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10th Annual Hunger Games (Inglese)

1893 Chicago World's Fair (Inglese)

1906 San Francisco Earthquake (Inglese)

1909 Seattle World's Fair (Inglese)

1914 eclipse (Inglese)

1960s (Inglese)

1962 Seattle World's Fair (Inglese)

1e guerre mondiale (Francese)

2004 Olympics (Inglese)

2e guerre mondiale (Francese)

74th Annual Hunger Games (Inglese)

75th Annual Hunger Games (Inglese)

The 75th Hunger Games (Tedesco)

9/11 Attack on NY World Trade Center (Inglese)

9/11 Attacks (Inglese)

9/11 Terrorist Attacks (Inglese)

Abdication of Edward VIII (Inglese)

AIDS epidemic (Inglese)

American Civil War (Inglese)

American Revolution (Inglese)

Anatomy Act (Inglese)

Apollo 11 Moon Landing (Inglese)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln ( (Inglese)

Assassination of John F. Kennedy (Inglese)

Assassination of Russian imperial family (Inglese)

Atomic bombing of Hiroshima (Inglese)

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki (Inglese)

Austro-Turkish War (Inglese)

Bataan Death March (Inglese)

Bataille d'Actium (Francese)

Batalla de Hogwarts (Spagnolo)

Battle of Actium (Inglese)

Battle of Antietam (Inglese)

Battle of Bunker Hill (Inglese)

Battle of Gettysburg (Inglese)

Battle of Hogwarts (Inglese)

Battle of Iwo Jima (Inglese)

Battle of the Department of Mysteries (Inglese, Norvegese)

Berlin Airlift (Inglese)

Black Lives Matter (Inglese)

The Blitz (Inglese)

Bolshevik Revolution (Inglese)

Burr-Hamilton Duel (Inglese)

Chappaquiddick Incident (Inglese)

Charleston (S.C.) Slave Insurrection, 1822 (Inglese)

Chechen conflict (Inglese)

Chicago World's Fair (Inglese)

Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963 (Inglese)

Civil Rights Movement, USA (Inglese)

climate change (Inglese)

Columbine School Shootings (Inglese)

Constitutional Convention (Inglese)

Contagious Diseases Act (Inglese)

Convention of Versailles (Inglese)

De moord op John F. Kennedy (Olandese)

Death of Diana, Princess of Wales (Inglese)

Death of Willie Lincoln (Inglese)

December 26, 2004 Tsunami (Inglese)

Dedication of Washington Monument (Inglese)

Die 10. Hungerspiele (Tedesco)

Disaster: Dam Break (Inglese)

Disaster: Flood (Inglese)

Dust Bowl Era (Inglese)

Dürre, Wassermangel (Tedesco)

Easter (Inglese)

Ermordung der Zarenfamilie (Tedesco)

Ermordung von John F. Kennedy (Tedesco)

Exposition universelle colombienne (Francese)

Exposition universelle de Chicago (Francese)

The Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks, May 1453 (Inglese)

First Battle of Bull Run (Inglese)

First Parition of Poland (Inglese)

French Resistance (Inglese)

French Revolution (Inglese)

Funeral Rule (Inglese)

Garner Heist- Largest Art Theft in History (Inglese)

Gemini 9 (Inglese)

Gettysburg Campaign (Inglese)

Good Friday Agreement (Inglese)

Great Depression (Inglese)

The Great Exhibition (Inglese)

The Great War (Inglese)

Guerra Civil Española (Spagnolo)

Guerra Civile Spagnola (Italiano)

Guerra Iraq (Italiano)

Guerre civile espagnole (Francese)

Habitual Drunkards Act (Inglese)

Halloween 1958 (Inglese)

Holocaust (Olandese, Inglese)

The Holocaust (Inglese)

Holocaust 1933-1945 (Inglese)

Holocauste (Francese)

Hurricane Katrina (Inglese)

Inauguration of Barack Obama (Inglese)

Inauguration of George H. W. Bush (Inglese)

Inauguration of George W. Bush (Inglese)

Inauguration of Jimmy Carter (Inglese)

Inauguration of John F. Kennedy (Inglese)

Inauguration of Richard Nixon (Inglese)

Inauguration of Ronald Reagan (Inglese)

Inauguration of William "Bill" Clinton (Inglese)

Indian Rebellion of 1857 (Inglese)

Influenza pandemic (Inglese)

Interbellum (Inglese)

Invention of the radio (Inglese)

Iraq War (Inglese)

Iraqi war (Inglese, Norvegese)

Japanese surrender after World War II (Inglese)

Japanese-American Internment (Inglese, Norvegese)

Johnstown Flood (Inglese)

King Philip's War (Inglese)

Koreakriget (Svedese)

Korean War (Inglese)

Kościuszko Uprising (Inglese)

Manifesto of Silence (Inglese)

Matrimonial Causes Act (Inglese)

Mord, stalken, Sexuelle Belästigung (Tedesco)

Moscow Plague Riot (Inglese)

Munich Olympics massacre (Inglese)

New Jersey plane crashes in the early 1950s (Inglese)

Northern Ireland peace process (Inglese)

Olympic Games (Inglese)

Operation Barbarossa (Inglese)

Oradour-sur-Glane fire, June 10, 1944 (Inglese)

Orphan Train (Inglese)

Pack Horse Library Project (Inglese)

The Plane Crash (Inglese)

Première guerre mondiale (Francese)

Prima Guerra Mondiale (Italiano)

Project Gemini (Inglese)

Pugachev's Rebellion (Inglese)

Période scolaire, (Francese)

Quarter Quell (Inglese)

Recession of 2008 (Inglese)

Resignation of Richard M. Nixon (Inglese)

Russian Civil War (Inglese)

Russian Revolution (Tedesco, Inglese)

Russische Revolutie (Olandese)

Russische Revolution (Tedesco)

Salem Witch Trials (Inglese)

Second Battle of Fallujah (Inglese)

Seconda guerra mondiale (Italiano)

Seconda Guerra Mondiale (Italiano)

Seconde Guerre mondiale (Francese)

Sepoy Mutiny (Inglese)

September 11 Attacks (Inglese, Norvegese)

September 11th 2001 (Inglese)

Seven Years' War (Inglese)

Seventh Russo-Turkish War (Inglese)

Siege at Ruby Ridge (Inglese)

Sinking of the Lusitania (Inglese)

Sinking of the Titanic (Inglese)

sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff (Inglese)

Sixth Russo-Turkish War (Inglese)

Slavery (Inglese)

Spanish Civil War (Inglese)

Steamship Pulaski disaster (Inglese)

Surrender of Germany in World War II (Inglese)

Swearing in of Gerald Ford (Inglese)

Swearing in of Lyndon B. Johnson (Inglese)

Swearing in of Lyndon B. Johnson as President of the United States (Inglese)

Ten-year college reunion (Inglese)

Tod von Diana, Prinzessin von Wales (Tedesco)

Torneo de los Tres Magos (Spagnolo)

Torneo Tremaghi (Italiano)

Trail of Tears (Inglese)

TransAtlantic flight of Alcock & Brown (Inglese)

Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca (Inglese)

Treaty of Saint Petersburg (Inglese)

Treaty of Sistova (Inglese)

The Tri-Wizard Tournament (Inglese)

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (Inglese)

Tsunami (Inglese)

Tulsa massacre of 1921 (Inglese)

Tulsa Race Riot (Inglese)

Underground Railroad (Inglese)

Vagrancy Act (Inglese)

Vergangenheit abschließen (Tedesco)

Victorian Era (Inglese)

Vietnam War (Inglese)

Viktorianisches Zeitalter (Tedesco)

War of 1812 (Inglese)

War of the Austrian Succession (Inglese)

War on Terror (Inglese)

Wars of the Roses (Inglese)

Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II, 1947 (Inglese)

Wells Massacre (Inglese)

Whitechapel Murders (Inglese)

Whitechapel-Morde (Tedesco)

Woman Suffrage Procession (Inglese)

Woodstock Festival (Inglese)

World War I (Francese, Inglese)

World War II (Francese, Inglese, Norvegese)

World War II, German Occupation of France (Inglese)

World War II, German Occupation of Poland (Inglese)

World War II, Operation Hannibal (Inglese)

World War II, Pacific Theater (Inglese)

World's Columbian Exposition (Inglese)

Y2K (Inglese)