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Oct 25, 2007
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I like fantasy a lot I guess that takes up most of my library. I do enjoy a lot of other books to though. I cant explain all of the genres you will just have to look through my library to see them all. Fell free to leave comments
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I am absolutly in love with books. I never go a day without reading. Half of my life is on Hogwarts Express(I love all of you!) and the other half is barely even worth mentioning. ! I love movies. I love music. (I love a lot of things) Oh and I love Harry Potter and Twilight. I want to be an actress when I grow up. If that doesnt work than I want to be a physciatrist. Did I spell that right? Whatever. I have a sister who is on library thing. MissTessaWeasly. I have a brother with autism. Also I have two step brothers and a step sister. I am very crazy ask any one of my friends. I love bieng hyper and wild! Yup well thats it. I hope I didnt bore you with my huge biography on my life. ;) ROCK ON!!

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