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Informazioni su di meFor the past 35 years I've been a trial attorney, general civil litigation. Concurrently, I've collected over 20,000 books with the intention of opening a brick and mortar book store in retirement. I did it.
Balcones Books
3313 Hancock,
Austin, Texas 78731. Website under construction.

Book collecting aside, my other intention was to teach political economy (political science and economics, as a study, never should have been separate -- as they were in the 1940s). I will teach my second course in the Spring 2017.

La mia bibliotecaLaw aside, my personal focus was on vintage child and young adult, fine firsts (signed and/or otherwise collectible fiction), political science, and economics. My wife and Mother-in-law (both chefs) gave me an invaluable "list" of cookbooks. My father-in-law actually was a rocket scientist and gave me an invaluable "list" of aviation titles and my wife inherited his library. But it was my Mother (graduate, Rice University, English major) who got too old to wander library shelves and assigned me to the task. Since she read 3 or 4 novels/week and you could only check out two or three at a time, I found it less time consuming to bring her sacks of books (30 and 40 at a time) that I would pick up at garage and estate sales. From this practice, she'd give me book reports on what and why she liked authors or eschewed others. For the last 10 years of her life, we would discuss books and authors. I don't have a clue as to who enjoyed it more. But, and here's the point, that was The List. Everything from Thomas Friendman or Jared Diamond to Carl Hiassen, Lawrence Block or Patricia Cornwell. She read everything.

Balcones Books caters to the collector and the reader alike.

"When you're in a book you're never bored." Mary Beth McGee (1918-2014)

Austin is a recycling town and every weekend there are a dozen estate and/or garage sales that feature books. Out of that dozen, one or two will obviously contain collections. It could be anything from physics to quilting but it will be a definitive collection. I would just buy the lot if the owner's taste and sophistication was patently obvious. It was a no brainer. My collection, as a result, is a cornucopia of "collections" which conveniently fill the required sections of a book store.



Pagina principalehttp://under construction - opening soon.

Nome veroErwin McGee

Luogo3313 Hancock, Austin, TX 78731

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Utente dalDec 11, 2016

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