SerieNational Geographic Special Publications Series

149 Opere Popolarità 1,356 (6,480 Utenti) 18,977 Libri 109 Recensioni ½ 3.7
100 Greatest Mysteries Revealed di Bridgett A. English 3 copie
50 Most Influential Figures of the Bible di National Geographic 9 copie
ABC in the Woods (Little Learners' Library) di Barbara Leonard Gibson 7 copie
Alaska (National Geographic) di Bern Keating 88 copie4.1
Alaska's Magnificent Parklands di Donald J. Crump 152 copie18.4
Alaska's Wildlife Treasures di Tom Melham 118 copie, 1 recensione29.1
Alaska: High Roads to Adventure di Robert L. Breeden 121 copie, 4 recensioni11.3
The Alps: Europe's Mountain Heart di Robert L. Breeden 115 copie, 1 recensione7.4
The Amazing Universe di Herbert Friedman 192 copie, 2 recensioni10.3
America's Ancient Cities di Gene S. Stuart 251 copie22.4
America's Atlantic Isles di H. Robert Morrison 106 copie16.3
America's Great Hideaways di Erik Larson 117 copie, 2 recensioni21.2
America's Hidden Corners: Places Off the Beaten Path di National Geographic Society 196 copie18.3
America's Hidden Wilderness: Lands of Seclusion di Thomas B. Allen 121 copie23.1
America's Inland Waterway: Exploring the Atlantic Seaboard di Allan C. Fisher 75 copie, 1 recensione8.3
America's Magnificent Mountains di Robert L. Breeden 202 copie15.1
America's Majestic Canyons di Ron Fisher 177 copie, 1 recensione14.1
America's National Parks di Chris Johns 2 copie
America's Outdoor Wonders: State Parks and Sanctuaries di Mary Ann Harrell 124 copie22.1
America's Seashore Wonderlands di Tom Melham 133 copie20.2
America's Spectacular Northwest di Rowe Findley 137 copie16.4
America's Sunset Coast di Merrill Windsor 120 copie13.3
America's Wild and Scenic Rivers di Donald J. Crump 207 copie, 2 recensioni18.2
America's Wild Woodlands di National Geographic 166 copie, 3 recensioni20.1
The American Cowboy in Life and Legend di Bart McDowell 99 copie6.4
American Mountain People di Robert L. Breeden 108 copie8.1
Animals of East Africa: The Wild Realm di Louis Leakey 117 copie, 1 recensione3.4
The Appalachian Trail di Ronald M. Fisher 217 copie, 1 recensione7.1
As We Live and Breathe: The Challenge of Our Environment di National Geographic 55 copie6.2
Atlas of American History: From Ancient Cultures to the Digital Age di Patricia S. Daniels 1 copia
Atlas of Space: Exploring Our Solar System and Beyond di James Trefil 8 copie
Atlas of the Ancient World: Exploring Great Civilizations di National Geographic 29 copie
Atlas of The Civil War di The Editors Of National Geographic 10 copie
Atlas of World War II: Explore History's Greatest Conflict di National Geographic Special Edition 13 copie
Australia di Bruce Brander 72 copie3.1
Back Roads America: A Portfolio of Her People di Thomas O'Neill 114 copie15.2
Best of Europe 2014: 100 Must-see Destinations di Horie Quintos 4 copie
Beyond the Horizon: Adventures in Faraway Lands di National Geographic Society 124 copie, 1 recensione26.4
Blue Horizons: Paradise Isles of the Pacific di National Geographic Society (U.S.) 134 copie, 1 recensione20.3
Blue Ridge Range: The Gentle Mountains di Ronald M. Fisher 164 copie27.3
Builders of The Ancient World: Marvels of Engineering di Ron Fisher 284 copie, 2 recensioni21.1
Canada's Incredible Coasts di National Geographic 154 copie26.2
Canada's Wilderness Lands di National Geographic 135 copie, 2 recensioni17.2
Canyon Country Parklands: Treasures of the Great Plateau (Travel books) di Scott Thybony 140 copie, 1 recensione28.1
The Civil War di Robert Paul Jordan 456 copie, 2 recensioni4.2
The Civil War di National Geographic Society 5 copie
Clues to America's Past di Robert L. Breeden 166 copie11.2
The Craftsman in America di Robert L. Breeden 195 copie10.1
Discovering Man's Past in the Americas di George E. Stuart 187 copie, 1 recensione4.3
The Emerald Realm: Earth's Precious Rain Forests di Ron Fisher 191 copie, 1 recensione25.2
Excursion to Enchantment: A Journey to the World's Most Beautiful Places di Christine Eckstrom Lee 129 copie23.2
Exploring America's Backcountry di National Geographic Society (U.S.) 132 copie, 2 recensioni14.3
Exploring America's Scenic Highways di Donald J. Crump 116 copie19.4
Exploring America's Valleys (Author / Editor Unknown) di Donald J. Crump 174 copie, 1 recensione19.1
Exploring Canada From Sea to Sea di National Geographic Society 75 copie2.1
Exploring the Amazon di Helen Schreider 103 copie4.4
Forgotten Edens: Exploring the World's Wild Places di Frans Lanting 140 copie, 5 recensioni27.4
Frontiers of Science: On the Brink of Tomorrow di Derek DeSolla Price 111 copie17.3
Grand Canyon Country: Its Majesty and Its Lore di Seymour L. Fishbein 206 copie26.1
Grand Canyon: Celebrating 100 Years of the Park di Kevin Fedarko 1 copia
Great American Deserts di Rowe Findley 105 copie, 1 recensione7.2
Great American Journeys di Tom Melham 104 copie23.4
The Great Southwest di Charles McCarry 142 copie, 1 recensione15.3
Guide to the Night Sky: A Stargazer's Companion di Bridget A. English 14 copie, 1 recensione
Gypsies: Wanderers of the World di Bart McDowell 177 copie5.3
Hawaii di William Graves 85 copie5.1
Hawaii's Hidden Treasures di Cynthia Russ Ramsay 122 copie, 1 recensione28.3
Healing Remedies: A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness di Tieraona Low Dog 4 copie
Heartland of a Continen : America's Plains and Prairies di Ron Fisher 146 copie26.3
Hidden Earth di National Geographic Special - 2019-5-24 Sip 1 copia
Hidden Worlds of Wildlife di Christine Eckstrom 168 copie25.3
High Country Trail: Along the Continental Divide di Michael W. Robbins 182 copie16.1
Houses Around Our World (Little Learners' Library) di Patricia F. Frakes 41 copie
In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark di Gerald S. Snyder 244 copie5.2
The Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land di Loren McIntyre 325 copie, 2 recensioni10.2
Interstellar: The Science & Secrets of Solar Systems di Patricia S. Daniels 3 copie
Into the Wilderness di Robert L. Breeden 207 copie, 1 recensione13.2
Isles of the Caribbean di Robert L. Breeden 111 copie, 1 recensione14.4
Isles of the Caribbees di Carleton Mitchell 92 copie1.3
Isles of the South Pacific di Maurice Shadbolt 85 copie, 1 recensione2.4
Jesus & the Origins of Christianity di Jean-Pierre Isbouts 21 copie, 1 recensione
John Muir's Wild America di Tom Melham 208 copie, 2 recensioni11.1
Lakes, Peaks, and Prairies: Discovering the United States-Canadian Border di Thomas O'Neill 149 copie, 2 recensioni19.3
Leonardo da Vinci (National Geographic Special Publication) di National Geographic Special - 2019-5-24 Sip 2 copie
Life in Rural America di National Geographic 96 copie9.1
Majestic Island Worlds di National Geographic 158 copie, 3 recensioni22.2
The Majestic Rocky Mountains di William S. Ellis 82 copie10.4
Man's Conquest of Space di William Roy Shelton 138 copie, 1 recensione3.2
Marijuana Medicine: The Science Unlocking the Secrets of Cannabis di Alexander Webb 4 copie
The Mighty Mississippi (National Geographic) di Bern Keating 92 copie, 1 recensione6.1
Mountain Adventure: Exploring the Appalachian Trail di Ron Fisher 160 copie23.3
My Friends the Wild Chimpanzees di Jane Goodall 137 copie, 1 recensione1.4
My Own Little World (Little Learners' Library) di Patricia F. Frakes 25 copie
Mysteries of History: What's Real, What's Fantasy, and What's Still a Mystery di National Geographic Special Edition 4 copie
Mysteries of Mankind: Earth's Unexplained Landmarks di Mary B. Dickinson 188 copie, 1 recensione27.2
Mysteries of the Ancient World di National Geographic Society (U. S.) Special Public 514 copie, 4 recensioni13.4
The Mysterious Maya di George E. Stuart 357 copie12.3
National Geographic Almanac 2019: Hot New Science - Incredible Photographs - Maps, Facts, Infographics & More di National Geographic 88 copie, 7 recensioni
National Geographic Inside the Medieval World di The Editors Of National Geographic 45 copie, 1 recensione
National Geographic Special Publication: Blue Zones: The Science of Living Longer di Dan Buettner 3 copie
Nature On The Rampage: Our Violent Earth di Margery G. Dunn 181 copie21.3
Nature's Healing Arts: From Folk Medicine to Modern Drugs di Lonnelle Aikman 137 copie, 1 recensione12.2
Nature's World of Wonders di Donald J. Crump 268 copie, 5 recensioni18.1
New England: Land of Scenic Splendor di Jane R. McCauley 124 copie24.2
Nomads of the World di National Geographic 89 copie6.3
The Ocean Realm di National Geographic Society (U.S.) 158 copie13.1
Our Awesome Earth: Its Mysteries and Its Splendors di Christine Eckstrom Lee 147 copie20.4
Our Changing Earth di Thomas Y. Canby 127 copie28.4
Our Country's Presidents di Ann Bausum 715 copie, 5 recensioni1.1
Our Threatened Inheritance: Natural Treasures of the United States di Ronald M. Fisher 119 copie
The Pacific Crest Trail di William R. Gray 138 copie, 2 recensioni9.4
Pathways to Discovery: Exploring America's National Trails di Donald J. Crump 134 copie25.4
Powers of Nature di Robert L. Breeden 124 copie12.4
Preserving America's Past di Donald J. Crump 144 copie17.4
Primitive Worlds: People Lost in Time di National Geographic 120 copie, 2 recensioni8.2
Queens of Egypt di The Editors Of National Geographic 2 copie
Railroads: The Great American Adventure di Charlton Ogburn 200 copie11.4
The Revolutionary War: America's Fight for Freedom di Bart McDowell 449 copie, 2 recensioni2.3
The River Nile [map] di Bruce Brander 148 copie, 2 recensioni1.2
Sacred Journeys: Earth's Holiest Places di Chris Johns 6 copie
Saving The Great Lakes di National Geographic 1 copia
Science of Everything: How Things Work in Our World di National Geographic 144 copie, 2 recensioni
Searching for Treasure di Cathy Newman 1 copia
Secret Corners of the World di National Geographic Society 302 copie, 2 recensioni17.1
Still Waters, White Waters: Exploring America's Rivers and Lakes di Ronald M. Fisher 139 copie, 1 recensione12.1
Surprising Lands Down Under di Mary Ann Harrell 141 copie24.3
Those Inventive Americans di National Geographic 122 copie5.4
Trails West di National Geographic 254 copie14.2
Traveling the Trans-Canada: From Newfoundland to British Columbia di William L. Howarth 142 copie22.3
Undersea Treasures di National Geographic 81 copie, 1 recensione9.2
Unlocking Secrets of the Unknown With National Geographic di Elizabeth L. Newhouse 135 copie28.2
Vanishing Peoples of the Earth di Robert L. Breeden 127 copie, 2 recensioni3.3
Vanishing Wildlife of North America di Thomas B. Allen 112 copie8.4
The Vikings di Howard La Fay 245 copie, 2 recensioni7.3
The Vikings: Lords of Sea and Sword di Heather Pringle 10 copie
Voyages to Paradise di William R. Gray 152 copie, 1 recensione15.4
Water: The Power, Promise and Turmoil of North America's Fresh Water di Michael Parfit 61 copie
Wild Lands for Wildlife: America's National Refuges di Noel Grove 143 copie, 2 recensioni19.2
The Wild Shores: America's Beginnings di Tee Loftin Snell 225 copie, 1 recensione9.3
Wildlife: The Greatest Photographs di National Geographic 11 copie
Window on America: Discovering Her Natural Beauty di National Geographic 127 copie, 1 recensione21.4
World Beneath the Sea di James Dugan 112 copie2.2
The World's most scenic drives : 101 spectacular trips di Barbara A. Noe 1 copia
The World's Greatest Empires di National Geographic 6 copie
The World's Greatest Empires: A History of Power di Susan Straight 3 copie
The World's Wild Shores di Christine Eckstrom 120 copie, 1 recensione24.4
Yellowstone Country: The Enduring Wonder di Seymour L. Fishbein 150 copie, 2 recensioni24.1
Yellowstone: The Science and the Splendor of the Park di Todd Wilkinson 5 copie
Yosemite: An American treasure di Kenneth Brower 220 copie, 1 recensione25.1


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