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L' invenzione degli Stati Uniti: i padri: Washington, Adams, Jefferson di Gore Vidal
"At the Instance of Benjamin Franklin": A Brief History of the Library Company of Philadelphia di Edwin Wolf
"Food for Apollo" : cultivated music in antebellum Philadelphia di Dorothy Bundy Turner Potter
"Let a Common Interest Bind Us Together": Associations, Partisanship, and Culture in Philadelphia, 1775-1840 di Albrecht Koschnik
"Let It Burn": The Philadelphia Tragedy di Michael Boyette
The "Lower Sort": Philadelphia's Laboring People 1750-1880 di Billy Gordon Smith
"They Have Killed Papa Dead!": The Road to Ford's Theatre, Abraham Lincoln's Murder, and the Rage for Vengeance di Anthony Pitch
$18 and Under: The Guide to Reasonable Dining and Entertainment in Philadelphia, 2002 Update di Marc Kravitz
100 Things Flyers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (100 Things...Fans Should Know) di Adam Kimelman
100 Years in Philadelphia 1847 - 1947. The Evening Bulletin's Anniversary Book di Henry P. Adams (Photographer)
1776 di David McCullough
1776 (Piano/Vocal/Songbook) di Sherman Edwards
1776 - 1876 Visitors' Guide to the Centennial Exhibition and Philadelphia. May 10th to November 10th, 1876
1776 Year of Illusions di Thomas J. Fleming
1776: a musical play di Sherman Edwards
1776: The Illustrated Edition di David McCullough
1776: The New 1997 Broadway Cast Recording di Sherman Edwards
18 Hikes Near Philadelphia di Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co
1812: A Nation Emerges di Sidney Hart
1877: Year of Violence di Robert V. Bruce
1926 City of Phila. Dept of City Transit Broad Street Subway Contract NO. 139 Info. For Bidders di F.R. Fisher
1926 City of Philadelphia. Department of City Transit Broad Street Subway Contract NO. 135 Info. For Bidders di F.R. Fisher
The 1960 Philadelphia Eagles: The Team That They Said Had Nothing but a Championship di Bob Gordon
The 1964 Phillies: The Story of Baseball's Most Memorable Collapse di John P. Rossi
1976 National League Championship Series, Cincinnati Reds vs. Phillies Program di Larry Shenk
1976 Official Catholic directory of Philadelphia Archdiocese
1976 Philadelphia All-Star Game, July 13, 1976, Veterans Stadium Program di Larry Shenk
The 1989 Philadelphia Antiques Show, April 8-12, 1989 (a benefit for the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania) di Philadelphia Antiques Show.,
2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas di Marie-Helene Bertino
200 years of Latino history in Philadelphia di Hernan Guaracao
2003 Philadelphia Phillies Media Guide di Philadelphia Phillies
2010 Philadelphia (Zagatsurvey: Philadelphia Restaurants) di Zagat Survey
2013 Philadelphia Restaurants di Zagat Survey
250th anniversary of the settlement of Germantown, under the auspices of the Germantown historical society, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa di Germantown Historical Society
29 di Adena Halpern
3 hikes thru the Wissahickon di Federal Writers Project
The 351 Books of Irma Arcuri: A Novel di David Bajo
50 Children: One Ordinary American Couple's Extraordinary Rescue Mission into the Heart of Nazi Germany di Steven Pressman
The 55 Best Places To Hike With Your Dog In The Philadelphia Region ... and 55 more di Doug Gelbert
60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Philadelphia: Including Surrounding Counties and Outlying Areas of New Jersey and Delaware di Lori Litchman
750cc Down Lincoln Highway di Bernard Chambaz
76 for Philadelphia di Rose Basile Green
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Abbott Elementary: Season 1 di Quinta Brunson
Abbott Elementary: Season 2 di Quinta Brunson
Abbott Elementary: Season 3 di Quinta Brunson
The ABC's of Philadelphia: An Illustrated Guide to the City of Brotherly Love di Greg Landry
Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years {set of three volumes} di Carl Sandburg
Abstracts (mainly deaths) from the Pennsylvania gazette, 1775-1783 di Kenneth Scott
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 10: 1820-1825 di F. Edward Wright
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 1: 1682-1726 di F. Edward Wright
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 2: 1726-1747 di F. Edward Wright
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 3: 1748-1763 di F. Edward Wright
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 4: 1763-1784 di F. Edward Wright
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 5: 1777-1790 di F. Edward Wright
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 6: 1790-1802 di F. Edward Wright
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 7: 1802-1809 di F. Edward Wright
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 8: 1810-1815 di F. Edward Wright
Abstracts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, Vol. 9: 1815-1819 di F. Edward Wright
Academic freedom: some recent Philadelphia episodes; Temple University, the Jefferson Medical College, the Philadelphia public schools di American Civil Liberties Union
Access Philadelphia di Access Press
The Accidental Spy di J.R. Lindermuth
An account of the bilious remitting yellow fever: As it appeared in the city of Philadelphia in the year 1793 di Benjamin Rush
An account of the contagious epidemic yellow fever : which prevailed in Philadelphia in the summer and autumn of 1797 di Felix Pascalis Ouviere
An account of the people called Quakers in Germantown, Philadelphia di Horace Mather Lippincott
An account of the yellow fever as it prevailed in Philadelphia in the autumn of 1762 di M.D. John Redman
Accused di Lisa Scottoline
Acid Dropping EP di Adam Fieled
Acres of Diamonds di Russell H. Conwell
Adam and Evil di Gillian Roberts
ADC Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Street Map Book (Greater Philadelphia Pa Atlas) di the Map People ADC
ADC Metro Philadelphia and Delaware County, Pennsylvania di ADC (Firm)
ADC The Map People Philadelphia, Pa di ADC the Map People
ADC the Map People Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Vicinity Street Map di ADC
The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal About Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power di Deirdre Mask
An address of the Yearly meeting of Friends, held in Philadelphia, to its own members, and to members of other Yearly meetings di Society of Friends, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.
Addy Learns a Lesson: A School Story di Connie Porter
Addy Saves the Day: A Summer Story di Connie Porter
Addy's Little Brother (American Girls Short Stories) di Connie Porter
Addy's Cookbook di Jodi Evert
Addy's Short Story Collection di Susan McAliley
Addy's Story Collection di Connie Porter
Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story di Connie Porter
Addy: An American Girl, 1864 di Connie Porter
The Adventures of George Washington di Margaret Davidson
The Age of Jackson di Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Agents of Change di Guy Harrison
Agri: Hall Nave [stereoview] di Centennial Photographic Company
AIA Directory: Philadelphia Architecture 2007 di AIA Philadelphia
Alexander Hamilton di John Roseburg
Alexander Hamilton di Ron Chernow
All Fall Down di Jennifer Weiner
All Joe Knight: A Novel di Kevin Morris
All the Brave Fellows di James L. Nelson
All the Summer Girls di Meg Donohue
All's Well That Ends di Gillian Roberts
Almost a Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the 1980 Phillies di William C. Kashatus
Almost Perfect: The '64 Rise and Fall of the Phildelphia Phillies di Steve Stefano
Along the Wissahickon Creek (PA) (Postcard History Series) di Andrew Mark Herman
Ambler High School R-Ambler 1958-1959-Wissahickon 1962-1964-1965-1966-1970
America di Charles Dickens
America Afire: Jefferson, Adams, and the Revolutionary Election of 1800 di Bernard A. Weisberger
America's First Zoostory and Other Philadelphia Stories: 125 Years at the Philadelphia Zoo di Clark DeLeon
America's Most Historic Highway: Market Street, Philadelphia di Joseph Jackson
America's First Dynasty: The Adamses, 1735–1918 di Richard Brookhiser
America's Jubilee: How in 1826 a generation remembered fifty years of independence di Andrew Burstein
America: The Motion Picture [2021 film] di Matt Thompson
American Aurora: A Democratic-Republican Returns di Richard N. Rosenfeld
American Austen: The Forgotten Writing of Agnes Repplier di Agnes Repplier
American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic di Joseph J. Ellis
American Cult: A Graphic History of Religious Cults in America from the Colonial Era to Today di Robyn Chapman
American Eden: David Hosack, Botany, and Medicine in the Garden of the Early Republic di Victoria Johnson
American Eve: Evelyn Nesbit, Stanford White, the Birth of the "It" Girl, and the Crime of the Century di Paula Uruburu
American Hockey League: Philadelphia Phantoms - 2000-2001
The American Musical Stage Before 1800 di Julian Mates
American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America di Colin Woodard
American Pantheon: Sculptural and Artistic Decoration of the U.S. Capitol di Donald R. Kennon
An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 di Jim Murphy
The American Plague: The Untold Story of Yellow Fever, the Epidemic that Shaped Our History di Molly Caldwell Crosby
The American Poet Who Went Home Again di Aberjhani
The American Revolution, Writings from the War of Independence di John H. Rhodehamel
The American Revolution: A History di Gordon S. Wood
The American Scene di Henry James
American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence di Pauline Maier
Americanah di Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin di Gordon S. Wood
Americans of Italian descent in Philadelphia and vicinity, including Wilmington, Delaware di Joseph William Carlevale
Amish Hideout di Maggie K. Black
An Amish Wife for Christmas di Patricia Davids
Amy & Roger's Epic Detour di Morgan Matson
The Anatomy of Deception di Lawrence Goldstone
Andrew Jackson and the Bank War: A Study in the Growth of Presidential Power di Robert V. Remini
Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in the Olden Time; Being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents of the City and Its Inhabitants and of the Earliest Settlements of the Inland Part of Pennsylvania (Volume 1) di John F. Watson
Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, in the Olden Time, 1879, Vol. 3 of 3: Being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents of the City and ... Inland Part of Pennsylvania (Classic Reprint) di John F. Watson
Annals of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania in the olden time : being a collection of the memoirs, anecdotes, and incidents ... of the earliest settlements of the inland part of Pennsylvania ... di John F. Watson
Annual Report 1951 di Philadelphia Transportation Company
Annual Report 1972 Redevelopment Authority, City of Philadelphia di Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
Annual report 1973 Redevelopment Authority, City of Philadelphia di Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
Annual report 1974 Redevelopment Authority, City of Philadelphia di Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
Annual report of the Department of City Transit of the City of Philadelphia for the year ending December 31 1913 di Philadelphia
Annual Report of the Department of City Transit of the City of Philadelphia for the year ending December 31, 1921 di Philadelphia (PA). Department of City Transit.
Annual Report of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company June 30, 1907 di Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co
Annual Report, 1954 Philadelphia City Planning Commission di Edmund Bacon
L'anomalia di Hervé Le Tellier
Another Part of the Field; Philadelphia's American Revolution, 1777-78 di Robert I. Alotta
The Anti-Federalists: Critics of the Constitution 1781-1788 di Jackson Turner Main
The Apocalypse in Philadelphia di George Lippard
Apparition Poems di Adam Fieled
Apparition Poems : Before the Sun Rises di Adam Fieled
An Apple for Harriet Tubman di Glennette Tilley Turner
L'apprendista di B. A. Shapiro
Archaeology at Franklin's Court di Barbara Liggett
Architectural Collections of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia di Roger W. Moss
An Architectural Guidebook To Philadelphia di Francis Morrone
Architecture in Philadelphia: A Guide di Edward Teitelman
The Architecture of Frank Furness di James F. O'Gorman
Area Wage Survey: The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - New Jersey, Metropolitan Area di United States Department of Agriculture
Arms and Independence: The Military Character of the American Revolution di Ronald Hoffman
Arms makers of Philadelphia di James B. Whisker
Arms, country, and class : the Philadelphia militia and "lower sort" during the American Revolution, 1775-1783 di Steven Rosswurm
An Army Doctor's Wife on the Frontier: The Letters of Emily McCorkle FitzGerald from Alaska and the Far West, 1874-78 di Emily McCorkle FitzGerald
The Art in Painting di Albert C. Barnes
The Art of Philadelphia Medicine. [exhibition] Sept. 15-dec. 7, 1965 di Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Art of Romance (The Matchmakers) di Kaye Dacus
Arthur Mervyn di Charles Brockden Brown
Artisans for independence : Philadelphia mechanics and the American Revolution di Charles S. Olton
Arts, culture & economic prosperity in greater Philadelphia. di Greater Philadelphia C...
As Bright as Heaven di Susan Meissner
As Time Goes By di Annie Jones
Ash and Quill di Rachel Caine
The Assassin di W. E. B. Griffin
The Assassination: Death of the President di Champ Clark
At peace with honor : Civil War burials of Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania di Blake A. Magner
At the Water's Edge di Sara Gruen
Athletics Album: A Photo History of the Philadelphia Athletics di Mark Stang
The Athletics of Philadelphia: Connie Mack's White Elephants, 1901-1954 di David M. Jordan
The Atlantic Economy During The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries: Organization, Operation, Practice, And Personnel di Peter A. Coclanis
Atlas of Philadelphia and environs di Jr. Griffith Morgan Hopkins
An Atlas of Rare City Maps : Comparative Urban Design, 1830-1842 di Melville C Branch
Attack of the Black Rectangles di A. S. King
The Audubon Postcard Folio di John James Audubon
Autobiografia di Benjamin Franklin
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and Other Writings di Benjamin Franklin
The Automat: The History, Recipes, and Allure of Horn & Hardart's Masterpiece di Marianne Hardart
B&O - America's Railroad di Jonathan Scott
Babe in Toyland di Eugenie Seifer Olson
Baby Girl di Lenora Adams
Back Again: The Story of the 2009 Phillies di Rich Westcott
Back Part of Germantown: A Reconstruction: Reprinted from The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine di Hannah Benner Roach
Back Spin di Harlan Coben
Backward-Facing Man: A Novel di Don Silver
Bad Girlz : A Novel di Shannon Holmes
Badge of Honor, Books 1-3: Men in Blue, Special Operations, and The Victim di W. E. B. Griffin
Badge of Honor, Books 4-6: The Witness, The Assassin, and The Murderers di W. E. B. Griffin
Bait di Lissa Ford
The Balch Institute for ethnic studies : selections from the Museum collections di Gail F. Stern
Ballroom of the Skies di John D. MacDonald
Bargaining for Life: A Social History of Tuberculosis, 1876-1938 (Studies in Health, Illness, and Caregiving) di Barbara Bates
A Bark in the Park: The 55 Best Places to Hike with Your Dog in the Philadephia Region, Second Edition di Doug Gelbert
Baseball's Best (Look-Look) di Michael E. Goodman
Batman/Superman: World's Finest, Vol. 1: The Devil Nezha di Mark Waid
Battling for American Labor: Wobblies, Craft Workers, and the Making of the Union Movement di Howard Kimeldorf
Be Gay, Do Comics: Queer History, Memoir, and Satire from the Nib di Matt Bors
Beams di Adam Fieled
Becoming Death di D. T. Dyllin
Bee Season di Myla Goldberg
Before Bruno And How He Became Boss: The History of the Philadelphia Mafia, Book 3 - 1946-1959 di Celeste A. Morello
Before Bruno: The History of the Philadelphia Mafia, Book 1 - 1880-1931 di C. A. Morello
Before Bruno: The History of the Philadelphia Mafia, Book 2 - 1931-1946 di C. A. Morello
The Beginnings of Philadelphia in the Providence of Pennsylvania di Grant Miles Simon
The Beginnings of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania 1682, Some Account of the Singular Beginnings of Philadelphia di Grant Miles Simon
Behutet - Modern Thelemic Magic & Culture
Being Improper di Alexandra O'Hurley
Being red in Philadelphia : a memoir of the McCarthy Era di Sherman Labovitz
Belle: Beast Hunter di Dave Franchini
Ben and Me di Robert Lawson
Ben and Me [1953 short film] di Hamilton Luske
Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia di Margaret Cousins
Ben Franklin's Philadelphia: A Guide di Tom Huntington
Ben Franklin, an affectionate portrait di Nelson Beecher Keyes
A Bend in the Stars di Rachel Barenbaum
Bendiner's Philadelphia di Alfred Bendiner
Benjamin Franklin di Ingri d'Aulaire
Benjamin Franklin di John Bach McMaster
Benjamin Franklin di Jack Kelly
Benjamin Franklin di Edmund S. Morgan
Benjamin Franklin : the religious life of a founding father di Thomas S. Kidd
Benjamin Franklin and Electricity (Science Discoveries) di Steve Parker
The Benjamin Franklin Bridge (Images of America) di Michael Howard
Benjamin Franklin's "good house" : the story of Franklin Court, Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania di Claude-Anne Lopez
Benjamin Franklin's Bastard di Sally Cabot
Benjamin Franklin's library (printed, 1936, as "The first American library") a short account of the Library company of Philadelphia, 1731-1931 di Austin K. Gray
Benjamin Franklin, an American genius di William M. Thayer
Benjamin Franklin: A Biography di Ronald W. Clark
Benjamin Franklin: A Man With Many Jobs di Carol Greene
Benjamin Franklin: An American Life di Walter Isaacson
Benjamin Franklin: Young Printer di Augusta Stevenson
Benjamin Henry Latrobe di Talbot Hamlin
Best Hikes Near Philadelphia (Best Hikes Near Series) di John L. Young
Best in Show [2000 film] di Christopher Guest
Best Restaurants Philiadelphia di Elaine Tait
Best restaurants, Philadelphia & environs di Elaine Tait
Betrayed di Lisa Scottoline
Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag di Ann Weil
Betsy Ross: The American Flag, and Life in a Young America di Ryan P. Randolph
Betsy Zane, The Rose of Fort Henry di Lynda Durrant
Bicentennial Baby: A (Personal and Somewhat Quirky) Guide to Philadelphia di Anonymous
Bicentennial City: Walking Tours of Historic Philadelphia di John Francis Marion
Bidding on Brooks di Katy Regnery
Biddle's Young Carpenter's Assistant di Owen Biddle
Big city politics : a comparative guide to the political systems of Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, El Paso, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, St. Louis [and] Seattle di Edward C. Banfield
The Big Love di Sarah Dunn
Bigger Than Beckham di V.K. Sykes
Bill Campbell: The Voice of Philadelphia Sports di Sam Carchidi
Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Patriots di David Fisher
The Bingham family in the United States, especially of the state of Connecticut; including notes on the Binghams of Philadelphia and of Irish descent; medieval records; armorial bearings; etc. di Theo. A Bingham
Biographical dictionary of Philadelphia architects, 1700-1930 di Sandra L. Tatman
Birch's Views of Philadelphia: A Reduced Fascimile of The City of Philadelphia... di S. Robert Teitelman
Bitter Truth di William Lashner
Black Cotton Star: A Graphic Novel of World War II di Yves Sente
Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America's Most Notorious Pirates di Eric Jay Dolin
Black Friday di David Goodis
Black Gods of the Metropolis: Negro Religious Cults of the Urban North di Arthur Huff Fauset
Black Ops di W. E. B. Griffin
The Black Panther Party and Transformative Pedagogy: Place-Based Education in Philadelphia di Omari L. Dyson
Black poets write on! : An anthology of Black Philadelphian poets di Thomas C. Dent
Black politics in Philadelphia di Miriam Ershkowitz
Black Rolf, or, The Red Witch of Wissahickon being the history of the Blue Beards and scarlet ribbons:a tale of secret crimes and hidden mysteries of Quakerdom di Harmer S. Warden
Black Widow: Forever Red di Margaret Stohl
The Blankenburgs of Philadelphia di Lucretia L. Blankenburg
Blaze of Glory di Agatha Young
Bleeding Hearts di Jane HaddamCavanaugh Street
The Blockade: Runners and Raiders di William C. Davis
The Blonde di Duane Swierczynski
Blood and Honor: Inside the Scarfo Mob, the Mafia's Most Violent Family di George Anastasia
Blood in the Water di Jane Haddam
Blubber di Judy Blume
Blue Book of Philadelphia Furniture: William Penn to George Washington di William Macpherson Hornor Jr.
The Blue Door di David Fulmer
The Bluest Blood di Gillian Roberts
Bobby Clarke and the ferocious Flyers di Stan Fischler
A Body on Pine: A Marco Fontana Mystery di Joseph R. G. DeMarco
Bomb (Graphic Novel): The Race to Build--and Steal--the World's Most Dangerous Weapon di Steve Sheinkin
The Book Culture of a Colonial American City: Philadelphia Books, Bookmen, and Booksellers di Edwin Wolf
The Book in America: With Images from the Library of Congress (Library of Congress Classics) di Richard W. Clement
The Book of Philadelphia di Robert Shackleton
The Borrowed and Blue Murders: A Thriller (Zoe Hayes Mysteries) di Merry Jones
Bossypants di Tina Fey
Boston Jane: An Adventure di Jennifer L. Holm
Boston to Washington, circa 1830 [and] Boston to Washington Megalopolis [1994 map] di John F. Shupe
The botanists of Philadelphia and their work di John William Harshberger
Bound To Please di Kimberly Gardner
Boy Meets World: Season 1 di Michael Jacobs
Boy Meets World: Season 2 di Michael Jacobs
Boy Meets World: Season 3 di Michael Jacobs
Boy Meets World: Season 4 di Michael Jacobs
Boy Meets World: Season 5 di Michael Jacobs
Boy Meets World: Season 6 di Michael Jacobs
Boy Meets World: Season 7 di Michael Jacobs
Boy of Philadelphia : A Story About the Continental Congress di Frank Morriss
Boyd's Elite List 1905. A compilation of the names of selected residents of the City of Philadelphia and the Ladies' Visiting and Shopping Guide
Boyd's Philadelphia Blue Book di Boyd's
Boyd's Philadelphia Blue Book Elite Directory di C. E. Howe Company
Boyd's Philadelphia Blue Book Elite Directory 1900
Boyd's Philadelphia Street and Trolley Guide di Howe CE Co.
Brava a letto di Jennifer Weiner
The Bread Sister of Sinking Creek di Robin Moore
The Breakaway di Jennifer Weiner
Breve storia della vita privata di Bill Bryson
The Breweries of Kensington and beyond di Rich Wagner
Bridesburg (PA) (Images of America) di Frederick Siegle
A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution di Carol Berkin
Bring out your dead; the great plague of yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1793 di John Harvey Powell
The Broad Street bullies: The incredible story of the Philadelphia Flyers di Jack Chevalier
Broad Street Station/ Pennsylvania Railroad/ Philadelphia A brief History and pictorial review of the famous Broad Street Station, a PRR landmark in Philadelphia from 1881 to 1952 di Harry P. Albrecht, editor
The Broadway Limited di Joel Rosenbaum
Brother against Brother di William C. Davis
Brotherly Love di Pete Dexter
Brotherly Love: Season 1 di Jim Vallely
Brotherly Love: Season 2 di Jim Vallely
Brothers In Battle, Best of Friends di William Guarnere
The Brown Betty Cookbook: Modern Vintage Desserts and Stories from Philadelphia's Best Bakery di Norrinda Brown Hayat
Bryn Athyn Cathedral: The Building Of A Church di E. Bruce Glenn
Buck: A Memoir di M.K. Asante
Bucketfoot Al: The Baseball Life of Al Simmons di Clifton Blue Parker
Building Early America : contributions toward the history of a great industry di Charles E. Peterson
Building Early America Contributors toward the History of a Great Industry The Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia di Charles E. edited by Peterson
Building Little Italy: Philadelphia's Italians Before Mass Migration di Richard N. Juliani
Building on Greatness; To Save A Heritage di Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Building the City Beautiful: The Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the Philadelphia Museum of Art di David B. Brownlee
Buildings of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania di George E. Thomas
The Bulletin Almanac 1949 di Various1949
The Bulletin Almanac 1970 di ed. Isadore Lichstein1970
The Bulletin Almanac 1971 di Isadore [Ed] Lichstein1971
The Bulletin Almanac 1975 di Adam Tait1975
Bulletin Almanac and Year Book, 1930 di Philadelphia Evening Bulletin
Bulletin Almanac and Year Book, 1930 di Philadelphia Evening Bulletin
The Burglar di David Goodis
The Buried Past: An Archaeological History of Philadelphia di John L. Cotter
Buried Sins di Marta Perry
Burning March di Neil Albert
BURR di Gore Vidal
The business of private medical practice : doctors, specialization, and urban change in Philadelphia, 1900-1940 di Jr. James A. Schafer
Byways and boulevards in and about historic Philadelphia di Francis Burke Brandt
C'è del marcio in Vernon Street di David Goodis
Cafe Philadelphia di Scott McCormick
Cafe Philadelphia: A guidebook to Philadelphia coffee culture
Caledonia di Sherry V. Ostroff
Calico Joe di John Grisham
Called and Chosen: The Story of Mother Rebecca Jackson and the Philadelphia Shakers (Atla Monograph Series) di Richard E. Williams
Calpurnia di Anne Scott
Calvin Pardee di C. Pardee Foulke
I Can't Make This Up di Kevin Hart
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You di Kasey Michaels
Candida Hofer: Philadelphia di Candida Höfer
Candidate Without A Prayer: An Autobiography of a Jewish Atheist in the Bible Belt di Herb Silverman
Il candidato di David Baldacci
Candle in the Darkness di Lynn Austin
Canyons Lined in Blue Waters: Four Collections di Adam Fieled
Captains and the Kings: The Story of an American Dynasty di Taylor Caldwell
Car Free in Philadelphia: The Regional Public Transit Guide 1993-1994 Edition di Robert J. Ravelli
The car-building industry in Philadelphia di J.G. Brill Company
Caroline di Cynthia Wright
The Carousel Carver di Perdita Buchan
The Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia - 1786 Rule Book di Carpenters' Company of the City and County of
Carpets for a historic Philadelphia house. di Chester M. Scott
Cat O'Nine Tails di Julia Golding
A Catalog of Philadelphia postmarks 18th century to the present, Part III "Back-of-the-Book" origin cancels di Thomas F. Clarke
A Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Library Company of Philadelphia: A Facsimile of the Edition of 1741 Printed by Benjamin Franklin. di Edwin Wolf
Caught Dead in Philadelphia di Gillian Roberts
Cellar of Horror: The Story of Gary Heidnik di Ken Englade
Centennial history of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1846-1946 di George H Burgess
Centennial Opening - The Choisters [stereoview] di Centennial Photographic Company
Centennial Opening - The Orators [stereoview] di Centennial Photographic Company
Centennial Philadelphia di Richard R Nicolai
Centennial portfolio a souvenir of the International Exhibition at Philadelphia, comprising lithographic views of fifty of its principal buildings, with letter-press description di Thompson Westcott
Centennial Souvenir 1876 Philadelphia di Philadelphia Ostheimer Bros.
Center City Philadelphia di Gus Spector
Center City Philadelphia in the 19th Century di Library Company of Philadelphia
Center City redevelopment area plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Center City, Philadelphia: major elements of the physical development plan for center city di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
A century after: picturesque glimpses of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania di Edward Strahan
A century of greatness: The Urban League of Philadelphia's tribute to the outstanding African-American Philadelphians of the twentieth century di Denise Dennis
A century of service, 1850-1950 di Philadelphia Spring Garden Institute
Certe ragazze di Jennifer Weiner
Chambermaid: A Novel di Saira Rao
The Champions of Philadelphia: The Greatest Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers Teams di Rich Westcott
Champions: A Look Back at the Phillies Triumphant 2008 Season di Josh Barnett
Champions: The Illustrated History of Hockey's Greatest Dynasties di Douglas Hunter
The Chaneysville Incident di David Bradley
Changes for Addy: A Winter Story di Connie Porter
Cheating at Solitaire di Jane Haddam
The Chef's Choice a collection of recipes from the Philadelphia area's finest chefs, Crozer-Chester Medical Center - Che di Helene (Chairman)) Crozer-Chester Medical Center (
Cheltenham di Adam Fieled
The Chemistry of Color: African American Artists in Philadelphia 1970-1990 di Kim Sajet
Chestnut Hill (PA) (Images of America) di Thomas H. Keels
Chestnut Hill Revisited (PA) (Images of America) di Elizabeth Farmer Jarvis
Le chiavi della Firebird di papà di Maureen Johnson
China Ghosts: My Daughter's Journey to America, My Passage to Fatherhood di Jeff Gammage
Chosen : Philadelphia's great Hebraica di David Stern
Christmas in Vermont di Anita Hughes
The Christmas Mail Order Bride di Kit Morgan
The Christmas Thief di Mary Higgins Clark
Christopher Morley's Philadelphia di Christopher Morley
Chronicle of the Union league of Philadelphia. 1862-1902 di Union League Of Philadelphia
Church and Estate: Religion and Wealth in Industrial-Era Philadelphia di Thomas F. Rzeznik
Church of the Messiah Roosevelt Boulevard and Large Street Philadelphia, Pa. 1956
Cities: A Card Game
Citizenship in Philadelphia di James Lynn Barnard
La città bianca e il diavolo di Erik Larson
City Dog - Philadelphia di Cricky Long
The City Government of Philadelphia, Vol. 2: A Study in Municipal Administration (Classic Reprint) di Edmund J. James
City of Brotherly Mayhem: Philadelphia Crimes and Criminals di Ron Avery
City of Clerks: Office and Sales Workers in Philadelphia, 1870-1920 di Jerome P. Bjelopera
City of independence: Views of Philadelphia before 1800 di Martin P. Snyder
City of Philadelphia & Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company, Agreement Authorized by Ordinance of Councils di None
The city of Philadelphia as it appears in the year 1893; di Taylor Philadelphia. Chamber of commerce. [from old catalog] Frank Hamilton 1846- [from old catalog] ed
The City of Philadelphia as it Appears in the Year 1894 di Trades League of Philadelphia
City of Philadelphia Dept. of Public Property Market-Frankfort Elevated Car Heating
City of Philadelphia Manual of City Councils for 1893-94 di Joseph H. Paist
City of Soldiers di Sam Burke
A city sketched: Guide to the art and history of Philadelphia di Libby Newman
City Walks Deck: Philadelphia di Caroline Tiger
Citywide vision : Philadelphia2035 : summary di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
A Civil War Album : Works by Twenty Artists Exhibited at the Great Central Fair in Philadelphia, June 1864, and Sold to Benefit the U.S. Sanitary Commission di David Cassedy
Claire and Present Danger di Gillian Roberts
Clear Motives di Reis Asher
Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916 di Michael Capuzzo
Closing Time: A Memoir di Joe Queenan
The clothing workers in Philadelphia; history of their struggles for union and security di Elden LaMar
Cobblestone: Life and Liberty in Colonial Philadelphia 2004.10 di Meg Chorlian
Cobblestone: The History of Philadelphia's Mummers 1980.01 di Cobblestone
Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City di Elijah Anderson
Collected Novels: Around the World in 80 Days / The Clipper of the Clouds / Journey to the Centre of the Earth / From the Earth to the Moon / Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea di Jules Verne
A collection of memorials concerning divers deceased ministers and others of the people called Quakers : in Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, and parts adjacent, from nearly the first settlement thereof to the year 1787; with some of the last expressions and exhortations of many of them di Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
The Colonial Architecture of Philadelphia di Phil M. Riley
The colonial architecture of Philadelphia, di Frank Cousins
Colonial families of Philadelphia di John Woolf Jordan
Colonial grandeur in Philadelphia; the house and furniture of General John Cadwalader di Nicholas B. Wainwright
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Compendium and brief history of taxation in Pennsylvania with statistics of the public debt and finances; facts relating di William Preston Snyder
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The Computer Caper di Milton Dank
Computer Game Murder (Galaxy Gang Mystery) di Milton Dank
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Confessions of a Curious Bookseller di Elizabeth Green
La congiura del silenzio di Steve Berry
The Conjurer di Cordelia Frances Biddle
Connecting in Philadelphia II di Ruth B. Harvey
Connecting in Philadelphia: 512 great places to enjoy yourself and meet new people di Ruth B. Harvey
Connie Mack and the Early Years of Baseball di Norman L. Macht
Connie Mack's '29 Triumph: The Rise and Fall of the Philadelphia… di William C. Kashatus
Connie Mack's First Dynasty: The Philadelphia Athletics, 1910-1914 di Lew Freedman
Connie Mack, grand old man of baseball, di Frederick G. Lieb
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Conquer the Dark di L. A. Banks
Conspiracy Theory di Jane HaddamCavanaugh Street
Contagion di Joanne Dahme
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Contemporary Philadelphia Artists : A Juried Exhibition di Philadelphia Museum of Art
Contextualists and Dissidents: Talking Gertrude Stein's "Tender Buttons" di Adam Fieled
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The control of urban schools; perspective on the power of educational reformers di Joseph M. Cronin
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Corrupted di Lisa Scottoline
Cosi si muore a God's Pocket di Pete Dexter
Country Walks and Bikeways in the Philadelphia Region (Country Walks Book) di Alan Fisher
Country Walks Near Philadelphia di Alan Fisher
A Crazy Little Thing Called Death di Nancy Martin
Creating Monsters di Christopher Rankin
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Crimes on Latimer: From the Early Cases of Marco Fontana di Joseph R. G. DeMarco
A Criminal Defense di William L. Myers Jr.
A Criminal Justice (Philadelphia Legal #4) di William L. Myers Jr.
Cross Your Heart And Hope To Die di Nancy Martin
Crosshairs: A Novel of Suspense di Russ Heitz
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Curiosities di Adam Fieled
Curveball di V.K. Sykes
Cycas Revoluta, Floral Hall [stereoview] di Centennial Photographic Company
Dancing with Myself di Adam Fieled
Dangerous Neighbors di Beth Kephart
Daring to Dream / Holding the Dream / Finding the Dream di Nora Roberts
A Darker Shade: New Stories of Body Horror from Women Writers di Joyce Carol Oates
David Bowie in Comics di Thierry Lamy
David Live di David Bowie
Davis directory of Pennsylvania : including Hezekiah Davies' Revolutionary War pension & Philadelphia burial records di Dorothy Davis Smith
Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds di Nancy Martin
Dead Ringer di Lisa Scottoline
The Dead Room di Robert Ellis
Deadly Beloved di Jane Haddam
Deadly Dreams di Kylie Brant
The Deadly Neighbors: A Thriller (Zoe Hayes Mysteries) di Merry Jones
Dearest Friend: A Life of Abigail Adams di Lynne Withey
Death Benefit di Philip Harper
Death by Bequest di Mary McMullen
The Death Dealer di Heather Graham
Decision in Philadelphia: The Constitutional Convention of 1787 di Christopher Collier
The Declaration of Independence: The Story Behind America's Founding Document and the Men Who Created It (Museum in a Book) di Rod Gragg
Deconstructing Philadelphia di Blaine C. Martin
Deep down in the jungle ...; Negro narrative folklore from the streets of Philadelphia di Roger D. Abrahams
Defences of Philadelphia in 1777 di Worthington Chauncey Ford
Defense Supply Center Philadelphia: General and Industrial Directorate
The Defense Supply Center Philadelphia: Troop Support, Medical, Subsistence, Clothing & Textiles, Construction & Equipment
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Delaware Valley rails: The railroads and rail transit lines of the Philadelphia area di John R. Pawson
Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly di Dennis Detwiller
The Demeter Code di Russell Brooks
A description of the malignant, infectious fever prevailing at present in Philadelphia : with an account of the means to prevent infection, and the remedies and method of treatment, which have been found most successful di William Currie
A descriptive list of maps and views of Philadelphia in the Library of Congress, 1683-1865 di Philip Lee Phillips
Deserted di Cara Dee
A desultory account of the yellow fever, prevalent in Philadelphia, and of the present state of the city di Mathew Carey
The Devil Inside di Jenna Black
The Devil You Know di Jenna Black
The Devil's Due di Jenna Black
The Devil's Playground di Jenna Black
The Dewey Decimal System of Love di Josephine Carr
Dial M For Mischief di Kasey Michaels
The Diary of Hannah Callender Sansom: Sense and Sensibility in the Age of The American Revolution di Hannah Callender Sansom
The Diary of William Maclay and Other Notes on Senate Debates (Volume 9) di United States Congress
Did You See Melody? di Sophie Hannah
A Different Kind of Christmas di Alex Haley
Digest of the General and Specific Provisions of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter Applicable to Department of Recreation, Fairmount Park Commission, Board of Trustees of American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial, Board of Trustees of Atwatyer Kent Museum, Board of Trustees of Camp Happy, Recreation Coordination Board di Pennsylvania Economy League
Digging in the City of Brotherly Love : stories from Philadelphia archaeology di Rebecca
Digging in the City of Brotherly Love: Stories from Philadelphia Archaeology di Rebecca Yamin
Dining in--Philadelphia: A collection of gourmet recipes for complete meals from Philadelphia's finest restaurants (Dining in--the great cities)
Directory Pennsylvania Libraries 1990 di Pennsylvania Department of Education
Dirty Blonde di Lisa Scottoline
DISC: Defense Industrial Supply Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Building Logistics Partnerships into the 21st Century
Discourse and Destruction: The City of Philadelphia versus MOVE di Robin Wagner-Pacifici
Discovering Vintage Philadelphia: A Guide to the City's Timeless Shops, Bars, Delis & More di Tanya Birch
Discussion of the magnetic and meteorological observations made at the Girard College Observatory, Philadelphia, in 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, and 1845 (Third Section, Fourth Section) di A. D. Bache
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Divided Nation, United Hearts di Yolanda Wallace
The Divided States Of Hysteria di Howard Chaykin
DK Eyewitness Travel Guides: Philadelphia & the Pennsylvania Dutch Country di DK
Doc Holliday (Bison Book) di John Myers Myers
The Doctor and the Dead Man's Chest di Robin Hathaway
The Doctor Digs a Grave di Robin Hathaway
The Doctor Makes a Dollhouse Call di Robin Hathaway
The Doctor Rocks the Boat di Robin Hathaway
The Doctor's Homecoming di Kate Bridges
Documentation of the Victorian Gardens at the Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion di Charlotte Stokes
Le dodici tribù di Hattie di Ayana Mathis
Doin' the Box Step di Suzanne Falter-Barns
Domestic Manners of the Americans di Fanny Trollope
Don't Ever Get Sick at Granny's di R. L. Stine
Don't Forget to Write: A Novel di Sara Goodman Confino
The Door Behind Us di John C. Houser
The double frill : the history of the Philadelphia General Hospital School of Nursing di Stephanie A. Stachniewicz
Dr. Benjamin Rush: The Founding Father Who Healed a Wounded Nation di Harlow Giles Unger
Dr. J: the Story of Dr. Julius Erving di Joe Gergen
Dr. Kimball and Mr. Jefferson : A Journey Into America's Architectural Past di Hugh Howard
Dr. Mutter's Marvels: A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine di Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz
Dragon Teeth di Michael Crichton
Drawing the Vote: An Illustrated Guide to Voting in America di Tommy Jenkins
Drawing Toward Building: Philadelphia Architectural Graphics, 1732-1986 di Jeffrey A. Cohen
The Dress in the Window: A Novel di Sofia Grant
Drexel University, a university with a difference : the unique vision of Anthony J. Drexel di Constantine Papadakis
Drive-Thru Dreams: A Journey Through the Heart of America's Fast-Food Kingdom di Adam Chandler
Drop Shot di Harlan Coben
Drop-Dead Blonde (Anthology 4-in-1) di Nancy Martin
DSCP: Defense Supply center Philadelphia Annual Report 2001, Clothing and Textiles, General and Industrial, Medical Materiel, Subsistence
The Dutch House di Ann Patchett
Eagle and Sword: The Beginnings of the Military Establishment in America di Richard H. Kohn
Eagles: Where Have You Gone? di Fran Zimniuch
Eakins' Mistress: A Jamie Ramsgill Mystery di James Bradberry
Early Black American Writers: Selections With Biographical and Critical Introductions di Benjamin Brawley
Early Books: Expanded Editions di Adam Fieled
Early electric cars of Philadelphia, 1885-1911 di Harold E Cox
Early German music in Philadelphia di Robert Rutherford Drummond
Early History of the Falls of Schuylkill, Manayunk, Schuylkill and Lehigh Navigation Companies, Fairmount Waterwoks, Etc. di Charles V. Hagner
Early Philadelphia: Its People, Life and Progress di Horace Mather Lippincott
Early Quaker records of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania di Anna Miller Watring
Earth Colors di Sarah Andrews
East Broad Top di Lee Rainey
Eastern Pennsylvania: An Explorer's Guide: Includes Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Amish Country & the Poconos (Explorer's Guides) di Laura Randall
Eastern Region TT 9 di Penn Central
Eastern State Penitentiary (PA) (Images of America) di Francis X Dolan
Eat My Globe: One Year to Go Everywhere and Eat Everything di Simon Majumdar di Anna H. Blessing
An Echo in the Bone di Diana Gabaldon
The Economy of Early America: The Revolutionary Period di Ronald Hoffman
Ed Bacon: Planning, Politics, and the Building of Modern Philadelphia (The City in the Twenty-First Century) di Gregory L. Heller
Edens Lost and Found: Philadelphia: The Holy Experiment [2006 Documentary episode] di Harry Wiland
Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru: A Poe and Dupin Mystery (Poe and Dupin Mysteries) di Karen Lee Street
Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster: A Novel di Karen Lee Street
Edgar Allen Poe and Philadelphia Saturday News di Richard Kopley
Edge Of Darkness di Deborah Palumbo
The Edge of Ruin di Irene Fleming
Education at the Philadelphia Museum of Art di Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Effect of Selected Cleaning Techniques on Berkshire Lee Marble : A Scientific Study at Philadelphia City Hall di Victor G. Mossotti
El Viaje: Puerto Ricans of Philadelphia (PA) (Images of America) di Carmen Teresa Whalen
Electrical Control Equipment for Philadelphia Subway Cars
Elfreth's Alley : A Guidebook to Our Nation's Oldest Residential Street
The Elite of Our People: Joseph Willson's Sketches of Black Upper-Class Life in Antebellum Philadelphia di Joseph Willson
Eliza Hamilton: The Extraordinary Life and Times of the Wife of Alexander Hamilton di Tilar J. Mazzeo
Emails from an A**hole: Real People Being Stupid di John Lindsay
Embers of Love di Tracie Peterson
Embodied History: The Lives of the Poor in Early Philadelphia di Simon P. Newman
Emilie Davis's Civil War: The Diaries of a Free Black Woman in Philadelphia, 1863-1865 di Emilie Frances Davis
Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance di Aberjhani
End of the Line: Alexander J. Cassatt and the Pennsylvania Railroad di Patricia Talbot Davis
Ends of the Earth di Keira Andrews
An Engineered Injustice di William L. Myers Jr.
Engineering Philadelphia: The Sellers Family and the Industrial Metropolis di Domenic Vitiello
Ephemeriden der Menschheit, 4. Band di Isaak Iselin
Epidemic constitutions : public health and political culture in the port of Philadelphia, 1735-1800 di Simon Finger
Equations di Adam Fieled
Erin's Heirs: Irish Bonds of Community di Dennis Clark
Erinnerungen eines Amerikaschweizers im 19. Jahrhundert di Oswald Studer
Eris Temple: New and Selected Poems 2007-2018 di Adam Fieled
The Escape of Oney Judge: Martha Washington's Slave Finds Freedom di Emily Arnold McCully
Esperimento Filadelfia: l'incredibile resoconto di un progetto scientifico ai limiti dell'impossibile di Charles Berlitz
Establishing Congress: The Removal to Washington, D.C., and the Election of 1800 (Perspective History Of Congress) di Kenneth R. Bowling
Eterna è la notte di Jeaniene Frost
Etta di Gerald Kolpan
Every Fifteen Minutes di Lisa Scottoline
Everywhere That Mary Went di Lisa Scottoline
Excavation and Recuperation di Desmond Swords
Exile and Exegesis di Adam Fieled
Experiments and observations on electricity made at Philadelphia in America, by Benjamin Franklin, ... To which are added, letters and papers on philosophical subjects. The whole corrected, ... and now collected into one volume, and illustrated with copper plates di Benjamin Franklin
Explorer's Guide Philadelphia & Amish Country (Explorer's 50 Hikes) di Laura Randall
Explorer's Guide Philadelphia, Brandywine Valley & Bucks County: A Great Destination: Includes Lancaster County's Amish Country (Explorer's Great Destinations) di David Langlieb
Extended Lives: The African Immigrant Experience in Philadelphia (Community Profile) di Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
Extinct medical schools of nineteenth-century Philadelphia di Harold J Abrahams
Extreme Danger di Franklin W. Dixon
Eyewitness Reports: The Inquirer's Live Coverage of the American Civil War. di Edward Colimore
The Fairmount Park trolley;: A unique Philadelphia experiment, di Harold E Cox
Fairmount Park, a history and a guidebook : world's largest landscaped municipal park : official directory of the Fairmount Park Commission di Esther M. Klein
Fairmount, Philadelphia's park : a history di Theophilus Ballou White
Faith di Jennifer Haigh
Faith & Practice - Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends di Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
The Faiths of the Founding Fathers di David L. Holmes
Fake Husband SEAL a.k.a. SEALed Bride di B. B. Hamel
Faking It di Cora Carmack
The Fall of the 1977 Phillies: How a Baseball Team's Collapse Sank a City's Spirit di Mitchell Nathanson
The fallen colossus di Robert Sobel
Falling Together di Marisa de los Santos
A Family Affair di Marcus Major
Family Bashings di Joseph R. G. DeMarco
The family of Col. George Croghan, born 1715 in Ireland, died 1782 in Philadelphia, Pa., a deputy Indian Agent, about 1755 : Croghan family of Allegheny, Cumberland and Philadelphia counties, Pa. di Historical Society of P...
Family Portrait di Catherine Drinker Bowen
Family Sentence: The Search for My Cuban-Revolutionary, Prison-Yard, Mythic-Hero, Deadbeat Dad di Jeanine Cornillot
Fantastic Four Vol. 3: Doomed di Matt FractionThe Thirteen British Colonies
Far Gone di Laura Griffin
Far Northeast Philadelphia School, Playground and Park Plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Fastball di V.K. Sykes
Fatal Flaw di William Lashner
Fatal Instinct di Robert W. Walker
Fated Love di Radclyffe
Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Graphic Novel (World Citizen Comics) di Cynthia Levinson
Feast of Murder di Jane HaddamCavanaugh Street
Federal Philadelphia, 1785-1825: The Athens of the western world : Philadelphia Museum of Art, July 5-September 20, 1987 di Beatrice B. Garvan
Feminism in Philadelphia : the glory years : Philadelphia NOW, 1968-1982 di Karen Bojar
A Festival of Deaths di Jane Haddam
Fever 1793 di Laurie Halse Anderson
Fever Year: The Killer Flu of 1918 di Don Brown
Few and Chosen Phillies: Defining Phillies Greatness Across the Eras di Gary Matthews
A Field Guide to American Houses di Virginia McAlester
Fifty-year history of Frankford High School, Philadelphia, Pa di Pa.). Alumni Association. Frankford High School (Philadelphia
Fight for Your Long Day - A Novel di Alex Kudera
The Fightin' Phils: Oddities, Insights, and Untold Stories di Rich Westcott
The Fightin' Phillies: 100 Years of Philadelphia Baseball from the Whiz Kids to the Misfits di Larry Shenk
Fighting Chance di Jane Haddam
Figured tapestry : production, markets, and power in Philadelphia textiles, 1885-1941 di Philip Scranton
Final Appeal di Lisa Scottoline
Final Arrangements di Donna Huston Murray
Final Justice di W. E. B. Griffin
The Financier di Theodore Dreiser
Finding Makeba di Alexs D. Pate
Finding Your Way Through Philadelphia Records Volume I di Susan S. Koeble
Finishing Becca: A Story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold di Ann Rinaldi
Fire by Night di Lynn Austin
Fire Code Regulations di Fire Department (City of Philadelphia)
Fire Engine Dead di Sheila Connolly
Fireflies di P. S. Bartlett
The First Air Voyage in America: The Times, the Place, and the People of the Blanchard Balloon Voyage of January 9, 1793, Philadelphia to Woodbury di Carroll Frey
The first air voyage in America; the times, the place, and the people of the Blanchard balloon voyage of January 9, 1793, Philadelphia to Woodbury, together with a fac simile reprinting of the Journal of my forty-fifth ascension and the first in America di Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin di H. W. Brands
First Baptist Church of Philadelphia: A Brief History and Interpretation di First Baptist Church
First Blood: Fort Sumter to Bull Run di William C. Davis
First City: Philadelphia and the Forging of Historical Memory di Gary B. Nash
First Family: Abigail and John Adams di Joseph J. Ellis
The First Operating Sections of the Frankford Elevated Railway and Bustleton Surface Line di Department of City Transit City of Philadelphia
First Principles: What America's Founders Learned from the Greeks and Romans and How That Shaped Our Country di Thomas E. Ricks
Five County Metro Street Atlas of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania (From Seed to Supper) di Franklin Maps
Five Days in Philadelphia: The Amazing "We Want Willkie!" Convention of 1940 and How It Freed FDR to Save the Western World di Charles Peters
Five Major Odes di Adam Fieled
Flashmaps Instant Guide to Philadelphia, 1989 di Toy Lasker
Flicker in the Porthole Glass di Edward Desautels
Flow: The Life and Times of Philadelphia's Schuylkill River di Beth Kephart
Flyy Girl di Omar Tyree
Fodor's Around Philadelphia with Kids, 1st Edition: 68 Great Things to Do Together (Fodor's Around the City With Kids) di Andrea Lehman
Fodor's Philadelphia (Full-color Travel Guide) di Fodor's Travel Guides
Fodor's Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country di Fodor's
Food lovers' guide to Philadelphia : the best restaurants, markets & local culinary offerings di Iris McCarthy
For Every Child, the Story of Integration in the Philadelphia Public Schools di The Board of Public Education
Die for Me di Karen Rose
For the Love of Money di Omar Tyree
The Forbidden di L. A. Banks
Forbidden Devil di Melissa Ivers
Forging Freedom: The Formation of Philadelphia's Black Community, 1720-1840 di Gary B. Nash
The Forgotten Bottom Remembered: Stories from a Philadelphia Neighborhood di August Tarrier
Forgotten Philadelphia: Lost Architecture of the Quaker City di Thomas H. Keels
Forgotten Tales of Philadelphia di Thomas White
Fort Mifflin of Philadelphia: An Illustrated History di Jeffery M. Dorwart
Fort Mifflin: Valiant defender of the Delaware di John W. Jackson
Forty Years Among the Old Booksellers of Philadelphia: With Biographical Remarks di William Brotherhead
The Founders and Finance: How Hamilton, Gallatin, and Other Immigrants Forged a New Economy di Thomas K. McCraw
The Founders at Home: The Building of America, 1735-1817 di Myron Magnet
Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation di Joseph J. Ellis
The Founding city: The Philadelphia inquirer's Bicentennial journals di David R. Boldt
Founding corporate power in early national Philadelphia di Andrew M. Schocket
Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington di Richard Brookhiser
The Founding Fathers Reconsidered di R. B. Bernstein
Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation di Cokie Roberts
The Foundling: The True Story of a Kidnapping, a Family Secret, and My Search for the Real Me di Paul Joseph Fronczak
Fountains Of Philadelphia: A Guide di Jim McClelland
The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal di J. Patrick O'Connor
Francis Johnson (1792-1844): Chronicle of a Black Musician in Early Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia di Charles K. Jones
Frank Furness: The Complete Works di George E. Thomas
Frankford (PA) (Images of America) di Brian H. Harris
Frankford Elevated: Report of Transit Committee of the Philadelphia Real Estate Board and Address by Horace Groskin to Councilmanic Committee di Philadelphia Real Estate Board. Transit Committee.
Franklin di Carl Van Doren
Franklin Court : Benjamin Franklin's home in Philadelphia di Robert H. Wilson
Franklin of Philadelphia di Esmond Wright
Franklin's street & zip code atlas of Philadelphia & suburbs including Delaware County ...
Fred Shero: A kaleidoscopic view of the Philadelphia Flyers' coach di Rhoda Rappeport
Free Byrd: The Power of a Liberated Life di Paul Byrd
Freedom Is Not Enough: The Opening of the American Workplace di Nancy K. MacLean
Freedom of worship;: Meeting houses, churches and synagogues of early Philadelphia di Robert H. Wilson
The freedom pages: the complete guide to LGBT living in the Philadelphia area.
Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman di Dorothy Sterling
Freedom's Doors : Immigrant Ports of Entry to the United States di Gail F. Stern
Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism di Susan Jacoby
French Philadelphia: The French Cultural & Historical Presence in the Delaware Valley di Lynn H Miller
The French War Against America: How a Trusted Ally Betrayed Washington and the Founding Fathers di Harlow Giles Unger
Friendly Beginnings: The Origins and Growth of Philadelphia's Schools, 1683-1836 di Overseers of the Public School
A Friendly Guide Book to Philadelphia di John Wanamaker
A Friendly Guide Book to Philadelphia and the Wanamaker Store di John Wanamaker
The Friends' meeting house, Fourth and Arch streets, Philadelphia : a centennial celebration, Sixth month fourth, 1904 di Friends Historical Association
The Friendship of Criminals di Robert Glinski
From Hucklebuck to Hip-Hop; Social Dance In the African American Community in Philadelphia di John W. Roberts
From Paesani to White Ethnics: The Italian Experience in Philadelphia (Suny Series in Italian/American Culture) di Stefano Luconi
From Resistance to Revolution: Colonial Radicals and the Development of American Opposition to Britain, 1765-1776 di Pauline Maier
From Seed to Flower, Philadelphia, 1681-1876 : A Horticultural Point of View di The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
From the outside in : suburban elites, third-sector organizations, and the reshaping of Philadelphia di Carolyn T. Adams
From Workshop to Waste Magnet: Environmental Inequality in the Philadelphia Region (Nature, Society, and Culture) di Diane Sicotte
Frommer's Complete Guide: Philadelphia di George McDonald
Frommer's Complete Guide: Philadelphia & the Amish Country di Jay Golan
Frommer's Comprehensive Guide: Philadelphia di Jay Golan
Frommer's Day by Day: Philadelphia di Lauren McCutcheon
Frommer's Day by Day: Philadelphia di Reid Bramblett
A fruitful church : a brief history of the several churches and Sabbath schools that have been the outgrowth of the historic First Presbyterian Church, Washington Square, Philadelphia, during the past threescore years di J. S. Cummings
Full Circle di Michael Thomas Ford
Full Spectrum: The Complete History of the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Club di Jay Greenberg
Fundraising the Dead di Sheila Connolly
Furness Library (Architecture in Detail) di Phaidon Press
A further supplement to an act entitled, an Act to incorporate the city of Philadelphia. Passed January 31, 1854 di Philadelphia
Future Foundation di Jeremy Whitley
Future State: Suicide Squad di Robbie Thompson
Game Changers: Philadelphia Eagles: The 50 Greatest Plays in Philadelphia Eagles Football History di Reuben Frank
A Game of Blood di Julie Ann Dawson
Game of My Life Philadelphia Eagles : Memorable Stories of Eagles Football di Robert Gordon
Game of My Life: Philadelphia Phillies: Memorable Stories of Phillies Baseball di Bob Gordon
Game Over di Cassandre Dayne
Gangsters at the Grand Atlantic (American Girl History Mysteries) di Sarah Masters Buckey
Garden blocks for urban America di Louise Carter Bush-Brown
Gardens & Arboreta of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley di Sharon Nelton
Gardens & Arboreta of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley di Tercentenary Gardens Collective
The Gardens of Kyoto di Kate Walbert
Gardens of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania's Cultural & Natural Heritage) di John G. Hope
Gardens Of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley di William M. Klein Jr.
The Gawgon and the Boy di Lloyd Alexander
Gay and Lesbian Philadelphia (PA) (Images of America) di Thom Nickels
The Geek Who Saved Christmas di Annabeth Albert
General location of national system of interstate highways di United States Bureau of *
General socio-economic characteristics and trends : Philadelphia and environs di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
The Genius of the People di Charles L. Mee
A Gentleman of Color : The Life of James Forten di Julie Winch
Gentleman Revolutionary di Richard Brookhiser
George Logan of Philadelphia di Frederick Barnes Tolles
George vs. George: The American Revolution As Seen from Both Sides di Rosalyn Schanzer
George Washington and the New Nation, 1783-1793 di James Thomas Flexner
George Washington {4-vols. complete} di James Thomas Flexner
George Washington, the image and the man di William E. Woodward
George Washington: A Biography (7 volumes) di Douglas Southall Freeman
George Washington: A Life From Beginning to End di Henry Freeman
George Washington: The Political Rise of America's Founding Father di David O. Stewart
German Immigrant Servant Contracts. Registered at the Port of Philadelphia, 1817-1831 di Farley Grubb
The German Immigration into Pennsylvania Through the Port of Philadelphia, di Frank Ried Diffenderffer
The German Settlement Society of Philadelphia and its colony, Hermann, Missouri di William G. Bek
German singing societies of 19th century Philadelphia di Martha Crary Halpern
Germantown & Old Philadelphia di Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co
Germantown and old Philadelphia di Philadelphia Transportation Company
Germantown and the Germans: An exhibition of Books, Manuscripts, Prints and Photographs from the Collections of the The Library Company of Philadelphia and HSP
Germantown Green: A Living Legacy of Gardens, Orchards, and Pleasure Grounds (2 books on file) - F159.G3 G35 1982 di Germantown Historical Society
Germantown redevelopment area plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Germantown, Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill (PA) (Images of America) di Judith Callard
Germantown: 1683-1933 di Edward W. Hocker
Getting There: Thespians, Two Cats, and Deliverance di Thomas Allen Childers
Gettysburg--The Second Day di Harry W. Pfanz
Ghost Stories of Philadelphia, PA di Tim Reeser
Gingerbread for Liberty!: How a German Baker Helped Win the American Revolution di Mara Rockliff
A Gingerbread Romance [2018 TV movie] di Richard Gabai
The Girl from Montana di Grace Livingston Hill
The Girl who Would Speak for the Dead di Paul Elwork
Giuro che non mi sposo di Elizabeth Gilbert
Giustizia sommaria di Lisa Scottoline
Give Me Liberty!: The Story of the Declaration of Independence di Russell Freedman
Gladys Reunited: A Personal American Journey di Sandi Toksvig
Glass Houses di Jane Haddam
Glimpses of Philadelphia di The Philadelphia Convention & Tourist Bureau
A Glorious Enterprise: The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and the Making of American Science di Robert McCracken Peck
Glory over Everything: Beyond The Kitchen House di Kathleen Grissom
O God of Players: The Story of the Immaculata Mighty Macs di Julie Byrne
The golden voyage; the life and times of William Bingham, 1752-1804 di Robert C. Alberts
The Golden Years di Various
GoldenGirl di Micol Ostow
The Good Neighbor: A Novel di Amy Sue Nathan
Good Night Philadelphia (Good Night Our World series) di Adam Gamble
Good Peoples di Marcus Major
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Philadelphia Flyers: Heart-pounding, Jaw-dropping, and Gut-wrenching Moments from Philadelphia Flyers History (Good, the Bad, & the Ugly) (Good, the Bad, & the Ugly) di Adam Kimelman
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: Philadelphia Phillies: Heart-Pounding, Jaw-Dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments from Philadelphia Phillies History di Todd Zolecki
Goodbye to Yesterday: Part 1 di Wanda E. Brunstetter
Governed by a Spirit of Opposition: The Origins of American Political Practice in Colonial Philadelphia di Jessica C. Roney
The Grand Idea: George Washington's Potomac and the Race to the West di Joel Achenbach
The Grand Old Man of Baseball: Connie Mack in His Final Years, 1932-1956 di Norman L. Macht
Grandpa's stories: Memoirs of R. Chase Whitaker di R. Chase Whitaker
Grassroots Warriors: Activist Mothering, Community Work, and the War on Poverty di Nancy A. Naples
The Grave Robber's Secret di Anna Myers
Gravyland: Writing Beyond the Curriculum in the City of Brotherly Love di Stephen Parks
Gray Is Not a Color: True Tales from the Basement of the Mütter Museum di Sally Madden
Grays Ferry Redevelopment Area Plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Great American heroines di Arnold Dolin
Great American Railroad Stations di Janet Greenstein Potter
The Great Book of Philadelphia Sports Lists di Glen MacNow
The Great Centennial Exhibition: Critically Described and Illustrated di Phillip T Sandhurst
The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History di John M. Barry
The Great Philadelphia Fan Book di Glen MacNow
The Great Philadelphia Sports Debate di Angelo Cataldi Glen Macnow
The Great Upheaval: America and the Birth of the Modern World, 1788-1800 di Jay Winik
The Great Wagon Road di Parke Rouse
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance 2006 Portfolio di Greater Philadelphia C...
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Annual Report 2003 di Greater Philadelphia C...
Greater Philadelphia Food System Study di Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Greater Philadelphia Food System Study
The Greater Philadelphia JobBank di Steven Graber
Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : street map book di ADC
The Greatest Players and Moments of the Philadelphia Flyers di Stan Fischler
Green Shoots of Democracy within the Philadelphia Democratic Party di Karen Bojar
Green Zine #13 di Cristy C. Road
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Greyhound Pennsylvania Local Bus Timetable 19731973
The Grid and the River: Philadelphia's Green Places, 1682-1876 di Elizabeth Milroy
Grifter's Game di Lawrence Block
Grubbtown Monument di Fred Maurer
Grubbtown Monument: "in memory of the Union soldiers of Grubbtown" volunteer town : a comprehensive history & source book of Grubbtown and its ... Playground at A Street & Champlost Avenue di Fred Maurer
Guarda ancora di Lisa Scottoline
The guide book to historic Germantown di Charles F. Jenkins
Guide To Civil War Philadelphia di Richard A. Sauers
Guide to museums in the Delaware Valley di Museum Council of Philadelphia
A guide to Philadelphia's public art di Margot Berg
Guide to the City Hall, Philadelphia : directory of offices occupied, or allotted and in process of completion, with diagrams of the various floors and other miscellaneous information appertaining to the building, Founders Week Edition di chief of bureau of city property issued by Alfred S. Eisenhower
A Guide to the Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region di Adam Levine
Guide to the Municipal Archives of the City and County of Philadelphia di Charles E. Hughes
Guide to the Wissahickon Valley di Frances Ballard
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A Guidebook to Jewish Philadelphia di Esther M. Klein
Guidebook to the Philadelphia brewery tour di Rich Wagner
Guilty di Karen Robards
The Guy They Need di R. Cayden
Hagstrom Greater Philadelphia, Camden Atlas di Hagstrom Map Co.
Hamilton: The Revolution di Lin-Manuel Miranda
Hand in Glove '14 (e-book) di Jeremy Eric Tenenbaum
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Happy Birthday, Addy!: A Springtime Story di Connie Porter
Hardball di V.K. Sykes
Hardscrabble Road di Jane Haddam
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Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad di Ann Petry
Harry the K: The Remarkable Life of Harry Kalas di Randy Miller
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Have Your Cake And Kill Him Too di Nancy Martin
Head On di John Scalzi
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Hearts Afire: April di Jamie Craig
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Henry's Freedom Box di Ellen Levine
Her Dangerous Viscount di Cynthia Wright
Here for It: Or, How to Save Your Soul in America di R. Eric Thomas
Hero di Wrath James White
Herzog di Saul Bellow
Hidden Affections di Delia Parr
Hidden among Us di Garrett Hutson
Hidden History of Kensington and Fishtown (PA) di Kenneth W. Milano
High Society [1956 film] di Charles Walters
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Hill Hawk Hattie di Clara Gillow Clark
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His Outlaw Valentine di Jessa Kane
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Historic Architecture in West Philadelphia, 1789-1930s di Joseph Minardi
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Historical Sketches of the Catholic Churches and Institutions of Philadelphia: A parish register and book of reference
History & Purpose, the Centennial Legion of Historic Military Commands: The Old Guard City of Philadelphia.
History - Passenger Train & Through Car Svc. Pennsylvania RR 1849-1947 di Douglas C Wornom
History of Draft Board 40 of Philadelphia
The history of Penn Treaty Park di Kenneth W. Milano
The history of Pennsylvania, in North America, from the original institution and settlement of that province, under the first proprietor and governor, William Penn, in 1681, till after the year 1742; with an introduction respecting the life of W. Penn, prior to the grant of the province, and the religious society of the people called Quakers, with the first rise of the neighbouring Colonies, more particularly of West-New-Jersey and the settlement of the Dutch and Swedes on Delaware. To which is added a brie di Robert Proud
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History of the J. G. Brill Company di Debra D. Brill
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A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE di David Cronenberg
A Hole in Juan di Gillian Roberts
Home di Cara Dee
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The Hope of Spring: Part 3 di Wanda E. Brunstetter
Horrors of History: People of the Plague: Philadelphia Flu Epidemic 1918 di T. Neill Anderson
Hostage on the Nighthawk di Dave Jackson
The House and Senate in the 1790s : petitioning, lobbying, and institutional development di Kenneth R. Bowling
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The House of Eve di Sadeqa Johnson
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How Carrots Won the Trojan War: Curious (but True) Stories of Common Vegetables di Rebecca Rupp
How Few Remain di Harry Turtledove
How I Spent My Summer Vacation di Gillian Roberts
How To Murder A Millionaire di Nancy Martin
Hung Up On You di Holly Jacobs
Hungry Heart: Adventures in Life, Love, and Writing di Jennifer Weiner
Hunter the Vigil Quickstart: One Year Later di Jason Bolte
Hunter: The Vigil di Chuck Wendig
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I'm looking Through You: Growing up Haunted di Jennifer Finney Boylan
Ice Cream on the Side di Wren Boudreau
The Icon Thief di Alec Nevala-Lee
Iconography of Philadelphia, di Joseph Jackson
If Football's a Religion, Why Don't We Have a Prayer?: Philadelphia, Its Faithful, and the Eternal Quest for Sports Salvation di Jere Longman
If these walls could talk : Philadelphia Flyers : stories from the Philadelphia Flyers ice, locker room, and press box di Lou Nolan
If These Walls Could Talk: Stories from the Philadelphia Phillies Dugout, Locker Room, and Press Box di Larry Shenk
If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution di Elizabeth Levy
Ill Wind di Rachel Caine
Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Carpenters' Tools di J. B. Shannon
The illustrated history of the Centennial exhibition held in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of American independence: With a full ... description of the city of Philadelphia di James Dabney McCabe
The Illyrian Adventure di Lloyd Alexander
In the Dead of Summer di Gillian Roberts
In the Morning Sun di Lena Hart
In the shadow of William Penn: Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Friends di Margaret Hope Bacon
Inamorata di Joseph Gangemi
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl di Harriet A. Jacobs
Independence Hall di Sandra Steen
Independence Hall (American Symbols & Their Meanings) di Hal Marcovitz
Independence Hall (Checkerboard Symbols: Landmarks and Monuments) di Tamara L. Britton
Independence Hall In American Memory di Charlene Mires
Independence hall: Tour in color of historic Philadelphia di Walter H. Miller
Independence Mall in Historic Philadelphia - Birthplace of the Nation
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Independence Square Neighborhood di Frank H. Taylor
The Independence square neighborhood; historical notes on Independence and Washington squares, lower Chestnut street, and the insurance district along Walnut street, in Philadelphia, together with some account of the buildings, events, and personages of State house row di Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
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Independence: The Struggle to Set America Free di John Ferling
The Indigent Widows' and Single Women's Society of Philadelphia di Susan S. Koeble
Industrial land use for Philadelphia in relation to metropolitan area development, December 1950 di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Industrializing America: The Nineteenth Century di Walter Licht
Inflight Cargo Fire, United Parcel Service Company Flight 1307, McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71F, N748UP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 7, 2006 di National Transportation Safety Board
The Infortunate: The Voyage and Adventures of William Moraley, an Indentured Servant di Susan E. Klepp
The Inheritance of Exile: Stories from South Philly di Susan Muaddi Darraj
Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love di Dani Shapiro
The Inquirer regional almanac 1994 : Philadelphia and its suburbs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey di Herbert Kestenbaum
The Inquirer Regional Almanac, 19941994
Inside Philadelphia di Richard Flood
Inside the occult : the true story of Madame H. P. Blavatsky
Inside these doors : a guidebook of the historic houses of Elfreth's Alley a National Historic Landmark di Elfreth's Alley Association
Insiders' Guide to Philadelphia (Insiders' Guide Series) di Mary Mihaly
Insight City Guide Philadelphia di Insight Guides
Intimate Bicycle Tours of Philadelphia: Ten Excursions to the City's Art, Parks, and Neighborhoods di Patricia Vance
Introducing Philadelphia di Bruce Larkin
Inventing America: Jefferson's Declaration of Independence di Garry Wills
L'invenzione delle ali di Sue Monk Kidd
The Investigators di W. E. B. Griffin
Invincible [2006 film] di Ericson Core
Invisible Philadelphia : community through voluntary organizations di Jean Barth Toll
The Invisibles, Vol. 2: Apocalipstick di Grant Morrison
The Invisibles, Vol. 6: Kissing Mister Quimper di Grant Morrison
Invitation to the Blues di Roan Parrish
Irish Born [3-in-1] di Nora Roberts
The Irish In Philadelphia: Ten Generations of Urban Experience di Dennis Clark
Irish Philadelphia (Images of America) di Marita Krivda Poxon
The Irish Relations: Trials of an Immigrant Tradition di Dennis Clark
The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical di Shane Claiborne
An Island Away di Daniel Putkowski
Israel White, Plane Manufacturer, Corner of Callowhill & Fourth Sts. di Israel White
It Happened in Philadelphia (It Happened In Series) di Scott Bruce
The Italian People of Philadelphia and the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Inspiration for the Work, Its Promise of Results, and What is Now Being Accomplished
The Italians of Philadelphia di Ernest L Biagi
Italians of Philadelphia (PA) (Images of America) di Donna J. Di Giacomo
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The Jabez Brown twins,: A family portrait di Melissa Brown
Jack Coombs: A Life in Baseball di John P. Tierney
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The January Corpse di Neil Albert
Jay T. Snider collection : featuring the history of Philadelphia and important Americana di Bloomsbury auctions
The Jefferson Legacy di Nick Thacker
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Jersey Central RR timetable New York - Allentown/Philadelphia 19661966
Jesuit education in Philadelphia di Francis X. Talbot
Jewelers to Philadelphia and the world; 125 years on Chestnut Street di Joseph Hugh Green
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The Jewish Community of South Philadelphia di Allen Meyers
The Jewish Community of West Philadelphia di Allen Meyers
The Jewish community under the Frankford El di Allen Meyers
Jewish Family and Children's Service of Greater Philadelphia di Allen Meyers
Jewish Heritage Trail of Philadelphia di Israel Israelowitz
Jewish life in Philadelphia, 1830-1940 di Murray Friedman
Jewish Philadelphia (PA): A Guide to Its Sights and Stories di Linda Nesvisky
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Jim Konstanty di Frank Yeutter
Job Search Philadelphia di Adams Media
John Adams di David McCullough
John Adams di Page Smith
John Adams di John Patrick Diggins
John Adams: A Life di John Ferling
John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 09: Critical Mass di Paul Jenkins
John Paul Jones: Sailor, Hero, Father of the American Navy di Evan Thomas
John Quincy Adams di Robert V. Remini
John Quincy Adams: A Public Life, a Private Life di Paul C. Nagel
John the Painter: Terrorist of the American Revolution di Jessica Warner
John Wanamaker : king of merchants di William A. Zulker
John Wilkes Booth: Day By Day di Arthur F. Loux
Journal of travels in the United States of North America, and in Lower Canada, performed in the year 1817 : containing particulars relating to the prices of land and provisions, remarks on the country and people, interesting anecdotes, and an account of the commerce, trade, and present state of Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Albany, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Lexington, Quebec, Montreal, &c. ; to which are added a description of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, and a variety of ot di John Palmer
The journals of Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 1799-1820 : from Philadelphia to New Orleans di Benjamin Henry Latrobe
Journey Around Philadelphia from A to Z di Martha Zschock
The Judgment di Beverly Lewis
Just Us Kids in the Alley: The Moments and Memories of My Little Friends and I Growing Up in Northwest Philadelphia in the Thirties di Albert C. Bender
Kensington Kid: Small Town Life in the 70's in the Shadow of the Market Frankford di Bill Mettinger
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain [2013 film] di Leslie Small
Key to Discovery: A Guide to Museum Resources in the Philadelphia Area di Marilyn C. Solvay
The key to Philadelphia (Keys to the cities series) di Dorothy Loder
Keystone of Democracy: A History of Pennsylvania Workers di Howard Harris
Keystone Tombstones Philadelphia Region: Biographies of Famous People Buried in Pennsylvania di Joe Farrell
A Kid's Guide to Philadelphia di Ellen W. Leroe
Kidding Around Philadelphia: A Young Person's Guide to the City di Rebecca Clay
Kill a Man [graphic novel] di Steve Orlando
Kill Fee di Owen Laukkanen
Killadelphia Volume 1: Sins of the Father di Rodney Barnes
Killer Smile di Lisa Scottoline
A Killer's Alibi di William L. Myers Jr.
Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence di Bill O'Reilly
Kindness Goes Unpunished di Craig Johnson
The King of Plagues di Jonathan Maberry
The Kingdom of Bones: A Novel di Stephen Gallagher
A Kiss Under the Mistletoe di Susan Macatee
Knock Off the Hat di Richard Stevenson
Know My Name: A Memoir di Chanel Miller
Knowing Nature: Art and Science in Philadelphia, 1740-1840 di Amy R. W. Meyers
Känner du Pelle Svanslös di Gösta Knutsson
L' angolo del diavolo di Lisa Scottoline
L' attore: romanzo di Richard Montanari
Il labirinto delle ossa di Rick Riordan
The labor force of the Philadelphia radio industry in 1936 di Gladys L. Palmer
The labor movement in the shoe industry, with special reference to Philadelphia di Augusta Emile Galster
Laboratories of Virtue: Punishment, Revolution, and Authority in Philadelphia, 1760-1835 di Michael Meranze
Lady Killer di Lisa ScottolineSouth Philly
A Lady of High Regard di Tracie Peterson
Land, Piety, Peoplehood: The Establishment of Mennonite Communities in America, 1683-1790 (Mennonite Experience in America) di Richard K. MacMaster
The larder invaded : reflections on three centuries of Philadelphia food and drink : a joint exhibition held 17 November di Mary Anne Hines
Larder Invaded: Reflections on 3 Centuries of Philadelphia Food and Drink di Mary Alice Hines
Larry Kane's Philadelphia di Larry Kane
Last Breath: A Sherry Moore Novel di George D. Shuman
The Last Days of John Lennon di James Patterson
The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach: A Novel di Pam Jenoff
Last Team Standing: How the Steelers and the Eagles--"The Steagles"--Saved Pro Football During World War II di Matthew Algeo
The Last Witchfinder di James Morrow
Latrobe's view of America, 1795-1820 : selections from the watercolors and sketches di Benjamin Henry Latrobe
Laws and Ordinances Governing Fairmount Park
Lazaretto di Diane McKinney-Whetstone
Leading the Way: Population Growth Downtown di Central Philadelphia Development Corporation.
Leaves of gold : manuscript illumination from Philadelphia collections di James Tanis
Leaves of Grass: First and "Death-Bed" Editions di Walt Whitman
Lefty Grove: American Original di Jim Kaplan
Legacies of Genius: a Celebration of Philadelphia Libraries: a Selection of Books, Manuscripts, and Works of Art di 2nd, Edwin Wolf
Legacy in light : photographic treasures from Philadelphia area public collections : Philadelphia Museum of Art, May 26-August 12, 1990 di Kenneth Finkel
Legal Tender di Lisa Scottoline
Legendary Locals of Center City Philadelphia di Thom Nickels
Legends of the Philadelphia Phillies di Bob Gordon
Legittima vendetta di Lisa Scottoline
Let It Burn: MOVE, the Philadelphia Police Department, and the Confrontation that Changed a City di Michael Boyette
Let Me Watch You di Emma Hillman
Let This Be Your Home: The African American Migration to Philadelphia ,1900-1940 di The Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum
Lethal Attachments di Joseph R. G. DeMarco
Letter 44 Vol. 2: Deluxe Edition di Charles Soule
Letto a tre piazze di Jennifer Weiner
A letto con Maggie di Jennifer Weiner
The Liberty Bell (American Symbols & Their Meanings) di Hal Marcovitz
Liberty Bell (Buddy Books: All Aboard America) di Julie Murray
The Liberty Bell (Little Explorer: Introducing Primary Sources) di Tamra B. Orr
The Liberty Bell (Weekly Reader: Places in American History) di Susan Ashley
Liberty Bell: Let Freedom Ring (Patriotic Symbols of America) di Hal Marcovitz
The Liberty Bell: My Country (Building Fluency Through Reader's Theater) di Debra J. Housel
The Liberty Story [1957 TV episode] di Robert Stevenson
Liberty's Kids: The Complete Television Series di Kevin O'Donnell
The Library of James Logan of Philadelphia: 1674-1751 di 2nd, Edwin Wolf
Lie Like a Rug di Donna Huston Murray
Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong di James W. Loewen
Life and times in colonial Philadelphia di Joseph J Kelley
Life Drawing di Robin Black
Life in Early Philadelphia: Documents from the Revolutionary and Early National Periods di Billy Gordon Smith
Life in Philadelphia di Philadelphia Museum
Life Is Fine di Allison Whittenberg
The Life of Frederick Douglass: A Graphic Narrative of a Slave's Journey from Bondage to Freedom di David F. Walker
Life, Liberty, and the Mummers di Ed Kennedy
Light One Candle di Keelan Ellis
Like Part of the Family di Jonathan Maberry
The lilaguide: Baby-Friendly Philadelphia: New Parent Survival Guide to Shopping, Activities, Restaurants, and more⦠di Oli Mittermaier
Lilli de Jong di Janet Benton
Lime Gelatin & Other Monsters di Angel Martinez
Lincoln's War Cabinet di Burton Jesse Hendrick
The linen and flaxseed trade of Philadelphia, 1765 to 1815 di Michelle M. Mormul
The literary history of Philadelphia di Ellis Paxson Oberholtzer
Literary landmarks of Philadelphia di Joseph Jackson
Literary Philadelphia: di Thom Nickels
Little Journeys Around Old Philadelphia di George Barton
Live Aid [video recording] di Vincent Scarza
The lives of eminent Philadelphians, now deceased di Henry Simpson
Lives of the Philadelphia Engineers : Capital, Class and Revolution, 1830?890 di Andrew Dawson
Living Under South Street: Photographs of South Philadelphia by Jonathan Elderfield di Jonathan Elderfield
A loan exhibition of authenticated furniture of the great Philadelphia cabinet-makers di W. M. Hornor
Local Flavor: Favorite Recipes from Philadelphia Area Chefs di Connie Correia Fisher
London to Philadelphia;: The story of a Quaker family, 1670-1689 di Caroline C Graveson
Lonely Planet Philadelphia & the Pennsylvania Dutch Country di John Spelman
A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of the Grateful Dead di Dennis McNally
The Long Way Around di Quinn Anderson
Long-term financing of public transportation in southeastern Pennsylvania di Pennsylvania Economy League
The Longman history of the United States of America di Hugh Brogan
Look Up, Philadelphia! 6 Walking Tours in the City of Brotherly Love di Doug Gelbert
Loosening the Bonds: Mid-Atlantic Farm Women, 1750-1850 di Joan M. Jensen
The Lost Constitution di William Martin
The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt di William Nothdurft
Lost Philadelphia di Ed Mauger
Louisa: The Extraordinary Life of Mrs. Adams di Louisa Thomas
Love Abideth Still: A Novel of the Civil War di Scott R. Rezer
Love in the Light di Laura Kaye
Love Walked In di Marisa de los Santos
Love, Lucy di April Lindner
Love: A Philadelphia Affair di Beth Kephart
Lovey Childs; a Philadelphian's story; a novel di John O'Hara
Lower Northeast Philadelphia di Louis M. Iatarola
Lower Northeast Philadelphia (PA) (Images of America) di Louis M. Iatarola
The Loyal Son: The War in Ben Franklin's House di Daniel Mark Epstein
Lucky di Alice Sebold
The Lucky Boy di Caroline Gerardo
Lucretia Mott di Otelia Cromwell
Lungo il fiume di Louis L'Amour
Macho Row: The 1993 Phillies and Baseball's Unwritten Code di William C. Kashatus
Mack, McGraw And The 1913 Baseball Season di Richard Adler
The Mackmen: "Reflections on a baseball team" di Jerome C Romanowski
Mae Makes a Way: The True Story of Mae Reeves, Hat & History Maker di Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich
Mafia Prince: Inside America's Most Violent Crime Family and the Bloody Fall of La Cosa Nostra di Phil Leonetti
Magee's illustrated guide of Philadelphia and the Centennial Exhibition : a guide and description to all places of interest in or about Philadelphia, to the Centennial grounds and buildings, and Fairmount Park
The Magic Order, Vol. 1 di Mark Millar
The Magic Order, Vol. 3 di Mark Millar
A Magnificent Catastrophe di Edward J. Larson
The Main Line Is Murder di Donna Huston Murray
Major League Baseball in Philadelphia As Recorded in the Pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer 1930-1992 di Philadelphia Inquirer
Major retail centers of the Philadelphia standard metropolitan area, 1958 di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Makeshift Technology: Water and Politics in 19th-Century Philadelphia di Michal McMahon
Making a Modern Classic: The Architecture of the Philadelphia Museum of Art di David Bruce Brownlee
The Making of America: Atlantic Gateways - 1983 [map] di John B. Garver, Jr.
The Making of an American High School: The Credentials Market and the Central High School of Philadelphia, 1838-1939 di David F. Labaree
The Making of the Constitution di Gordon S. Wood
The making of William Penn's "Holy experiment" in education di William C. Kashatus
The Man of My Dreams di Curtis Sittenfeld
The Man Who Made Wall Street: Anthony J. Drexel and the Rise of Modern Finance di Dan Rottenberg
The Man Who Stopped Time : Eadweard Muybridge, Pioneer Photographer, Father of the Motion Picture, Murderer / Brian Clegg di Brian Clegg
The Man with the Silver Oar di Robin Moore
Man-Made Philadelphia di Richard Saul Wurman
Managing success in center city: reducing congestion, enhancing public spaces di Center City District
Manayunk di Thom Nickels
Manayunk as a Historic District di Mary Jo Rendon
The Manhood Ceremony di Ross Berliner
Mantua Area plan : West Philadelphia redevelopment plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Manual of city councils of Philadelphia for 1894-95 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of city councils of Philadelphia for 1895-96 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the City Councils of Philadelphia for 1886-87 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the City Councils of Philadelphia for 1887-88 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the City Councils of Philadelphia for 1888-89 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the City Councils of Philadelphia for 1890-'91 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the City Councils of Philadelphia for 1891-'92 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the City Councils of Philadelphia for 1892-93 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the City Councils of Philadelphia for 1893-94 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the City of Philadelphia 1959 di Procurement Department
Manual of the Councils of the City of Philadelphia for the Year 1874, Embracing Officers, Members, &c, together with the Standing Committees, Departments of the City, and other Information of Interest
Manual of the Councils of the City of Philadelphia for the Year 1875 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the Councils of the City of Philadelphia for the Year 1877 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the Councils of the City of Philadelphia for the Year 1878 di Joseph H. Paist
Manual of the Councils of the City of Philadelphia for the Year 1880 di Joseph H. Paist
Manufacturers' Club of Philadelphia. Officers, Standing Committees, List of Members, Business and Professional Classification
MapEasy's guidemap to Philadelphia : a location map and guidebook in one, the unique easy-to-use guide to Philadelphia : detail maps for Independence Mall, Rittenhouse Square, Fairmount Park, out-of-town di Inc. MapEasy
Marian Anderson: A Voice Uplifted di Victoria Garrett Jones
Market Assistant, The di Thomas F. De Voe
Market Book Containing a Historical Account of the Public Markets in the Cities of New York, Philadelphia, & Brooklyn (Reprints of Economic Classics) di Thomas F. De Voe
The market book, containing a historical account of the public markets in the cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Brooklyn : with a brief description of every article of human food sold therein, the introduction of cattle in America, and notices of many remarkable specimens : in two volumes, vol. I di Thomas F. De Voe
Market Street Elevated Passenger Railway - Centennial 1907 2007 di Joel Spivak
Market west, center city redevelopment area di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Marmac Guide to Philadelphia di Chris Ronberg
A Marmac guide to Philadelphia di Judith Minkoff Pransky
Marmac Guide to Philadelphia (Marmac Guide to Philadelphia)
A Marmac Guide To Philadelphia (Marmac Guide to Philadelphia)
Married to the Viscount di Sabrina Jeffries
Masonic Temple - Philadelphia di The Grand Lodge Pennsylvania
A Masquerade in the Moonlight di Kasey Michaels
Mastering Wartime: A Social History of Philadelphia During the Civil War di J. Matthew Gallman
Masters to managers ; historical and comparative perspectives on American employers di Sanford M. Jacoby
The McKinley Memorial in Philadelphia: History of the Movement, and Account of the Dedication Exercises di James M. Beck
Meadow Forest and Stream for Play Profit and Pure Water : Being a Suggestion for the Use of Certain Neglected Lands of the Tri-State District as Parks, Public Forests, and Water Supply Protection di Regional Planning Federation of the Philadelphia Tri-State District
Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents' Tailor di Martin Greenfield
Medical inquiries and observations containing an account of the yellow fever, as it appeared in Philadelphia in 1797 ... di Benjamin Rush
Mediterranean Cruise Of The u. s. s. Chester : a Story Of a Queen Of The Seas, Its First Crew, Its First Voyage, And Of Its Sister Ships Of The 10, 000-Ton Class di Samuel Wheeler Beach
Meeting House and Counting House: The Quaker Merchants of Colonial Philadelphia 1682-1763 di Frederick B. Tolles
Meeting of the Waters di Kim McLarin
Megalopolis: Washington to Boston (Touring North America) di John R. Borchert
A Melancholy Scene of Devastation: The Public Response to the 1793 Philadelphia Yellow Fever Epidemic di J. Worth Estes
Memoirs of the yellow fever, which prevailed in Philadelphia, and other parts of the United States of America, in the summer and autumn of the present year, 1798 ... : To which is added, a collection of facts respecting the origin of the fever (1798) di William Currie
Memorial of the International exhibition at Philadelphia di United States Centennial Commission
The Memory of a Salt Shaker (The Space Within These Lines) di Bernard M. Cox
Men in Blue di W. E. B. Griffin
Mermaids, Monasteries, Cherokees and Custer: The Stories Behind Philadelphia Street Names di Robert I. Alotta
Messages to the City Council and addressess by Hon. J. Hampton Moore, Mayor of Philadelphia di J. Hampton Moore
A meteorological account of the weather in Philadelphia, from January 1, 1790, to January 1, 1847, including fifty-seven years di Charles Pierce
Metro Philadelphia di ADC
Metropolitan Paradise: The Struggle for Nature in the City, Philadelphia's Wissahickon Valley 1620-2020 di David R. Contosta
Metropolitan Philadelphia : a study of conflicts and social cleavages di Peter O. Muller
Metropolitan Philadelphia: Living With the Presence of the Past di Steven Conn
La mia storia di Lang Lang
Micah di Laurell K. Hamilton
Mike Schmidt (Baseball Legends) di Rich Westcott
Mike Schmidt : The Phillies' Legendary Slugger di Rob Maaddi
Mike Schmidt: Philadelphia's Hall of Fame Third Baseman di William C. Kashatus
Milcah Martha Moore's Book: A Commonplace Book from Revolutionary America di Milcah Martha Moore
Military petitions for naturalization filed in the Philadelphia (County) District Court, 1862-1874 (Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania monograph series) di Jefferson M Moak
Mill Creek redevelopment area plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Millenium Philadelphia: The Last 100 Years di Philadelphia Inquirer
Millennium Philadelphia
Millennium Philadelphia Updated & Expanded di The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Mills of Manayunk: Industrialization and Social Conflict in the Philadelphia Region, 1787-1837 di Cynthia J. Shelton
The Mind of a Patriot: Patrick Henry and the World of Ideas di Kevin J. Hayes
The miniature and the gigantic in Philadelphia architecture: essays on designing the city to human scale di Gray Read
Mio marito e le altre di Bridget Asher
Miracle at Philadelphia: The Story of the Constitutional Convention, May to September 1787 di Catherine Drinker Bowen
Miracleman Book Three: Olympus di Alan Moore
Mischief 24/7 di Kasey Michaels
Mischief Becomes Her di Kasey Michaels
Miss Katie's Rosewood di Michael Phillips
A Mission for Jenny: A Story about the Meaning of Flag Day (Children's Holiday Adventure Series) di Ace Collins
Mission Statements of the Friends Schools of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends di Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Mistaken for the Mob di Ginny Aiken
Mistaken Identity di Lisa Scottoline
Mister Slaughter di Robert R. McCammon
Mixed: My Life in Black and White di Angela Nissel
A model school : how Philadelphia's Gesu School is remaking inner-city education di Jerrold K. Footlick
Moldmaking & Casting Methods & Materials - Manual & Catalog di Polytek Development Corp.
The Molly Maguires di Anthony Bimba
Moment of Truth di Lisa Scottoline
Il mondo che non fu mai: una storia vera di sognatori, cospiratori, anarchici e agenti segreti di Alex Butterworth
Monopoly: The Story Behind the World's Best-Selling Game di Rod Kennedy
Monument to the Dead di Sheila Connolly
Moon Handbooks Philadelphia di Karrie Gavin
Moon Handbooks Philadelphia: Including Pennsylvania Dutch Country di Karrie Gavin
Moonglow di Michael Chabon
Moore College of Art & Design (Campus History: Pennsylvania) di Sharon G. Hoffman
Mordecai: An Early American Family di Emily Bingham
More Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell di Jane Golden
More Than Beards, Bellies and Biceps: The Story of the 1993 Phillies di Robert Gordon
La morsa: suspense di David Goodis
Moses Malone: Philadelphia's Peerless Center (Sports Stars (Children's Press Paper)) di Hal Lundgren
Motor Trips to Historic Points In and near Philadelphia di Evening Bulletin
Motor Trips to Historic Points In and near Philadelphia di Motor Pathfinder
Mount Airy di Elizabeth Farmer Jarvis
Mountain Bike America Greater Philadelphia di Bob D'Antonio
Mountain Biking the Greater Philadelphia Area, 2nd: A Guide to the Delaware Valley's Greatest Off-Road Bicycle Rides (Re di Bob D'Antonio
Movin' On Up: Baseball and Philadelphia Then, Now, and Always di Robert Gordon
Moving the Masses: Urban Public Transit in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, 1880-1912 di Charles W. Cheape
Mummers' Curse di Gillian Roberts
Murder by Degrees di Ritu Mukerji
Murder In Germantown di Mr. Rahiem Brooks
Murder in Paradise di James Patterson
Murder in Plain Sight (Hqn) di Marta Perry
Murder Melts in Your Mouth di Nancy Martin
Murder on Camac di Joseph R. G. DeMarco
The Murder Room: The Heirs of Sherlock Holmes Gather to Solve the World's Most Perplexing Cold Cases di Michael Capuzzo
Murder Superior di Jane Haddam
Murdered by Mumia: A Life Sentence of Loss, Pain, and Injustice di Maureen Faulkner
The Murderers di W. E. B. Griffin
Murders Unsolved: Cases That Have Baffled The Authorities For Years di Mike Riley
Museums of Philadelphia: A Guide for Residents and Visitors di Laura C. Waldron
Music in the marketplace : the story of Philadelphia's historic Wanamaker organ : from John Wanamaker to Lord & Taylor di Ray Biswanger
Music, Philadelphia & Thomas Eakins di Philadelphia Museum of Art
La musica del caso di Paul Auster
The Mutter Museum: Of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia di Gretchen Worden
My 66 Years in the Big Leagues: The Great Story of America's National Game di Connie Mack
My America: Five Smooth Stones: Hope's Revolutionary War Diary, Book One di Kristiana Gregory
My Broken Language: A Memoir di Quiara Alegría Hudes
My Dear Hamilton di Stephanie Dray
My Life in Baseball di Robin Roberts
My Life in Baseball: The True Record di Ty Cobb
My Little Golden Book About Philadelphia di Jennifer Dussling
My name is Oney Judge di Diane D. Turner
My North Philly di Maria Moller
My Philadelphia Father di Cordelia Drexel Biddle
Ménage di Emma Holly
Names My Sisters Call Me di Megan Crane
Nancy Shippen, her journal book; the international romance of a young lady of fashion of colonial Philadelphia with letters to her and about her. Compiled and edited by Ethel Armes di Anne Home Shippen Livingston
The nanny murders di Merry Jones
Napoleon Lajoie: King of Ballplayers di David L. Fleitz
A narrative of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia : with some account of Springfield, Whitemarsh and Cheltenham Townships in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania di Horace Mather Lippincott
A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett of the State of Tennessee di David Crockett
A narrative of the proceedings of the black people, during the late awful calamity in Philadelphia, in the year, 1793: and a refutation of some ... in some late publications. By A. J. and R. A. di Absalom Jones
A Nation Rising: Untold Tales of Flawed Founders, Fallen Heroes, and Forgotten Fighters from America's Hidden History di Kenneth C. Davis
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National Treasure [2004 film] di Jon Turteltaub
Native Sons: Philadelphia Baseball Players Who Made the Major Leagues di Rich Westcott
Naturalization Records: Philadelphia, 1789-1880 di Family Tree Maker
Nature Walks Near Philadelphia di Linda Shalaway
Nature's entrepôt : Philadelphia's urban sphere and its environmental thresholds di Brian C. Black
A Necessary Evil: A History of American Distrust of Government di Garry Wills
Neighborhood Festival of Olde Philadelphia (With Old Christ Church) di Elfreth's Alley Association
Neighborhood Service Center di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Neighborhood transformations : the implementation of Philadelphia's community development policy di Philadelphia
Neither Separate Nor Equal: Congress in the 1790s di Kenneth R. Bowlingas US capital, 1790-1800
Never Caught: The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge di Erica Armstrong Dunbar
Never Quite Dead di Seymour Shubin
The New Champion of Shazam! di Josie Campbell
The New Charter of Philadelphia
New Corpse in Town di Lucy Quinn
New Indexed Guide Map of Philadelphia and Camden, N. J. di Wertsner CS & Son
A new map of old Philadelphia di Edmund N. Bacon
The New Phillies Encyclopedia di Rich Westcott
The Next Accident di Lisa Gardner
NFC East di Ellen Labrecque
NHL Media Guide: Philadelphia Flyers - 1989-1990
NHL Media Guide: Philadelphia Flyers - 1996-1997
NHL Media Guide: Philadelphia Flyers - 1997-1998
NHL Media Guide: Philadelphia Flyers - 1998-1999
Night at Philadelphia di Zhe-Zhou Jiang
Night Hunt di L.L. Raand
Nina: A Story of Nina Simone di Traci N. Todd
Nine Paintings By Abby Heller-Burnham di Abby Heller-Burnham
Nineteenth Century Photography in Philadelphia di Kenneth Finkel
No Sad Songs di Frank Morelli
No Way to Run A Railroad: The Untold Story of the Penn Central Crisis di Stephen Salsbury
Noble Obsession: Charles Goodyear, Thomas Hancock, and the Race to Unlock the Greatest Industrial Secret of the Nineteenth Century di Charles Slack
Norman/Linda [2012 Hoarders TV Episode] di Screaming Flea Productions
North Carolina's Signers: Brief Sketches of the Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution di Memory F. Mitchell
North Philadelphia redevelopment area plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Northeast Philadelphia: A Brief History di Dr. Harry C. Silcox
The Northeast Railroad Scene Volume 6: The Penn Central di R. Pennisi
Northern Liberties: The Story of a Philadelphia River Ward di Harry Kyriakodis
Northwest Philadelphia District Plan Amendments July 1967 di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Not a Creature was Stirring di Jane Haddam
Not All Wives: Women of Colonial Philadelphia di Karin Wulf
Not For Tourists Guide to Philadelphia
Not For Tourists Guide to Philadelphia: 2005-2006 di Happy Mazza Media
Not For Tourists Guide to Philadelphia: 2007 di Happy Mazza Media
Not For Tourists Guide to Philadelphia: 2008 di Not for Tourists
Not For Tourists Guide to Philadelphia: 2009 di Happy Mazza Media
NOT SO LONG AGO. A Chronicle of Medicine and Doctors in Colonial Philadelphia. di Cecil K. Drinker
Notes on the Free Quaker Meeting House: Fifth and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, Built 1783-84 di Charles E. Peterson
Novus Ordo Seclorum: The Intellectual Origins of the Constitution di Forrest McDonald
Nowhere to Turn: Young Heroes of History (Young Heroes of History, 4) di Alan N. Kay
Numera negerkung di Kevin Frato
Oak Lane, Olney, and Logan (Images of America) di Marita Krivda Poxon
Observations upon the origin of the malignant bilious, or yellow fever in Philadelphia, and upon the means of preventing it: addressed to the citizens of Philadelphia di Benjamin Rush
Occasional Glory: The History of the Philadelphia Phillies di David M. Jordan
L'occultista di Joseph Gangemi
Of Consuming Interests: The Style of Life in the Eighteenth Century di Cary Carson
Officers and Members of the Select and Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia for 1873, with the Standing Committees, &c.
Official Game Program of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, Chicago Blackhawks vs. Philadelphia Flyers (magazine)
The official guide book to Philadelphia di Thompson Westcott
Official Illustrated Guide Book Philadelphia Zoological Garden di Roger Conant
The official street directory for Philadelphia : containing the city charter, election laws, wards and boundaries, police districts, city and U.S. gov't. offices, congressional districts, banks, the routes of the trolley lines, election votes by wards and divisions, and a variety of valuable information indispensable to the citizen and stranger di E. S. Hartranft
Old and New Philadelphia di Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co
Old Ben Franklin's Philadelphia di Elizabeth Rider Montgomery
Old Churches and Meeting Houses in and Around Philadelphia di John T. Faris
Old City Philadelphia: Cradle of American Democracy (PA) (Making of America) di Alice L. George
Old Gardens In and About Philadelphia di John T. Faris
Old Germantown di Herbert Pullinger
Old Northeast Philadelphia County, 1609-1854 di Stephen Aaronson
Old Philadelphia di Rebecca Harding Davis
Old Philadelphia colonial details di Joseph Patterson Sims
Old Philadelphia Houses on Society Hill, 1750-1840 di Elizabeth B. McCall
Old Philadelphia impressions di Howard N. Watson
Old Philadelphia in Early Photographs, 1838-1914 di Robert F. Looney
Old Philadelphia Photo Postcards di ed Robert F. Looney
Old roads out of Philadelphia di John T. Faris
On a Roll!: A JumpStart Treasury di Robb Armstrong
On the main line; the Pennsylvania Railroad in the 19th century di Edwin P. Alexander
On the Soul of a Vampire di Krisi Keley
On the Trail of the Pioneers di John T. Faris
The One Best System: A History of American Urban Education di David Tyack
The One Best Way: Frederick Winslow Taylor and the Enigma of Efficiency di Robert Kanigel
One hundred years, 1816-1916; the chronicles of an old business house in the city of Philadelphia di Wm. H. Horstmann, Company, Philadelphia
One of Our Own di Jane Haddam
One of Us di Tawni O'Dell
One Perfect Lie di Lisa Scottoline
One Proud Penny di Randy Siegel
One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd di Jim Fergus
Only the Ball Was White: A History of Legendary Black Players and All-Black Professional Teams di Robert Peterson
The Only Woman in the Room di Marie Benedict
Opera Bufa di Adam Fieled
Operazione Filadelfia (Italian Edition) di Simonetta Scotto
Orange, Black & Blue: The Greatest Philadelphia Flyers Stories Never Told di Chuck Gormley
An oration, delivered, at the County Court-house, Philadelphia, on the forty-second anniversary of American independence di Samuel Jackson
The organized few: labor in Philadelphia, 1857-1873 di Julia Blodgett Curtis
The origin of the University of Pennsylvania in 1740 di Samuel W. Pennypacker
The Original Philadelphia Neighborhood Cookbook di Irina Smith
Original Sins: A Novel of Slavery & Freedom di Peg Kingman
The Origins Of Anglo-American Radicalism di Margaret C. Jacob
Ormond di Charles Brockden Brown
Our Kind of People: Inside America's Black Upper Class di Lawrence Otis Graham
Our Little Secret di Kevin A. Carey
Our Lost Constitution: The Willful Subversion of America's Founding Document di Mike Lee
Our Missing Hearts di Celeste Ng
Our Pennsylvania: Keys to the Keystone State di Amy Oakley
Our Philadelphia di Jerry Irwin
Our Philadelphia di Elizabeth Robins Pennell
Our Philadelphia; a candid and colorful portrait of a great city di Frank Brookhouser
Out From This Place di Joyce Hansen
Out of Nowhere di Roan Parrish
Outrageous!: The Fine Life and Flagrant Good Times of Basketball's Irresistible Force di Charles Barkley
Over the Schuylkill: Aughts Philly Complete di Philly Free School
Over the Top di Cindy Dees
Oxford Circle: The Jewish Community of Northeast Philadelphia di Allen Meyers
The Oxford History of the American People di Samuel Eliot Morison
P Is For Philadelphia di Susan Korman
Paine: A Fantastical Visual Biography di Polyp
Palestra Pandemonium: A History of the Big 5 di Robert S. Lyons
Palmer Cemetery and the Historic Burial Grounds of Kensington and Fishtown (Landmarks) di Kenneth W. Milano
Pandemic 1918: Eyewitness Accounts from the Greatest Medical Holocaust in Modern History di Catharine Arnold
Pandora's Box: A Novel di Allison Hobbs
Paradise Presented: Beautiful Gardens of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley di Timothy R. Tomlinson
The Parrys of Philadelphia and New Hope: A Quaker Family's Lasting Impact on Two Historic Towns di Roy Ziegler
Partial Report Upon the Comprehensive Plan for the Collection, Purification and Disposal of the Sewage of the Entire City: Report of the Bureau of ... Station at Spring Garden, Philadelphia, 1910 di Unknown Author
Passenger and Immigration Lists : Philadelphia: 1800-1850 di Family Tree Maker
Passenger and Immigration Lists: Philadelphia, 1800-1850 di Broderbund Software Inc.
Passing through : letters and documents written in Philadelphia by famous visitors di Clive E. Driver
Passion, Vows & Babies: Save Me (Kindle Worlds Novella) di Tia Louise
Passover Revisited: Philadelphia's Efforts to Aid Soviet Jews, 1963-1998 di Andrew Harrison
Path of the Pale Horse di Paul Fleischman
Patience Wright: American Sculptor and Revolutionary Spy di Pegi Deitz Shea
The Patriots di Jack Cavanaugh
Patriots, Pirates, Heroes & Spies Stories From Historic Philadelphia (Patriots, Pirates, Heroes & Spies) di Sandra Mackenzie Lloyd
Pattern for Liberty: The Story of Old Philadelphia di Gerald W. Johnson
Paul Hogarth's walking tours of old Philadelphia: Through Independence Square, Society Hill, Southwark, and Washington Square di Paul Hogarth
Payoff Pitch di V.K. Sykes
The Peaceable Kingdom: A Year In the Life of America's Oldest Zoo di John Sedgwick
Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt di Joe Matt
Pelle Lindbergh: Behind the White Mask di Thomas Tynander
The Penguin Book of Witches di Katherine Howe
Penn Central Power di Robert J. Yanosey
Penn Central Railroad (Railroad Color History) di Peter E. Lynch
Penn Central RR Time Table between New York and the South 1968
Penn Central RR Time Table Chestnut Hill to Philadelphia 1970
Penn Central RR Timetable Philadelphia-Media 19681968
Penn Central RR Timetable Philadelphia-Trenton 19701970
Penn Central RR Timetable Washington-Philadelphia/Harrisburg 1969
Penn Central Through Passenger Service in Color di George H. Doughty
Penn's Great Town: 250 years of Philadelphia architecture illustrated in prints and drawings di George B. Tatum
Pennsport Redevelopment Area plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Pennsylvania clocks and clockmakers; an epic of early American science, industry, and craftsmanship di George H. Eckhardt
Pennsylvania German pioneers : a publication of the original lists of arrivals in the port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808 di Ralph Beaver Strassburger
Pennsylvania German Pioneers: The Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia (3-Volume Set) di Ralph B. Strassburger
Pennsylvania German Pioneers: The Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia (Volume 1) di Ralph Beaver Strassburger
Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine 1997 Spring di Michael J. O'Malley
Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine 1997 Summer di Michael J. O'Malley
Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine 1998 Spring di Michael J. O'Malley
Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine 1998 Summer di Michael J. O'Malley
Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine 1998 Winter di Michael J. O'Malley
Pennsylvania Railroad (Railroad Color History) di Mike Schafer
Pennsylvania Railroad in the Schuylkill River Valley: the Story of the PRR's Schuylkill Division di Benjamin L. Bernhart
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Train Consists and Cars 1952 Vol. 1: East-West Trains di Harry Stegmaier
Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway Limited (Great Passenger Trains) di Joe Welsh
The Pennsylvania Railroad: A Pictorial History di Edwin P. Alexander
Pennsylvania Songs and Legends di George Korson
Pennsylvania The Keystone State
Pennsylvania Trolleys In Color Volume 2: The Philadelphia Region di William D. Volkmer
Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail: Gateways and Getaways along the Legendary Route from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh di Burton K. Kummerow
Pennsylvania: A Bicentennial History di Thomas C. Cochran
People Magazine | May 17, 2021 | Hilary Duff: From Child Star To Mom of 3! di People Magazine
The People of This Generation: The Rise and Fall of the New Left in Philadelphia di Paul Lyons
The People's Philadelphia Cookbook with 'Resource Guide to Philadelphia's Ethnic Foods' di Ann; Drake Doley, Eliza; Glick, Judy; Goldin, Carol; Krauss, Helga; Michaud, Duffy; Portnoy, Dina; Quinn, Jim; the People's Fund Membership, photos by Harvey Finkle, Linedrawings by Eliza Drake
The Peoples of Philadelphia: A History of Ethnic Groups and Lower-Class Life, 1790-1940 di Allen F. Davis
The Perennial Philadelphians: The Anatomy of an American Aristocracy di Nathaniel Burt
The Perfect Square: A History of Rittenhouse Square di Nancy M. Heinzen
Performing the temple of liberty : slavery, theater, and popular culture in London and Philadelphia, 1760-1850 di Jenna M. Gibbs
The Perils of Peace: America's Struggle for Survival After Yorktown di Thomas J. Fleming
Petrified di Graham Masterton
Phantastic!: The 2008 Champion Philadelphia Phillies di Triumph Books
Phantoms In Philadelphia di Amalie Vantana
Phase II Submittal to OPDC Penn's Landing Corporation for Penn's Landing di Penn's Landing Associates
Phiadelphia A Pictorial Guide di Frank Burd
Phil Dixon's American Baseball Chronicles, Volume III, The 1905 Philadelphia Giants di Phil S. Dixon
Phila-Nipponica : an historic guide to Philadelphia & Japan = Firaderufia to Nihon o musubu rekishiteki kizuna di Felice Fischer
Phila-nipponica: an Historic Guide to Philadelphia & Japan di William B. Eagleson
Phila-Nipponica: An Historic Guide to Philadelphia & Japan (English and Japanese Edition) di Japan-America Society of the State of Washington
Philadelphia di Alice Taylor
Philadelphia di Shane Mountjoy
Philadelphia di Bernadette Balcer
Philadelphia di Carol M. Highsmith
Philadelphia di Robert Llewellyn
Philadelphia di Russell Roberts
Philadelphia di Moses King
Philadelphia di Jonathan Demme
Philadelphia di Christopher Davis
Philadelphia di Horace Mather Lippincott
Philadelphia di Richard Dunbar
Philadelphia & Its Countryside (Pa's Cultural & Natural Heritage Series) di Ruth Hoover Seitz
Philadelphia (Apa Guides) di Hans Höfer
Philadelphia (Cities of the Revolution) di Susan Lee
Philadelphia (Keystone State historical publications series, no. 11) di Horace Mather Lippincott
Philadelphia (Rand McNally) di Rand McNally
Philadelphia 1681-1887: a history of municipal development di Edward P. Allinson
Philadelphia 1777: Taking the Capital di Justin Clement
Philadelphia 1785-1790 di Benjamin Franklin
Philadelphia 1787 [map] di Bob Terrio
Philadelphia 2002 Calendar
Philadelphia 25 Secrets - The Locals Travel Guide For Your Trip to Philadelphia (Pennsylvania - USA): Skip the tourist traps and explore like a local : Where to Go, Eat & Party in Philadelphia 2016 di Antonio Araujo
Philadelphia 76ers di Paul Joseph
Philadelphia 76ers di Michael E. Goodman
Philadelphia 76ers di Tom Peterson
Philadelphia 76ers (NBA Champions) di Aaron Frisch
The Philadelphia 76ers (Team Spirit) di Mark Stewart
Philadelphia : the place and the people di Agnes Repplier
Philadelphia a Story of Progress 3 Volumes - 1, 2, 3 & 4 di Wilfred Herman Leroy & jordan Collins
The Philadelphia Adventure di Lloyd Alexander
Philadelphia African Americans: Color, Class and Style, 1840-1940 di Balch Inst
Philadelphia Almanac di Jean Seder
Philadelphia Almanac and Citizens Manual di Finkel
Philadelphia and Atlantic City (Pocket Guides)
Philadelphia and Her Merchants, as Constituted Fifty Seventy Years Ago: Illustrated by Diagrams of the River Front, and Portraits of Some of Its ... and Incidents and Anecdotes of the Day di Abraham Ritter
Philadelphia and its environs di George Abishai Woodward
Philadelphia and its environs : a guide to the city and surroundings
Philadelphia and its Manufactures: A Hand-book Exhibiting the Development, Variety, and Statistics of the Manufacturing Industry of Philadelphia in 1857. Together with Sketches of Remarkable Manufactories; and a List of Articles Now Made in Philadelphia. di Edwin T. Freedley
Philadelphia and North American cricketers 1878 to 1972 di Mark Leopard
Philadelphia and Notable Philadelphians di Moses King
Philadelphia and the China trade, 1682-1846 : commercial, cultural, and attitudinal effects di Jonathan Goldstein
Philadelphia and the Civil War: Arsenal of the Union (PA) di Anthony Waskie
The Philadelphia Antiques Show - The 2005 Loan Exhibit: Valuting Ambition, Gothic Revival in Philadelphia, 1830-1860. di Philadelphia Antiques Show.,
Philadelphia Antiques Show 1990
Philadelphia Architecture (PA) (Images of America) di Thom Nickels
Philadelphia Architecture in the 19th Century di William Page Harbeson
Philadelphia architecture in the nineteenth century di Philadelphia Art Alliance.
Philadelphia Architecture: A Guide to the City di John Andrew Gallery
The Philadelphia Area Architecture of Horace Trumbauer di Rachel Hildebrandt
Philadelphia Area Cemeteries di Allan M. Heller
Philadelphia Area Emergency Response Resources List di Center for Marine Conservation
The Philadelphia Area Weather Book di Jon M. Nese
Philadelphia as it is in 1852: Being a Correct Guide to all the Public Buildings; Literary, Scientific, and Benevolent Institutions; and Places of Amusement di R. A. Smith
The Philadelphia assemblies, 1748-1948; an account of the assemblies printed for the two hundredth anniversary, January 2nd, 1948 di Joseph Patterson Sims
The Philadelphia Athletics (PA) (Images of Sports) di William C. Kashatus
The Philadelphia Barrio: The Arts, Branding, and Neighborhood Transformation di Frederick F. Wherry
Philadelphia Baseball di Max Blue
Philadelphia Beer:: A Heady History of Brewing in the Cradle of Liberty (American Palate) di Rich Wagner
Philadelphia Beyond the Liberty Bell: A Guide to the Little-Known Hidden Treasures of the Delaware Valley di Ron Avery
The Philadelphia Blue Book 1893 di Boyd's
Philadelphia Board of Realtors 1982 Membership Roster and Year Book
The Philadelphia campaign : June 1777-July 1778 di David G. Martin
The Philadelphia Campaign, Volume Two: Germantown and the Roads to Valley Forge di Thomas J. McGuire
The Philadelphia Campaign: Volume One: Brandywine and the Fall of Philadelphia di Thomas J. McGuire
The Philadelphia Canoe Club, 1905-2005: 100 Years of Paddle Sports in Philly di Ron Avery
Philadelphia Car Routes: Horse, Cable, Electric di Harold E Cox
Philadelphia carving shops. Part I. James Reynolds, in The Magazine Antiques / by Luke Beckerdite di Luke Beckerdite
Philadelphia Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the City of Brotherly Love di April White
Philadelphia City Planning Commission Annual Report 1966 di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Philadelphia City Streets di Berndtson & Berndtson
Philadelphia Communists: 1936-56 di Paul Lyons
The Philadelphia Cook Book of Town and Country di Anna Wetherill Reed
Philadelphia cooks Italian. 150 + recipes from Italian. MArket, Little Italy and famous eateries. di Celeste A. Morello
The Philadelphia Country House: Architecture and Landscape in Colonial America di Mark E. Reinberger
Philadelphia diary di Robert LeBrun
The Philadelphia directory and register, for 1813: containing the names, professions, and residence of all the heads of families and persons in business of the city and suburbs; with other useful information. di John Adams Paxton
The Philadelphia directory for 1805 : containing the names, trades, and residence of the inhabitants of the city, Southwark, Northern Liberties, and Kensington di James Robinson
The Philadelphia directory, city and county register, for 1803 containing, the names, trades, and residence of the inhabitants of the city, Southwark, Northern Liberties, and Kensington : with other useful tables and lists di James Robinson
The Philadelphia directory, for 1798: containing the names, occupations, and places of abode of the citizens, arranged in alphabetical order: also a register of the executive, legislative, and judicial magistrates of the United States--the Constitution of the United States--officers of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--and the magistrates of the city: with an accurate table of the duties on goods, wares, and merchandize; together with a general abstract from the revenue laws ... with an alphabetical list of di Cornelius William Stafford
The Philadelphia directory, for 1800: containing the names, occupations, and places of abode of the citizens, arranged in alphabetical order: also a register of the executive, legislative, and judicial magistrates of the United States--the Constitution of the United States--officers of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania--and the magistrates of the city: with an accurate table of the duties on goods, wares, and merchandize; together with a general abstract from the revenue laws ... with an alphabetical list of di Cornelius William Stafford
Philadelphia Discovered di Joseph Nettis
Philadelphia Divided: Race and Politics in the City of Brotherly Love di James Wolfinger
Philadelphia Eagles di Loren Stanley
Philadelphia Eagles (NFL Today (Creative Education Hardcover)) di Loren Stanley
Philadelphia Eagles (NFL Today (Creative Education)) di James R. Rothaus
The Philadelphia Eagles (Team Spirit) di Mark Stewart
Philadelphia Eagles 1996 (VHS)
The Philadelphia Eagles Playbook: Inside the Huddle for the Greatest Plays in Eagles History di Reuben Frank
Philadelphia Eagles winning recipes
Philadelphia Eagles: The Complete Illustrated History di Les Bowen
Philadelphia enumeration districts of 1910 di Susan Koelble
Philadelphia Facts, 1951 di Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia
A Philadelphia family : the Houstons and Woodwards of Chestnut Hill di David R. Contosta
The Philadelphia Fels, 1880-1920 : a social portrait di Evelyn Bodek Rosen
Philadelphia Fire di John Edgar Wideman
Philadelphia Flavor 2: A Second Helping of All New Restaurant Recipes from the City and the Suburbs di Connie Correia Fisher
Philadelphia Flavor: Restaurant Recipes from the City and Suburbs di Connie Correia Fisher
The Philadelphia Flower Show di The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Philadelphia Flyers (NHL Today) di Ross Rennie
The Philadelphia Flyers (Team Spirit) di Mark Stewart
Philadelphia Flyers (The NHL: History and Heros) di Michael E. Goodman
Philadelphia Flyers 1999-2000 Media Guide (Including 1999-2000 Philadelphia Phantoms Team Directory) di Joe Klueg
The Philadelphia Flyers at 50 : the story of the iconic hockey club and its top 50 heroes, wins & events di Jay Greenberg
The Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team (Great Sports Teams) di Glen MacNow
Philadelphia Folks: Ways and Institutions in and about the Quaker City di Cornelius Weygandt
Philadelphia Folly di Nancy Richards-Akers
The Philadelphia Food Companion: The Finest Food Shops in Greater Philadelphia di Alonna F. Smith
PHILADELPHIA FRIENDS SCHOOLS (PA) (Campus History Series) di Friends Council On Education
Philadelphia furniture & its makers (Antiques magazine library II) di Jr. John J. Snyder
The Philadelphia Garden Book (Gardener's Guides (Cool Springs Press)) di Liz Ball
Philadelphia Gay News
Philadelphia Gentlemen: The Making of a National Upper Class di E. Digby Baltzell
Philadelphia Georgian: The City House of Samuel Powel and Some of Its 18th Century Neighbors di George B. Tatum
Philadelphia Ghost Stories di Charles J. Adams III
Philadelphia Government di Pennsylvania Economy League
Philadelphia Graveyards and Cemeteries (Images of America: Pennsylvania) di Thomas H. Keels
Philadelphia Greene Countrie Towne and Modern Metropolis di Philadelphia Transportation Company
Philadelphia guardians of the poor: Bonds for the support of illegitimate children and other indigent persons, 1811-1859 (The Chestnut Hill Almanac genealogical series) di Jefferson M Moak
Philadelphia Guide Book di Horn & Hardart
Philadelphia hardwood, 1798-1948; the story of the McIlvains of Philadelphia and the business they founded di William Barton Marsh
Philadelphia Haunts: At Eastern State Penitentiary, Fort Mifflin, and Other Ghostly Sites di Katharine Driver
Philadelphia History Exhibitions Initiative di The Pew Charitable Trusts
Philadelphia History of the City and its people di S.H. Clark 1912
Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, 1951
Philadelphia Icons: 50 Classic Views of the City of Brotherly Love di Karen Ivory
Philadelphia Illustrated - Deluxe Souvenir Book - 116 Photographs di Frank Burd
Philadelphia Illustrated: 54 Color Photos & Historic Guide
Philadelphia Illustrated: 54 Color Photos & Historic Guide di The Staff
Philadelphia Images, Philadelphia People, Places, and Pastimes by Artists from the University of the Arts di James Merlihan
Philadelphia in Motion: A Nostalgic View of How Philadelphians Traveled, 1902-1940 di J. W. Boorse
Philadelphia in Photographs di Ed Mauger
Philadelphia in the Civil War 1861-1865 di Frank H. Taylor
Philadelphia In the Late 'Forties di City History Society of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia in the romantic age of lithography : an illustrated history of early lithography in Philadelphia, with a descriptive list of Philadelphia scenes made by Philadelphia lithographers before 1866 di Nicholas B. Wainwright
Philadelphia in the world war, 1914-1919 di Philadelphia
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Philadelphia Manual of the City Councils for 1897-98 di Joseph H. Paist
Philadelphia Manual of the City Councils for 1898-99 di Joseph H. Paist
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Philadelphia Manual of the City Councils for 1900-1901 di Joseph H. Paist
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Philadelphia Maritime Museum 1961-1986 di John W. Jackson
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Philadelphia Phillies di Dave Jackson
Philadelphia Phillies di Chris W. Sehnert
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Philadelphia Phillies Media Guide 1985 di Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies Media Guide 1991 di Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies Media Guide 1998 di Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies Media Guide 1999 di Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies Media Guide 2000 di Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies Media Guide 2009 di Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies Media Guide, 2008 di Philadelphia Phillies
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Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual: A Practical Guide for Homeowners di Rachel Simmons Schade
Philadelphia Running and Walking: A Guide for Athletes and Fitness Seekers (Fun on Foot Books) di Nola Ford
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Philadelphia School Environmental Education Curriculum di School District of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Serves its People: Philadelphia Social Studies Series for the Philadelphia Punlic Elementary Schools di School District of Philadelphia
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Philadelphia the Bicentennial City
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Philadelphia Trolleys di Spivak J
Philadelphia Trolleys 1955
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Philadelphia Unfolds di Vadam
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Philadelphia Visitor's Guide Spring/Summer 2003
The Philadelphia vocabulary, English and Latin; put into a new method, proper to acquaint the learner with things as well as pure Latin words. Adorned with twenty-six pictures. For the use of schools di James Greenwood
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Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Directory di Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Philadelphia zoo : America's first zoo
Philadelphia Zoo animal book and guide to the Garden di Roger Conant
Philadelphia Zoo Guidebook di Jeanne S. Gaughan
Philadelphia! #8 (Recipe for Adventure) di Giada De Laurentiis
Philadelphia's Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the City of Brotherly Love di Brian McManus
Philadelphia's Boxing Heritage: 1876-1976 (PA) (Images of Sports) di Tracy Callis
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Philadelphia's Haunted Historic Walking Tour di Cynthia Bracelin
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Philadelphia's Top Fifty Baseball Players di Rich Westcott
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Philadelphia's Lost Waterfront di Harry Kyriakodis
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Philadelphia's Outdoor Art: A Walking Tour di Roslyn F. Brenner
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Philadelphia's Rapid Transit: Being an account of the construction and equipment of the Market Street Subway-Elevated and its place in the great ... of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company di Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company
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Philadelphia's Washington Square di Bill Double
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : including Chester, Downingtown, Doylestown, Glassboro NJ ... plus .. SEPTA mass transit cha
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Philadelphia: A Photographic Celebration di Running Press
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Philadelphia: A Pictorial Celebration di Alice L. George
Philadelphia: A Pictorial Guide di Americana Souvenirs & Gifts
Philadelphia: A Pictorial Souvenir di Carol M. Highsmith
Philadelphia: A Picture Book to Remember Her By di Ted Smart
Philadelphia: A Picture Memory di Bill Harris
Philadelphia: A Railroad History di Edward W Duffy
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Philadelphia: Official Visitors Guide
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Philadelphians and the China trade, 1784-1844 di Jean Gordon Lee
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Phillies '93: An Incredible Season di Rich Westcott
Phillies 1996 Media Guide di Philadelphia Phillies
Phillies ABC di Brad Epstein
Phillies Confidential: The Untold Inside Story of the 2008 Championship Season (Confidential) di Gary Matthews
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The Phillies encyclopedia di Frank Bilovsky
Phillies Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Real Fan! di Rich Westcott
Phillies Journal 1888-2008;History of baseball Phillies in prose and Limerick di Max Blue
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Phillies Today: Official Magazine Scorecard di Larry Shenk
Phillies Where Have You Gone? di Fran Zimniuch
The Philly Fake di David A. Kelly
Philly Fiction 2: A Second Collection of Short Stories Highlighting Philadelphia as a City of Literary Inspiration di Josh McIlvain
Philly Fiction: A Collection of Short Stories Highlighting Philadelphia as a City of Literary Inspiration di Josh McIlvain
PHILLY FUN-ics: Yuze Can Speak Philadelphian di III Michael Lawrence Ellis
Philly Stakes di Gillian Roberts
Philly Style And Philly Profile di Julius Thompson
Philly's Favorites: Recipe Collection I: Delectable Recipes from Philadelphia's Finest Restaurants di Shari Faden Donahue
Phoenix Rising di Kimberly Gardner
Piano meccanico di Kurt Vonnegut
The pictorial field-book of the War of 1812 di Benson J. Lossing
A pictorial glimpse into the past II: Bustleton, Somerton, Byberry di Pat Worthington Stopper
A pictorial glimpse into the past: Bustleton, Somerton, Byberry di Pat Worthington Stopper
Pictorial History Book of Old Fox Chase di Friends of Burholme Park
Pictorial history of Fox Chase di Frank J. Neumann
The picture of Philadelphia, giving an account of its origin, increase and improvements in arts, sciences, manufactures, commerce and revenue ... di James Mease
Pictures from an Expedition di Diane Smith
The Pieces of Summer: Part 4 di Wanda E. Brunstetter
The Pill Bugs of Time di Angel Martinez
A place to live and work : the Henry Disston saw works and the Tacony community of Philadelphia di Harry C Silcox
The Planning of Center City Philadelphia: From William Penn to the Present di John Andrew Gallery
Play Dead di Richard Montanari
Play Hard [Box Set 3-in-1] di Jennifer Lyon
Playgrounds association of Philadelphia : a history
Plum Bun di Jessie Redmon Fauset
Plum Spooky di Janet Evanovich
The Plumber: The True Story of How One Good Man Helped Destroy the Entire Philadelphia Mafia di Joseph Salerno
Poi sei arrivato tu di Jennifer Weiner
Points of Departure: Art on the Line 1998-2001 [Art Projects in Train Stations on SEPTA's R5 Regional Rail Line from 30th St. Station, Philadelphia to Bryn Mawr Station, Pennsylvania] di Julie Courtney
Points of Interest in Philadelphia and Fairmont Park di Beth Day
The Poison Place di Mary E. Lyons
Poison Widows: A True Story of Witchcraft, Arsenic, and Murder di George Cooper
The Politics of Capital Investment: The Case of Philadelphia di Carolyn Teich Adams
Poor Richard's Dictionary of Philadelphia di Frank H. Taylor
Poor RIchard, 1733, An Almanack For the Year of Christ 1733, Being the First after Leap Year di Benjamin Franklin
Population and Housing Philadelphia 1950: Part A: Characteristics of Population By Census Tracts di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Populazzi di Elise Allen
The port and city of Philadelphia di Frank H. Taylor
Portents of rebellion : rhetoric and revolution in Philadelphia, 1765-76 di Stephen E. Lucas
Portrait in Grey: Short History of the Quakers di John Punshon
PORTRAIT OF A COLONIAL CITY - PHILADELPHIA 1670-1838 - [Limited Edition] di Harold Donaldson Eberlein
Portrait: A Life of Thomas Eakins di William S. McFeely
Portraits of Philadelphia gardens di Louise Bush-Brown
Ports of Philadelphia: Waterfront Facilities di Philadelphia Port Corporation
Posit di Adam Fieled
The Posit Trilogy di Adam Fieled
Post-Industrial Philadelphia: Structural Changes in the Metropolotian Economy di William J. Stull
Power and Posterity: American Art at Philadelphia’s 1876 Centennial Exhibition di Kimberly Orcutt
Powerful ideas, modest gains: Five years of systemic reform in Philadelphia middle schools di Jolley Bruce Christman
A Prayer for the City di Buzz Bissinger
Precious Blood di Jane Haddam
Preserving Our Heritage. Conservation of Art and Historic Artifacts in the Philadelphia Area di Bernard C. Watson
A President in the Family: Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemings, and Thomas Woodson di Byron W. Woodson Sr.
The President's Daisy di M.K. Moore
The President's Daughter di Barbara Chase-Riboud
The Price of a Child di Lorene Cary
Price-List, January 1st, 1876 di Henry Disston & Sons
Priest, parish, and people : saving the faith in Philadelphia's "little Italy" di Richard N. Juliani
Primal Fear di William Diehl
Printers and Men of Capital: Philadelphia Book Publishers in the New Republic (Early American Studies) di Rosalind Remer
Prints, documents and maps illustrative of Philadelphia real estate in the office of Mastbaum Bros. & Fleisher ; notes and historical introduction di Philadelphia Mastbaum Bros. & Fleisher
The Private City: Philadelphia in Three Periods of Its Growth di Sam Bass Warner
Privy to the Dead di Sheila Connolly
PRO, the 20th anniversary of the Wachovia USPRO Championship in Philadelphia
The Problem of Jobs: Liberalism, Race, and Deindustrialization in Philadelphia di Guian A. McKee
Proceedings of The Huguenot Society of Pennsylvania Vols. 37-39
Processo alla difesa di Lisa Scottoline
A Professor, a President, and a Meteor: The Birth of American Science di Cathryn J. Prince
Progettare con la natura di Ian L. McHarg
Project Terror di Jamal Lewis
Prom di Laurie Halse Anderson
Prophet Against Slavery: Benjamin Lay, A Graphic Novel di David Lester
Prophets of a New Age: Counterculture and the Politics of Hope di Martin Green
The proposal for a covered below-grade expressway through Philadelphia's historic riverfront di Philadelphia Architects Committee
Proposed High-Rise Complex West Side 23rd Street North of Kennedy Boulevard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania di Charles A. Thomas
Proprietary capitalism : the textile manufacture at Philadelphia, 1800-1885 di Philip Scranton
The prospect of Philadelphia, and check on the next directory. Giving, at a single view, the numbers of the houses, names of the streets, lanes, couts [i.e. courts], and alleys; with the names of the present inhabitants, and their occupations: together with other interesting occurences, and useful observations. / Part I[-II] di Edmund Hogan
Protecting Philadelphia's Backbone: A Strategy for Vital Neighborhoods di Paul Brophy
A proud heritage--two centuries of American art: Selections from the collections of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, and the Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago di Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
The provincial and revolutionary history of St. Peter's Church, Philadelphia, 1753-1783 di C. P. B. Jefferys
Prr Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Volume 2 di Ian Fischer
PRR New York and the South 56 di PRR
PRR New York Phila 12 di PRR
PRR New York Phila Pittsburgh di PRR
PRR New York Phila Pittsburgh 55 di PRR
PRR New York Phila Washington 79 di PRR
PRR NY Phila, NY AC di PRR
PRR Paoli Phila di PRR
PRR Phil Media West Chester di PRR
PRR Phil WC Oxford di PRR
PRR Phila Harrisburg Bluefield 41 di PRR
PRR Phila Harrisburg Roanoke 41 di PRR
PRR Phila Washington Canandaigua Erie 16 di PRR
PRR System Timetable 19591959
PRR Time Table New York - Pittsburgh 19671967
PRR Time Tables New York - Pittsburgh 19521952
PRR Time Tables Philadelphia - West Chester / Oxford 19371937
PRR: Hudson to horseshoe di William D. Volkmer
The Public ledger building, Philadelphia: with an account of the proceedings connected with its opening June 20, 1867
The Publication of Joel Barlow's Columbiad di John Bidwell
Pucks 'N Pans: The Official 1998-99 Philadelphia Flyers Cookbook di Philadelphia Flyers
The Punisher: Frank Castle — Six Hours to Kill di Duane Swierczynski
Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia di E. Digby Baltzell
Pushing Back the Gates: Neighborhood Perspectives on University-Driven Revitalization in West Philadelphia (Philadelphia Voices, Philadelphia Vision) di Harley F Etienne
Quaint Corners of Philadelphia di Joseph Jackson
The Quaker City, Or, the Monks of Monk Hall: A Romance of Philadelphia Life, Mystery, and Crime di George Lippard
Quarter of a Millenium: The Library Company of Philadelphia 1731-1981, a Selection of Books, Manuscripts, Maps, Prints, Drawings, and Paintings di 2nd, Edwin Wolf
The Queen of Bedlam di Robert R. McCammon
Quella cosa intorno al collo di Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
a questionable life: A Novel di Luke Lively
Questione di alibi di Joseph Amiel
Quick Escapes Philadelphia di Marilyn Odesser-Torpey
Quick Escapes Philadelphia, 2nd: 24 Weekend Getaways from the City of Brotherly Love di Marilyn Odesser-Torpey
Quick Escapes Philadelphia, 3rd: 22 Weekend Getaways from the City of Brotherly Love (Quick Escapes Series) di Marilyn Odesser-Torpey
Race and Vine: Four Narratives Set In Philadelphia di Adam Fieled
Race to the Polar Sea: The Heroic Adventures of Elisha Kent Kane di Ken McGoogan
Rail Transit in Philadelphia di J.M. Mannix
Rail transit Philadelphia : twenty colorful years, 1969-1989 di Henry Elsner
Rail Transit Philadelphia: The PTC Years 1940-1968 di Henry Elsner
Railroads of Pennsylvania: Fragments of the Past in the Keystone Landscape di Lorett Treese
The Raleigh Register, 1799-1863 di Robert Neal Elliott
Rand McNally City Map: Philadelphia di Rand McNally
Rand McNally Map of Philadelphia di Rand McNally
Rand McNally Popout Map: Philadelphia di Rand McNally and Company
Rand McNally StreetFinder Map: Philadelphia di Rand McNally and Company
The Rare Book Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia : a guide di Marie Elena Korey
Razing the Dead di Sheila Connolly
Reading RR timetable Philadelphia-Bethlehem 19701970
Reading Terminal and Market: Philadelphia's Historic Gateway and Grand Convention Center di Carol M. Highsmith
The real Philadelphia di Philadelphia Business Progress Assn
Realism di John Canaday
The Reason for the Darkness of the Night di John Tresch
Rebels & loyalists : the Revolutionary soldier in Philadelphia di Philip R. N. Katcher
Rebels and Gentlemen: Philadelphia in the Age of Franklin di Carl Bridenbaugh
Rebels at the Bar: The Fascinating, Forgotten Stories of America's First Women Lawyers di Jill Norgren
Rebels Under Sail: the American Navy During the Revolution. di William M. Fowler
Receiving Erin's Children: Philadelphia, Liverpool, and the Irish Famine Migration, 1845-1855 di J. Matthew Gallman
Recollections of a Philadelphian at eighty di R. Sturgis Ingersoll
Record of indentures of individuals bound out as apprentices, servants, etc., and of German and other redemptioners in the office of the Mayor of the city of Philadelphia, October 3, 1771, to October 5, 1773. With a new index di Philadelphia
A record of the Hart family of Philadelphia: With a genealogy of the family, from its first settlement in America ; augm di Thomas Hart
Recruiting and Retaining Teachers: Keys to Improving the Philadelphia Public Schools di Susan Watson
Red Arrow: The first hundred years, 1848-1948 (Interurbans special) di Ronald DeGraw
The Red Arrow; a history of one of the most successful suburban transit companies in the world di Ronald DeGraw
The Red city; a novel of the second administration of President Washington di S. Weir Mitchell
Red, White & Bang (Falling On The Fourth Book 4) di M.K. Moore
Red, White & Hers (Falling on the Fourth Book 2) di Ember Flint
Red, White & Yours (Falling on the Fourth Book 1) di KL Fast
Red, White, & Mine (Falling on the Fourth Book 3) di Elisa Leigh
Rediscovering the Wissahickon di Sarah West
Reemployment of Philadelphia hosiery workers after shutdowns in 1933-34 di Gladys Louise Palmer
Reflections on William Penn's Life and Legacy di William C. (ed) Kashatus, Illustrated by:
The Regional Plan of the Philadelphia Tri-state District di Regional Planning Federation of the Philadelphia Tri-State District
Religion in a Revolutionary Age di Ronald Hoffman
A Reluctant Santa di Roan Parrish
Remembering Harry Kalas: Wonderful Stories from Friends Celebrating a Great Life di Rich Wolfe
Remembering Kensington & Fishtown: Philadelphia's Riverward Neighborhoods (American Chronicles (History Press)) di Kenneth W. Milano
Remembering Northeast Philadelphia (American Chronicles) di Dr. Harry C. Silcox
Remembrances of Frank Rizzo Mayor of Philadelphia 1972-1980 di Alternatives for the Eighties
Report of C.C. Mcchord to the Public Service Commission of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in re Philadelphia transit situation di Charles Caldwell McChord
Report of Progress: The Geology of Philadelphia County and of the Southern Parts of Montgomery and Bucks (Classic Reprint) di Charles E. Hall
Report of the Board of Health of the City and Port of Philadelphia: To the Mayor, for the Year Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Six (Classic Reprint) di Unknown Author
Report of the Committee for Securing for Colored People in Philadelphia The Right To Use The Street Cars di P. P. Randolph
Report of transit commissioner, city of Philadelphia, July, 1912 di Philadelphia
Reports of Transit Communication to Mayor of City of Philadelphia di None
The republic of labor : Philadelphia artisans and the politics of class, 1720-1830 di Ronald Schultz
Reshaping Ethnic and Racial Relations in Philadelphia - Immigrants in A Divided City di Judith Goode
Responsible Men: A Novel di Edward Schwarzschild
Restructuring the Philadelphia Region: Metropolitan Divisions and Inequality (Philadelphia Voices, Philadelphia Vision) di Carolyn Adams
The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black di E. B. Hudspeth
Retribution Clause [short story] di Ilona Andrews
Retrofitting Philadelphia: The Partnership for Building Reuse di National Trust for Historic Preservation
Return engagement; a woman's guide to part-time work and study in Philadelphia di Carol Monnik Huth (editor)
The Return of Scott Frost di Henry J. Cordes
Returns di Adam Fieled
Revolution Detroit: Strategies for Urban Reinvention di John Gallagher
The Revolution Is Now Begun: The Radical Committees of Philadelphia, 1765-1776 di Richard Alan Ryerson
The Revolutionary American Jury: A Case Study of the 1778-1779 Philadelphia Treason Trials di Carlton F. W. Larson
Rich Boy di Sharon Pomerantz
Richie Ashburn . . . Why the Hall Not? di Mowday BE
Richie Ashburn Remembered di Fran Zimniuch
Richie Ashburn's Phillies Trivia di Richie Ashburn
Riding the Pennsy to ruin; a Wall Street journal chronicle of the Penn Central debacle di Michael Gartner
Rising Sign di Jared R. Lopatin
Rittenhousetown: A Journal of History, Vol. 2, No. 1
RittenhouseTown: A Journal of History, Vol. 3
River Chronicles: The Journal of Philadelphia Waterfront Heritage & Archaeology Volume 1 di Grace H. Ziesing
The River Killings: A Zoe Hayes Mystery (Zoe Hayes Mysteries) di Merry Jones
Rizzo di Fred Hamilton
The road from Upper Darby; the story of the Market Street subway-elevated di Harold E Cox
Robin and Ruby di K. M. Soehnlein
Rocky di Julia Sorel
Rocky [1976 film] di John G. Avildsen
Rodin Museum, Philadelphia di Jennifer A. Thompson
Romac Report: Philadelphia Restaurants, 1996 di J. Lang
The Romance of Old Philadelphia di John T. Faris
Rome and the New Republic: Conflict and Community in Philadelphia Catholicism Between the Revolution and the Civil War (Notre Dame Studies in American Catholicism) di Dale B. Light
Roots of Violence in Black Philadelphia, 1860-1900 di Roger Lane
Rosanna of the Amish di Joseph Warren Yoder
The Rosary Girls di Richard Montanari
Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter di Kate Clifford Larson
Row house blues : tales from the destruction of Philadelphia's largest Catholic parish di Jack Myers
Row House Days: Tales from a Southwest Philadelphia Childhood di Jack Myers
Roxborough - Manayunk di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Rude Boy USA di Victoria Bolton
Rum Punch & Revolution: Taverngoing & Public Life in Eighteenth Century Philadelphia di Peter Thompson
Runaway: The Daring Escape of Ona Judge di Ray Anthony Shepard
Running from the Law di Lisa Scottoline
Running the rails : capital and labor in the Philadelphia transit industry di James Wolfinger
Russophobia in New Zealand, 1838-1908 di Glynn Barratt
Sacred sites of center city : a guide to Philadelphia's historic churches, synagogues and meetinghouses di John Andrew Gallery
The Saint of Lost Things di Christopher Castellani
Saint of Philadelphia: The life of Bishop John Neumann, 1811-1860 di Philip Douglas
Samson and Denial di Robert Ford
Il santuario del serpente maledetto di Raymond Khoury
Sapiens: A Graphic History, Vol. 2: The Pillars of Civilization di Yuval Noah Harari
Sassy and the Boss: Love Is In The Air # 6 di M.K. Moore
Satellite Sam Volume 2 di Matt Fraction
Saturn 2.0: Adam Fieled's first eight print books with Prefaces di Adam Fieled
Savannah di Eugenia Price
Saved and Sanctified: The Rise of a Storefront Church in Great Migration Philadelphia (History of African-American Religions) di Deidre Helen Crumbley
Saving the Liberty Bell di Megan McDonald
Savoring Philadelphia di Craig LaBan
The Saw in History di Henry Disston
The Saw in History: a Comprehensive Description of the Development of this Most Useful Tool from the Earliest Times to the Present Day di Henry Disstons & Sons Inc.
Say Goodbye to Yesterday di Shirley Kiger Connolly
Sayings of Poor Richard, From Poor Richard's Almanack di Benjamin Franklin
Scandalmonger di William Safire
Scandalo a Filadelfia [1940 film] di George Cukor
Scars of Independence: America's Violent Birth di Holger Hoock
The School for Good Mothers di Jessamine Chan
School of Rock [2003 film] di Richard Linklater
Schoolworks : reinventing public schools to create the workforce of the future : innovations in education and job training from Sweden, West Germany, France, Great Britain, and Philadelphia di William E. Nothdurft
Schuylkill Navigation: A Photographic History di Harry L. Rinker
Scramble Suit di Adam Fieled
The Search di Christiane Heggan
Searching Philadelphia: Where to Look, When to Go, How to Get There di Susan S. Koeble
A Season Abroad di Nancy Richards-Akers
Season of the 76ers: The Story of Wilt Chamberlain and the 1967 NBA Champion Philadelphia 76ers di Wayne Lynch
Second Cities: Globalization and Local Politics in Manchester and Philadelphia di Jerome I. Hodos
Second Street Station di Lawrence H. Levy
Secret war di Brian Michael Bendis
The Secrets of Mary Bowser di Lois Leveen
See Philadelphia : a visitor's handbook di Joseph Jackson
I See You: Assumed identities and psychological suspense di Patricia MacDonald
The Seeing di William P. McGivern
Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers 1818-1864 Pennsylvania: Philadelphia & Pittsburgh di Kathryn McPherson Gunning
The Senate, 1789-1989. Vol. 1. Addresses on the history of the United States Senate di Robert C. Byrd
SEPTA's Philadelphia street and transit map : complete street and transit information for Philadelphia County
September Swoon: Richie Allen, the '64 Phillies, And Racial Integration (Keystone Book) di William C. Kashatus
The settlement of Germantown, Pennsylvania, and the beginning of German emigration to North America di Samuel W. Pennypacker
Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World di Caroline M. Yoachim
Seventh and Walnut: Life in Colonial Philadelphia di James E. Knight
Sex among the Rabble: An Intimate History of Gender and Power in the Age of Revolution, Philadelphia, 1730-1830 di Clare A. Lyons
Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock di Vere Chappell
Shadow Patriots: A Novel of the Revolution di Lucia St. Clair Robson
Shadows Numberless: Four Collections of Critical Material by Adam Fieled di Adam Fieled
Shadows on Society Hill di Evelyn Coleman
Shazam!: A Celebration of 75 Years di Bill Parker
Shh! We're Writing the Constitution di Jean Fritz
Shibe Park - Connie Mack Stadium di Rich Westcott
The ship model collection of the Commercial Museum, reviewed in relation to Maritime history di Commercial Museum Philadelphia Pa.
Ships for the Seven Seas: Philadelphia Shipbuilding in the Age of Industrial Capitalism di Professor Thomas Heinrich
The Shoemaker : The Anatomy of a Psychotic di Flora Rheta Schreiber
The Shop of Shades and Secrets di Colleen Gleason
A Short Account of the Malignant Fever, Lately Prevalent in Philadelphia: With a Statement of the Proceedings That Took Place on the Subject in ... of the Plague in London and Marseilles; And di Mathew Carey
Short Bike Rides in and Around Philadelphia (Short Bike Rides Series) di Ann Lembo
Short Bike Rides in and around Philadelphia, 3rd di Ann Lembo
Short Bike Rides: Philadelphia di Ann Lembo
A Short History of Street Railways in Philadelphia di J.H.M. Andrews
A Short History of the Development of St. Railways in Philadelphia di J.H.M. Andrews
A Short History of the Development of Street Railway Transportation in Philadelphia di J.H.M. Andrews
The Sicilian Inheritance: A Novel di Jo Piazza
Sick Girl di Amy Silverstein
Sign of the Eagle di Kay Cornelius
The Signature of All Things di Elizabeth Gilbert
Signers of the Declaration of Independence di Robert G. Ferris
I signori preferiscono le bionde di Anita Loos
The Silence of Winter: Part 2 di Wanda E. Brunstetter
The Silver Linings Playbook di Matthew Quick
Singing in the Comeback Choir di Bebe Moore Campbell
Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy di Ian W. Toll
Skeleton Key di Jane Haddam
A Skeptic's Guide to Writers' Houses di Anne Trubek
Sketch of Edward Coles di Elihu Washburne
Slavery and Freedom in the Age of the American Revolution di Ira Berlin
Slaves in the Family di Edward Ball
Sleeping with the Beast: A Possessive Mafia Romance di B. B. Hamel
Sloss Furnaces and the rise of the Birmingham District : an industrial epic di W. David Lewis
Small Change di Roan Parrish
Smash the Church, Smash the State!: The Early Years of Gay Liberation di Tommi Avicolli Mecca
The Smiths : a family of Philadelphia artists di Robert Wilson Torchia
Snowbound (Volume 1, Number 4) di Alan Mäkinen
Snowshoeing Through Sewers: Adventures in New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia di Michael Aaron Rockland
The social organization of immigration: The Italians in Philadelphia (American ethnic groups) di Richard N. Juliani
Society Hill and Old City (PA) (Images of America) di Robert Morris Skaler
Sold on a Monday di Kristina McMorris
Some account of the city of Philadelphia, the capital of Pennsylvania, and seat of the Federal Congress; of its civil and religious institutions, population, trade, and government; interspersed with occasional observations di Benjamin Davies
Some account of the singular beginnings of Philadelphia di Grant Miles Simon
Some Cuts Never Heal: A Lenny Moss Mystery di Timothy Sheard
Some Like It Lethal di Nancy Martin
Some Will Not Die di Algis Budrys
Something Solid di Adam Fieled
The Song of the Machine: From Disco to DJs to Techno, a Graphic Novel of Electronic Music di David Blot
Songs of Innocence (Hard Case Crime) di Charles Ardai
Sons of Cain: A History of Serial Killers from the Stone Age to the Present di Peter Vronsky
The Sons of Liberty, Book 1 di Alexander Lagos
Sorcerers (Arkana) di Jacob Needleman
South Central Redevelopment Area plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
South Philadelphia: Mummers, Memories, and the Melrose Diner di Murray Dubin
Southeastern Pennsylvania Trolleys di Kenneth C. Springirth
Southwark-Queen Village : southeast central redevelopment area di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Sparate sul pianista: romanzo di David Goodis
Sparks from the Anvil of Oppression: Philadelphia's African Methodists and Southern Migrants, 1890-1940 di Robert Gregg
Speak of the Devil di Jenna Black
Speaking American: A History of English in the United States di Richard W. Bailey
Special Operations di W. E. B. Griffin
Special Report Second Term of J. Hampton Moore Mayor of Philadelphia
Spring Fires di Cynthia Wright
St. John Neumann, 1811-1860, fourth Bishop of Philadelphia di Robert H. Wilson
St. Stephen's of Wissahickon Church 3913 Terrace St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19128 1966-1967 Directory
Stained Glass in Catholic Philadelphia di Jean M. Farnsworth
Stakeout/S-104: My Memoirs of the Philadelphia Police Stakeout Unit--1967 to 1986 di Joseph M. Panella
The Stamp Act Crisis: Prologue to Revolution di Edmund S. Morgan
The Starfire Quilt di Alice Allen
Starting America: The Story of Independence Hall di Edward M. Riley
State of Center City Philadelphia 2013 di Center City District
Staying Italian: Urban Change and Ethnic Life in Postwar Toronto and Philadelphia di Jordan Stanger-Ross
Stealing God's Thunder: Benjamin Franklin's Lightning Rod and the Invention of America di Philip Dray
Stephen Girard: America's First Tycoon di George Wilson
Stephen of Philadelphia di James Otis
Stephen's Philadelphia directory for 1796, or, Alphabetical arrangement : containing the names, occupations, and places of abode of the citizens : with a register of the executive, legislative, and judicial magistrates of the United States di Thomas Stephens
Still Life di Joy Fielding
Still Philadelphia di Fredric M. Miller
Stone Mirrors: The Sculpture and Silence of Edmonia Lewis di Jeannine Atkins
Stopping Pickett: The History of the Philadelphia Brigade di Bradley M. Gottfried
Le Storie n. 87: Keller 2 - Gangster Story di Luigi Mignacco
Le Storie n. 88: Keller 3 - Musuraca di Luigi Mignacco
The Storm Gathering: The Penn Family and the American Revolution di Lorett Treese
The Story of Benjamin Franklin di Patricia A. Pingry
The Story of the Constitution (Cornerstones of Freedom first series) di Marilyn Prolman
The Story of the Declaration of Independence di Dumas Malone
The Story of the Liberty Bell di Natalie Miller
The Story of the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA: A History of Hoops) di Sara Gilbert
The Story of the Philadelphia 76ers (The NBA: a History of Hoops) di Nate Leboutillier
The Story of the Philadelphia Eagles (The NFL Today) di Michael E. Goodman
The Story of the Philadelphia Phillies (Baseball: The Great American Game) di Michael E. Goodman
The Story of Thomas Jefferson di Joyce Milton
The Story of Transit in Philadelphia: including its history and growth; the organization of the Philadelphia Transportation Company, its routes, service locations, equipment, and shops di Philadelphia Transportation Company
Strange Philadelphia: Stories from the City of Brotherly Love di Lou Harry
The stranger's guide in Philadelphia to all public buildings, places of amusement, commercial, benevolent, and religious institutions, and churches, principal hotels, &c
Strangers guide of Philadelphia . . di Anonymous
The Strangers Who Came Home: The First Australian Cricket Tour of England di John Lazenby
Straphanger: Saving Our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile di Taras Grescoe
Strawberry Mansion: A Philadelphia Story di Julia Press Simmons
Strawberry Mansion: The Jewish Community of North Philadelphia di Allen Myers
Street and Transit Guide di Philadelphia Transportation Company
Street car R.P.O. service in Philadelphia di Robert J. Stets
Street Legal: A Mystery (N.S. "Shep" Ladderback and Andrea Cosicki Mysteries) di Bill Kent
Street Map of Philadelphia and Vicinity di Philadelphia Transportation Company
Street Names of Philadelphia di Robert I. Alotta
Street of No Return di David Goodis
Street Railways Buildings of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania Traction Series, TROLLEYS) di Benson W. Rohrbeck
Streets of Philadelphia, Photography 1970-1985
Streetsmart PHIL Philadelphia di Stephan Van Dam
Streetwise Philadelphia Map - Laminated City Center Street Map of Philadelphia, PA - Folding pocket size travel map with Septa metro map, bus map di Streetwise Maps
Strong Signal di Megan Erickson
Stuck In Shangri-La di Kasey Michaels
Stuck on the Map di Dan Murphy
Study of central Germantown: For the Philadelphia City Planning Commission di Henry J Magaziner
Study of the initial involvement in the social services by the Puerto Rican migrants in Philadelphia di Carmen García Olivero
A study of the movement for German national parishes in Philadelphia and Baltimore, 1787-1802 di Vincent John Fecher
Suburb in the city : Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, 1850-1990 di David R. Contosta
Suburban Philadelphia Trolleys (PA) (Images of Rail) di Kenneth C. Springirth
Such a Fun Age di Kiley Reid
Il sudario di ghiaccio di Richard Montanari
The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution di David O. Stewart
A Summer Pursuit di Jules Radcliffe
The Sunday Macaroni Club: A Novel di Steve Lopez
Supplement to The history of the Kensington Soup Society : comprising biographies of the founders of the Kensington Soup Society, with a list of all known managers, officers, appointed personnel and the committees they served, 1844-2009 di Kenneth W. Milano
Surface Cars of Philadelphia 1911-1965 di Harold E Cox
The Surprise of Germantown: Or, the Battle of Cliveden, October 4th, 1777 di Thomas J. McGuire
Susquehanna, River of Dreams di Susan Q. Stranahan
Sweet Pears: Mary Harju/Jenny Kanzler di Mary Harju
The Swift Progress of Population: A Documentary and Bibliographic Study of Philadelphia's Growth, 1642-1859 (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society) di Susan E. Klepp
Swiss Catalogue of the International Exhibition in Philadelphia 1876
Symposium on the demographic history of the Philadelphia region, 1600-1860 di Susan E. Klepp
Tacony (PA) (Images of America) di Louis M. Iatarola
Taking Care of Business di Megan Hart
Tales from the Philadelphia 76ers Locker Room: A Collection of the Greatest Sixers Stories from the 1982-83 Championship Season di Gordon Jones
Tales from the Philadelphia Phillies Dugout: A Collection of the Greatest Phillies Stories Ever Told (Tales from the Team) di Rich Westcott
Tales from the Phillies Dugout di Rich Westcott
Tales of Lower Olney : a memoir of growing up in Philadelphia in the late 1940s and early 1950s di John P. Rossi
Taming It Down di Kim McLarin
Taxables in the City of Philadelphia 1756 di Hannah Benner Roach
Temple redevelopment area plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Il tempo dei mutanti: romanzo di Michael Swanwick
Ten Tea Parties: Patriotic Protests That History Forgot di Joseph Cummins
Ten years of work experience of Philadelphia weavers and loom fixers di Gladys Louise Palmer
The Tenth Doctor: Year Two: Sins of the Father di Nick Abadzis
Terminal Mind di David Walton
Tesori nascosti di Nora Roberts
Testimone contro di William Lashner
Textile industries of Philadelphia, with a directory of the textile and yarn manufacturers located in Philadelphia di Commercial Museum Philadelphia Pa.
Thaddeus Kosciuszko and His Home in Philadelphia di Robert H. Wilson
That Lively Man, Ben Franklin di Jeanette Eaton
That Summer di Jennifer Weiner
Thee, Hannah! di Marguerite De Angeli
Then Bowa said to Schmidt ... the best Phillies stories ever told di Robert Gordon
Theodore Roosevelt di Nathan Miller
There Is Confusion di Jessie Redmon Fauset
The There's That Beat! Guide to the Philly Sound: Philadelphia Soul Music and its R&B Roots: from Gospel & Bandstand to Tsop by Dave Moore (2016-09-09) di Dave Moore;Jason Thornton
These Girls di Sarah Pekkanen
Thigh High di Christina Dodd
The Things We Cherished di Pam Jenoff
Things We Wish We Had Said di Tony Campolo
Think Twice di Lisa Scottoline
Third and Indiana: A Novel di Steve Lopez
Third Annual Message of Samuel H. Ashbridge: Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, with Annual Reports of the Director of the Department of Public Safety ... 31, 1901, Issued by the City of Philadel di Samuel Ashbridge
Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old Philadelphia di Robert F. Looney
This Date in Philadelphia Phillies history : A Day by Day Listing of Events in the History of the Philadelphia National League Baseball Team di Allen Lewis
This Day in Philadelphia Sports di Brian Startare
Thomas Eakins di Fairfield Porter
Thomas Jefferson: Architect of Freedom di Rita Thievon Mullin
Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim di Alf J. Mapp Jr.
Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power di Jon Meacham
Thomas Napier, the Scottish Connection di Alan G. Bates
Those fabulous Philadelphians; the life and times of a great orchestra di Herbert Kupferberg
Those Philadelphia Kellys, with a touch of Grace di Arthur H. Lewis
Thou, Philadelphia di Eleanore May Price
Thrill Rides: Roller Coasters, Vertical Drops, and Hair Raising Rides From Around the World di Patrick Hook
Through These Arches: The Story of Independence Hall di Katherine Milhous
Throwing Hard Easy: Reflections on a Life in Baseball di Robin Roberts
Till the End of Tom di Gillian Roberts
A Time for Building: The Third Migration, 1880-1920 di Gerald Sorin
Time Travelers Never Die di Jack McDevitt
A Timeline of the Constitutional Convention di Sandra Giddens
To Be Useful to the World: Women in Revolutionary America, 1740-1790 di Joan R. Gundersen
To Every Thing a Season: Shibe Park and Urban Philadelphia, 1909-1976 di Bruce Kuklick
To Go (Unknown Armies) di Greg Stolze
To Market, To Market: Philadelphia's Italian Market di Felicity Taormina
To People of Scandinavian Birth or Descent Living in the City and Vicinity of Philadelphia
Tolbert Lanston and the Monotype: The Origin of Digital Typesetting di Richard L. Hopkins
Tom Paine and Revolutionary America di Eric Foner
Tool Chests, Scroll Saws, Model Engines, Carving Tools, Etc. di William P. Walter's Sons
Torna a casa di Lisa Scottoline
Touch the Sun di Cynthia Wright
Touched with fire? : two Philadelphia novelists remember the Civil War di J. Matthew Gallman
A tour through the southern and western territories of the United States of North-America di John Pope
Town Geology : The Lesson of the Philadelphia Rocks : Studies of Nature Along the Highways and Among the Byways of a Metropolitan Town di Angelo Heilprin
Trade Union Gospel: Christianity and Labor in Industrial Philadelphia, 1865-1915 di Ken Fones-Wolf
Trading Dreams at Midnight di Diane McKinney-Whetstone
Traditions in transition : Jewish culture in Philadelphia, 1840-1940 : an exhibition in the Museum of the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, April 24-October 21, 1989 di Gail F. Stern
The Traffickers di W. E. B. Griffin
Trailways Lakes-to-Sea bus schedule 1971
Train di Pete Dexter
Trains, trolleys & transit: A guide to Philadelphia area rail transit di Gerry Williams
The Tram Subways of Philadelphia - A History and a Forward Look (reprint) di H.E. Cox
Tramps, Unfit Mothers, and Neglected Children: Negotiating the Family in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia di Sherri Broder
The Transformation of Early American History: Society, Authority and Ideology di James A. Henretta
The Transforming Hand of Revolution: Reconsidering the American Revolution As a Social Movement di Ronald Hoffman
Travels in Philadelphia di Christopher Morley
The Treasure Code (A Galaxy Gang Mystery) di Milton Dank
Treasures of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the John G. Johnson Collection di George H. Marcus
A Treatise on the Synochus Icteroides, or Yellow Fever, as It Lately Appeared in the City of Philadelphia: Exhibiting a Concise View of Its Rise, ... Most Successful; Also Remarks on the Natur di William Currie
The trial of Frederick Eberle : language, patriotism, and citizenship in Philadelphia's German community, 1790 to 1830 di Friederike Baer
Trick Play di Eden Finley
Triumph III: Philadelphia terminal, 1838-2000 di David W Messer
Trolley & Bus Routes & Sight Seeing Places, Phila di Philadelphia Business Progress Assn
Trolley and Bus Routes and Sight Seeing Places di Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co
Trolley car mail service in Philadelphia 1895-1915 di Wylie h. Flack
Trolleys of Philadelphia di W.M. Berko
True Believers di Jane Haddam
True Talents di David Lubar
Truly Madly Deeply... Memoirs of a broken heart's first love! di Faraaz Kazi
Trust di Jana Aston
Tumbling di Diane McKinney-Whetstone
Tunney: Boxing's Brainiest Champ and His Upset of the Great Jack Dempsey di Jack Cavanaugh
Turn-of-the-Century Philadelphia (PA) (Scenes of America) di Lynn M. Homan
Turn: Washington's Spies - The Complete Second Season di Craig Silverstein (creator)
The Turncoat di Donna Thorland
The Turning of Anne Merrick di Christine Blevins
Turning on the system; war in the Philadelphia public schools di Hank Resnik
The Turning Point: Jefferson's Battle for the Presidency di Frank van der Linden
Twenty Million Yankees: The Northern Home Front di Donald Dale Jackson
Twenty-First Year of City Missions and Church Extension in Philadelphia 1891-1912 di Property and Charters The Committee on Church Extension
The Twilight Zone/The Shadow di David Avallone
Twist of Faith di Ellen J. Green
Two Sacks: One Family's Journey from Swiss / Germany to America in 1803-1805 di Jeff W. Ishee
Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty di Charles Leerhsen
Ty Cobb: His Tumultuous Life and Times di Richard Bak
Typhoid and the Politics of Public Health in 19th Century Philadelphia (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society) di Michael P. McCarthy
A Ufo Has Landed (Galaxy Gang Mystery) di Milton Dank
Ukrainians of Greater Philadelphia (PA) (Images of America) di Alexander Lushnycky
Uncle Sam's Carnival of Copulating Inanimals di Kirk Jones
The Undead di James Dickie
Understand di Ted Chiang
The Undertakers di Nicole Glover
The Uninvited di Heather Graham
Union tactics and economic change; a case study of three Philadelphia textile unions di Gladys L. Palmer
Unitarianism explained and defended, in a discourse delivered in the church of the Universalists, at Philadelphia, 1796. di Joseph Priestley
The United States and Canada in 1832, 1833, and 1834 di Carl David Arfwedson
The Unity of Italy and Philadelphia: A Bridge of 150 Years di curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Shara Wasserman
University City core plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
University of Pennsylvania di Amey A. Hutchins
University of Pennsylvania development plan di Pennsylvania.,
University of Pennsylvania: A Photographic Portrait di University of Pennsylvania
The Unknown American Revolution: The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the Struggle to Create America di Gary B. Nash
The Unlocked Path di Janis Robinson Daly
Unrig: How to Fix Our Broken Democracy (World Citizen Comics) di Daniel G. Newman
L'uomo di Filadelfia : romanzo di Richard Powell
Up South: Civil Rights and Black Power in Philadelphia (Politics and Culture in Modern America) di Matthew J. Countryman
The Upcycled Self: A Memoir on the Art of Becoming Who We Are di Tariq Trotter
Upper Roxborough Open Space Plan di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
The Urban Crucible: The Northern Seaports and the Origins of the American Revolution di Gary B. Nash
The urban form of Center City : working paper di Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Urban Gothic di Brian Keene
Urban Public Transportation in Delaware Valley: a white paper by the Public Transportation Committtee.... di Greater Philadelphia C...
Uses of Tradition: Arts of Italian Americans in Philadelphia di Dorothy Noyes
Utility Cars of Philadelphia 1892-1971 di Harold E Cox
The Value of Saving: The Story of Benjamin Franklin (Valuetales Series) di Spencer Johnson
Vanished gardens : finding nature in Philadelphia di Sharon White
The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth-Century America di Richard Beeman
Vegetarian Explorers Guide to Philadelphia: Ethnic Eating for Vegetarians, Healthy Eaters, And Everybody Else di Eric Graham
Venom: Toxin with a Vengeance! di Cullen Bunn
Veterans Stadium: Field Of Memories di Rich Westcott
The Victim di W. E. B. Griffin
Vigilance: The Life of William Still, Father of the Underground Railroad di Andrew K. Diemer
The Vigilantes di W. E. B. Griffin
A Vigorous Spirit of Enterprise: Merchants and Economic Development in Revolutionary Philadelphia di Thomas M. Doerflinger
Violent Death in the City: Suicide, Accident, and Murder in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia di Roger Lane
A Virtuous Education: Penn's Vision for Philadephia Schools di William C. Kashatus
Visions of the Pennsylvania Railroad di Ernest R. Varalli
Visiting Turn-of-the-Century Philadelphia (Postcard History Series) di Lynn M. Homan
Visitors' Guide to the Centennial Exhibition and Philadelphia: May 10 - November 10, 1876
Vita e morte delle grandi citta: saggio sulle metropoli americane di Jane Jacobs
Voices Beckon di Linda Lee Graham
Voices from Marshall Street: Jewish Life in a Philadelphia Neighborhood 1920-1960 di Elaine Krasnow Ellison
Voices of Kensington: Vanishing Mills Vanishing Neighborhoods di Jean Seder
Voices Whisper di Linda Lee Graham
The Voyage of the Narwhal di Andrea Barrett
The waffle man : and other memories of South Philadelphia di Joseph A Sbaraglia
Waiting for the 5: 05 : Terminal, Station, and Depot in America di Lawrence Grow
Walk Through Darkness di David Anthony Durham
Walking Broad: Looking for the Heart of Brotherly Love di Bruce Buschel
A Walking Tour of Independence National Historical Park di Beth Bartle
Walking Tours of Historic Philadelphia di John Francis Marion
Walks and Talks About Old Philadelphia di George Barton
The Walnut Street Prison Workshop: A Test Study in Historical Archaeology Based on Field Investigation in the Garden Area of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia di John L. Cotter
Walnut Street Theatre (Images of America: Pennsylvania) di Bernard Havard
Wanting Sheila Dead di Jane Haddam
War taxes : experiences of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Quakers through the American Revolution di Elaine J. Crauderueff
Warships and yardbirds: an illustrated history of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard di Douglas C. McVarish
I Was Told It Would Get Easier di Abbi Waxman
Washing "the Great Unwashed": Public Baths in Urban America, 1840-1920 di Marilyn Thornton Williams
Washington in Germantown; being an account of the various visits of the commander-in-chief and first president to Germantown, Pennsylvania di Charles Francis Jenkins
Washington: A Life di Ron Chernow
Watchers in the Night di Jenna Black
The Water Dancer di Ta-Nehisi Coates
Water for Tomorrow, Philadelphia Water Department Annual Report, 1973-75
The Way It Was: Touching Vignettes About Growing Up Jewish in the Philadelphia of Long Ago di HINDY KROHN
Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: Intimate Histories of Riotous Black Girls, Troublesome Women, and Queer Radicals di Saidiya Hartman
We are Patriots : Hope's Revolutionary War Diary, Book 2 di Kristiana Gregory
We Deliver: The story of the U. S. Postal Service di U. S. Government
We Had a Little Real Estate Problem: The Unheralded Story of Native Americans and Comedy di Kliph Nesteroff
We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party di Mumia Abu-Jamal
We Will Return In The Whirlwind: Black Radical Organizations 1960-1975 di Muhammad Ahmad
Weekend Journeys: 62 Getaways Within a Day's Drive of Philadelphia di Philadelphia Inquirer
Welcome to Addy's World, 1864 di Susan Sinnott
The Welsh Society of Philadelphia : history, charter, and by-laws di Welsh Society of Philadelphia.
West Philadelphia Illustrated: Early History of West Philadelphia and Its Environs; Its People and Its Historical Points di M. Laffitte Vieira
West Philadelphia: a study of natural social areas di William Wallace Weaver
West Philadelphia: University City to 52nd Street (PA) (Images of America) di Robert Morris Skaler
West side stories : memories of West Philadelphia di Jason A. Breinin
Westinghouse Radio Stations, Inc. , KDKA, WBZ, WBZA, KYW, WOWO, KEX...
What About the Boy?: A Father's Pledge to His Disabled Son di Stephen Gallup
What Ever Happened to Jan Phillips? di Michael Halfhill
What I Had Was Singing: The Story of Marian Anderson (Trailblazer Biographies) di Jeri Ferris
What I Meant... di Marie Lamba
What I Meant... di Marie Lamba
What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin? di Jean Fritz
The Wheelman di Duane Swierczynski
When Bosses Ruled Philadelphia: The Emergence of the Republican Machine, 1867-1933 di Peter McCaffery
When Philadelphia Was the Capital of Jewish America di Murray Friedman
When Stars Begin to Fall (Roots of Faith) di Denise Williamson
When the United States Spoke French: Five Refugees Who Shaped a Nation di François Furstenberg
When You Bit... di Adam Fieled
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang di Kate Wilhelm
Where to Bike Philadelphia: Best Biking in City and Suburbs di Julie Lorch
Which Brings Me to You: A Novel in Confessions di Steve Almond
The Whiskey Rebels di David Liss
The White Album di Adam Fieled
White and Black from the Moon: Autobiography di Adam Fieled
White Dog Cafe Cookbook: Multicultural Recipes and Tales of Adventure from Philadelphia's Revolutionary Restaurant di Judy Wicks
The White House: An Illustrated Architectural History di Patrick Phillips-Schrock
The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant di Robin Roberts
Who Do You Love di Jennifer Weiner
Who's Who in Philadelphia Jewry A Survey of Jewish Progress and Achievments di Joseph Malamut
Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog di Lisa Scottoline
Wicked Philadelphia (PA): Sin in the City of Brotherly Love di Thomas H. Keels
The Wicked Wives: A Novel Based on a True Story di Gus Pelagatti
Wieland di Charles Brockden Brown
Wild Sweet Love di Beverly Jenkins
William Cooper's Town: Power and Persuasion on the Frontier of the Early American Republic di Alan Taylor
William Dorsey's Philadelphia and Ours: On the Past and Future of the Black City in America di Roger Lane
William Heighton : pioneer labor leader of Jacksonian Philadelphia : with selections from Heighton's writings and speeches di Philip Sheldon Foner
William Penn's Holy Experiment in Education...Past, Present, & Future di William C. Kashatus
William Still and His Freedom Stories: The Father of the Underground Railroad di Don Tate
The Willing Hostage di J. Jean Elliott
Wings in the Snow: A Novel di Jim Oliver
The Wissahickon di T. A. Daly
Wissahickon Fire Company 100th Anniversary di Peggy Knapp Stephen Blodgett
Wissahickon High School 1964-1965-1966-1970
The Wissahickon hills di Cornelius Weygandt
The Wissahickon Valley within the City of Philadelphia di Francis Burke Brandt
Wissahickon: Worth Preserving di Jamie Stewart
Wissahickon: worth preserving: the preservation of a Pennsylvania watershed di Neree Aron-Sando
With Friends Like These di Gillian Roberts
With the British Army in Philadelphia, 1777-1778 di John W. Jackson
With the Fire on High di Elizabeth Acevedo
With Washington at Monmouth: A story of three Philadelphia boys ([The Continental series]) di James Otis
The Witness di W. E. B. Griffin
Witness to myself di Seymour Shubin
Witnesses at the Creation: Hamilton, Madison, Jay, and the Constitution di Richard B. Morris
Wobblies on the Waterfront: Interracial Unionism in Progressive-Era Philadelphia di Peter Cole
The Wolves of Fairmount Park di Dennis Tafoya
Woman's Own di Robyn Carr
Women in the City of Brotherly Love … and Beyond: Tours and Detours in Delaware Valley Women's History (2nd ed.) di Gayle Brandow Samuels
The Women's Guide to Philadelphia di Christina Long
Wonder Bread & Ecstasy: The Life and Death of Joey Stefano di Charles Isherwood
Wonder Tales of L. Frank Baum di L. Frank Baum
Wonder Woman Black & Gold di Marie Javins
Wonderland Avenue : tales of glamour and excess di Daniel Sugerman
Wordsworth's "Prelude": The Snowdon Episode di Adam Fieled
Work Sights: Industrial Philadelphia, 1890-1950 di Philip Scranton
Working Girls: Money, Power & Love di Shavon Jones
Working People of Philadelphia, 1800-1850 di Bruce Laurie
Workshop of the World A Selective Guide to the Industrial Archeology of Philadelphia di The Oliver Evans Chapter of the Society for Industrial Archeology
Workshop of the World: A Selective Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Philadelphia di The Oliver Evans Chapter of the Society for Industrial Archeology
The World of George Washington di Richard M. Ketchum
Worst to First the Story of the '93 Phillies di Philadelphia Inquirer
Worth The Wait: Tales of the 2008 Phillies di Jayson Stark
The Wreck of the Penn Central di Joseph R. Daughen
Written in My Own Heart's Blood di Diana Gabaldon
The Xanadu Adventure di Lloyd Alexander
Yankee Tools Ice Cream Freezers Etc. Etc. (1912) di North Bros.
The Year of Blue Snow: The 1964 Philadelphia Phillies (SABR Digital Library) (Volume 12) di Mel Marmer
Yesterday's Philadelphia (Seemann's historic cities series ; no. 13) di G. Wilson
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℗Il ℗bacio dell'assassino di William Lashner