SerieAmazing Stories Books

169 Opere Popolarità 11,372 (793 Utenti) 1,535 Libri 32 Recensioni 3.4
Étienne Brulé: The Mysterious Life and Times of an Early Canadian Legend (Amazing Stories) di Gail Douglas 4 copie
Alberta Titans: From Rags to Riches During Alberta's Pioneer Days (An Amazing Stories Book) di Susan Warrender 7 copie, 1 recensione
Alexander Graham Bell: The Spirit of Invention (Amazing Stories) di Jennifer Groundwater 12 copie
Arctic Explorers: In Search of the Northwest Passage (Amazing Stories) di Frances Hern 9 copie
The Avro Arrow : a picture history di Lawrence Miller 2 copie
The Avro Arrow Story: The Revolutionary Airplane and its Courageous Test Pilots di Bill Zuk 27 copie
The Black Donnellys: The Outrageous Tale of Canada's Deadliest Feud di Nate Hendley 13 copie
British Columbia Murders : Mysteries, Crimes, and Scandals di Susan McNicoll 16 copie, 2 recensioni
British Columbia Murders: Notorious Cases and Unsolved Mysteries (Amazing Stories (Heritage House)) di Susan McNicoll 1 copia, 1 recensione
Calgary Flames: Fire on Ice (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories) di Monte Stewart 4 copie
Canada under Attack: Irish-American veterans of the Civil War and their Fenian campaign to conquer Canada (Amazing Stories) di Cheryl MacDonald 3 copie
Canada's Soldiers in South Africa: Tales from the Boer War, 1899-1902 (Amazing Stories) di John Boileau 5 copie
Canada's Rumrunners: Incredible Adventures and Exploits During Canada's Illicit Liquor Trade (Amazing Stories) di Art Montague 13 copie, 2 recensioni
Canadian Spies (Amazing Stories) di Tom Douglas 43 copie, 1 recensione
Canadians on Everest di Bruce Patterson 9 copie
Cariboo Gold Rush : The Stampede That Made BC di Art Downs 5 copie
Champions of Women's Rights: Leading Canadian Women and Their Battles for Social Justice di Moushumi Chakrabarty 5 copie
The Chilcotin War: A Tale of Death and Reprisal (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories (Heritage House) di Rich Mole 7 copie
Christmas in Atlantic Canada: Heartwarming Legends, Tales, and Traditions (An Amazing Stories Book) di Joyce Glasner 3 copie
Christmas in British Columbia: Heartwarming Legends, Tales and Traditions (Amazing Stories) di Rich Mole 9 copie
Christmas in Canada: Legends, Tales, and Traditions (An Amazing Stories Book) di Megan Durnford 15 copie
Christmas in Ontario: Heartwarming Legends, Tales and Traditions (Amazing Stories) di Cheryl MacDonald 5 copie
Christmas in the Prairies: Heartwarming Legends, Tales, and Traditions (Amazing Stories) di Rich Mole 5 copie
Code Name Habbakuk: A Secret Ship Made of Ice (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories (Heritage House)) di L.D. Cross 13 copie, 1 recensione
Convoys of World War II: Dangerous Missions on the North Atlantic (Amazing Stories) di Dorothy Pedersen 9 copie
CSI Alberta (Amazing Stories) di Peter B. Smith 7 copie
D-Day (Amazing Stories) di Tom Douglas 24 copie, 1 recensione
David Thompson: A Life of Adventure and Discovery (Amazing Stories (Heritage House)) di Elle Andra-Warner 11 copie
David Thompson: The Epic Expeditions of a Great Canadian Explorer (Amazing Stories) di Graeme Pole 21 copie
Dinosaur Hunters: Uncovering the Hidden Remains of Canada's Ancient Giants (Amazing Stories) di Lisa Murphy-Lamb 8 copie
Dirty Thirties Desperadoes: Forgotten Victims of the Great Depression (Amazing Stories) di Rich Mole 5 copie
Disasters Across Canada (Amazing Stories) di Art Montague 8 copie
Early Guides and Outfitters in the Canadian Rockies: An Amazing Stories Book (Amazing Stories(tm)) di Holly Quan 1 copia
Early Voyageurs: The Incredible Adventures of the Fearless Fur Traders (Amazing Stories) di Marie Savage 23 copie
Edmonton Oilers: Stories from the City of Champions (Amazing Stories) di Rich Mole 4 copie
Edmund Fitzgerald: The Legendary Great Lakes Shipwreck di Elle Andra-Warner 19 copie, 1 recensione
Edwin Alonzo Boyd: Life and Crimes of Canada's Master Bank Robber (Amazing Stories) di Nate Hendley 6 copie
Emily Carr: The Incredible Life and Adventures of a West Coast Artist (Amazing Stories) di Cat Klerks 19 copie
Enemy Offshore! Japan's Secret War on North America's West Coast (Amazing Stories) di Brendan Coyle 6 copie
Extraordinary Accounts of Native Life on the West Coast : Words from Huu-ay-aht Ancestors di Kathryn Bridge 11 copie
Extreme Canadian Weather: Freakish Storms and Unexpected Disasters (Amazing Stories) di Joan Dixon 17 copie
Fire Canoes: Steamboats on Great Canadian Rivers (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories (Heritage House)) di Anthony Dalton 2 copie
Flying on Instinct: Canada's Bush Pilot Pioneers (Amazing Stories) di L.D. Cross 8 copie
The Fur-Trade Fleet: Shipwrecks of the Hudson's Bay Company (Amazing Stories) di Anthony Dalton 2 copie
Gamblers, Gunmen, and Good-time Gals: Living It Up in the Wild West (Amazing Stories) di Valerie Green 1 copia
Gang Wars: Blood And Guts in the Early Streets of New York (Amazing Stories) di Hélèna Katz 1 copia
Gentleman Train Robber (Amazing Stories) di Stan Sauerwein 4 copie
Ghost Town Stories II: From Renegade to Ruin Along the Red Coat Trail (Amazing Stories) di Johnnie Bachusky 11 copie, 1 recensione
Ghost Town Stories III : Tales Of Dreams, Tragedies And Heroism in British Columbia (Amazing Stories) di Johnnie Bachusky 1 copia
Ghost Town Stories of BC (Amazing Stories (Heritage House)) di Johnnie Bachusky 7 copie
Ghost Town Stories: Abandoned Dreams In The Shadows Of The Canadian Rockies (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories (Altitude Publishing)) di Johnnie Bachusky 5 copie
Gold Fever (Amazing Stories) di Rich Mole 13 copie
Graveyard of the Pacific, The: Shipwreck Stories from the Depths of History (Amazing Stories (Heritage House)) di Anthony Dalton 10 copie
Great Canadian Imposters di Cheryl MacDonald 2 copie
Great Canadian Love Stories: Romances, Affairs and Passionate Tales (Amazing Stories) di Cheryl MacDonald 6 copie, 1 recensione
Great Canadian Race Horses: The Incredible Feats of Northern Dancer and other Speed Demons (Amazing Stories) (Amazing St di Debbie Gamble-Arsenault 1 copia
Great Canadian War Heroes: Victoria Cross Recepients of World War II (Amazing Stories) di Tom Douglas 25 copie, 2 recensioni
Great Cat Stories: Inspirational Tales about Exceptional Cats (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories (Altitude Publishing)) di Roxanne Willems-Snopek 32 copie
Great Dog Stories: Inspirational Tales About Exceptional Dogs (Amazing Stories (Altitude Publishing)) di Roxanne Willems-Snopek 36 copie
Great Goaltenders: Stars of Hockey's Golden Age (Amazing Stories) di Jim Barber 1 copia
Great Military Leaders: Charismatic Canadian Commanders (An Amazing Stories Book) di Norman S. Leach 6 copie
Greatest Grey Cup Games (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories) di Graham Kelly 1 copia
Grey Owl : the curious life of Archie Belaney di Irene Ternier Gordon 12 copie
The Halifax explosion : surviving the blast that shook a nation di Joyce Glasner 24 copie, 1 recensione
The Heart of a Horse: Poignant Tales And Humorous Escapades (Amazing Stories) di Gayle Bunney 14 copie
Hoaxes and Hexes: Daring Deceptions and Mysterious Cases di Barbara Smith 4 copie
Holiday Misadventures : Tragedy, Murder and Mystery di Joyce Glasner 2 copie
Hudson's Bay Company Adventures: Tales of Canada's Fur Traders (Amazing Stories) di Elle Andra-Warner 31 copie, 1 recensione
The Incredible Adventures of Louis Riel: Canada's Most Famous Revolutionary (Amazing Stories) di Cat Klerks 15 copie, 1 recensione
Incredible Tales of the Royal Canadian Air Force (Amazing Stories) di Cynthia Faryon 5 copie
Inspiring Animal Tales (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories (Altitude Publishing)) di Roxanne Willems Snopek 12 copie
Isaac Brock: Canada's Hero in the War of 1812 (Amazing Stories) di Cheryl MacDonald 3 copie
Jack the Ripper: Murder Mystery And Intrigue in London's East End (Amazing Stories) di Susan McNicoll 4 copie
John McCrae: eyond Flanders Fields (Amazing Stories) di Susan Raby-Dunne 2 copie
Karen Kain: Canada's Prima Ballerina (Amazing Stories) di Melanie Jones 2 copie
Klondike Joe Boyle: Heroic Adventures from Gold Fields to Battlefields (Amazing Stories) di Stan Sauerwein 4 copie
The Last of the Beothuk: A Canadian Tragedy (Amazing Stories) di Barbara Whitby 5 copie
Laura Secord: The Heroic Adventures of a Canadian Legend (Amazing Stories) di Cheryl MacDonald 12 copie, 1 recensione
The Law and the Lawless : Frontier Justice in British Columbia and Yukon, 1858-1911 di Art Downs (editor) 4 copie
The Law and the Lawless : Frontier Justice on the Canadian Prairies, 1873-1895 di Art Downs 4 copie
Legendary Show Jumpers: The Incredible Stories of Great Canadian Horses (Amazing Stories) di Debbie Gamble-Arsenault 7 copie
Legends, Liars, and Lawbreakers: Incredible Tales from the Pacific Northwest (Amazing Stories) di Valerie Green 5 copie, 1 recensione
Lethal Ladies: Crimes of Passion, Tales of Deceit and Treachery! (Amazing Stories) di Cheryl MacDonald 3 copie
The Life of a Loyalist: A Tale of Survival in Old Nova Scotia (Amazing Stories) di Cathleen Fillmore 6 copie
A Long, Dangerous Coastline: Shipwreck Tales from Alaska to California (Amazing Stories (Heritage House)) di Anthony Dalton 6 copie
The Lost Lemon Mine: An Unsolved Mystery of the Old West (Amazing Stories) di Ron Stewart 5 copie
The Luck of the Karluk : Shipwrecked in the Arctic di L.D. Cross 2 copie
Lucky Luciano: The Father of Organized Crime (Amazing Stories) di Cat Klerks 1 copia
Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Secret Life of a Great Canadian Writer (An Amazing Stories Book) di Stan Sauerwein 12 copie, 1 recensione
The Mad Trapper: The Incredible Tale of a Famous Canadian Manhunt (An Amzing Stories Book) di Hélèna Katz 23 copie
The Man Who was Hanged by a Thread: and Other Tales from BCs First Lawmen (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories (Heritage House)) di Cecil Clark 1 copia
Marie-Anne Lagimodiere: The Incredible Story of Louis Riel's Grandmother (Amazing Stories) di Irene Ternier Gordon 3 copie
Marilyn Bell: The Heart-Stopping Tale of Marilyn's Record-Breaking Swim (Amazing Stories) di Patrick Tivy 4 copie
Mary Schäffer: An Adventurous Woman's Exploits in the Canadian Rockies (An Amazing Stories Book) di Jill Foran 12 copie
Maurice Richard: The Most Amazing Hockey Player Ever (Amazing Stories) di Chris Robinson 2 copie, 1 recensione
Meyer Lansky: The Shadowy Exploits Of New York's Master Manipulator (Amazing Stories) di Art Montague 4 copie
Moe Norman: The Canadian Golfing Legend with the Perfect Swing (Amazing Stories) di Stan Sauerwein 5 copie
More Great Cat Stories (Amazing Stories) di Roxanne Willems Snopek 12 copie
More Great Dog Stories: Inspirational Tales About Exceptional Dogs (Amazing Stories) di Roxanne Willems Snopek 8 copie
The Mounties: Tales of Adventure and Danger from the Early Days (Amazing Stories) di Elle Andra-Warner 29 copie
Mysteries, Legends and Myths of the First World War: Canadian soldiers in the trenches and in the air (Amazing Stories) di Cynthia Faryon 2 copie
The Mystery of the Oak Island Treasure: Two Hundred Years of Hope and Despair (Amazing Stories) di Mark Reynolds 11 copie
Native Chiefs and Famous Metis: Leadership and Bravery in the Canadian West (Amazing Stories) di Holly Quan 39 copie, 2 recensioni
Niagara Daredevils: Thrills and Spills over Niagara Falls (Amazing Stories) di Cheryl MacDonald 11 copie, 1 recensione
Ontario murders : mysteries, scandals and dangerous criminals di Susan McNicoll 7 copie
Ottawa Titans di L.D. Cross 3 copie
People of the Fur Trade: From Native Trappers to Chief Factors (Amazing Stories) di Irene Ternier Gordon 6 copie
A people on the move : the Métis of the western plains di Irene Ternier Gordon 5 copie
Pierre Elliot Trudeau: The Fascinating Life of Canada's Most Flamboyant Prime Minister (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Storie di Stan Sauerwein 7 copie
The Pig War: The Last Canada--US Border Conflict (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories (Heritage House)) di Rosemary Neering 11 copie
Pirates and Privateers: Swashbuckling Stories From the East Coast (Amazing Stories) di Joyce Glasner 12 copie
Polar Bears: The Arctic's Fearless Great Wanderers di Anthony Dalton 3 copie
Prairie Murders: Mysteries, Crimes and Scandals (Amazing Stories) di Peter B. Smith 9 copie
Rattenbury : The Life And Tragic End of BC's Greatest Architect (Amazing Stories) di Stan Sauerwein 7 copie, 1 recensione
Rebel Women of the East Coast di Michelle Porter 4 copie
Rebel Women of the Gold Rush di Rich Mole 15 copie
Rebel women of the Klondike : extraordinary achievements and daring adventures di Rich Mole 3 copie
Rebel Women of the West Coast: Their Triumphs, Tragedies and Lasting Legacies (Amazing Stories) di Rich Mole 7 copie
Rebel Women: Achievements Beyond the Ordinary di Linda Kupecek 18 copie
Rebels Against Tories in Upper Canada 1837 (Amazing Stories) by Maria Da Silva (2010-07-06) di Maria Da Silva 3 copie
Rene Levesque: The Fascinating Life of a Separatist Icon (Amazing Stories) di Megan Durnford 2 copie
Rescue Dogs: Crime And Rescue Canines in the Canadian Rockies (Amazing Stories) di Dale Portman 13 copie
Rescues on the High Seas (Amazing Stories) di Mark Chatham 2 copie
Riding on the wild side : tales of adventure in the Canadian West di Dale Portman 9 copie, 1 recensione
Risk Takers & Innovators: Great Canadian Business Ventures Since 1950 (Amazing Stories) di Sandra Phinney 4 copie
Robert Service: A Great Canadian Poet's Romance with the North (Amazing Stories) di Elle Andra-Warner 14 copie, 1 recensione
Roberta Bondar: The Exceptional Achievements of Canada's First Woman Astronaut (Amazing Stories) di Joan Dixon 9 copie
Rocky Mountain romance : the life and adventures of Catharine and Peter Whyte di Kim Mayberry 3 copie
Rum-runners and Renegades: Whiskey Wars of the Pacific Northwest, 1917-2012 di Rich Mole 4 copie
Sam Steele and the Northwest Rebellion: The Trail of 1885 (Amazing Stories) di Wayne F. Brown 4 copie
Sam Steele: The Wild West Adventures of Canada's Most Famous Mountie (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories (Altitude Publishing)) di Holly Quan 10 copie
Scoundrels and Saloons : Whisky Wars of the Pacific Northwest 1840-1917 di Rich Mole 6 copie
Secrets of Lake Simcoe : fascinating stories from Ontario's past di Andrew Hind 1 copia
Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes: Tales of courage -- and cowardice (Amazing Stories) di Cheryl MacDonald 3 copie
Sir John Franklin: Expeditions to Destiny (Amazing Stories) di Anthony Dalton 6 copie
Snowmobile Adventures: The Incredible Canadian Success Story from Bombardier to the Villeneuves (Amazing Stories) di Linda Aksomitis 3 copie
Soapy Smith: Skagway's Scourge of the Klondike di Stan Sauerwein 6 copie
The Spanish on the Northwest Coast: For Glory, God and Gain (Amazing Stories) di Rosemary Neering 7 copie, 1 recensione
Spies in Our Midst: The Incredible Story of Igor Gouzenko, Cold War Spy (Amazing Stories) di L.D. Cross 8 copie
Stolen Horses: Intriguing Tales of Rustling and Rescues (Amazing Stories) di Dorothy Pedersen 10 copie
Strange & Supernatural: Chilling Tales from Canada's East Coast (Amazing Stories) di Barbara Whitby 3 copie
Strange Events and More: Canadian Giants, Witches, Wizards and Other Tales (An Amazing Stories Book) di Johanna Bertin 5 copie
Strange Events of Ontario: Chilling Tales of Phantoms, Curses, and Hauntings di Andrew Hind 3 copie
Strange Events: Incredible Canadian Ghosts, Monsters, Curses and Other Tales (Amazing Stories) di Johanna Bertin 34 copie, 1 recensione
Tales from Sable Island: Tales of Tragedy and Survival from the Graveyard of the Atlantic (Amazing Stories) di Johanna Bertin 5 copie
Tales From The West Coast: Smugglers, Sea Monsters, and Other Stories (Amazing Stories) di Adrienne Mason 15 copie
Tecumseh: Diplomat and Warrior in the War of 1812 (Amazing Stories) di Irene Gordon 11 copie
Titanic: The Canadian Connection (Amazing Stories) di Lanny Boutin 15 copie
Tom Thomson: The Life and Mysterious Death of the Famous Canadian Painter (Amazing Stories) di Jim Poling 8 copie, 1 recensione
Toronto Maple Leafs: Stories of Canada's Legendary Team di Jim Barber 5 copie
Toronto Murders : Mysteries, Crimes and Scandals di Susan McNicoll 4 copie, 1 recensione
Trailblazing Sports Heroes: Exceptional Personalities and Outstanding Achievements in Canadian Sport di Joan Dixon 4 copie
Treasure Under the Tundra: Canada's Arctic Diamonds di L.D. Cross 4 copie
True-Life Adventures of Canada's Bush Pilots (Amazing Stories) di Bill Zuk 2 copie
The Underground Railroad: The long journey to freedom in Canada (Amazing Stories) di L.D. Cross 9 copie
Unsung Heroes of the Royal Canadian Air Force di Cynthia Faryon 31 copie
Unsung Heroes of the Royal Canadian Navy di Cynthia Faryon 15 copie
Valour at Vimy Ridge: The Great Canadian Victory of World War I (Amazing Stories) di Tom Douglas 11 copie
Vancouver Canucks di Cynthia Faryon 6 copie
Vancouver's Old-time Scoundrels: Gassy Jack's Exploits And Other Skulduggery (Amazing Stories) di Jill Foran 6 copie
Voices of the Elders: Huu-ay-aht Histories and Legends (Amazing Stories) di Kathryn Bridge 7 copie
A War Bride's Story di Cynthia Faryon 12 copie
The War of 1812 Against the States (Amazing Stories) di Jennifer Crump 24 copie, 1 recensione
West Coast Adventures: Shipwrecks, Lighthouses, And Rescues Along Canada's West Coast (Amazing Stories) di Adrienne Mason 16 copie
Whisky Wars of the Canadian West: Fifty Years of Battles Against the Bottle (Amazing Stories) di Rich Mole 6 copie
Wilderness Tales: Adventures in the Backcountry (Amazing Stories) di Peter Christensen 13 copie
Wildlife in the Kitchen And Other Great Animal Tales (Amazing Stories) di Roxanne Willems-Snopek 8 copie
Women Explorers: One Hundred Years Of Courage and Audacity (Amazing Stories) di Helen Rolfe 9 copie
Working Miracles: The Incredible Story of Aimee Semple McPherson (Amazing Stories) (Amazing Stories) di Judith Robinson 5 copie


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