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Österreich und der pazifische Raum die Erforschung der Kulturen Ozeaniens und Australiens di Karl R. Wernhart
1984 di George Orwell
1984: The Graphic Novel di Fido Nesti
L'adolescenza in Samoa di Margaret Mead
Adorned by Nature: Adornment, exchange & myth in the South Seas: A personal journey through their material culture and the magic. di Wolfgang Grulke
African & Oceanic Art November 9, 1979 di Sotheby Parke Bernet
African and Oceanic Art in Jerusalem di Muzeʾon Yiśraʾel (Jerusalem),
Afrika und Ozeanien di Mrgaret Trowell
Aid Activities in Europe and Oceania 2000 di oecd publishing
Aid Activities in Europe and Oceania 2001 di oecd publishing
Aid Activities in Europe and Oceania 2002 di oecd publishing
Archaeology of Oceania: Australia and the Pacific Islands di Ian Lilley
Art & Artists of Oceania di Sidney M. Mead
Art in Oceania: A New History di Peter Brunt
Art of Oceania, Africa, and the Americas, from the Museum of Primitive Art; an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, May 10-August 17, 1969 di Douglas Newton
The Art of the Pacific Islands di P. W. Gathercole
Arts of Oceania di Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.
Ash di Jo Mantel
Asia y Oceanía di Mario Bussagli
Aspekte der traditionellen Architektur Ozeaniens mit Schwerpunkt Neukaledonien di Günther Zöhrer
Aspekte des Klimawandels im Pazifik di Margit Wolfsberger
Astronomy Across Cultures: The History of Non-Western Astronomy di Helaine Selin
The Atlas of Past Worlds: A Comparative Chronology of Human History, 2000BC-AD1500 di John Manley
Australia and Oceania di Aaron M Bauer
Australia and Oceania di Mary Virginia Fox
Australia and Oceania (Continents) di Leila Foster
Australia and Oceania (True Books: Geography) di Mel Friedman
Baststoffe ozeaniens und anderer Gebiete : ihre verwendung im taglichen Leben und im kult : Fuhrer durch die sonderausstellung di Museum für Völkerkunde (Austria)
Belonging in Oceania: Movement, Place-Making and Multiple Identifications di Elfriede Hermann
Bildgewaltig : Afrika, Ozeanien und die Moderne di Oliver Wick
Blut, Prunk, Ritual : Keulen und ihre Rollen in den Gesellschaften Ozeaniens di Milène C. Rossi
Blut, Prunk, Ritual: Keulen und ihre Funktion in den Gesellschaften Ozeaniens di Milène C. Rossi
The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia di Donald K. Swearer
Changing Contexts, Shifting Meanings: Transformations of Cultural Traditions in Oceania di Elfriede Hermann
Creditor Reporting System on Aid Activities : Aid Activities in Europe and Oceania 2001-2002 Volume 2003 Issue 5 di Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
Creditor Reporting System on Aid Activities : Aid Activities in Europe and Oceania 2002 Volume 2004 Issue 4 di Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
Culture e stili tribali: le collezioni etnologiche del museo civico: Palazzo Madama agosto-dicembre, 1978 di Assessorato per la cultura musei civici (Torino)
Darum Ozeanien! 20 Jahre Österreichisch-Südpazifische Gesellschaft di Elisabeth Worliczek
Discovery and Empire : The French in the South Seas di John West-Sooby
Exotische Kunst : Afrika und Ozeanien di Eckart von Sydow
Explore Australia and Oceania di Bobbie Kalman
Exploring the Visual Art of Oceania: Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia di Sidney M. Mead
Führer durch die Sammlung für Völkerkunde der Universität Zürich di Heinrich Hintermann
The Great South Sea: English Voyages and Encounters, 1570-1750 di Glyndwr Williams
Hammond Superior Map of Pacific Ocean and Australia and New Zealand di Hammond
The Happy Isles of Oceania: Paddling the Pacific di Paul Theroux
The imagination of primitive man : a survey of the arts of the non-literate peoples of the world di Ralph T. Coe
Kathedrale der Kulturen : Repräsentation von Ozeanien in Kunst und Museum di Igor Eberhard
Kunst der Südsee: Beschreibender Katalog = Art of Oceania: A Descriptive Catalogue di Alfred Bühler
L'art et les sociétés primitives a travers le monde di Nicole Belmont
Lands Beyond the Sea di Tamara McKinley
Librarianship in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania : a brief survey di D H Borchardt
Made in Oceania Tapa - Kunst und Lebenswelten di Oliver Lueb
Mammals of the South-West Pacific & Moluccan Islands di Tim F. Flannery
Man's conquest of the Pacific: The prehistory of Southeast Asia and Oceania di Peter S. Bellwood
Mathematics Across Cultures: The History of Non-Western Mathematics di Ubiratan D'Ambrosio
The Neglected War: The German South Pacific and the Influence of World War I di Hermann Joseph Hiery
Nei mari del Sud di Robert Louis Stevenson
Nomaden des Pazifiks : Archäologie und Geschichte der Besiedlung Ozeaniens di Bruno Schmidt
Oceania: A Regional Study di Frederica M. Bunge
Oceania: The Geography of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands di Tom L. McKnight
Oceanic Art di Adrienne L. Kaeppler
Oceanic Art di Anthony J. P. Meyer
Oceanic Images di Douglas Newton
The Oceanic languages di John Lynch
Oceanic Mythology di Roland B. Dixon
Oceanic semantics : (a study in the framing of concepts in the native languages of Australia and Oceania) di Nils Magnus Holmer
On the trail of taro : an exploration of natural and cultural history di Peter Matthews, J.
Österreicher im Pazifik di Hermann Mückler
Pacific Geographies. Special Issue in cooperation with Austrian South Pacific Society (OSPG) di Elisabeth Worliczek
The Pacific Islands: An Encyclopedia di Brij V. Lal
Pacific Languages: An Introduction di John Lynch
Paradiese der Südsee : Mythos und Wirklichkeit : Katalog zur Sonderausstellung di Inês de Castro
Pears Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends: Oceania and Australia, the Americas di Sheila Savill
Pidgin Phrasebook di Trevor Balzer
The Postage Stamps, Envelopes, and Post Cards of Australia and the British Colonies of Oceania di Royal Philatelic Society of London
Primitive Art masterworks : an exhibition di Museum of Primitive Art (New York)
Providence Island : an archaeoligical tale di Jacquetta Hawkes
The Quiet Heroes of the Southwest Pacific Theater : An Oral History of the Men and Women of CBB and FRUMEL di Sharon A. Maneki
Sculptures : Afrique, Asie, Océanie et Amériques di Jacques Kerchache
The Security of Oceania in the 1990s, Volume 2: Managing Change (Canberra Paper No. 68) di David Hegarty
Sehnsucht: "Südsee" : Gedichte und mehr di Igor Eberhard
The Sweetest Trap di Robyn Donald
Südsee : Ausstellung 1969 Schloßmuseum Matzen di Irmgard Moschner
Totem, tam-tam, duk-duk : glimt fra Universitetets Etnografiske Museums samlinger di Arne Martin Klausen
Tropical forests of Oceania : anthropological perspectives di Joshua A. Bell
Wackiki Wabbit [1943 animated short film] di Chuck Jones
Waffen der Südseevölker di Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig
A War of Their Own : Bombers over the Southwest Pacific di Matthew K. Rodman
Where We Once Belonged di Sia Figiel
Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past di David Reich
The World and Its Peoples: Australia, New Zealand, Oceania di Greystone Press