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This group is for the discussion of trains, railroads and railways, their equipment, function, books about railroad (and railways), railroads and railways from books, movies, and TV shows.

We won't limit ourselves to just real rails, we can talk about model rails and ficitonal rails as well.

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AppuntatoAll ABOARD! -- Welcome Thread9 non letti / 9thorold, Febbraio 20
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Train Station on Facebook (somewhat off topic?)1 non letto / 1gilroy, Giugno 2017
Kenya opens Nairobi-Mombasa Madaraka Express railway2 non letti / 2John5918, Giugno 2017
Hogwarts Express for real72 non letti / 72John5918, Maggio 2017
The LTR members: who are we?9 non letti / 9John5918, Maggio 2017
Model railroad obsession5 non letti / 5charley2030, Aprile 2017
'Tornado' steam locomotive exceeds 100 mph!1 non letto / 1John5918, Aprile 2017
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railway books in a deceased estate5 non letti / 5Africansky1, Dicembre 2016
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Thomas the Tank Engine at 701 non letto / 1John5918, Maggio 2015
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Building your own layout?13 non letti / 13John5918, Febbraio 2015
Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett8 non letti / 8John5918, Ottobre 2014
Later EMD AC Traction.4 non letti / 4ulmannc, Febbraio 2014
Use of 4 rails on London's Northern Line2 non letti / 2thorold, Febbraio 2014
Railway books for the literate184 non letti / 184John_Vaughan, Dicembre 2013
Book hauls22 non letti / 22ulmannc, Novembre 2013
Review of Rails North1 non letto / 1ulmannc, Agosto 2013
Review of Norfolk & Western Electrics by Cooper1 non letto / 1ulmannc, Agosto 2013
Review of [Principles of Railway Operation] by [John Glover]7 non letti / 7John5918, Luglio 2013
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Predestination... and railways?14 non letti / 14John5918, Luglio 2012
Another railway to save2 non letti / 2vpfluke, Luglio 2011
Awards, Prizes2 non letti / 2RobertDay, Giugno 2011
Seeking a picture5 non letti / 5varielle, Aprile 2011
Railway books5 non letti / 5RobertDay, Gennaio 2011
"Unstoppable" and the American diesel electric locomotive9 non letti / 9Mr.Durick, Novembre 2010
Chemins de fer6 non letti / 6marq, Ottobre 2010
'The Railway Children' performance at Waterloo2 non letti / 2thorold, Luglio 2010
South African steam train derailment5 non letti / 5John5918, Giugno 2010
Specialist railway bookshops20 non letti / 20JimThomson, Aprile 2010
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