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A Group to bring people together through their unique books(media). A fun group to brag, not gloat, about having a book no one else on Library Thing has cataloged.

Rules to brag, not gloat, about your ULTB number.

1. The book(media) must show up on Library Thing works page with one and only member, namely you, as having the book(media).
1a) In addition, you must physically have the book(media). You can't once have had the book(media), read it, passed it on and put it on Library Thing. I am not saying you can't do that on Library Thing, I am just saying you can't do that in this group. But, seriously how am I going to stop you?

1a.0.1 eBooks can be "Physically Possessed", no matter how easy it is to get them.

1a.0.b.I Books that are wishes are not "Physically Possessed"

1a.i - Challenges to "physically possessing" (Have never really come up, so don't let this stop you from joining) the book(media) will be consider resolve by publication at some publicly available website by a picture of yourself, the front page of a locally available newspaper and the book(media) in question. This has never really come up so

2. First Edition big deal! Autographed copies so what! The book(media) must be a unique title not a particularly unique book(media).
2.1-TallyDi-Prosfilaes clause. Make it clear that the use of "unique" as used for this groups title is unique titles as cataloged within Library Thing. Furthermore the splitting of hair, atom, or quarks will not be required to determine uniqueness beyond the scope of books(media) cataloged within Library thing. In misuse of the world "unique" or "singleton" is unintended.
22. Moo, Blurb, Lulu and other vanity presses...Well if you create a wacko book(media) just to brag, or perhaps gloat, on this group more power to you. So for books(media) published by a vanity or self publishing presses and books(media) not general available through mainstream distributions channels, in order to be considered for this group the book(media) must be cataloged by at least two people on Library Thing.
2.2.3) The decision on what a "vanity or self publishing press" or "mainstream distributions channel" is or isn't is determined by the group and members there in as illustrated by the discuss of the Group.
2.2.4) Persons entering said questionable books(media) shall not be flamed. However, the books(media) and content shall be open to wide and varied mocking.

C. ULTB number is 1 for one book(media) that no one else on Library Thing has cataloged.
C.i) MULTB number is 1 for one book(media) plus .75 for a review, .50 for a recommendation, .25 for Common Knowledge entry, .05 for uploading book(media) cover.

IV) User with private library may certainly claim to have numerous unique entries...but how do we really know?

E) Remember WWMDD! Learn to use the search function of LT and figure out what WWMDD means.

7 - Be aware the hard work of Combiner! and newly added books will change the uniqueness of your books!

VIII - If you don't want to join this group please feel free to "run screaming into the night" with your hair on fire!

G.1) The Mr. Durick rule: You must admire new singletons more than spam, to be a member in good standing of this group.
G.2) However, G.1 requires nor directs you to take action! Good day and carry on.
G.iii) Still a rule.

ix) We don't need no Legal Laws!

I. "uniqueness trumps the rules"

Check what is ULTB in your library with the Vous et nul autre page. (Stats/Memes left column under Memes heading select Zero)

Check your ranking on the Group Wiki Page under the Projects link.
Find out if you have made a mistake, check the current ULTB NOT! list
check out how to "do it yourself" on the ULTB Tag Page

*Please check message thread http://www.librarything.com/topic/49510 for use of ultb tag.
New member should consider reading this thread http://www.librarything.com/topic/46993

Do you know WikiThing? I hope so. If not look at the bottom of every LT page.
Website: Group Wiki Page

If you don't understand some of the group rules. Search the group topics. There is a reason. Or not, it is not like there is any accountability.


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