CollanaLittle Blue Books


Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. With a critical essay by Clarence Darrow. (Little Blue Book #1) di Omar Khayyám 2 copie1.4
The Ballad of Reading Gaol, and other Poems. di Oscar Wilde 1 copia2.4
Fourteen Little Essays di Voltaire 1 copia3.6
L'età della ragione di Thomas Paine 1,546 copie, 29 recensioni4.5
DeMaupassant's Short Stories di Guy de Maupassant 1 copia6.2
Love and Other Stories di Guy de Maupassant 9 copie6.4
A Liberal Education di Thomas Huxley 3 copie7.4
Il ventaglio di Lady Windermere di Oscar Wilde 1,088 copie, 31 recensioni8.3
Great English poems di Nelson Antrim Crawford 1 copia9.4
Man and His Ancestors di Carroll Lane Fenton 1 copia13.3
Spettri di Henrik Ibsen 829 copie, 16 recensioni16.3
Nietzsche: Who He Was and What He Stood For, (Little Blue Book No. 19) di Will Durant 3 copie19.2
Carmen di Prosper Mérimée 593 copie, 14 recensioni21.1
Tolstoy, his life and writings di Edward Garnett 2 copie22.3
Great Stories of the Sea di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia23.2
The Kiss and Other Stories (Penguin Classics) di Anton Chekhov 214 copie, 2 recensioni24.2
Rhyming Dictionary di E. Haldeman-Julius 4 copie25.2
On Going to Church di George Bernard Shaw 25 copie26.2
The Last Day of a Condemned Man di Victor Hugo 1,155 copie, 26 recensioni27.3
Trattato sulla tolleranza di Voltaire 680 copie, 12 recensioni28.
Pélleas e Mélisande di Maurice Maeterlinck 24 copie31.1
The Mystery of the Iron Mask di Theodore M.R. von Keler 1 copia34.6
Facing the Plain Facts of Life (Maxims) di François de la Rochefoucauld 1 copia35.3
The Story of Aristotle's Philosophy di Will Durant 4 copie39.3
Salomè di Oscar Wilde 1,594 copie, 29 recensioni46.2
Senso comune di Thomas Paine 5,204 copie, 59 recensioni50.
Giordano Bruno: The Story of His Life and Martyrdom, 1548-1600 di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia51
Oration on Voltaire di Victor Hugo 2 copie52.4
Insects and Men: Instinct and Reason di Clarence S Darrow 2 copie53.2
The Importance of Being Earnest di Oscar Wilde 2 copie54.1
L' importanza di chiamarsi Ernesto di Oscar Wilde 10,824 copie, 178 recensioni54.2
Rip Van Winkle; The legend of Sleepy Hollow and other tales di Washington Irving 36 copie57.2
Boccaccio's Stories di Giovanni Bocaccio 1 copia58.2
Epigrams of Wit, Wisdom and Wickedness di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia59.2
Essays on Compensation and Friendship (Little Blue Book, 60) di Ralph Waldo Emerson 1 copia60.2
What is religion? : and other new articles & letters di León Tolstói 8 copie61.2
Essays on religion and pantheism (Little blue book) di Arthur Schopenhauer 3 copie62.2
Difesa della poesia di Percy Bysshe Shelley 58 copie63.2
Rudolf Eucken : His Life and Philosophy di W. Tudor Jones 1 copia64.3
A History of the Mediaeval Christian Church di Vance Randolph 2 copie67.4
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots Little Blue Book No 69 di Alexander Dumas 1 copia69.4
Poems of Walt Whitman [ed. Crawford] di Walt Whitman 1 copia73.4
The Prince of Peace di William Jennings Bryan 17 copie76.4
Hints on public speaking (Little blue book) di John P. Altgeld 2 copie78.3
Enoch Arden di Alfred Tennyson 1 copia79.1
Pillars of Society di Henrik Ibsen 97 copie, 4 recensioni80.1
Common faults in writing English (Little blue book) di Lloyd E. Smith 4 copie82.2
On Reading: An Essay di Georg Brandes 12 copie, 1 recensione86.4
Love: An essay (Ten cent pocket series) di Michel de Montaigne 1 copia87.1
Love Letters of Men and Women of Genius di E. Haldeman-Julius 2 copie89.1
The Mikado [libretto] di William Schwenck Gilbert 171 copie, 6 recensioni90.3
Hypnotism Made Plain di Maynard Shipley 1 copia92.3
How to Live One Hundred Years (Little Blue Book, 93) di Lewis Cornaro 1 copia93.2
Trial and Death of Socrates (Little Blue Book No. 94) di Lloyd E. Smith 2 copie94.1
Trial and Death of Socrates, edited di Plato 1 copia94.2
Dialoghi di Plato 892 copie, 12 recensioni96.1
Dialogues of Plato, edited di Plato 1 copia96.2
Love Letters of King Henry VIII di Henry VIII 1 copia97.2
Tales of Sherlock Holmes (Little Blue Book, No. 102) di Arthur Conan Doyle 1 copia102.1
Facts you should know about the classics (Little blue book) di Joseph McCabe 4 copie109.5
A Short History of the World War (Little Blue Book No. 110) di Leo Markun 1 copia110.5
The Secret of Self Development di John Cowper Powys 5 copie, 1 recensione112.4
Proverbs of Italy di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia117
Proverbs of Russia di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia118
Proverbs of Ireland di E. Haldeman-Julius 2 copie119.5
Proverbs of Spain di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia120
Proverbs of Arabia di E. Haldeman-Julius 2 copie121
War Speeches Of Woodrow Wilson - Little Blue Book No. 125 di Woodrow Wilson 1 copia125.3
History of Rome di A. F. Giles 1 copia126.1
History of Rome (Little Blue Book no. 126) di Clement Wood 1 copia126.2
Julius Caesar: Who he was and what he accomplished (Little Blue Book #128) di Clement Wood 2 copie128.2
Rome Or Reason; Little Blue Book No. 129 di Ingersoll And Cardinal Manning (Edited By Lloyd E. Smith) 1 copia129.2
Controversy on Christianity (Ten Cent Pocket Series, No. 156) di Robert G. Ingersoll 2 copie130.3
History and Beliefs of the Major Religions (Little Blue Book # 132) di Warren Scholl 1 copia132.2
Little Blue Book No. 133 Principles of Electricity di Maynard Shipley 1 copia133.2
Measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, chicken pox and whooping cough (Little blue book) di George H Weaver 1 copia136.2
Biology and Spiritual Philosophy (Little Blue Books) (Ten cent pocket series) di H. M. Tichenor 1 copia140.2
Bismarck and the German Empire by F. M. Bowicke Little Blue Book #142 History di F. M. Bowicke 1 copia142.1
Bismarck and the Origin of the German Empire di F. M. Powicke 2 copie142.2
Snow-Bound, The Pied Piper (Ten Cent Pocket Series (Little Blue Books), 146) di John Greenleaf Whittier 2 copie146.2
Cromwell and his times di Hilda Johnstone 1 copia147.3
Historic crimes and criminals di Charles Joseph Finger 1 copia149.2
Lost Civilizations di Charles J. Finger 7 copie150.2
Lost civilizations di Charles J. Finger 1 copia150.3
The Man Who Would Be King (Ten Cent Pocket Series) di Rudyard Kipling 1 copia151.1
L' uomo che volle essere re di Rudyard Kipling 840 copie, 20 recensioni151.2
The Kasidah of Haji Abdu El-Yezdi di Sir Richard Francis Burton 178 copie152.3
Chinese Philosophy of Life (Little Blue Book No. 153) di H. M. Tichenor 2 copie153.3
Epigrams Of Ibsen (Little Blue Books/Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 154) di Henrik Ibsen 1 copia154.2
Andersen's Fairy Tales; Little Blue Book No. 156 di Hans Christian Andersen 1 copia156.3
Repubblica di Plato 22,092 copie, 142 recensioni157.2
A Guide to Plato di Will Durant 3 copie159.4
Sex Life in Greece and Rome (Little Blue Book 163) di G. Lowes Dickinson 2 copie163.3
Discovery of the future : a discourse delivered at the Royal Institution di H. G. Wells 3 copie165.2
Harris/Ward: Has Life Any Meaning? A Debate. [1921] di Frank Harris 3 copie171.2
The Evolution of love (People's pocket series) di Ellen Key 1 copia172.2
Epigrams of Bernard Shaw (Ten cent pocket series) di Bernard Shaw 1 copia180.3
Life of Jack London (Little Blue Book No. 183) di H. M. Tichenor 1 copia183.3
The Humor of Whistler di E. Haldeman-Julius 2 copie187.2
Psycho-Analysis: The Key to Human Behavior di William J. Fielding 4 copie190.2
Evolution versus dogma (Little blue book) di Maynard Shipley 3 copie191.2
A book of synonyms di Lloyd E. Smith 4 copie192.2
De Markiezin di George Sand 12 copie, 1 recensione196.2
Whimsicalities, Witticisms and Reflections di Madame De Sevigne 1 copia197.1
What Great Frenchwomen Learned About Love di Miriam Allen deFord 2 copie197.2
Capitalism vs. Socialism: A Public Debate di Seligman 3 copie206.2
Idea of God in Nature Little Blue Book Series #211 1 copia211.1
Speeches of Lincoln (Little Blue Book No. 214) di Lloyd E. Smith 3 copie214.1
The Miraculous Revenge di George Bernard Shaw 9 copie215.1
The Essence of the Talmud (Little Blue Book Number 218) di Theodore M. R. von Keler 3 copie218.2
England In Shakespeare's TIme di Charles J. Finger 1 copia220.2
Senator Vest's Tribute to a Dog and Other Dog Lore (Little Blue Book, No. 220) di Edwin M. C. French 2 copie220.3
Women, and Four Other Essays (Ten Cent Pocket Series) di Maurice Maeterlinck 3 copie221.1
The Vampire and Other Verses di Rudyard Kipling 25 copie, 1 recensione222.2
Essay on Swinburne di Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch 1 copia223.1
The Wife of a King: Little Blue Book No. 223 di Jacke London 1 copia223.2
The Anti-Semites: Professor Bernhardi, A Play di Arthur Schnitzler 1 copia226
Keats: The Man, His Work and His Friends di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia227.1
Facts You Should Know About Animal Life: An Introduction to Zoology di Carroll Lane Fenton 2 copie227.2
Aphorisms of Thomas Huxley di Thomas Huxley 2 copie228.1
Plain talks with husbands and wives (Little blue book) di Havelock Ellis 1 copia228.2
Diderot di Havelock Ellis 1 copia229.1
The Pretentious Young Ladies di Molière 314 copie, 5 recensioni229.3
The Fleece of Gold (Little Blue Books/Ten Cent Pocket Series, No. 230) di Théophile Gautier 1 copia230.1
Eight Humorous Sketches (Little Blue Book #231) di Mark Twain 1 copia231.3
Humorous Sketches - Little Blue Book No. 231 di Mark Twain 1 copia231.3
Revealing Comments on Humanity and Life (Thoughts on Literature and Art); Little Blue Book No. 233 di Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1 copia233.2
Five Essays: The Optimism of Byron; Pope and the Art of Satire; Stevenson; Rostand; Charles II (Little Blue Book/Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 235) di G.K. Chesterton 1 copia235.1
Lo spleen di Parigi di Charles Baudelaire 2,128 copie, 17 recensioni237.3
Twenty-six Men and a Girl and Other Stories di Maxim Gorky 32 copie, 2 recensioni239.2
La tempesta di William Shakespeare 13,892 copie, 176 recensioni240
Merry Wives of Windsor Little Blue Book Series #241 1 copia241
La dodicesima notte di William Shakespeare 10,871 copie, 113 recensioni243
Macbeth di William Shakespeare 26,294 copie, 232 recensioni247
Romeo e Giulietta di William Shakespeare 28,784 copie, 280 recensioni250
Otello di William Shakespeare 17,057 copie, 132 recensioni252
La famosa storia della vita di Re Enrico 8 di William Shakespeare 1,399 copie, 21 recensioni253
La bisbetica domata di William Shakespeare 8,829 copie, 91 recensioni254
Venus and Adonis di William Shakespeare 235 copie, 6 recensioni256
La commedia degli errori di William Shakespeare 3,384 copie, 53 recensioni262
Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Little Blue Book, No. 266) 1 copia266.2
What the Ford five-day week really means di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia267.2
Contemporary Portraits 1919 (2nd Series) di Frank Harris 3 copie270
Contemporary portraits. third series by Frank Harris. di Frank Harris 5 copie271.1
Harris: Contemporary Portraits: Volume 4. [1922] di Frank Harris 2 copie272
The Man Without a Country di Edward Everett Hale 753 copie, 8 recensioni277
Friendship and Other Essays di Henry David Thoreau 43 copie, 1 recensione278.1
Prostitution in the ancient world (Little blue book) di Leo Markun 2 copie286.2
Whistler, the man and his art di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia287.1
Essays on Chesterfield and Rabelais (Little Blue Books/Ten Cent Pocket Series, No. 288) di Sainte-Beuve 1 copia288.1
Tales of the Far North di Jack London 2 copie288.2
Pepys' Diary [Excerpts] (Ten Cent Pocket Series (Little Blue Books), 289) di Samuel Pepys 1 copia289
Mademoiselle Fifi and Other Stories di Guy de Maupassant 182 copie, 1 recensione292.1
Sailor Chanties and Cowboy Songs di Charles Joseph Finger 3 copie301
A Shropshire Lad di A. E. Housman 1,498 copie, 16 recensioni306.2
A Tillyloss Scandal di J. M. Barrie 23 copie307
Ella si umilia per vincere di Oliver Goldsmith 1,540 copie, 21 recensioni308
A Lodging for the Night di Robert Louis Stevenson 45 copie, 1 recensione311.1
The Decay of Lying di Oscar Wilde 156 copie, 2 recensioni313.2
Pen, Pencil and Poison di Oscar Wilde 6 copie315.1
Prometheus Bound; Little Blue Book No. 316 di Aeschylos 1 copia316
Christ in Flanders di Honoré de Balzac 39 copie, 1 recensione318.1
A History of Evolution di Carroll Lane Fenton 2 copie321
The life of Joan of Arc di H. M. Tichenor 2 copie323
Life of Abraham Lincoln Little Blue Book Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 324 di John Hugh Bowers 7 copie324
The Essence of Buddhism (No. 325) (FIVE CENT POCKET SERIES) di E.M. Bowden 3 copie325.1
Hints on writing short stories di Charles J. Finger 4 copie326
Joseph Addison and his time ([Little blue book]) di Charles Joseph Finger 0 copie328
Dante's Inferno, Little Blue Book 329 1 copia329
Dante's Inferno Vol l l : Little Blue Book 330 1 copia330
The Man Who Was and Other Stories di Rudyard Kipling 18 copie332
Mulvaney stories di Rudyard Kipling 36 copie333
1923 LINCOLN-DOUGLAS DEBATE Pocket Series Little Blue Book 341 di John Hugh Bowers 1 copia341
Hints On News Reporting (Little Blue Book No. 342) di Murray Sheehan 3 copie342
Old English Songs Everyone Knows (Little Blue Book, #346) di Unknown 1 copia346
A Book of riddle rimes (Little blue book) di Virginia Rudder Grundy 1 copia347.2
Hedda Gabler di Henrik Ibsen 1,583 copie, 23 recensioni350
Casa di bambola di Henrik Ibsen 5,426 copie, 91 recensioni353
How to Argue Logically: The Art of Controversy; Little Blue Book No. 364 di Arthur Schopenhauer 2 copie364.2
DeQuincey: Essay on Conversation. [1923 c.] di Thomas de Quincey 1 copia367.2
How to Improve Your Conversation, With an Essay on Conversation By Thomas Dequincey; Little Blue Book No. 367 di Lloyd E. Smith 4 copie367.2
The Truth of Masks : Little Blue Book No. 373 di Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde 1 copia373
The Psychology of Suicide: Is the momentum of an intense, exalted egotism the basic cause? di Hugh Russell Fraser 2 copie374.2
The Maid of Orleans: Little Blue Book #378 di Maurice Victor Samuels 3 copie378.1
THE HUMOR (Humour) AND WISDOM OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN - Little Blue Book 382 di John W. Gunn 2 copie382
Prostitution in The United States di Leo Markum 1 copia383.2
Chelkash di Maxim Gorky 4 copie385
The Story of Painting; Little Blue Book No. 387 di Murray Sheehan 5 copie387.2
La stufa di Norimberga di Ouida 40 copie, 2 recensioni392
Frederic the Great - edited with introduction and notes by C.T. Atkinson, Fellow of Exeter College, Sometime Demy of Magdalen College di Macaulay 2 copie393
Embers: A Play in One Act di E Haldeman-Julius 2 copie396
A History of Music, Little Blue Book No. 403 di Murray Sheehan 5 copie403
Romances of Paris di Alfred de Musset 1 copia404.2
Outline of Economics di John S. Gambs 3 copie405
Introduction to Einstein di William F. Hudgings 1 copia408.1
An Introduction to Einstein's Theory of Relativity di William F. Hudgings 3 copie408.2
Great men of science (Little blue book) di Hereward Carrington 2 copie409.2
A Guide to Cervantes (Pocket Series/Little Blue Book No. 411-A) (Pocket series) di Isaac Goldberg 1 copia411.1
What you should know about phrenology di Leo Markun 1 copia411.2
Life of Mahomet (Little Blue Book No. 412) di Charles J. Finger 1 copia412
The Need for Art in Life (Little Blue Book No. 413) di J. B. Stoughton Holborn 1 copia413
The Art of Happiness di John Cowper Powys 37 copie, 2 recensioni414
Carrington: The Nature of Dreams. [1923] di Hereward Carrington 5 copie417
Carrington: Life: Its Origin and Nature. [1923 c.] di Hereward Carrington 1 copia419
The Best Yankee Jokes- Little Blue Book #422 di George Milburn 2 copie422.2
The Essence of the Koran di Theodore M.R. von Keler 3 copie428
The Essence Of The Koran Book Of Mohammedanism (Little Blue Book No. 428) di M. R. von Keler 1 copia428
A United States commercial geography (Little blue book) di Leo Markun 2 copie431.2
The tragic story of Oscar Wilde's life di Charles Joseph Finger 1 copia432
The Tragic Story of Oscar Wilde's Life di Charles J. Finger 4 copie432
One Hundred Best Books di John Cowper Powys 55 copie, 2 recensioni435
Hints on scenario writing (Ten cent pocket series) di Murray Sheehan 1 copia437
Secret Memoirs of Madame de Pompadour, Volume 1 ( Little Blue Book No. 438 ) di Marquise de Pompadour 2 copie438.1
Secret Memoirs of Madame de Pompadour, Volume 2 ( Little Blue Book No. 439 ) di Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour 1 copia439.1
Oscar Wilde in outline di Charles Joseph Finger 1 copia442
Autosuggestion: How It Works di William J. Fielding 2 copie447.1
Autosuggestion and health 1 copia449.2
How to Write Telegrams Properly (Little Blue Book # 459) di Nelson E. Ross 4 copie459.2
The Art of Reading di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia463
Esperanto for beginners di D.O.S. Lowell 3 copie, 1 recensione465
A History of Sculpture; Little Blue Book No. 466 di Murray Sheehan 2 copie466
Evolution Made Plain: Little Blue Book No. 467 di John Mason 2 copie467
A History of Architecture (Little Blue Book No. 468) di Murray Sheehan 1 copia468.1
The story of architecture: Facts you should know about the evolution of buildings (Little blue book) di Murray Sheehan 4 copie468.2
The essence of Confucianism di Charles Joseph Finger 1 copia471
The Strange Notes of Samuel Butler di Samuel Butler 1 copia472
Lives of chorus girls: A realistic picture of an interesting and sometimes romantic profession (Little blue book) di Betty Van Deventer 1 copia473.2
Essays on Aeschylus di Alexander Harvey 2 copie475.1
How to develop your sense of humor di Leo Markun 1 copia475.2
Van Deventer: How New York Working Girls Live. [1928] di Van Deventer 1 copia479.2
Hints on animal husbandry (Pocket series) di R. A Power 1 copia480
How Not to Be a Wallflower di John Woodworth 1 copia488.2
Psychology for Beginners di Hereward Carrington 3 copie491
Carrington: New Discoveries in Science. [1924] di Hereward Carrington 1 copia493
Negro Life in New York's Harlem: A Lively Picture of a Popular and Interesting Section di Wallace Thurman 2 copie494.2
Hints on writing one-act plays (Little blue book) di Charles J. Finger 2 copie496
Legends of Greek and Roman Heroes di Hans Christian Andersen 1 copia497
Legends of Greek and Roman Heroes (Little Blue Book No. 497) di Lloyd E. Smith 2 copie497
Greek and Roman Mythology (Little Blue Book No. 498) di Lloyd E. Smith 3 copie498
A Dictionary of Classical Mythology (Little Blue Book No. 499) di Lloyd E. Smith 5 copie499
Medea (Little Blue Book) di Euripides 1 copia500
How to tie all kinds of knots di George Milburn 3 copie501.2
A Short History of the Civil War (Little Blue Book No. 503) di Leo Markun 2 copie503.2
The Myth of the Ride of Paul Revere: With other Iconoclastic Articles di Virginius Dabney 0 copie504.2
Life of Voltaire (as seen by Georg Brandes) di Julius Moritzen 1 copia506
Electric energy : what it does and promises di Julius Moritzen 1 copia510
Edipo re di Sophocles 6,641 copie, 72 recensioni511
The Travels of Marco Polo di Charles Joseph Finger 1 copia513
Hints on writing poetry di Clement Wood 3 copie514
Hints on Writing Poetry Little di Clement Wood 1 copia514
Book of real adventures di Charles Joseph Finger 1 copia516
Mark Twain, the philosopher who laughed at the world di Charles Joseph Finger 1 copia517
A Guide to Spinoza di Will Durant 2 copie520
Life of Thomas Paine di John W. Gunn 1 copia522
Death and Its Problems di Hereward Carrington 1 copia524
Life of Goethe (as seen by Georg Brandes) di Julius Moritzen 1 copia525
Life of Shakespeare: (as seen by Georg Brandes) (Little Blue Book) di Julius Moritzen 2 copie528
A guide to Georg Brandes's "Main currents in 19th century literature" di Julius Moritzen 1 copia531
Life of Barnum, the man who lured the herd di Charles Joseph Finger 1 copia537
Colors di Remy de Gourmont 19 copie540
A Child's Garden of Verses di Robert Louis Stevenson 8,242 copie, 95 recensioni554.2
The structure of the earth di Carroll Lane Fenton 1 copia555
Hints on Etiquette [Little Blue Book, No. 556, 1924 c.] di Esther Floyd 4 copie556
Is the moon a dead world? (Little blue book) di Maynard Shipley 1 copia557
Robinson Crusoe di Daniel Defoe 23,390 copie, 323 recensioni559
Antigone di Sophocles 5,486 copie, 71 recensioni562
Antigone (Little Blue Book #562) di Sophocles 0 copie562
Little Blue Book No. 565, Magellan and the Pacific di Charles J. Finger 1 copia565
Darwin as a Naturalist di Carroll Lane Fenton 2 copie567
Kant's critical philosophy (Little blue book, no. 571, ed. by E. Haldeman-Julius) di Archibald Browning Drysdale Alexander 1 copia571
A History of Polar Exploration and Adventure (Little Blue Book No. 580) 1 copia580
Ernst Haeckel, Evolutionist (Little Blue Book) di Carroll Lane Fenton 1 copia597.1
A short history of the American Revolution di Leo Markun 2 copie597.2
The essence of the Bible di Henry C. Vedder 1 copia600
Carrington: The Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Sphynx... [1924 c.] di Hereward Carrington 4 copie602
The A B C of the electron theory of matter (Little blue book) di Maynard Shipley 1 copia603
Life of Theodore Roosevelt di Charles Joseph Finger 1 copia604
Little Blue Book No. 606, How to Play Chess di James Juvenal Hayes 1 copia606.2
The origin and development of the atomic theory di Maynard Shipley 1 copia608
Are the planets inhabited? di Maynard Shipley 3 copie609
Life of Martin Luther ( Little Blue Book No. 610 ) di Henry C. Vedder 2 copie610
H. L. Mencken di Isaac Goldberg 1 copia611
Ancient philosophers (Little blue book) di Vance Randolph 1 copia613
Modern philosophers di Vance Randolph 1 copia615
The wit and wisdom of Disraeli di Benjamin Disraeli 1 copia621
NEGRO SONGS. Little Blue Book No. 626 di Clement Wood 1 copia626
A short history of the Jews di Clement Wood 2 copie627
Pocket dictionary, English-German, German-English di Vance Randolph 2 copie637.2
La nuova Atlantide di Francis Bacon 434 copie, 15 recensioni642
Confidential Chats With Wives [Little Blue Book No. 645] 1 copia645.2
K K K: The Kreed of the Klansmen di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia650
How to psycho-analyze yourself ;: A confidential analysis of your personality (Little blue book) di Daniel H Bonus 2 copie651
What Every Boy Should Know di William J. Fielding 2 copie653
What Every Young Man Should Know di William J. Fielding 1 copia654
What Every Young Woman Should Know di William J. Fielding 2 copie655
What Every Married Man Should Know di William J. Fielding 2 copie656
Toasts for All Occasions (Little Blue Book, No. 658) di Charles Cunningham 1 copia658.3
My Brother Paul, and W.L.S di Theodore Dreiser 1 copia660
Amusing Answers to Correspondents, and Other Pieces (Little Blue Book, 662) di Mark Twain 1 copia662
Journalism In Tennessee, and Other Humorous Sketches di Mark Twain 1 copia663
Oscar's Wilde's Letters to Sarah Bernhardt Little Blue Book 664 di Oscar Wilde 3 copie664
Sarah Bernhardt's Love Letters to Sardou (Little Blue Book No. 665) di Sarah Bernhardt 2 copie665
Sarah Bernhardt as I Knew Her, Volume One: Little Blue Book #666 di Sylvestre Dorian 2 copie666
Humorous Fables (Little Blue Book 668) di Mark Twain 2 copie668
Josh Billings' Humorous Epigrams di Josh Billings 1 copia669
Josh Billings' Comical Lexicon and Other Amusing Skits (Little Blue Book No. 670) 1 copia670
Illicit Love and Other Stories: Little Blue Book, No. 672 di Giovanni Boccaccio 1 copia672
Tales of love and life di Giovanni Boccaccio 1 copia673
The Falcon, and other tales di Giovanni Boccaccio 1 copia674
Sarah Bernhardt's philosophy of love di Sarah Bernhardt 1 copia675
Chemistry for beginners di Hereward Carrington 2 copie679
Spelling Self Taught, Little Blue Book #681 di Lloyd E. Smith 2 copie681
Grammar self taught di Lloyd E. Smith 3 copie682
Punctuation Self Taught; Little Blue Book No. 683 di Lloyd E. Smith 4 copie683
Essence of Judaism: A Guide to Facts of Jewish Law and Life di Leo. Rabbi Jung 1 copia684
Essentials of Judaism di Leo Jung 3 copie684
U.S. Constitution Declaration of Independence and The Monroe Doctrine di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia687
Woman's Sexual Life di William J. Fielding 0 copie689
Man's Sexual Life di William J. Fielding 2 copie690
Homo-Sexual Life di William J. Fielding 2 copie692
New Experiments in Animal Psychology di Vance Randolph 2 copie693.2
How to pronounce 4000 proper names di Lloyd E. Smith 3 copie696
4,000 Words Often Mispronounced di Lloyd E. Smith 4 copie697
Tales of Chicago Streets di Ben Hecht 2 copie698
Physiology self taught di Vance Randolph 2 copie703
What you should know about palmistry (Little blue book) di Leo Markun 1 copia704.2
Charles Lamb and his friends di John W. Gunn 1 copia705.1
100 professions for women di Betty Van Deventer 1 copia705.2
An Introduction to Philology (The Science of Language) (Little Blue Book Number 708) di Clement Wood 2 copie708
Sociology for beginners di Clement Wood 2 copie709
Botany for Beginers - Little Blue Book No. 710 di Clement Wood 1 copia710
Odd Facts About American Life: A Symposium di E. Haldeman-Julius 1 copia711.2
Shelley and the Women He Loved di Clement Wood 1 copia712
Byron and the Women He Loved di Clement Wood 1 copia713
Emerson : the man and his works di Clement Wood 1 copia714
Auction Bridge for Beginners di Clement Wood 1 copia715
Mother Goose : an anthology di Mother Goose 1 copia716
Great women of antiquity di Clement Wood 1 copia718
Poetry of the southern states di Clement Wood 2 copie719
The intelligence of invertebrate animals (Little blue book) di Maynard Shipley 1 copia720
The Intelligence of Vertebrate Animals. Little Blue Book no. 721. di Maynard Shipley 1 copia721
Electricity and life (Little blue book) di Maynard Shipley 1 copia722
Address at the grave of Luther Burbank di Ben B. Lindsey 1 copia724.2
Zoology Self-Taught. Drawings by Peter Quinn (Little Blue Books # 725) di Vance Randolph 1 copia725
Little Blue Book No. 726 - Simple Facts About Venereal Diseases di Joseph H. Greer 1 copia726
The Psychology of the Affections di Vance Randolph 1 copia727
Life among the bees (Little blue book) di Vance Randolph 1 copia728
Poe as a literary critic di Isaac Goldberg 2 copie730.1
The spirit of Yiddish literature di Isaac Goldberg 1 copia732
A book of useful phrases di Lloyd E. Smith 4 copie734
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