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Lori Moeszinger
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I am a serial entrepreneur with a business mindset, loves anything John Grisham , tried fantasy but it really is not my thing.
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Lori Moeszinger, pseudo name “Jaimi Taylor” herein, is the brains behind Aauvi. She has over 25 years of fashion, finance and law experience and is currently serving as the chief executive officer and chief designer and artistic director of Aauvi, as well as, is a founding member. However, her activities to launch the several Aauvi divisions and companies were DERAILED when she went under the scalpel for an emergency “routine hysterectomy” that went very wrong. Nevertheless, with her relentless spirit and major recovery behind her now, she finally will be launching the Aauvi divisions and companies in 2010. Still, most relevant to the publishing industry, she served as publisher of Step-by-Step Publications from 1993 to 1997; in which Aauvi formally acquired in 2007. She holds a bachelors degree in business and a juris doctorate degree in law.

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