh War for Independence (Inglese)

Bataille de la Somme (Francese)

Bataille des Cinq Armées (Francese)

Batalla de Hogwarts (Spagnolo)

Batalla dels Cinc Exèrcits (Catalano)

Battaglia dei Cinque Eserciti (Italiano)

Battle of Actium (Inglese)

Battle of Agincourt (Inglese)

Battle of Agnadello (Inglese)

Battle of Alexandria (Inglese)

Battle of Bosworth Field (Inglese)

Battle of Cannae (Inglese)

Battle of Caporetto (Francese, Inglese)

Battle of Carrhae (Inglese)

Battle of Crécy (Inglese)

Battle of Cynwit (Inglese)

Battle of Five Armies (Inglese)

Battle of Hastings (Inglese)

Battle of Hogwarts (Inglese)

Battle of Krbava Field (Inglese)

Battle of Laverstoke (Olandese, Inglese)

Battle of Lepanto (Inglese)

Battle of Lodi (Inglese)

Battle of Mont Cenis (Inglese)

The Battle of Northampton (Inglese)

Battle of Nájera (Inglese)

Battle of Poitiers (Inglese)

Battle of Preveza (Inglese)

Battle of Quoriston (Inglese)

Battle of Rivoli (Inglese)

Battle of Salamis (Inglese)

Battle of Sluys (Inglese)

Battle of Stamford Bridge (Inglese)

Battle of Tewkesbury (Inglese)

Battle of the Department of Mysteries (Inglese, Norvegese)

Battle of the Hornburg (Inglese)

Battle of the Nile (Inglese)

Battle of the Pyramids (Inglese)

Battle of the Somme (Inglese)

Battle of Toro (Inglese)

Battle of Towton (Inglese)

The Battle of Troyes-Le-Mont (Inglese)

Battle of Waterloo (Inglese)

Battle of York (Inglese)

The Before (Inglese)

Birth of Harriet Tubman as Araminta "Minty" Ross (Inglese)

Birth of the first hybrid Tenctonese-Human child (Inglese)

Birth of twins Alastair and Conn of Hammerfell (Inglese)

Bitwa pięciu armii (Polacco)

Black Death (Inglese)

Black Lives Matter (Inglese)

Black Power Movement (Inglese)

Bleeding Kansas (Inglese)

The Blitz (Inglese)

Boer War (Inglese)

Boston Tea Party (Inglese)

Boudicca's Revolt (Inglese)

Boxer Rebellion (Inglese)

Bradley-Martin Ball (Inglese)

British Empire (Inglese)

British Raj (Inglese)

Bronze Age (Inglese)

Brown v. Board of Education (Inglese)

Burr-Hamilton Duel (Inglese)

Butlerian Jihad (Inglese)

California Gold Rush (Inglese)

Charleston (S.C.) Slave Insurrection, 1822 (Inglese)

Chernobyl Disaster (Inglese)

Chinese Civil War (Inglese)

Cholera Epidemic (Inglese)

Christian Missionaries (Tedesco)

Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963 (Inglese)

Civil Rights Movement (Inglese)

Civil Rights Movement, USA (Italiano, Inglese)

Civil War US (Inglese)

Clinton v. Jones, 520 U.S. 681 (Inglese)


Cold War (Inglese)

Colfax Massacre (Inglese)

Colonizing the New World (Inglese)

Conquest of Latin America (Inglese)

Constitutional Convention (Inglese)

Contagious Diseases Act (Inglese)

Continental Congress (Inglese)

Coronation of Edward VI (Inglese)

Coronation of Mary I (Inglese)

Coronation of Queen Victoria (Inglese)

The Council of Elrond (Svedese, Inglese)

COVID-19 pandemic (Inglese)

Crimean War (Olandese, Inglese, Norvegese)

Crusades (Inglese)

Cultual Revolution (Inglese)

Cultural Revolution (Inglese)

D-Day, Normandy, France 1944 (Inglese)

Dalai Lama at the Tibet Center/Gere Foundation for two week teaching in NYC (Inglese)

De Mars op Washington met M.L.King (Olandese)

De moord op John F. Kennedy (Olandese)

Death of Catherine of Aragon (Inglese)

Death of Cleopatra (Inglese)

Death of Diana, Princess of Wales (Inglese)

Death of Edward VI (Inglese)

Death of Edward VI (Inglese)

Death of Edward VII (Inglese)

The death of Gandalf the grey (Svedese)

Death of Harriet Tubman (Inglese)

Death of Harriet's master and Harriet's escape from slavery (Inglese)

Death of Henry VIII, King of England (Inglese)

Death of Julius Caesar (Inglese)

Death of Mary I, Queen of England (Inglese)

Death of Muhammad (Inglese)

Death of Queen Victoria (Inglese)

Death of Willie Lincoln (Inglese)

Defeat of the Carrion Crow (Inglese)

Democratic National Convention of 1968 (Inglese)

Destruction of Sandleford Warren (Olandese, Inglese)

Deuxième Guerre d'opium (Francese)

Deuxième République (Francese)

Die 10. Hungerspiele (Tedesco)

Discovery of Australopithecines (Inglese)

Discovery of Homo Habilis (Inglese)

Discovery of Little Foot (Inglese)

Discovery of Lucy (Inglese)

Discovery of Radium (Inglese)

Discovery of the Turkana Boy (Inglese)

Discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb (Inglese)

The Dome Appears (Spagnolo)

Donald J. Trump presidency (Inglese)

Donner Party (Inglese)

Draper's Meadow massacre (Inglese)

Edward Plantagenet (Inglese)

Edwardian Era (Inglese)

Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt (Inglese)

Election of 1864 (Inglese)

Election of Barack Obama to U.S. Presidency (Inglese)

Elections of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Inglese)

Elizabethan Era (Inglese)

Emancipation Proclamation (Inglese)

End of the Universe (Inglese)

English Civil War (Inglese)

English Reformation (Inglese)

English Religious Settlement (Inglese)

Era Glacial (Spagnolo)

Ermordung der Zarenfamilie (Tedesco)

Erster Weltkrieg (Tedesco)

Eviction of the Moors (Inglese)

Exclusion Crisis (Inglese)

Execution of Anne Boleyn (Inglese)

Execution of Charles I (Inglese)

Execution of King Louis XVI of France (Inglese)

Execution of Lady Jane Grey (Inglese)

Execution of Marie Antoinette (Inglese)

Expulsion of African-Americans (Inglese)

Fall of Constantinople (Inglese)

Fall of Hali Tower (Inglese)

Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 [1989] (Inglese, Norvegese)

Fall of the Second French Empire (Inglese)

Financial Crisis of 2008 (Inglese)

First Female Falconer (Inglese)

First Italian War (Inglese)

First manned mission to Mars (Inglese)

First Voyage of Christopher Columbus (Inglese)

The Flood (Inglese)

Ford Day (Francese)

Franco-Prussian War (Inglese)

Französische Revolution (Tedesco)

Freedom Summer (Inglese)

French capture of the bridge in Clausen (Inglese)

French Revolution (Inglese)

French Revolutionary Wars (Inglese)

Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 (Inglese)

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 (Inglese)

Första världskriget (Svedese)

Galactic Civil War (Inglese)

Geburt der Zwillinge Alastair und Conn von Hammerfell (Tedesco)

Gemini 9 (Inglese)

George Washington's Farewell Address (Inglese)

Georgian Era (Inglese)

Glaciación de Wurm (Spagnolo)

Glacial epoch (Inglese)

Glorious Revolution (Inglese)

Gordon Riots (Inglese)

Great Depression (Francese, Inglese, Norvegese)

Great Depression of British Agriculture (Inglese)

The Great Exhibition (Inglese)

Great Exhibition of 1851 (Inglese)

Great Leap Forward (Inglese)

Great Migration (Inglese)

The Great Migration (Inglese)

The Great Revelation (Inglese)