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Informazioni su di meI'm a retired library and IT director and college dean. I love books and electrons. For about 20 years I published a bi-monthly review periodical until the mailing list got too large and expensive. Switched then to electronic delivery and finally when Amazon and sites like Goodreads appeared realized it was redundant.

I am rarely not plugged in, i.e. listening to an audiobook and listen to books in the shower, while getting dressed, etc. etc. It's become a joke with my kids - oh, oh, Dad's plugged in again; or geez Dad mowed the front lawn twice again to finish the chapter. Still, nothing better than sitting in my reading chair with a stack of books to one side,(8/18/13 note: stack of books has been replaced by multiple e-reading devices - love my Kindle) a snack, and a howling storm outside as the ideal way to spend time.

I like to think of reading networks as extended graduate seminars where students (we remain students all our lives) get together for a vigorous debate over ideas in books and discussions about what makes books fun.

I tend to be generous in my ratings because I know how difficult it is to create, but those books that entertain, are intriguing, have clear or beautiful imagery, or express ideas in a coherent fashion will generally get high marks.

I write reviews because it's fun and helps me to remember things from what I've read.I have no desire to collect a bunch of friends, but I really, really like reading incisive reviews, so if you write lots of good reviews, I'd love to have you on my list. I enjoy people commenting on my reviews, so feel free... Note: I will ignore your friend request if you have more friends than books and few reviews.

La mia bibliotecaExtremely eclectic. I used to have thousands of print books but have gradually been replacing them with their ebook equivalent.

GruppiAmerican Civil War, Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Happy Heathens, Hardboiled / Noir Crime Fiction, Refugees

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Anche suGoodreads

Nome veroEric Welch

LuogoForreston, IL

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Utente dalMay 4, 2009

In letturaGlory Enough for All: The Battle of the Crater : A Novel of the Civil War di Duane Schultz
Double Billing: A Young Lawyer's Tale Of Greed, Sex, Lies, And The Pursuit Of A Swivel Chair di Cameron Stracher
Typhoid Mary: An Urban Historical di Anthony Bourdain
The Chaneysville Incident di David Bradley
Every Contact Leaves A Trace: A Novel di Elanor Dymott
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