Undiscovered Gems

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Just read a great book and then realised that few (if any) other people have it listed on LT? Want to share the truly great author that you have discovered but nobody else has heard of? Do it here!

Obviously this is not the place for recommending Harry Potter or Twilight, etc, but for any hidden gems that don't have a publicity machine behide them, just you wanting to tell the world about a fantastic book, then this is the place to do it. If it has less that 100 copies on LT and you feel this is an injustice tell us why here.

Please no spam and no recommending your own book, your partners book, your best friends book etc.

ArgomentoArgomentoMessaggiUltimo messaggio 
Torsten Krol2 non letti / 2SamanthaStone, Febbraio 2018
Two recent discoveries - both 5 star reads for me3 non letti / 3Caroline_McElwee, Aprile 2014
Sea Otters Gambolling in the Wild, Wild Surf1 non letto / 1Booksloth, Febbraio 2011
Books I've been plugging for ages10 non letti / 10moonmau, Gennaio 2011
Amenable Women by Mavis Cheek2 non letti / 2wandering_star, Agosto 2010
The Republic of Trees1 non letto / 1Booksloth, Agosto 2010
Our Song1 non letto / 1Booksloth, Agosto 2010
The Book of Wishes and Complaints by Zina Rohan3 non letti / 3QueenOfDenmark, Agosto 2009
Can't Let Go by Jane Hill2 non letti / 2QueenOfDenmark, Giugno 2009
Desdemona, If You Had Only Spoken7 non letti / 7Booksloth, Maggio 2009
The Dolphin People4 non letti / 4reading_fox, Aprile 2009
How Have I Missed This Group?6 non letti / 6clamairy, Marzo 2009
Found one11 non letti / 11jimroberts, Febbraio 2009
[98 Reasons for Being]3 non letti / 3Booksloth, Ottobre 2008
Monster Love by Carol Topolski2 non letti / 2Booksloth, Ottobre 2008
Digging to Australia by Lesley Glaister1 non letto / 1QueenOfDenmark, Settembre 2008
Lydia Millet&Castle Freeman1 non letto / 1JaynePupek, Settembre 2008
American Sideshow1 non letto / 1retropelocin, Settembre 2008
Benny & Shrimp by Katarina Mazetti2 non letti / 2shearrob, Agosto 2008
Ten Fun Things to Do Before You Die4 non letti / 4Booksloth, Agosto 2008
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