Le Salon des Amateurs de la Langue

Amateur. 1784. [ - Fr. amateur - It. amatore: -L . amator lover.] 1. one who loves, is fond of, or has a taste for, anything. 2. one who cultivates anything as a pastime 1803....

An affiliate of the legendary le salon literaire, this group aims to encourage conversation on a range of topics vaguely or indeed ambiguously, generally, connected to language, what it is, where it comes from, how it operates, how we learn it, how it effects the way we see the world, and its relationship between literature, mind and society.

At the same time, although the language medium of the group is English, we seek to learn more (about) other languages and their literatures and cultures; and explore issues of translation and intercultural melange.

Accuracy is not required, enthusiasm is applauded and the spurious is delighted in. There is always pickled herring and vodka to fall back on. Please don't squash the Proctologist who lives under the sofa, or spit on the parquet.

All readers of any languages are welcome! Please introduce yourself on the "Welcome" thread.

le link to le salon literaire du Peuple pour le Peuple
le link to le salon du Faulkner
le link to Das Hintergrundmusik

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