The Green Dragon

Tolkien, Fantasy, SciFi, mythology - any and all books of wonder! Virtual ale & warm lively chat - join us in LibraryThing's best pub! This group is known as one of the busiest and most welcoming on LibraryThing, so come in, sit down, and enjoy the banter in our virtual home, where we celebrate fine books, and every variety of cheese in the known universe.

Here is our Green Dragon Author List and Related Information! Here are the threads from the Group Reads and Book Discussions we've had to date: Green Dragon Book Discussions Many members have tagged their favorites with the tag: Green Dragon . Our birthdays are here: The Green Dragon Birthday List. Thanks to Morphidae for her hard work on this list! Here's a link to the wiki for many of our Personal Reading Journals. Want to put pictures in your posts? Click here. Want to see our Cluster Map? Click on this: If you are on FaceBook we have also have The Green Dragon at Library Thing Forum over there. Here is Morphidae's 1001 Fantasy Challenge thread. Here is her list of 111 Science Fictions Books to Read Before a Supernova Kills Us All, and her list of 111 Books to Read Before Your Brain Atrophies.

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Appuntato☞ Political and Religious Discussions are Not Tolerated in this Group ☜17 non letti / 17MrAndrew, Febbraio 27
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Reading, Exploring and Piffling with Hugh in 2021, part 3118 non letti / 118humouress, Ieri 1:07pm
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Bookmarque’s Padded Cell 2021 - Just One of My Turns (part 2)22 non letti / 22haydninvienna, Ieri 9:25am
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Majkia (Jean) and the Quantum Entanglement of Reading199 non letti / 199majkia, Mercoledì 3:32pm
Silversi finally starts a topic - after 3 years.15 non letti / 15MrsLee, Mercoledì 1:35pm
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Wheel of Time TV Series (and books?) Discussion53 non letti / 53Karlstar, Martedì 1:57pm
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Sumer is icumen in, Pilgrim's going cuckoo (2021)59 non letti / 59-pilgrim-, Martedì 12:32pm
A pilgrim marches into March (2021)160 non letti / 160-pilgrim-, Martedì 12:18pm
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Catzteach reads and runs in 2021118 non letti / 118catzteach, Luglio 13
Cinematique libraryperilous: Admission free!64 non letti / 64-pilgrim-, Luglio 13
Nothing to read here...4 non letti / 4clamairy, Luglio 13
Papa Jim (jim53) reads in 2021, part 254 non letti / 54haydninvienna, Luglio 13
Karlstar reads more in 2021 Part the Second207 non letti / 207Karlstar, Luglio 12
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Narilka reads and keeps 2021 colorful part 269 non letti / 69Narilka, Luglio 11
Official Welcome to the Dragon Thread VI26 non letti / 26clamairy, Luglio 9
Rune's Adventures in Reading 202183 non letti / 83RuneFirestar, Luglio 9
Maggie, aka Karen, is baaack! 2020 & 2021 are new years.58 non letti / 58maggie1944, Luglio 8
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Book Bullets From The Dark Side - Darth Heather's 2021 reads111 non letti / 111Darth-Heather, Luglio 6
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fuzzi has 2020 Hindsight in 2021!290 non letti / 290fuzzi, Luglio 2
Ursula Le Guin's Hainish Cycle10 non letti / 10Karlstar, Giugno 29
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Busifer's 2021 reading room122 non letti / 122Busifer, Giugno 27
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Gilroy attempts to get back to reading 202158 non letti / 58gilroy, Giugno 19
New book news 20218 non letti / 8NorthernStar, Giugno 17
Moe Reading with the 'Stooge61 non letti / 61MrsLee, Giugno 9
Quick! What did you last have to eat!746 non letti / 746haydninvienna, Giugno 9
2021 Reading efforts of PGMCC - Third instalment.175 non letti / 175pgmcc, Giugno 8
Peace2 is still Mountaineering Mt TBR with Peace2 in 202153 non letti / 53Peace2, Giugno 6
MAY-be MAY-gnificent, MAY-be MAY-hem122 non letti / 122Maddz, Giugno 3
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Reading, Exploring and Piffling with Hugh in 2021, part 2220 non letti / 220hfglen, Maggio 30
Reading in 2021 - Jill's Relief Effort & Literary Circle57 non letti / 57MrsLee, Maggio 21
New words encountered in your reading270 non letti / 270-pilgrim-, Maggio 16
Group Read: Paladin of Souls (Apr 2021)30 non letti / 30clamairy, Maggio 16
Narilka reads and keeps 2021 colorful163 non letti / 163Narilka, Maggio 16
✬ Get yer red hot bargains here! ✬ Part 5327 non letti / 327clamairy, Maggio 7
Pilgrim sidles into Spring 2020257 non letti / 257Busifer, Maggio 5
2021 Reading efforts of PGMCC - Second instalment.237 non letti / 237Meredy, Maggio 5
YouKneeK’s 2021 SF&F Overdose Part 2229 non letti / 229MrsLee, Maggio 1
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April 2021 -- Atataboys and ACKs!109 non letti / 109WholeHouseLibrary, Aprile 29
Jeff's 2019 Reads13 non letti / 13clamairy, Aprile 17
Crowing and Confessions: new book acquisitions January-March 202152 non letti / 52pgmcc, Aprile 17
Online events1 non letto / 1Bookmarque, Aprile 16
libraryperilous turns the pages of her own books in 202181 non letti / 81LibraryPerilous, Aprile 9
The Read goes ever on and on...MrsLee 2021 chapter 1202 non letti / 202MrsLee, Aprile 3
A pilgrim proceeds (into 2021)262 non letti / 262-pilgrim-, Aprile 1
Haydninvienna (Richard) hopes for a better tomorrow260 non letti / 260Maddz, Marzo 30
Fieldnotes: On Staying Clam & Reading More in 2021 ☽ Part I ☾272 non letti / 272clamairy, Marzo 29
Karlstar reads more in 2021199 non letti / 199Karlstar, Marzo 27
Tolkien's own illustrations appear in LOTR for the first time16 non letti / 16Narilka, Marzo 27
March Marvels and Misfortunes (The remix!)17 non letti / 17chalton, Marzo 24
Papa Jim (jim53) makes screggs in 2021164 non letti / 164Jim53, Marzo 20
March 2021 - Musings and Malaise26 non letti / 26catzteach, Marzo 12
Majel-Susan appears belately in 2020177 non letti / 177Majel-Susan, Marzo 6
February 2021 - Frolics and Facepalms!164 non letti / 164Sakerfalcon, Marzo 3
YouKneeK’s 2021 SF&F Overdose Part 1317 non letti / 317Karlstar, Marzo 2
Bookstooge Turns '21195 non letti / 195Karlstar, Marzo 1
Reading, Exploring and Piffling with Hugh in 2021183 non letti / 183hfglen, Febbraio 28
Pilgrim wanders into Winter 2020190 non letti / 190-pilgrim-, Febbraio 28
Snow Days Check In24 non letti / 24hfglen, Febbraio 25
2021 Reading efforts of PGMCC - The first instalment.231 non letti / 231pgmcc, Febbraio 15
Group Read: The Curse of Chalion (Jan 2021)113 non letti / 113MrsLee, Febbraio 12
BrokenTunes's 2021 Thread7 non letti / 7Sakerfalcon, Febbraio 8
Wondering if starting a new reading thread is a good idea...176 non letti / 176YouKneeK, Febbraio 6
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