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Utente: Isgodchekhov

CollezioniLa tua biblioteca (1,115), Short Stories (379), In lettura (2), Da leggere (1), Authors- Read All (83), Like to Read (23), To Re- Read (11), To Read in My Dotage (105), 100 Greatest Fiction (Working list) (97), Desert Island 10 Novels (10), Desert Island 25 Novels (25), Desert Island 50 Novels (50), 100 Favorite Novels (99), Top 25 Short Fiction (14), Desert Island 12 Drama & Epics (12), Classics-Poetry and Drama (90), Biographies (19), Essays-Diaries-Letters (38), Philosophy (12), Tutte le collezioni (1,653)

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Informazioni su di meOldlitmajor/Family Dude who has a hope a few youths of the world take up the examined life , (read more world literature) in our mindless age of touch screens.

Hoo-rah for the "1001 Books To Read before You Die"... it hopefully will at least get some folks to read the 500 or so titles on the list that are truly must reads (the rest are better watched as Blu ray entertainments imho...)

La mia bibliotecaMy reading bio..

I have no specific plot or characterization expectations for post 19th century lit. Before that, plot and character were the main engine driving the narrative's machinery (Except for Diderot and Sterne)

I have had great luck trying to be patient with some of the more 'difficult' works, trying to give the authors the benefit of my reader's doubt, 'slogging through'. Most all of the time the payoff has been worth the effort, sometimes amazingly so. The text's language becomes more transparent and lucid as I become familiar with some cases the reading experience became almost transformative, reaching the level of the sublime. Examples of this for me were: Proust's In Search of Lost Time , Virginia Woolf's The Waves , and recent Nobel laureate's Herta Muller's The Land of Green Plums.

I learn how to read each book from the instructions they contain. Its a premise I ALWAYS adhere to. All novels come with 'How To Read Me' instructions.

For me, I found that once I extended my reading horizon beyond my former anglo-american literary field of vision, I went beyond the one sea, and found the vast blue ocean that is world lit in translation. Not saying I disregard anglo american lit, its now one of the seven qualitative judgement beyond that..

About my star ratings....

Yep, like ya all, my stars are as subjective and worth the same amount of grains of salt.Face it, we are not Bloom, Leavis, Frye, Barthes, Foucalt, Bakhtin, etc..

Even though I pride myself with approaching each work with as with as little cultural bias and reader-prejudices as possible, I finally look at my personal reaction to the book. The second factor is my non-qualfied amateur opinion of how I thought the work came off as a literary work of art (ie. did it fulfill its own promises).

A book has to move the heart as well as the head (not necessarily in equal measure!) to get high ratings from me.

About My Favorite Authors:

I limit my favorite authors to those who I have read multiple texts of, and in order for them to be one of my favorites, I have to be entirely smitten with more than one of their works (Proust is an exception because, well you know)


Autori preferitiIsaac Babel, Calderon De La Barca, Donald Barthelme, Samuel Beckett, Saul Bellow, Roberto Bolaño, Jorge Luis Borges, Anton Chekhov, Joseph Conrad, Mia Couto, Charles Dickens, William Faulkner, Nikolai Gogol, Günter Grass, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Bohumil Hrabal, Henrik Ibsen, Henry James, Danilo Kiš, Cormac McCarthy, Herman Melville, Alice Munro, Amos Oz, Marcel Proust, Juan José Saer, José Saramago, Bruno Schulz, William Shakespeare, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Sophocles, Theodor Storm, Olga Tokarczuk, Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Turgenev, Eudora Welty, Virginia Woolf (Preferiti in comune con altri utenti)

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LuogoCabin in the woods in Montana (past grandma's house)

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Utente dalOct 18, 2008

In letturaDombey and Son (Penguin Classics) di Charles Dickens
Neruda: Selected Poems (English and Spanish Edition) di Pablo Neruda

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