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Aaron, brother of Moses (Inglese)

Abba "God the Father" (Inglese)

Abednego, of the fiery furnace (Inglese)

Abel, son of Adam and Eve, killed by Cain (Inglese)

Abraham, father of Issac, husband of Sarai "Abram" (Inglese)

Abram Kean (Inglese)

Absalom, son of King David (Inglese)

Adam, father of Cain, Abel (Inglese)

Adolf Hitler (Tedesco, Inglese)

Ael i-Mhiessan t'Rllaillieu (Inglese)

Ahab, King of Israel, 874-853 (Inglese)

Albert J. Walsh (Inglese)

Alice Clayton-Rutherford, Lady Greystoke (Inglese)

Amanda Grayson (Tedesco, Inglese)

Amelinda (Inglese)

Amos, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible (Inglese)

Anakin Skywalker (Inglese)

Ancient of Days, God (Inglese)

Andrew, the Apostle, Simon Peter's brother (Inglese)

Angel of the Lord, God (Inglese)

Annas, high priest, questioned Jesus (Inglese)

Antichrist (Inglese)

Apelles, perhaps persecuted for being a Christian (Inglese)

Apollos, of Alexandria (Inglese)

Aquila Madison (Tedesco)

Aquila, husband of Pricilla (Inglese)

Aquila, of Corinth, husband of Pricilla (Inglese)

Archimedes Q. Porter (Inglese)

Arthur Mouland (Inglese)

Asaph, psalmist (Inglese)

Aslan (Inglese)

Asyncritus, Roman Christian friend of Paul (Inglese)

Augustus Caesar, Roman Emperor, 27 BC-14 AD (Inglese)

Baal, god of Asia Minor (Inglese)

Baasha, King of Israel, 908-886 (Inglese)

Balaam's Donkey (Inglese)

Barabbas, criminal released instead of Jesus (Inglese)

Barnabas, a Levite from Cyprus "also named Joseph" (Inglese)

Bartholomew, the Apostle "Nathaniel" (Inglese)

Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, David's great sin (Inglese)

Beelzebub, prince of demons (Inglese)

Benjamin, son of Jacob, brother of Joseph (Inglese)

Bereans, searched the Scriptures (Inglese)

Bill Ward (Finlandese)

Billy Graham (Inglese)

Bishop (Inglese)

Black Michael (Inglese)

Boaz, husband of Ruth (Inglese)

Braxton (Inglese)

Brian Silayna (Inglese)

Bronze Snake (Inglese)

Caesar, Roman Emperor "Caesar Augustus" (Inglese)

Caiaphas, high priest who plotted against Jesus (Inglese)

Cain, son of Adam and Eve, killed his brother Abel (Inglese)

Calamity Bill (Inglese)

Caleb (Inglese)

Caleb, son of Jephunneh (Inglese)

Canaan, grandson of Noah (Inglese)

Captain Dekker (Inglese)

Carol Marcus (Tedesco, Inglese)

Cephas "Simon Peter" (Inglese)

Cherubim, angels (Inglese)

Chief Eddy (Inglese)

Christine Chapel (Tedesco, Inglese)

Christopher Pike (Tedesco)

Cleante al-Faisal (Inglese)

Commander Tal (Inglese)

Constable Pearson (Inglese)

Creator "God" "Lord" (Inglese)

Cyrus II, King of Persia (Inglese)

Dan, son of Jacob (Inglese)

Daniel Corrigan (Inglese)

Daniel, the Prophet, survived the lion's den (Inglese)

Dannan Stuart (Tedesco)

Darth Maul (Inglese)

Darth Sidious (Inglese)

Darth Vader (Inglese)

David (Inglese)

David Marcus (Tedesco, Inglese)

David, King of Israel (Inglese)

David, King of Israel, son of Jesse (Inglese)

Deborah, the prophet, one of judges in the Bible (Inglese)

DeForest Kelly (Inglese)

Delilah, Samson's demise (Inglese)

Desus (Inglese)

Dorcas, Peter raised from the dead "Tabitha" (Inglese)

Dr. Crandall (Inglese)

Edmund (Inglese)

Edward Harding (Inglese)

Ehud, one of judges in the Bible, sent by God to deliver Israel from Moabites (Inglese)

Eli, the priest (Inglese)

Elijah, the Prophet, did not die, was taken up in a whirlwind (Inglese)

Elisabeth Elliot (Inglese)

Elisha, the Prophet (Inglese)

Elizabeth Dehner (Inglese)

Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist (Inglese)

Ellie (Inglese)

Elliot Tindall (Inglese)

Enoch, father of Methuselah, walked with God, did not die-taken by God (Inglese)

Epenetus, Paul's first convert in Asia (Inglese)

Erastus, of Corinth, convert of Paul (Inglese)

Erein tr'Khaell (Inglese)

Esau, son of Isaac (Inglese)

Esmeralda (Inglese)

Esther, Queen of Persia, cousin of Mordecai (Inglese)

Ethiopian eunuch, Philip baptized him (Inglese)

Eve, wife of Adam, mother of Cain, Abel (Inglese)

Ezekiel, the Prophet (Inglese)

Ezra, the scribe, priest (Inglese)

F. Gordon Bradley (Inglese)

Farrendahl (Tedesco)

Father "God the Father" (Inglese)

Flynn (Inglese)

Frederick Alderdice (Inglese)

Frodo Baggins (Inglese)

Gabriel, the Archangel (Inglese)

Gaius, of Derbe, companion of Paul (Inglese)

Gandalf (Inglese)

Gary Mitchell (Tedesco, Inglese)

Geezer Butler (Finlandese)

Gene Roddenberry (Inglese)

George D. Hopper (Inglese)

George Tuff (Inglese)

Gideon, son of Joash, one of 6 major judges in the Bible (Inglese)

God (Inglese)

God "Elohim" "Yahweh" (Inglese)

Goliath, the giant Philistine (Inglese)

Good Shepherd (Inglese)

Gordon (Inglese)

Gordon MacDonald (Inglese)

Grace Lee Whitney (Inglese)

Grenni (Tedesco)

Habakkuk, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible (Inglese)

Hagar, Sarah's servant, mother of Ishmael (Inglese)

Haggai, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible (Inglese)

Ham, son of Noah (Inglese)

Hannah, wife of Elkanah, mother of Samuel (Inglese)

Harlan Ellison (Inglese)

Harold Morrow (Tedesco, Inglese)

Heihachiro Nogura (Inglese)

Hermas, Roman Christian (Inglese)

Herod Agrippa I "Marcus Julius Agrippa" (Inglese)

Herod Agrippa II, son of the Herod Agrippa I "Marcus Julius Agrippa" (Inglese)

Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great "Antipater" (Inglese)

Herod, the Great, King of Judea (Inglese)

Herodion, Christian relative of Paul (Inglese)

Hezekiah, 715-686, King of Judah (Inglese)

Hikaru Sulu (Tedesco, Inglese)

Hiraku Sulu (Inglese)

Holy Spirit (Inglese)

Holy Spirit "Holy Ghost" (Inglese)

Hosea, son of Beeri, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible (Inglese)

Humphrey T. Walwyn (Inglese)

I Am, God's response when Moses asked for His name (Inglese)

I Am, God's response when Moses asked His name (Inglese)

Ilia (Inglese)

Illya Galina (Inglese)

Immanuel, the Virgin's Son, seed of David, Prince of Peace (Inglese)

Isaac, son of Abraham and Sarah (Inglese)

Isaiah, the Prophet (Inglese)

Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar (Inglese)

Israel "God's chosen people" (Inglese)

Israel, wrestled with God "Jacob" (Inglese)

J. T. Esteban (Tedesco, Inglese)

Jack (Inglese)

Jacob, husband of Rachel, son of Isaac "Israel" (Inglese)

Jairus, daughter raised by Jesus (Inglese)

James Doohan (Inglese)

James T. Kirk (Tedesco, Inglese)

James, the Apostle, son of Zebedee "James the Greater" (Inglese)

Jane Porter (Inglese)

Janice Rand (Tedesco, Inglese)

Jason, relative of Paul (Inglese)

Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, 872-869 (Inglese)

Jehovah, "Lord" "Yahweh" "YHWH" (Inglese)

Jeremiah, the prophet (Inglese)

Jeroboam II, King of Israel, 793-782 (Inglese)

Jesse, grandson of Ruth, father of King David (Inglese)

Jesus Christ (Inglese)

Jesus of Nazareth (Inglese)

Jesus, of Nazareth "Christ" (Inglese)

Jezebel, wicked queen, wife of Ahab (Inglese)

Jim (Inglese)

Jim Elliot (Inglese)

Job, challenged by satan (Inglese)

Joe Simpson (Inglese)

Joel, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible (Inglese)

John C. Puddester (Inglese)

John Clayton, Lord Greystoke (Inglese)

John H. Gorbin (Inglese)

John H. Penson (Inglese)

John Hope Simpson (Inglese)

John Kyle (Inglese)

John Mark, son of Mary (Inglese)

John, the Apostle, son of Zebedee (Inglese)

John, the Baptist, son of Zacharias and Elizabeth (Inglese)

Jonah, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible, swallowed by a large fish (Inglese)

Jonathan, Prince of Israel, son of Saul (Inglese)

Joseph Smallwood (Inglese)

Joseph, of Arimathea, Jesus placed in his tomb (Inglese)

Joseph, of Nazareth, Jesus' father (Inglese)

Joseph, son of Jacob, brother of Benjamin (Inglese)

Josephson (Inglese)

Joshua, 605-562 BC, the battle of Jericho (Inglese)

Judah, son of Jacob (Inglese)

Judas Iscariot (Inglese)

Judas Iscariot, betrayed Jesus (Inglese)

Jude, brother of James (Inglese)

Junias, relative of Paul and fellow prisoner (Inglese)

Kala [from Tarzan] (Inglese)

Kalrind (Inglese)

Keetah (Inglese)

Kerchak (Inglese)

King of kings (Inglese)

Kruge (Tedesco, Inglese)

Kulonga (Inglese)

Kyle (Tedesco)

L. E. Emerson (Inglese)

Lamb of God (Inglese)

Lawrence Styles (Tedesco, Inglese)

Lazarus, brought back to life by Jesus (Inglese)

Lazarus, poor man in Jesus' parable (Inglese)

Leah, daughter of Laban, wife of Jacob (Inglese)

Lee Kelso (Inglese)

Leonard McCoy (Tedesco, Inglese)

Leonard McCoy "Bones" (Inglese)

Leonard Nimoy (Inglese)

Leonard Outerbridge (Inglese)

Levi, son of Jacob (Inglese)

Lord "Yahweh" (Inglese)

Lord God Almighty (Inglese)

Lord God of Israel (Inglese)

Lori Ciana (Inglese)

Lot's Wife, became a pillar of salt (Inglese)

Lot, rescued from Sodom and Gomorrah (Inglese)

Louis Riel (Inglese)

Luke Skywalker (Inglese)

Luke, the Evangelist, physician (Inglese)

Mackey, Brendan as Joe Simpson (Inglese)

Magi, astrologers from the east who visited Jesus (Inglese)

Malachi, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible (Inglese)

Maltz (Tedesco)

Marcella DiFalco (Inglese)

Marish (Inglese)

Mark Brian (Inglese)

Mark Piper (Tedesco, Inglese)

Mark, the Evangelist, associate of Peter "John Mark" (Inglese)

Marta Stephens (Inglese)

Martha, sister of Mary and Lazarus (Inglese)

Mary Magdalene, went to Jesus' tomb Easter morning (Inglese)